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Life is Strange:

The game: Missing girls, death, sexual assault, creepy teachers and time travel.  

The fandom: Gay ships and lesbian rainbows.  


“Okay Max, impress me.”

Max by me (TW/IG: @_eatslugs)
Chloe by @meke-meke
Ph by Wolfrad Senpai

Not A Date (5/?)

Summary: Bucky Barnes is an infamous player with a well-known reputation. Can he woo the wary girl who had her heartbroken too many times? Or will she woo him so he changes his ways?

Warnings: Swearing, College AU

Words: 1.4k

A/N: This is part five to my College AU! I’m assuming it’s gonna be within 4 to 5 more parts! Hope you guys enjoy. Also, my requests are still open! You can send requests/tag requests/ feedback here.


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The best part about Ken asking “you really think you’ll miss your opportunity to kill Dirk Gently by eating some human food?” is the fact that he had to specify human food.


What the fuck was Bart feeding him while they were on the road?



I believe you.

Missing part 1

Putting his key into the lock, Chris opened his front door for the first time in weeks. He had been staying with William, until the boy had up and gone to London, leaving Chris with no choice but to return home. His mothers car was in the driveway, meaning he would have to face her right away. Better to just get it over with.
He took two steps in the door and immediately wanted to turn around and leave. A stack of unpaid bills was the first thing he saw on the little table in the hall. The second thing he noticed was the candle sitting right next to it. He flipped on the switch. Nothing. The power had been cut.
“Mom?” He yelled, but there was no answer. Knowing his mother, she was probably sound asleep. She worked the night shift at a diner two blocks from their house. “Maeve? Ida?” No response from them either. He checked his watch; it was only 9:30 in the morning and Maeve’s volleyball season had ended. Dropping his bag, he made his way up the stairs, to the second floor. His sisters shared a room, right off the landing platform and their door was wide open. Maeve always closed it. She didn’t want him snooping in her stuff she claimed. Stepping in he noticed how different it looked. The drawers were open and clothes were scattered on the floor. The air was stale, as if someone had not opened a window since he had left.
He was starting to get freaked out. His mothers car was in the driveway, he had seen it when he pulled in. Darting out of his sisters room Chris made his way to his mothers and flung open the door. His mother was sound asleep under the covers, her back to him. Her waitress uniform was flung over a chair, take out boxes littered every inch of the room.
“Mom.” She didn’t respond, she didn’t even move. “Mom!” He said it again, this time louder, still nothing. Panic set in, and quicker then lighting he was across the room, on her bed shaking her shoulders. “Mom. Mom come on mom wake up.” Still nothing. “Mom! Mom open your eyes!” He rolled her over on her back, and that was when he noticed her arms. That was when he noticed the needle marks. Chris felt his heart drop in chest. No no no. He wanted to scream. No. This was not happening. It had been two years. His mother had been clean for two years. Glancing up at her bed table, he saw the needles. Four of them in total. Nothing in them remained.
Fuck. Chris had absolutely no idea how long this had been going on. He hadn’t been home in nearly a month! He had only spoken to his mother twice during his time away. She had told him she was proud of him. Proud of him for becoming independent. Had she been high then to? His mind drifted back to his sisters. That feeling in his stomach, rose to the point where he thought he was going to puke. His sisters were only seven and four. And he had left them. They must have been terrified, terrified for their mother who wasn’t waking up, terrified when their lights had gone out, terrified when their brother hadn’t come home. Maeve would remember, she would have known right away what was going on with their mother and would have called the police.
“Mom! Mom wake the fuck up!” He was shaking her now, harder then he was before, and he was yelling. Screaming was the more appropriate word for what he was doing. How could she have done this? She had promised him. Promised that she was done with that life. Done with the drugs that had almost cost her her life.
Chris pressed his hands to his face. Something had to have happened. He glanced back in the direction of his mothers work uniform. He climbed off the bed, and picked it up, rifling through the pockets. His fingers came in contact with a piece of paper. Pulling it out and reading it, the urge to scream came back. It was a notice. His mother had been fired two weeks ago. That had been her trigger, losing her job, the one thing that kept their family afloat.
There had to be something here that could tell him where his sisters went. Picking up his mothers black work pants he found her phone. Jackpot. He went through all of her messages, all of her phone calls, and nothing seemed to stand out until he saw a name that made the hair on his arms stick up.
TO: Fredrik
I need you.
Fredrick. His father, a man he hadn’t spoken to since his mother had kicked him out two years ago. He scrolled through their texts, and the events of the past couple of weeks suddenly became clear.
TO: Fredrik
I lost my job. I know I told you to stay away but I really need your help.
TO: Fredrik
Why won’t you answer me?
TO: Fredrik
The girls won’t stop crying. I can’t concentrate.
Fredrik: I can help you take the edge off.

