diner china

Chapter Fifty-six

**The London experience continues … with a little help from Bad Company and the Dark Lord.  I just love writing jealous Robert. :-)  No smut (yet), apologies in advance lol!**

The stuffiness in the room brought a sheen to her skin, and Michelle reached for the menu, discreetly fanning herself. The paper was thick and rich, the woven fibers embossed with lines of gold. She hadn’t expected a dinner so formal and knew it was only a matter of time before it fell to pieces.  She covertly canvassed the table, sizing up the eclectic group around it.  Bonzo and Cole were already at it, regaling their corner with lewd jokes and raucous laughs.  Jimmy was somewhat insulated by his bevy of maidens, but Michelle could feel his gaze on her, as it had been since they’d taken their seats. Strange.  The thought receded as a line of waiters approached, presenting each diner with a delicate china bowl filled to the brim with mussels.  They moved in concert, a fluid display.  Very well trained.  I wonder if they know it’s all lost on most of these heathens.  She glanced at her server, a coy smile lighting up his handsome green eyes.  Yep. They do.

The men vanished as quickly as they’d come, leaving everyone with their new treasure. Michelle sensed Robert’s amusement as he prodded the shellfish, exchanging a look with Bonzo.  Trouble was afoot.

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An Arrow Through My Bleeding Heart (Pt. 3/?)

Title: An Arrow Through My Bleeding Heart Pt. 3

Other Parts: AATMBH Pt. 1, AATMBH Pt. 2.

Characters: All of Arrow/SPN

Summary: You have been having dinner with your father for a few months now, and your brothers have begun to notice your absence…

Based On: Lost Boy by Grace Kelly (Really this is just a place for the song I’m obsessed with this week ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

Listen: Here

Warnings: None I think, (Message me if you find any!)

Tagging: @liqhthouse (Message me if you would like to be tagged!)

A/N: Sorry this took so long to get out Angels! let me know what my Little Angels think!

Over the next three months you continued to have dinner with your father at the same little Chinese diner. Your brothers had noticed you disappearing more than once without reason, but then Cas would swoop in with a half baked answer that he had cooked up in his head on the fly and save your ass from being found out. Each time you came back fro visiting your father, you had the biggest smile on your face, and you seemed… Happy. That was something the boys and Cas hadn’t seen for a while. That was the main reason Cas kept covering for you, because seeing that look on your face made it all worth it, but it was getting hard to keep them in the dark, and they were starting to wonder themselves just why you were always so happy when you came back. Dean thought you had a one night stand. Sam thought you had a boyfriend. Each time Cas heard their theories of what was making you glow like that, he simply sighed and rolled his eyes. Oh, if only they knew.

Which brings you to where you were now. Leaning against the hood of your truck enjoying the smell of the Kansas wildflowers, as the wind carries their scent to threw the air. Cas has asked you to talk while your brothers were out of the bunker, and you had a pretty good idea on what he wanted to talk about.

The tell-tale flutter of wings signals his arrival. A sigh leaves your lips as you cross your arms over your chest.

“I know why you’re here Cas. And I have to say; I’ve thought about it, but I’m not sure.” He stares at you, forming an answer in his head.

“I know this is difficult for you, but it’s getting hard to cover for you. The Winchester’s are starting to notice, they are asking questions…” he pauses, thinking over what he’s about to say next, “… And I think they have a right to know.” You heave a heavy sigh, letting your arms fall to your side. Deep down you knew he was right, you knew that you would one day have to let them in on your little secret, you were just hoping it would be later rather than sooner. You honestly have no idea how they would react, you just hope they they are happy for you. You rub a hand over your eyes, pinching the bridge of your nose.

“Fine, I’ll tell them tomorrow. I’m gonna head to bed, I’m gonna need a good night’s sleep if I’m possibly go through hell again in the morning.”

