Have you ever wanted to play something akin to dangan ronpa but don’t have the money for it? have you ever looked at a board game and thought “hmm you know what this needs? murder.”? WELL IF SO YOURE IN LUCK BECAUSE GOOB AND I ARE MAKING OUR DANGAN RONPA CLUEDO GAME AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD!!

this download file includes:

  • a fully playable game of cluedo, hopes peak style
  • custom dangan ronpa/super dangan ronpa 2 cluedo boards 
  • custom weapon and location cards to suit both games
  • suspect cards and game peices for every single character you see in both games (around 41)
  • comprehensive instructions for setting up the game and how to play dangan ronpa specific cluedo 

just a warning for people who have not played the games that some weapon and character cards contain spoilers for both games, so if you have a friend who has finished both games please ask them to remove the cards for you.

the game does require a lot of printing and setting up to play in its entirety but goob and i have put a lot of effort and care into making this game and we hope you all enjoy it! 

download it here!


can we please talk about the fact that kririgiri has underwear specifically designed to hide her body so she doesn’t have to worry about people looking up her skirt while she’s doing detective work

did anybody else notice that, in the latest art for another episode, fukawa/syo seem to have undergone some minor changes in her hair

i mean I’m not talking about the fact that its all messed up and junk based on their situation that’s kinda understandable

but if you look closely at the top of her head……..

I mean she IS a dr protagonist right……


goob and i were watching all these sprite videos and i really wanted to make one so…….yeah?????

(the original video is here)

okay the chest measurements in dangan ronpa are really messed up

not only do we have hinatas logic defying 91cm chest, which is often discussed, but remember komaeda

terminally ill, lightweight as hell, nagito komaeda

well his chest is 84cm 

which is just 2cm smaller than this