diner booth

Diner- T.C. Imagine:

3rd Smut Week Imagine! Enjoy babes 💗

Requested: No💎
Reader x Taylor Caniff
Word Count: 555
Warnings: yeah yeah you know the drill, choking hazards, smut, language, kinky shit, some dirty diddlies & panties 😏💕

Wattpad: cherrybombdaizies🍒

“Bro fuck school.” Trey said as we all situated in the diner booth
“Don’t say that, yn is going back soon.” Taylor scolds
“Babe it’s okay, school isn’t for everyone.” I smile
I knew everyone had a problem with the fact I wasn’t joining in on the “fame” lifestyle but I wish they’d respect my decisions.
“I’m sorry yn, I didn’t mean it that way.” Trey said
“You know what yn I admire you for continuing school. At least you have a brain.” Colby says and Trey gives him the finger
“I’m just not talented enough for anything and even I can barely keep up with YouTube.” I say as we browse the menu
“Well you’ll be okay and I believe in you babe.” Taylor says
We order our food and sit there making chatter.
“Yeah that’s why ya girl ate my pussy.” I sass and throw a fry at him, knowing good and well I’m not into that
“Damn yn is savage at times.” Colby laughs
“Boy I wish you would.” I tell Trey as he holds up his straw to spit a spitball at me
All through dinner I feel Taylor’s hand creeping closer to my heat.
“Taylor.” I mumble
“It’s just my hand.” He smirks
I feel his hand pull my shorts over and lightly rub through my panties.
“Taylor stop please.” I groan, whispering in his ear
He smirks and slides his pointer in, running my folds before tickling the sensitive bundle between my legs.
I continue to eat my food as does he, Colby and Trey hardly notice one of Tay’s hands has suddenly disappeared.
I eat a few fries and continue the conversation until Taylor presses hard onto my clit.
“Fuck.” I lurch foward
“You okay yn?” asks Colby with a mouthful of food
“Cramps, really bad.” I groan
“No womder she’s savage.” Trey laughs
After dinner we escape to Taylor’s Rover as the boys walk down the strip.
“You are such a dick.” I growl
“What about my dick?” Taylor laughs
He scoots his driver seat back as I straddle his lap and rock into him as we begin to make out.
“We have like 10 minutes before the movie.” I say
“That’s all I need, if we hurry.” He says
“Then pull your dick out and let’s go.” I rush
Our clothes come off in a fury as Taylor teases my slit.
“Hurry.” I pant impatient as he sits me on his dick
“Fuck yn.” He groans
I begin to move my hips and bounce as Taylor slaps my ass.
“Fuck yes Taylor.” I moan and grip on to the seat as he bounces me rougher
“Shit yn you are so fucking tight.” He moans as I watch him slide in and out
“Taylor fuck please.” I moan as bite onto his shoulder
His thumb rubs my clit in circles as I slide up and down, sending white streaks down his shaft.
“I’m so close fuck.” I moan
“Cum baby girl.” He groans
I slide faster and rock harder bringing us to the brink.
“I’m gonna cum.” Taylor groans
I pull myself off before slamming back down as we both cum. Taylor spilling into me uncontrollably.
“Told you I only needed 10 minutes.” He pants
“I meed 10 more hours of that.” I pant with a smile