ding a dang dong

psychic: *reads my mind*

me:  SECRET~! Doobydoobydabbadoobydabadooda bedigabibblebede, It’s a secret! Rah papachibuhbabababachibuh Rah-papachibuh-BLRRRR, BLRRRR! Doobibabajibudabarijbuhrbj darupabiscjjjPAH-PAHhbebebrrpde ehbehjejgbbsgebejebeberp-rp-ptchh! It’s a secret! DoobadoobadabaPA!dajabba, rmmbujischa-DOODELIDOO! aRAH-PAH-PAAHbaDAbadaJI-BA, barrabapbapduudilyFRYHA! Derabapadiddlybumdapapa, behdedejebellehbuddlepah, A D-bd-bPFFTderibbitjPFTBadi-di-ding-dang-dong! RRRAPADOOPPPADEE! RRAPADOOPAPAAH! ZAPADOOBLEJZINGJGXUBREPPEDEPEEUH! XINGBANGDJUBJEIGEDEPAMPAM, DJABAPEUDELEBREEHHH- (Rapadapadapa) -Bbrrum DJIGIT bbradumbadum TCHHT Bbrrum DJING badungbadunggadunggadung buckabuckadika diudndiDIkaDIDI PRRRP! - It’s a secret! Brum A-a ha HA HA HA! A-a a a aaah! Brum, eh… pfft, pff pffrpt- eh eh unk eh OHR! Bunchikachrkabadungdadungachickachicka bungchikarghbunchikakaKAARchickabungctskk…ooh-ah!…O!…o-o-O, O!  o o o o-o-O! O-o o o O! UOOO O O O O UOO! -UR BOHBADOHBABURGH! Bubaruhbohboh ruhbaduhRUH! JDRARARARARARUHRUHRUHRUUUHHRururururuhRUH, RUH RUH RUH RUHRUUHH Buhruhruhruhbehahahaaah!houh! pop, pop pop, pop pop pop pop pop ,pop pop ,pop pop pop pop !pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop , pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop ! Skabadoobadoh? - SKOOBIDOOBIDADOO! Babaladapdob? - Skabalabalaba! . Babadiba? - Babadoobie! Yabadabadada. - SKABADANGDANGDIDEE~!! Skoobidoobedih? - Skoobedoobeda! Abadabadiba?  Skabadoobie-Arr(begrudging sigh)… BUCKAW BUCKA-BUCKA! - Now you’re talking! :D BUCK BUCK BUCKaw? BUCKA-BAAW!!! BU-BUCKA-BAW BUCKA-BAW BUCKA-BAW BUCKA-BERK BUCKA-BAR BUCKA-BAW BUCKA-BERK BURKAH-BERK BERKA-BUCKEH BUCKA-BEKEH BUCKA-BURKEH  BUCK-BUCKA BIKIBIKI, BUCK-BUCKA BIKIBIKI, BUCK-BUCKA BIKIBIKI, BUCK-BUCKA BIKIBIKI, BUCK-BUCKA BIKIBIKI, BUCK-BUCKA BIKIBIKI, Buck HEY! buck HEY! buckabickibickeh! Dungdagadigadigadung-deh! BadadungbadadungbadaDUNGDRANGBRANGBRANG Dangdagadangdagadangdang, da BRLRLRLR BRRBRLRRLLR BBBRLRLRLRLR BRLRLRLLR-(BUUUH!) Dungagadagadagadung-deh! DaDUNG(BUUUH!)dadadungdada-BRRLRLRL RBBRLRL(BUUUH!) Dungagadagadagadung-deh! DaDUNG(BRUAAAH!)dadadungIT’S A SECRET!!! BRRRRUUHR! (Boh-bah-boh-ba-jab-jajah..)

psychic: what the fuck

Home Coming

Pairing: George Washington X Reader

Words 1,601

Warnings: None

Summary: Your husband is finally home, and your children and you couldn’t be happier.

You rocked slowly in the chair with you sweet little girl in your lap. She was all curls and smiles and you smiled softly as you watched your baby clapped her pudgy hands and erupt giggles.