Dawn’s light comes all to soon for your liking, grumbling as you trudge out of bed and into the kitchen to make yourself a bowl of cereal. Soon following after your lead of getting out of bed, is Sam. His hair fluffed up from sleep, he comes stumbling in from the hallway, his eyes still fogged up with sleep, his slippers scuffing on the floor. He opens the fridge, grabs the fresh carton of eggs, and starts heating up the frying pan to make scrambled eggs for him and Dean.

You finish off your bowl of cereal, deciding it might be best to do this on a nearly empty stomach, and grab the bag of coffee beans from the top left cupboard to start the pot of coffee that would be mostly drunk by Dean, the amount of caffeine that man needed to properly function was astounding.

The last to come mopping in is Dean, still in his bathrobe, with his eyes half closed, as he staggers over to the cupboard where you keep all the mugs, and grabs a large coffee cup. To then blindly reach for the pot of scalding hot coffee, this always made you cringe in fear for his safety, how he hadn’t burned his hand of yet, you’ll never know.

Sam puts down to plates of eggs on the table, he goes to make a third for you, but your shake your head at him, telling him you’re not that hungry. Mornings like this is what make being a Hunter all worth it. Your heart clenches at the thought of all this being destroyed because of their reaction to you meeting your father. You stare at them for a few minutes, considering your options, and trying to work up the courage to actually tell them. You’ve been silent for quite sometime, and your brothers sure as Hell have noticed. They give each other a sidewards glance, as you play with your hands, while opening and closing your mouth like someone was taking the words away from your lips. A weighted sigh leaves your lips, your shoulders sagging in defeat. You don’t know how to tell them. Dean seems to have had enough of your dilly-daddling.

“Alright, come on, spit it out already,” You glance up at him in surprise. He gives you an exasperated look, rolling his eyes at you. “Oh, come on, something is obviously eating you up, so tell us already.”

“Well, as you have probably realized, I’ve been leaving the bunker more often as of late,” A knowing look passes between Sam and Dean. Your eyebrows knit up in confusion, but you continue anyway.

“I have been doing this because-”

“You got a boyfriend!”

“You got a booty call!” Is shouted at the same time. Causing you to choke on the breath you had taken. Sputtering, and coughing, you shake your hand in front of your face, signaling that, no. They are not even close. Recovering for your little fit, you continue from where you left off.

“No, I don’t have a boyfriend, or booty call. I actually, now this might come as quite a shock, but please keep in mind that I wouldn’t have done this if it didn’t mean anything to me, I-I met my father.”

They clearing are expecting this, the furrowed brows, and the signature Winchester smirk is no where in sight. You expected you heart to be pounding in your ears, but for once, it is strangely quite, it might have even stopped completely. They seem to be processing this new, and uncalled for information. They seem more surprised than anything, after all, you always said you didn’t care who your father was. But then they thought back to the girl who had died in your arms a few months ago. How your eyes seemed different after that hunt, they had so many unanswered questions in them, how you were sort of distance for a few days after that. Then how you weren’t on that trip to Starling City, and when you came back, how your eyes had been put back together from the pieces of broken glass that they were, how they shined with a new found hope for the world. And how the smile on your face seemed like it would never go away. He made you happy. That’s all they needed to know about your father. As long as he made you happy.

Sam is the first to speak after that. You let out the breath you had been holding for so long you thought your lungs were going to burst.

“So, what’s he like?” They seem to be accepting this news with caution, but their curious eyes tell you they have a lot of questions for you. And your ready to answer them.

“He’s great. He’s a detective at the S.C.P.D. He’s got two other daughters, Laurel and Sara, I’m actually his oldest now,” Dean’s eyebrows perk up at the mention of your sisters, “And, no, Dean. You can’t hit on my sisters, that’s just plain weird.” He gives you a betrayed look, as Sam glares at him accusingly, which makes you burst out laughing. This wasn’t so bad after all. “And, I would like for you to meet him the next time I go to Starling City.”

