diner fun

it’s the clichés that cause the trouble

Fandom: Supergirl
Pairing: Alex/Maggie
Rating: T (thus far)
Summary: Maggie is a waitress in an old broken-down diner in National City when she meets Alex for the first time.
AN: Thanks to Inspector Boxer for the beta. Title from Jeanette Winterson’s Written on the Body.

“Here she comes.” Darla knocked Maggie’s shoulder with her own and indicated the door with her chin just as the bell rang, and a slender woman with chin-length dark hair and a black leather jacket came in and headed for a booth. A strand of blonde hair escaped Darla’s messy bun as she leaned over the counter to blatantly eye the customer’s ass, not that Maggie blamed her. Megan smacked her arm and nodded her head at Maggie’s discomfort.

“Knock it off, Darla. This is a place of business.” Pursing her lips, Megan slid a pencil behind her ear, her own dark hair up in a much neater arrangement. As the manager, she made it her job to make sure Darla, who didn’t seem to have much of a filter, didn’t go too far.  

The morning crowd was slowly dissipating, but there was only one bussed table, right in the middle of Maggie’s section, much to the delight of Darla. She and Megan had been teasing Maggie mercilessly for the last week about her new favorite regular. “You need to get her number this time,” Darla whispered as Maggie grabbed paper placemats and utensils, and Maggie rolled her eyes at the prodding. Darla had suggested the same thing yesterday, and the day before, and the repetition was not endearing.

“You want to date her so bad, you get it,” Maggie muttered under her breath, hating the fact that she had been obvious enough for her co-workers to have picked up on her interest. She ignored the thumbs up Megan gave her from behind the register, glad the customer in question was sitting with her back to their antics.

Bright light streamed in through the windows, casting every bit of grime and grunge in the old, beaten-down diner in sharp relief. The place desperately needed to be hosed down, if not cleansed by hellfire, Maggie thought idly as she stepped up beside the table. Her new favorite regular was seated in a booth by the windows, and Maggie’s smile widened as the same sunlight that showed every scratch and scar in the linoleum brought out sparks of red in the woman’s hair as she raised her head to greet Maggie.

“I don’t know why you study the menu. You’ve gotten the same thing every time you’ve come in,” Maggie teased as she set the table and fished in her apron for her notepad and pen.

“Maybe I’ll surprise you.” Her voice was rough, deeper than usual. “Maggie… right?” 

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“Fredbear’s Family Diner, a Magical and Fun Place for the Whole Family!”

Since regular Bonnie plays guitar I figure Spring Bonnie probably played something when he wasn’t being used as a suit. Why a banjo? Why not. 

I hope this doesn’t look blurry to you, all my art anymore looks blurry on my dash.