No. Chris felt his heart break. That was all his father needed. Chris thought back to all those times his mother had called him, whispering in fear because his father had shown up outside their house, demanding to be let in. His father had been looking for a way back into their lives for two years and his mother gave it to him with one text.
I need more. Power is out. Come by when girls are at school.
Fredrik: Check your back porch.
TO: Fredrik
The girls won’t stop crying. I don’t suppose you can give me something for them?
TO: Fredrik
I need more
TO: Fredrik
Hello? Did you not see my text? I need more.
TO: Fredrik
The girls are giving me a head ache. I can’t pay you when I have to feed them.
Fredrik: not my problem. No more until you pay.
TO: Fredrik
I can’t! Just come on! I’m still your wife! Make an acception!
If I didn’t have them I could pay you.
Fredrik: I can take them off your hands.
Fredrik: you won’t have to pay again;
To Fredrik: deal.

Drugs. His mother had traded his sisters for drugs. That’s what his father had wanted. His children. And once he had gotten Chris mother all jacked up, he had used her addiction to take his daughters back. Dropping the phone, Chris ran out of the room into the bathroom and threw up. His father was in no shape to raise two children. His sisters were probably crying for him, wandering why he didn’t come get them. Wiping his mouth, he pulled his phone from his back pocket. He needed help, and he knew exactly who to ask.
She picked up on the last ring.
“Hello?” A groggy voice answered, and Chris remembered it was the weekend. She had probably slept in.
“Hey it’s me. Um I know you said not to call you again, but… I.. I need your help.” Chris wanted to punch himself, the desperation and panic in his voice was so obvious.

Upon hearing his voice, Eva Mohn sat up in her bed. This wasn’t another booty call, this was serious.
“What do you need?“

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Notes- The diner you work at is being robbed. You call your boyfriend, Jimmy, hoping he can help you. Fluffy at the end. 

Warnings- Cursing, death, guns

Words- 942

You ducked under the counter, pulling the phone down with you. You dialed the number as fast as you could and hoped Jimmy would be the one to pick it. “Hello,” Jimmy said to your relief.

“You have to come here now, please. Just come here,” you said the words as fast as you could and hung the phone up. Unfortunately the men who began to rob the diner heard you. There were two other robbers in the dinner. One of them was holding the customers at gunpoint, while the other man was doing the same but to the rest of the workers. The man pulled you onto your feet and you felt your nervousness wash over you. You knew Jimmy would come, so you just needed to stall for as long as you could. You looked the man in the eyes and sarcastically said, “And what can I help you with.”

“What’s your name?”


“Well Y/N,” the man said,” Give me the money and every minute you make me wait someone dies.”

“Like I haven’t heard that one before,” you finished off that sentence by spitting on the man’s face. He used his hand and slowly wiped it off and then roughly grabbed you. He pulled you over the counter, then moved his body close to yours. “If you won’t give me the money I’ll just have to take you,” growled the man. You hugged your arms against yourself trying to make it as hard as possible for the man to do anything to you. “I got a man you know.”

“Then why isn’t he here,” with that the man pushed his lips against yours. You started hitting him and he only chuckled.  The man guarding the customers was paying more attention to you then what he was actually supposed to be doing. You saw a male customer wrap his arm around the man and snatch his gun. The customer quickly shot the guard. The man’s body fell to the floor with a thud. You screamed and the customer moved to shoot the guard keeping the workers hostage. He missed and had gotten shot himself. The man holding you laughed. He slammed you against the counter making your back ache before he threw on the ground. You knew that for Jimmy to stand a chance when he got here you needed to get another gun away from the men. Then the large man in front of you started to talk to the group of people still alive. Explaining how lucky they were that they weren’t dead too.