It’s about two weeks later the next time you head to Starling, this time in the Impala. Quentin had suggested you have dinner at his apartment, instead of the little China Town diner. When you told him about you wanting to meet your brothers, he was ecstatic, if not a little nervous. But, still he wanted to meet the boys you spoke so highly of. Told hi stories of how you had grown up, living on the road and seeing sights you could only dream of. The late nights, when Bobby would let you stay up past your bed tie to watch the stars and catch fireflies in old mason jars. The hot afternoons of playing tag in the open fields outside of his house. And how you taught the boys to skip stones on the little stream that ran through the little strip of woods in his backyard that seemed like a rain forest to your little child mind.

Your mind is racing through a checklist that you needed to make sure the boys followed. Your back story, what you did for a living, absolutely, under no circumstances, do you bring up the hunting life, or your shins will have Hell to pay if you messed this dinner up!

Before knocking on his door you turn around looking the boys over, and make needless changes and fix ups to their clothes and hair. You were more nervous than they were! Sam seems to notice just how bad your nerves are, while your fixing his hair and they start shaking. He slowly removes your hands from his hair, holding the in his own to make you calm down.

“Don’t worry (Y/N), this dinner will be wonderful. We’ll all get along great, he’ll love us, and we’ll love him, because it’s important to our little sister. Isn’t that right Dean?” He gives Dean a hard glare, telling him to agree with him, and no funny business!

Dean lays a hand on your shoulder.

“Of course, Sammy.” The door swings open without warning, your father standing there with a large smile on his face, and oven mitts on his hands.

“I thought I heard voices!” A smile breaks out on your face, as you move to hug your father.

“Dad,” You wrap your arms around him, before letting go to introduce him to your brothers, but still keeping an arm around his waist, and does he. “dad, this is Sam,” You say pointing to your taller brother, “and this is Dean.” Gesturing to your oldest brother. Quentin takes off one of his oven mitts and moves to shake their hands.

“It really is nice to meet you, (Y/N) Has told me so much about you, I feel as though I already know you!” Your brother’s smile at him, Sam seems fine with him, although Dean seems a bit skeptic of him. There are a few awkward moments of standing out in the hallway assessing each other.

“Well, uh, what are we doing just standing out here, dinner’s hot out of the oven, and the cherry pie is cooling!” Your father tries to diffuse the tension in the atmosphere. Dean’s eyes light up at the mention of his favorite thing in the world other than the Impala.

“Pie, you say?” You knew Dean had been won over by your father.

“Yep, grandma Lance’s recipe.”

“Well, let’s hope (Y/N/N) didn’t inherit her cooking skills from you, or else I’ll be scared the building will burn down.”

“That was one time, Dean!”

An Arrow Through My Bleeding Heart (Pt.2/?)

Title: An Arrow Through My Bleeding Heart (Pt.2/?)

Other Parts: AATMBH Pt.1

Characters: All of Arrow/SPN

Summary: You’ve been wondering who your father is since you were a little girl and your mother was slaughtered by demons. You never really cared though, you always figured he either didn’t know about you, or he was dead, or he just didn’t want you which was fine. But after a recent hunt with your adoptive brothers you begin to wonder who really is your birth father.

Based On: Lost Cites by Bandshes

Listen to: Here

Warnings: Demons, Blood, Dead Mother, Murder, Gore, Fighting, Discovery of Birth Father, Death, Talk of Death, Sorrow, Supernatural Themes, Vigilante Mentions, Reader will eventually become a member of Team Arrow! (I think that’s it, message me if you find anymore!)

A/N: Here’s the second part of my new series! Let me know what my Little Angels think!

Tagging: @liqhthouse (If you would like to be tagged, just hit me up with an ask!)

