diner plate

Red pt.3

Characters - Dean x reader

Warnings - Fluff

Word Count - 1169

A/N - This is the final part of Red! Read part 1 here & part 2 here. I hope you enjoy it, I had a hard time ending this one. Song for this one is right here. Also, this is my 100th post!

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You shift uncomfortably in your seat across from Dean as you push your food around your plate. This diner had the best food in town, you knew that but being around him made you lose your appetite. All you could do was wish to yourself that Sam would’ve tagged along, you could talk to him…he’s not the one that broke your heart fifteen years ago and you were happy to see him again. Your eyes lifting slightly when you hear Dean clear his throat and see him smile “Y/N….god, I don’t know what to say. It’s been so long” he furrows his brows and tilts his head in wonder “you’re a hunter now? And you look great, I mean you’re still so beau-” You cut him off by dropping your fork on the plate and pushing it to the side before linking your fingers together on the table and leaning forward, staring into his eyes for the first time since you got there “Okay Winchester. Let me tell you something, I’m not here for small talk” your words making him glance at the floor before looking back to you “you owe me a well overdue explanation”

Of course you had moved on with your life over time. It took a long while but you started to eat and talk again, it took even longer before you had another boyfriend but your life changed for good after losing your mother to a ghost. That was when you got serious, you traveled all around the country, learned how to hunt and started taking down any monster in sight. You were prepared for anything that came your way, except Dean Winchester. You clench your teeth and felt your breathing become heavy and slow as you stare him down. It was a while before he replied “I know. I just don’t know where to start” You raise your eyebrows, lean back and cross your arms “It was just the hunter’s life Y/N. I was a kid, I couldn’t have stayed as bad as I wanted to. One thing you have to believe is that I really did love you” he sighs lowly as he rubs his hand from his eyes and up across his forehead with a pained look on his face. Your expression softened at his words, when you were younger you felt like this was something you knew until he left but you’d never heard him say the words. “I loved you too Dean” you whisper, not stopping your hand that laid out across the table waiting for his to fall into it. It did, his hand was soft yet you could feel callouses on it as you ran your thumb along the side of it. You and Dean sat in silence for a moment, just staring at each other and taking each other in.

After paying for the food you didn’t eat, the two of you made your way to the Impala that he drove you to wide empty field in. You got out and sat on the hood, looking up at the clear night sky and took a deep breath. Dean was the first one to speak “I missed you every single day when I left you know” his words rang through your mind. Your vision blurring when your eyes fill with tears as you remember the mess you’d become when you first lost him and how much your mother had helped you through it all. “I missed you too Dean” the words barely made their way out as the tears left your eyes and quickly made their way to your chin. You felt him slide closer to you, wrapping his arm around your waist and pulling you close. You rested your head on his chest and felt his lips on the top of your head. You don’t know what made you lean up and kiss him but it was the sweetest moment you’d felt. His lips were warm and soft, they made you feel safe…wanted…loved. Something about this whole thing felt right to you and it was something you waited far too long to feel.


Dean’s eyes flutter open in the sunlight that was pouring through the window of your motel room. He stretched out and let out a groggy groan before flipping over on the bed. To his surprise, you weren’t there. His heart dropped at the note set up on the nightstand by your side of the bed that he could see the words “I’m sorry” on it your pretty cursive handwriting. Dean lays back down on the bed, staring at the ceiling for a while before his phone rings. “Dean, it’s been two days. Are you coming back? You can bring Y/N with you, I missed her too man” Sam’s voice wasn’t the one Dean was expecting and he sighed back at his brother “Yeah, I’ll be back today” his voice frustrated and gruff. After hanging up the phone he gets out of bed and walks over to the note. Picking it up, he noticed that there was more to it.

Dean was almost afraid to open it, afraid of what harsh words bringing up the past that might be inside but he looked anyway “but you sleep in way too late for me. Be back soon with food. Love you” he closed his eyes tightly and let out the breath he was holding with a small smile. You walk through the door with a bag of take out from the diner and see Dean standing by your side of the bed holding up your note with a raised eyebrow. “What? I had to get you back somehow” you giggle as he makes his way over to you, taking the bag out of your hand and putting it on the table to your right before cupping your face in his hands and bringing you into a lingering tender kiss. “Hmm, remind me to get revenge more often” you joke just before being pulled into another kiss.

After eating, you and Dean decide to climb back in bed and talk. His arm wrapped around you tightly as he laid on his back with your head on his chest. “You know what I love about you?” he asked softly before you shake your head and look up into his beautiful eyes “you’re still the best damn thing that’s ever happened to me”

3 am really isn’t the most normal time to go sit in a diner and order a plate of pancakes, but there you were sitting on the red polyester and staring at the lights passing cars flashed against the window.  It hadn’t been a great week, what with you going through a really bad breakup, and now your sleep habits hadn’t been agreeable.  “Hey, so, I think she gave me your plate.” Your ears perked up, and you turned your head around, looking over the back of your booth, and into the eyes of an equally tired looking boy with hazy green eyes.  “Because I ordered waffles.”  Leaning up you saw a short stack of warm, tan pancakes. “Oops,” You shrugged stepping up out of the booth the retrieve your meal.  “Who orders waffles at three in the morning?  Way too cheery of a meal for this time of the night.” Barely chuckling at your comment, he slid your plate across the table, casting heavy eyelids and the slightest curve of a smile up towards you, “Want to sit and find out?”  The goal tonight was to let your mind work off the hard thoughts on your own, but talking may help.  You sat, immediately reaching for the strawberry-flavored syrup.  “My ex loved pancakes.  So naturally,” “You went for the waffles.” He nodded as you took a bite, “Mine hated both, so I haven’t had a plate of either since I moved in with him.  Now I can eat to my heart’s content.” He laughed softly, thanking the waitress who slide his waffles to the table. “What a soft way to get back at him. What he do to make you break up with him?”  Raising an eyebrow at the comment, you swallowed your bite, “What makes you think I broke it off?”  “You don’t seem really bitter about it, is all.”  The look in his eyes as he stared into the syrup gliding from the bottle made you want to frown.  “What did yours do?” “She cheated.” He shrugged, cutting out a piece, “While I was on tour.  Anyways,” Stabbing the piece of waffle, he held the full fork up towards you, “Cheers to being free from losers.  I’m Michael, by the way.” Not able to resist the sarcastic smile that slipped barely onto your features, you held your piece of pancake to to his food, “Cheers to meeting someone who isn’t a loser.”