ding ding ding it


I finally started watching the video

And the green goblin frickin slimed out of the tv to knock out my boy????? THE FUCK

I figured green man (Remus?) would be ‘envy’ but apparently he’s 'assault with medieval weapons’????????

What is happebibggg

Reading some of the shit people are saying about @lullychi makes me feel physically ill with anger. Lulu is one of the sweetest and most genuine people I’ve ever met, period. She’s positive, supportive and kind, insanely talented and has a beautiful personality. She made a pic-crew creator in a language she didn’t know to give support for chubby girls!! Why would you send hate to someone like her?? She’s the least deserving of any of this!

I just……. dfshkdjfsdk. Sending someone hate for such a stupid thing makes my blood boil. ‘Frans is pedophilia’ Lulu makes a point of ageing her Frisk up. So even if Frisk is a child, your point is invalid. You’re being toxic and cancelling people’s enjoyment of a genuinely brilliant artist/pic-crew maker because you have a personal vendetta against a ship.

Send love to Lulu, be positive and loving. Leave the haters to fester in their pit of rage and cancel culture. 


An absolutely CRITICAL part of mermaid social etiquette is to ALWAYS swim around head height with other mermaids. This prevents both mermaids from harming each other via their tails, fins, and other appendages.

This etiquette is also intended to symbolize equality – regardless of whether you’re a coastal mermaid, a small freshwater mermaid, or a 50ft tall deep sea mermaid, everybody is deserving of equal stature.