[fic] say nice things to me [1/1]

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It’s been over six months now, and there’s no reason for him to turn into a pile of mush whenever Levi compliments him, but he does anyway. He admits to himself that this is a thing that happens to him, and now that he’s acknowledged it, surely it will become less of an issue. 

Turning into a pile of mush is still manageable, but the unmistakable arousal that also washes over him is most inconvenient.

-  -  -

ahahaahsad have i ever told you guys about my massive love for ereri fics with praise kink?? no? srsly i will marry u and have ur babies for ereri praise kink. i’ll sell my own grandma for ereri praise kink, idec.

this is set a while after dental care, but since all that’s here is mostly plotless frickle-frackling, you don’t have to be familiar with what happened previously. this also got way longer than expected and, as usual, contains an obscene amount of fluff bc that is what i’m all about. i’ve never written smut before, so do give me constructive feedback if something comes to mind!! < 3

there is mature content under the readmore, so proceed with caution.

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“:♡.•♬✧⁽⁽ଘ( ˊᵕˋ )ଓ⁾⁾*+:•*∴ 

Aku P- “ A World To Escape "  Yumemi Nemu

ft…mah trashy art !! OuhLyShiET


 ⁽⁽◝( •௰• )◜⁾⁾ One of my biggest dreams is now achieved ! i’ve always been blown away by artists makin’ vocaloid/UTAU’s songs. It’s ALWAYS so freakin’ creative. 

Well,today, i had the chance to illustrate one of these awesome dingly dongly songs !i’m a HUGE fan of Aku P ,he’s a big inspiration to meh and i listen to his songs every.single.day. 

I’m genuinely honored that he trusted me for doin’ the art part ! ₍₍ ◝(・ω・)◟ ⁾⁾


Drone flight over Dingli cliffs, western shore of Malta and highest point on the island


So today I hit 1000 followers!!!!!! I know that might not sound like much to some people but to me it’s a huge huge deal and I’m like, ridiculously happy rn!!! So I wanted to do a follow forever to give a shout out to some of the babes I follow on this hell hole of a site! (I’m sorry if I missed anyone? I tried to get everyone in!) (Big thank you to Jess for the gif header thing ilysm I owe u my life)

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How to make (decent) feathers with craft foam!

Hello fellow cosplayers/crafters! 

So today, I was asked how I made my feathers for my Griselda (Odin Sphere) wings using craft foam and… well… I was on mobile and Tumblr ate it.

So I’ll make one with pictures! It won’t be that great but oh well…. It’s only a small tuto…

What you need:

  • Craft foam
  • Scupting tool/exacto knife/cutter (something to make creases)
  • Scissors or a cutter (to cut)
  • Hot glue/hot glue gun
  • Acrylic paint or spray paint (whichever you prefer)
  • (optional) White primer
  • (optional) Glitters

STEP 1: Cut the feathers.

Be creative. Make ovals ones, banana shaped, whatever you want them to look like! I drew templates on paper and traced over them because I wanted them to have a specific form. Cut them with scissors or a cutter. I used scissors to have that sort of angle and irregular borders.

STEP 2: Make patterns.

You want it to look legit, right? Well, you got to put effort and patience in it! To guide my blade hand so it doesn’t look like a mess, I crease a line in the middle to know where the center of my feather is. Follow the shape, don’t make a straight line or it won’t look natural! 

Next, make diagonal lines toward the line you just made. You can make both sides symetrical or you can be irregular like me. Be creative!

STEP 3: Add details!

Now that you made them look like this, they look like leaves, right? Don’t worry! We’ll fix that with an exacto knife! Cut little triangles on your feather just like when you split the little hair on a real feather! It’ll look better and more feather-ish.

STEP 4: Hot glue details!

It looks ready to go, right? Wrong! See that white line on this real feather?

Well, you want THAT. So use hot glue on that line you made that you thought useless! Be very patient because you can easily mess up! Hot glue tends to love making air bubbles or huge SURPRISE LUMPS! So be slow, go back and forth and if you mess up, rip the glue off and start again.Try to loosen up the trigger at the end to have a smaller line.

ALSO, be mindful that hot glue leaves small dingly hot glue strings if you don’t clean it off well! it can drag your feathers together and mutate them or even flip over on your desk and that’s just the worst thing you’ll ever experience.

Be careful not to burn yourself like me!!!

STEP 4: OPTIONAL Prime the feathers!

This step is optional but recommended if you don’t use spray paint to color them. Why? Because the hot glue doesn’t like acrylic paint and it’ll still be visible even if you put multiple layers. So prime your feathers with whatever white primer you like IN A WELL VENTILLATED AREA. Let it dry. (Mine took 20 minutes to dry but just follow what the instructions tells you depending on your brand.) You can do both sides or add an other coat, but I didn’t because I’m lazy.

STEP 5: Painting the feathers!

Here comes the fun part! Use some acrylic paint or spray paint to color them! Obviously, you know how to use a can of spray paint, so I won’t bother explaining this. You want to do it with acrylic? GREAT! So get your paint ready and start mixing the colors you want! (I recommend priming your feathers first because of the hot glue problem and you’ll need 2 layers of paint if you didn’t prime them)

Apply a first coat of your base color on your feather. Move your brush on the same direction as the lines you did so you don’t see random vertical lines, plus, more realistic!