“Again, again, again mommy”!


“Again! Again!”

“Alright, ready?”

You secured her on your lap with one arm, and held up your other hand to gesture along with the song.

“Frere Jacques, Frere Jacques,
Dormez-vous? Dormez-vous?
Sonnez les matines, sonnez les matines
Ding dang dong, ding dang dong.”

She erupted in giggles again clapping wildly.

You heard the thundering of shoes down the hall and you shook your head quietly as the door to the nursery swung open and your two boys waked in.



“Hello my little troublemakers”.

You swung our baby girl on to your hip as you stood up to greet your sweet five year old, and your mischievous seven year old.
Your oldest pulled his brother along to stand in front of you before they both been to fidget in there excitement.

“Momma we finished our lessons today”.

“Ah huh”.

Your oldest wore a bright grin proud of himself while your little boy stood beside him hair sticking up like duck feathers nodding along happily to everything his big brother said.

You dramatically faked surprise putting on a silly act for your children.

“What! You did?”

Your youngest two giggled hysterically, but your oldest just nodded seriously.

“Ah huh, and you promised that we could all go out to the gardens and play when we finished”.

You mocked a serious expression.

“Did I say that?”

Your oldest gave you an expression of utmost seriousness.

“Yes, I sat through all my lessons, even my calligraphy lesson”

You smiled at your dear boy and then turned to your baby and pretended to whisper.

“Did you hear that sweetheart he even sat through his calligraphy lessons! Do you want to go play outside with your brothers?”

Your little angel stretched her cubby little arms as far as she could and clapped enthusiastically.

“Yay, I goo play outside”.

“You heard her boys, let’s go play outside”.

You grabbed a big patchwork blanket and followed your boys though the halls to the front yard, baby one arm and a blanket in the other.

You laughed as your boys ran off the porch like a shot, laughing and yelling all the way.

You walk off the porch at a much slower pace, and made your way to the shade of your favorite tree trying to hold on to your squirming baby who wanted to go run around with her brothers.

“Hold on sweetheart I need to put the blanket down before we go play”.

After negotiating the blanket on the grass, you put down your baby girl who immediately tried to bolt after her brothers.

“Sweethearts wait for me”.

You followed after your baby as she half stumbled, half ran through the tall grass stopping every now and the to look at flowers, or watch a bug that flew by.

You watched your children play and run and laugh and you found yourself laughing along.

The sun was warm on your cheeks and the wind pushed your hair into your face as you followed behind your baby.

Your little girl was so determined running to and fro she lasted almost forty minutes trying to keep up with her brothers before she plopped backwards.
She looked up at where you stood behind her and she gave you her biggest smile and raised her arms in the universal sign for UP.
You looked down at her with a smile.

“Mommy to the rescue?”

She smiled and clapped her extended arms.

“Yay! Mommy to the rescue”

You reached down and sweep her up, and made you way to your blanket in the shade. You sat down and looked at the sweet girl in your lap.

“Did you have fun?”


She suddenly tilted her head to the side.


Your smile fell as you thought of your husband. The most recent letter was from a week ago, and it told all about how officially the war was over.
At last, after years of him fighting, and after years of the constant fear of losing him, after all the nightmares, and tear stained letters, the war was won.
He was safe, but he couldn’t come home yet. No.
He had to stay and help negotiate the terms of surrender. He had written about that there was no telling how long negotiations would last, and there was no telling when he would be able to return home.
You look at your baby with a sad smile.

“Daddy, is busy sweetie, but he loves you so much and he is trying so hard to make the world a better place for you”.

She looked up at you with his eyes and started shaking her head.


You felt your eyes start to water at the thought of your baby calling for someone too far away to hear her. You pulled her close in a hug, trying to comfort her.

“Shh shh baby, your daddy will be home as soon as he can”.

She squirmed out of the hug and reached her arms out to someone behind you yelling as she stretched with all her might.


Then you heard a familiar chuckle and your breathe caught.
You turned to look behind you and there he was, George, smiling brighter than you had seen since the war began.

