dine in hell

List of emotionally unacceptable things this week:

1. Edward Petherbridge briefly kissing Harriet Walter’s wrist, because both their characters are wearing outdoor gloves and coats.

Her WRIST, I tell you.

Adrenaline (3)

part one; part two; part three;

Fear spiked through your heart and sent it racing, pure panic setting as you were dragged through the hotel. It was just supposed to be dinner. Maybe something more if things went really well. Instead you were running for your life with someone you thought you knew, but turned out to be a complete stranger.

“Just act natural,” Sehun whispered low in your ear, his sweet breath making the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

You wanted to scream, just to release all your overwhelming emotions. How the hell were you supposed to act natural? Your world had just been flipped on its head. You also may have seen a dead body. Yet, you were expected to act calm like nothing had happened? “What is going on Sehun?” you hissed under your breath, trying to wrench your hand out from his grip. In the end, your efforts were futile and you remained pinned to Sehun’s side,

“It’s complicated,” he answered in a stern voice, his amber eyes wide and alert. “But don’t worry, that guy isn’t dead. I shot him an inch above his aorta so he’ll live,” he added nonchalantly, like shooting someone was the norm.

Suddenly his amber eyes weren’t so warm and comforting. “You shot him?!” you exclaimed, struggling to control the pure fear in your voice. Dread dropped into your stomach like a heavy weight and you thrashed about to try and break from his hold. This was not the man you agreed to dine with. “Who the hell are you?”

His grip was unrelenting. “It was either shoot him or be shot by him,” he rushed to explain, his lips pressed on your ear so he only had to breathe the words. “Now act natural or we won’t make it out of here alive!”

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The - Cookie Jar

This is my entry for the Sterek Week 2017 day 6 theme ‘Partners in Crime’.

499w | Series on AO3

I imagine Stiles to be 3 and Derek to be 7.

John sits in the driver’s seat, waiting for Claudia to finish buckling Stiles in the back. They’re all heading to the Hales’ for what would usually be Stiles and Derek’s Saturday afternoon play date but is this time doubling as Cora’s fifth birthday party, one reserved for family ahead of the one she’ll have with her school friends next week.

Stiles is ecstatic to be going to a party, though he’s still learning that someone else’s birthday doesn’t mean presents for him too. He staggers up the steps of the Hales’ front porch under Derek’s watchful eye and hovering hands, wobbling under the weight of the present he’s insisted on carrying inside.

As they watch Cora open all her gifts - having to be reminded time and time again by Talia not to use her claws in case she damages what’s inside in her excitement - only once does Stiles try tearing the paper off one of the presents, listening carefully as Derek pulls him into his lap where he sits cross-legged on the floor and explains why he’s only allowed to watch. Coming from Derek, Stiles accepts it without question and settles back, jamming his thumb into his mouth.

After presents comes the birthday cake, but according to Derek, ‘no red velvet, no deal’, so he heads to the den with Stiles in tow who always follows wherever he goes.

Talia lights the candles as Cora is lifted into the chair at the head of the dining table, and everyone is so focused on the birthday girl it seems John is the only one who notices the two boys peeking their heads around the kitchen doorframe.

As soon as Talia carries the cake through to the dining room and the chorus of Happy Birthday begins, John watches the two kids use the blowing out of the candles as a convenient distraction. Two chubby hands belonging to Stiles appear over the edge of the kitchen counter, boosted up by Derek, and they search blindly for the cookie jar. Once the prize is in his grasp, Derek lowers Stiles back to the ground and then they dart out from behind the counter, hand in hand, and into the next room.

With the song over, John slips through to the den and creeps over to the blanket fort, giggles emanating from within. He pokes his head inside.

“And what do we have here?”

Derek gasps while Stiles gapes up at him, wide-eyed and mouth a little ‘o’ of shock. After a few seconds of held breath, he lifts the cookie in his hand - already smeared with melted chocolate chips - and holds it to John’s mouth. With his other hand, he holds a stubby finger to his lips.


John takes the cookie and silently holds his finger to his mouth in agreement. He backs out of their blanket fort and hastily munches on his cookie as he sneaks back into the dining room. There’ll be hell to pay if Claudia catches him indulging.

John better make the most of it. It won’t be long until Stiles is enforcing his diet harder than his wife ;)

You can find the rest of the series here on AO3

High Lords at a Restaurant

Rhys: *Is confused because Feyre brought him to Taco Bell* Feyre darling, I would like to order the fois-gras. *Leans over Feyre at the drive through and stares at the confused cashier* “Excuse me! My mate and I would like creme brulee–Feyre, why are you driving away? We didn’t tell him if we wanted white wine or red!”

Feyre: Tried to take Rhys to Taco Bell, but he had to be a Drama Bat and ruined it. