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12 ‘Gilmore Girls’ gifts for every Stars Hollow fan on your holiday list

Sure, it has always been — and always will be — acceptable to gift someone a Gilmore Girls-inspired present. But what better time to do so than right after its revival premieres on Netflix? From Luke’s Diner-themed coffee items to tote bags covered in Stars Hollow residents, we dug up 12 gifts that would be perfect for every person on your list this year.

  • Team Jess, Logan and Dean T-shirts
  • Coloring book.
  • Engraved pencil set
  • “In omnia paratus” mug
  • “Where You Lead” cuff
  • Gilmore-themed eyeshadow
  • Stars Hollow subscription box
  • Character tote
  • Gilmore-themed lip balms
  • A classic Gilmore quote print
  • Luke’s Diner mug 
  • This might be the best of them all.

also i put a lemon slice in my tea in my Favorite mug its like .. one of those Diner mugs yk that kinda have a curve in them and they have a thick handle yk????? and around the rim theres a yellow strip and on one side theres a leafy twig and on the other theres a bee …. i got it in a gift shop in louisiana by a swampy place i THINK it was avery island??? i got to see baby aligators

Maggie sat alone in one of the far corners of the diner, an untouched mug of black coffee leaving a ring on the table before her. Sprawled across the table was a newspaper, specifically opened to the world news section. It was a quiet day, for which Maggie was somewhat glad, as the gentle buzz of the diner distracted her just enough from what she didn’t bare thinking about.