When it’s fully dry, you can add highlights! I usually add a lighter shade of the base color all along the feather line thinggy and spread to the outside of the feather but not all the way! Then I add a darker shade on the upper edges of the feathers because you know… it’s nice.

If you don’t want to add glitters, you’re done! Congrats to you!

STEP 6: Add glitters!

You want to feel like a princess? Or you just like sparkling things…? Then let’s add glitters!! I got mine really cheap at Walmart. (Martha Stewart crafts. Be mindful that these makes your feathers just a LITTLE bit darker)

What I like to do is start from the feather line and spread it towards the outside and add a few on the borders. Put a few on the feather line to have that extra spark! And like painting, go the same direction as the diagonal lines to avoid the lines.

Sparkles got in the creases? AWESOME. It’ll be extra sparkly!


Now assemble it however you like with hot glue. It made nice wings like these or a pretty headdress that I never posted!

*Be aware that the feathers will easily bend because it’s still craft foam after all! 

**You can do the same process on the back of the feather if you’d like.

***The thickness of the craft foam depends from sheet to sheet! I got some who were thinner than others. I got mine at my local art supply store OmerDeserres and they were very irregular (8.5x11 sheets) compared to the ones I got at Walmart. (I think they’re 5x8?? but it comes in packs of 50!!! )


anonymous asked:

How would the boys react to an s/o who asks for sex A LOT and has a really high sex drive

Shuu : 

Oh how he’d love it. Shuu would blame you for your perverted side, shaming you for needing some sensual time…well all the time xD However there wouldn’t be a time where the vampire would refuse you because, Shuu is probably one of the most perverted vampires out there xD

Reiji : 

Punishment is all I can say. I wouldn’t be surprised to find you stuck in the dungeon for a few days, in order to make you cool down. He’d find it absurd for a woman to need his dingly dong so much. Of course, he’d be able to satisfy you at times, but Reiji would limit those feelings of horniness in you !

Ayato : 

Much like Shuu, he’d enjoy seeing you lose yourself in the need of pleasure. He’d gladly respond to those urges for you, since what Ayato enjoys is seeing you being dependent of him. 

Kanato : 

Kanato is more sexual than what people might think. He’d be there if you need him to…do whatever it is that you need but he’d first act like it doesn’t concern him at all. He would be especially present if you ever dare approach another of his brothers with that state of smexiness. 

Laito :

Do I even need to write it down for you? Most of the time spent with him would be in bed, fucking you over more than you could handle. And if still, that isn’t enough, well his very creative kinks would help him out to please you~

Subaru : 

He would be there to help you out, I don’t doubt it. However he’d still be more serious about it than most of his brothers, because deep down there would be that fear of his to lose control and perhaps hurt you. But when he lets go, you would probably reach the stars.


Am I the only one who’s still bothered how Sylva looks like she’s been taking fashion tips from Shiva? I always thought the crown on her head looked kinda like Shiva’s crown from XIV, but now I’ve noticed that Sylva has those neck dingly-danglies that XV’s Shiva has. She even seems fire-resistant when she covers Ravus. I’m dying to know what her deal is, but noooobody will tell meehh. ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

Srsly though, more love for minor characters, plz.


Thought I should tell you lovely lot what’s been going on the last couple of weeks. I’ve started my internship and the dingly dangly dongle works sometimes, but the internet is quite slow and it doesn’t really like loading much of tumblr… I’m going home about every second weekend though so if you see me pop up around that time on your notes you know why! 

ALSO, for those following the UK election… you should have seen my grin this morning. Everything I could have hoped for. Tory losses in England (enough for a hung parliament!!), gains in Scotland (and yes, this is /kinda/ good from the standpoint that I want Sturgeon to shut up about independence and the Tory’s line for getting votes was “vote us and stop the SNP”. Even better, the SNP lost a hefty number of seats. And now the rest of labour can shut up about Corbyn being unelectable. HUZZAH!








I was tagged by the beautiful @n4ms and @agustboy 💕💕

I just need them gold chains and then we match 😩

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“During one of the first shows the Chili Peppers ever played, we unleashed this power that we didn’t know that we had or knew existed. In this dark dingly room, someone was swinging a beer bottle over his head, and the erupting foamy beer formed a white halo. The image froze in my mind.
I felt like I was floating and I was free from any pain earthly constraints.
If you’re a street kid, like me, and you didn’t really have a funcional family at home, you searched for that sense of family and camaraderie
elsewhere. I found it by making music with other street kids.
Ultimately, it became a quest for love.” - Flea, 2014

Flea photoshoot for the book The Art of Discovery by Jeff Vespa, ‘14.

oh boy another opentoonz tutorial: NOW IN COLOR!

i bet you guys are wondering, “how in the dingly dang world do i color this piece of art???” well gather around friends, ‘cause i’m gonna show you how its done!

featuring everyone’s favorite puffball: kirby!!

since this post turned out to be RLY long, i’ve put it under cut

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