dingle romp

What if the Hopes Peak students went on a road trip in a really nice RV

Kirigiri would drive and be all business, Naegi would be in the passenger seat awkwardly holding a map and rotating it occasionally like he knew what he was doing

Ishimaru would be telling everybody to “SIT DOWN WE’RE ON THE HIGHWAY IT’S NOT SAFE” whilst standing up and ordering people around, and Mondo would be constantly complaining from the very back to just change the radio station already after having it changed to his liking five times

Leon’s singing along to the radio rather obnoxiously and is just lost in his own little world

Fukawa would be sitting in the back by a window, trying to read when as they drove over bumps occasionally and randomly just cries out “shUUUT UPPP” like that one annoying kid at sleepovers

Togami would be lecturing Naegi over the headrest of his seat every so often like “No, that is not west, that is east and we just took a wrong exit-ugggh”

Chihiro’s just in the back on his laptop groaning about the lack of wifi and how he’s bound to just make crappy doodles on microsoft paint for the entirety of the car ride

Yamada’d be ‘that guy’ who’d complain that he has to use the bathroom every hour or so and gain himself a collective groan from the RV passengers

Asahina would be braiding Sakura’s hair near the back and Sakura would just sit there and let her, while Hagakure would just kind of wander around the bus randomly asking if anybody would like a palm reading, and just asks out loud to nobody in particular “ARE WE THERE YET”

Sayaka would just kind of sit near the front and be all “Mmmm girl spill it” as Junko rambles about why she thinks life is unfair and how she freaking chipped a nail fastening her seat belt and could Ishimaru just SHUT UP ALREADY

And Celestia is just all prim and proper and beautiful and is somehow drinking tea and eating a full mini teacake set on her lap despite Ishimaru’s complaints that her tea will stain the fine upholstery

…Should I seek help