Once in Starling City you quickly find a motel that is relatively close to the address and get settled in. Now, for the difficult part, trying to come up with a way to introduce yourself. Tell him when you first meet him? Maybe. At the end of the night? Nah. Casually slip it into the conversation? Possibly. How would you phrase it? Bluntly? Sure, shows that you’re serious. Sighing, you flop down onto the creaky bed that was sure to make your back hurt. You would just have to cross that bridge when you got to it, if you ever got over the butterflies in your stomach, if you didn’t care, then why were you so nervous about what he would think of you?

You rummage through your duffel bag, searching for a nice enough looking out fit. Gotta dress to impress, you pulled out a nice white shirt that flared out at the bottom, and had black lace along the neckline, and a pair of black leggings, with a nice pair of black heels to go with it. You smooth out your shirt, a nervous tick of yours making it’s appearance. Giving yourself an inner pep talk, you grab your bag and head out the door. You plug the address into your GPS, and take deep breaths all the way there.

As you ride the elevator up your hands begin to sweat, and your heart starts beating faster. When you reach his door and raise your hand to knock, you freeze. Every option of what could go wrong is running through your mind, and you have to take a step back and shake your head, before deciding to bite the bullet, and quickly knock before you loose your nerve. A muffled “Just a minute!” Can be heard somewhere on the other side of the door, and your breathing begins to speed up. You hear the door handle turning and steel yourself, a nice looking man answers the door, around his mid to late forties, a reseeding hair line, a friendly smile, and kind brown eyes. He holds himself with an air of authority, he probably has something to do with the military, or the police, you think to yourself.

“Can I help you?” His voice is gruff, but still sounds like something the could hold so many kind words in it. You stare at him for a second, before shaking your head and coming out of your trance.

“Uh, yes. Are you Quentin Lance?” You voice is shaking a little, and you can tell you’ve put him on edge a bit. He looks you up and down, almost as if assessing of whether or not you’re a threat.

“I am,” You let out a sigh, you had found him. Now, to tell him gracefully.

“I know you don’t know me, but I have been trying to think up a better way of saying this all day and I haven’t found one, so I’m just going to come out and say it. My name is (Y/N) Winchester My mother is (Y/M/N) (Y/L/N), and I believe around 26 years ago you knew her. So, long story short, I’m your daughter.” Comes rushing out of your mouth. He stares blankly at you for a minute, taking all the information in, while you wait with baited breath.

“Why don’t we talk about this over dinner, dear?” You let out a breath of relief, he seems to be taking this rather well.

“That sounds wonderful, all I had on the drive here was terrible fast food,” You both let out a breathy laugh, that sounds remarkably similar. Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad after all.

He takes you to a little diner in China Town, while waiting for your food, you both agree to start asking questions. You let him ask you first, saying that he’s the one who just got a daughter he didn’t know about. But he insists that you ask him, he said

“You’ve been waiting your whole life to know who your father is, I’ve been waiting 20 minutes, so go on, ask me anything.”

“Alright, hmm, What do you do for a living?” You ask, taking a sip of your tea.

“I’m a detective for the Starling City Police Department.” Ah, so you had been right about that. “You?”

“Oh, I’m a freelance mechanic, I travel all over America with my brothers.” You tell him while taking another sip of your tea.

“Brothers?” He asks with a raise of is eyebrows. You nod your head.

“Mhmm, I’m adopted, I have two big brothers, Dean’s the oldest, and Sam’s the middle child.”

“Ah, uh, if you don’t mind me asking, what happened to (Y/M/N)?” You stare down into your mug of tea, averting your gaze from his.

“She, uh, she was murdered when I was 6.” His shocked expression is enough to tell you he wasn’t expecting that.

“I’m sorr-”

“It’s fine,” You cut him off “I’ve had 20 years of people saying sorry to me, I don’t need anymore,” He nods his head, something tells you he can relate to having people apologize about things that had nothing to do with them. “But, if you don’t mind, I do have a few questions about her..” He gives you a half smile, his eyes have wisps of pain swirling in them, but there are somethings you just need to know.