He reached down and lifted your baby girl from your arms and covered her curl covered head in kisses, his eyes glistening as he told her how much he missed her, and how much he loved her.



Your boys had finally seen him and you felt the sting of tears in your eyes as you saw the look of hope, and complete disbelief on their faces.

Your five year old ran over as fast as his legs would carry him and crashed into Georges legs hugging him with all the strength he could muster.

Your seven year old, just stood there frozen and stared.
He didn’t move a muscle even as his little brother ran off.
He just stood absolutely still, as if he was afraid that if he moved George would disappear.
From where you sat you could see his hands shake and the tears run down his face.

George just slowly handed you the baby, and knelt down to give your little boy a proper hug before reaching out one arm towards your oldest.

A sob echoed in the air as your oldest finally ran to his father wrapping his arms around him desperately.

Between his broken sobs you could hear George whisper to them.

“I missed you guys so much, I love you guys so much”.

You could feel warm tears fall down your face as you held your baby close and watched your boys greet their father after so long.

After your boys stopped crying, George pulled away from the hug and looked at you where you sat.

He stood up and reached down a hand for you to take.

A shuttering breath left your mouth as you grabbed his hand.

He helped you stand up and took the baby from your arms gave her a kiss on the nose before siting her gently on the blanket.

He then turned to you, and before he could say a word you flung your arms around his neck.

“Oh… Oh thank god…. your home.”

Your voice shook as you spoke, and you could taste the salt from your tears.

“(Y/N), (Y/N), (Y/N)”

He whispered your name like a prayer as he wrapped his arms around your waist and bowed his head into your neck where you felt his warm tears against your skin.

“I.. I missed you so much George”.

Your voice broke as you tried to speak.

He lifted his head from your neck to meet your eyes, and he brought a hand up to wipe your tears.

“(Y/N) you never left my thoughts, the thought of coming home to you and the children kept me going”.

You leaned up and kissed his right check then his left, then his forehead, and the tip of his nose and finally your lips found his.
The kiss was soft and shared unspoken truths between you two that could never be properly explained in words.
Only the fact that the kids were there kept it for going any farther then a single kiss.

“I love you so much George”.

“And I love you (Y/N), more then words could express”.

After, you felt several persistent tugs on your skirt you slowly unwound your arms from his neck before leaning down and picking up your baby who immediately demanded another hug from her father, who readily accepted.

You could help smiling as you watched your family.

Your baby was siting on her fathers hip, her head on his shoulder babbling on and on about flowers, bugs and songs.

All the while, your boys grabbed George’s free hand each managing to hold two of his fingers trying to lead the way to the library so they could show him the work they accomplished in their lessons.

You watched as they started making their way back to the house, so you grabbed your old blanket, and hurried to join them.

As you finally caught up with them you snuck a kiss on Georges cheek.

“Welcome home”.

He smiled back at you.

“There is no where else I would rather be”.


on that um day of christmas I knew about these jazz

  • 12 bings of bonging
  • 11 dongs for dipping
  • 10 uh things that come in number of 10
  • 9 bells of hells
  • 8 stinky gutters
  • 7 danged foolios
  • 6 cherrieberries
  • 5 uh Ding Dong Flips
  • 4 some of jaz
  • 3 more jazz
  • 2 dosnet remenber
  • and a pickle for my pepper bee

Anyway, since she has a life in London and Louis is supposed to have a kid in LA, how does it works after this week ?! Is he going to go up and down? Is she giving up everything to be stepmother Elly?! Do they free us of the big elephant?! Ding Dang Dong

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いいえ Mais je t'invite à parler français, par contre. Et si t'es gentille je t'offre un dessin de Jason avec une undercut. Ou Thomas et Richard, pourquoi pas

Un dessin?  

Et mon français? Il n’est pas très bon. Mais, hum….

Frère Jacques, frère Jacques,
Dormez-vous? Dormez-vous?
Sonnez les matines! Sonnez les matines!
Ding, dang, dong. Ding, dang, dong.

Qui compte, oui?