 You saw his gun loosely tucked into his pants. You very slowly reached for and grabbed it. You heard the sound of a motorcycle approaching and your hands began to tremble against the gun. The door to the diner opened and the man in front of you angrily asked, “Who the hell are you?” “I’m Jimmy Darling and you’ve gotten yourself in a hell of a lot of trouble you son of a bitch.” You noticed that Jimmy had rushed here so fast that he didn’t even has his mittens on. The other people in the diner were staring at him and for once they weren’t staring at his hands. They were almost in awe of him. The man walked towards Jimmy, reaching for where his gun should have been resting. He looked down searching for it and you pulled the trigger on the gun. Not at him, but at the man guarding the workers. The guard fell to the floor as his boss watched. It gave Jimmy enough time to punch the man. His lip started to bleed and the man prepared to hit Jimmy back. Before he could, you already had shot the gun again. You looked around the room, some of the people were crying and others were smiling. 

One of the waitresses ran to the counter and dialed for the police. Jimmy ran to where you were sitting on the ground. He wrapped his arms around you and you began to cry into him. “You’re okay, baby,” Jimmy whispered to you as he rubbed your back. He picked you up bridal style and carried you outside. You both sat down next to each other on the steps of the diner. His arm was protectively wrapped around your waist. “Thank you,” you said,” We probably still would have been stuck like that if you hadn’t.”

“You seemed to have it under a fair amount of control, doll.”

“I was scared to death and you were the best distraction there.”

“Why’d you call me instead of the cops,” Jimmy asked while gazing down at you.

“I figured that you’d be more helpful than the police. I’m sure you noticed, but the cops here aren’t exactly the brightest.”

Jimmy laughed and bent his head down to kiss you. You tangled your hands in his hair and fell into the kiss. His hands were on either side of your waist to hold you up. You could hear a small, low moan coming from his throat. You soon broke apart for air and suddenly thought of something. “Jimmy you’ve got to get out of here,” you quickly stated,” If you don’t they’ll think of a way to blame this whole damn thing on you.”

“Alright, but you better come see me later.”

“ I will baby, I promise. You’ve got to go now.”  You stood up next to him and placed one last kiss on his lips. “I love you, doll,” Jimmy said to you while walking to his motorcycle. “I love you too.” You watched him leave and then went back inside.

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Life is Strange: Pairing Cuddles

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Marshprice (Kate x Chloe)

Chaseprice (Victoria x Chloe):

Amberfield (Rachel x Max):

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  • Johnny and two bit at a diner
  • Waitress; omg are you johnny cade?
  • Johnny; yes
  • Two bit; well i am.....
  • Waitress; I knew you were johnny because of how attractive you are and sweet i mean you anamazing hero...
  • Johnny; well Thank you doll
  • Waitress; like omg what are you doing here you could be like getting girls i mean your hot and a hero
  • Two bit; umm i would like to order
  • Waitress; like i know this is a lot to ask but please take me out my parents would be so happy i mean theirs no one here with you so how bout i just eat with you?
  • Two bit; fuck you two im leaving, find a ride home with somone else.*walks away mumbling* wow hes so rude
  • Dallas;*walks in* two bit the fuck did you just say about my sweet honest pure cinamen roll.

okay so I’m at this tiny diner in St. Paul getting food, and this group of like four adults in their thirties-forties walk in and take the booth next to mine. They were the kind of people you’d expect to see downtown late at night, so I just figured they’d get their food, talk for a bit and leave

but then

the Star Wars theme blasts from their booth, I hear an opening narration from The Clone Wars cartoon, and Ahsoka starts talking

four full grown adults, none of which looked like they would even LIKE Star Wars, crowded in a booth watching a Star Wars cartoon on an iPad at night in a tiny roadside diner.

they got through two and a half episodes.

it made my night.


you finished your talk with Frank, glad he had called you and set it up. even with everything going on, you were friends. he had been beat up and you wished you could have helped but he (of course) was a suffer in silence type.

you left the diner with a smile. “you two still talk.” you heard Matt’s voice and turned to see him leaning against a building.

“yeah.” you answered, “are you here as Matt or as the DareDevil?” 

“im here as your friend.” he answered, “do you love him?”

“what?” you laughed in confusion.

“his heart picks up when you’re around. your heart picks up when he’s around.” Matt trailed off, “i hope you know what you’re getting yourself in to.”


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thank you so much to this gif maker for letting me use their gifs! <3

also i really hope i do Frank justice, i love him <3