“Shoot,” You stare into your cup of tea, the steam billowing into your face.

“W-What was she like?” This question is one that has often plagued your mind, Sam and Dean ad john to tell them what their mother was like, how she used to tuck them into bed, and sing ‘Hey, Jude’ to them when they had dreams about the monsters that they would one day hunt. How she would cook a large Sunday breakfast for the whole family, and how she used to let Dean crack the eggs when ever she made brownies. They had at least some clue of what their mother was like, where as you only have what you remember. Which wasn’t much, a few bits and pieces of the scattered memories of a child, a snowman with a pink hat, and raspberries for eyes. A warm loving embrace followed by a visit from the tickle monster. But there was one that was always the most prominent, it was a memory, but also a dream. You’re standing in a shooting range, holding a gun that far to big for your tiny hands, but much to small in your mothers. Your mother comes up behind you, straightening your arms, and pulling your feet apart. She steps back examining your stance, she seems satisfied because she motions for you to go ahead. You take a deep breath, focusing on the target, picturing in your mind that the hanging target is a monster trying to hurt your mother, you hesitate another moment before taking the shot, you hit the target square in the chest. You turn toward your mother a large grin on your face, she smiles down at you, clapping a hand on your back as a squeal leaves her lips. You can see the way her eyes are crinkled at the corners because her smile is so big.

“That was wonderful kiddo! Now, lets go get some ice-cream!” You can barely contain your giggle of join, then a week later, you saw the same eyes that had been so sparkling, filled with fear, as she told you to go hide in a cabinet, You couldn’t believe that they were the same eyes that once shined with hope, were now wide open in terror, a foggy look in them, as a scream that was silenced hung from her lips.

The huff that leaves your father’s lips brings you back to reality. A small smile is placed on his lips, as he concentrates on his mug of tea, a look in his eyes that says he is remembering someone’s smile, and you have to hope it’s hers.

“She was something else, a real spitfire,” He looks up at you with a certain fondness, “She didn’t take anyone’s shit, and it seems you’ve inherited that trait,” a smile forms on your face, you always wondered just how much you were like your mother. Turns out you had a lot more wonderment in your life than you had thought.

“She was the kind of person to take chances, the kind of person you meet and you instantly trust them with your life. Those people can be dangerous, and Lord knows she was.” His tone becomes serious for a second, the smile washed from his features, before it’s comes back again in full force when he shakes is head to clear it of those dark thoughts. “But, she was also the type of person who you can stay up past 2 AM talking to on the phone even though you have work in the morning and know you’re going to regret not getting any sleep but you keep talking to anyways cause everything that comes out of their mouth makes your chest hurt with joy. She was the type of person who loved terrible, and I mean terrible puns, I swear she once laughed for five straight minutes when we were making dinner, and I was grating cheese and said 'I know it’s cheesy, but I feel grate’ I kid you not, she lost it!”

By this time you were hunched over laughing, and as was he. Your food came soon after that, you spent the rest of the night talking about anything and everything, from where you grew up, what his childhood was like, and funny stories about your mother, and by the end of it all you’re setting up another time to meet him in a month, and you couldn’t be more happy.

As you’re getting up to leave a news story regarding the Starling City vigilante comes on the TV that was suspended high in a corner of the diner, the Arrow, you had learned he was called from your father. Apparently, his now second oldest daughter Laurel, is trying to take him down. You had lost your breath when you learned you had sisters, his voice cracks a little when he says Sara’s name, and you have a feeling she’s the reason he’s heard so many apologies in his life. You hug him when you reach the street, and part ways. But, little did you know you had caught the attention of the Oliver Queen A.K.A The Arrow, as he saw you walking to your truck when you left the little china town restaurant where he had spotted Detective Lance hugging a strange women. And he was going to find out just who you were, and if you were a threat to his city, or his family.

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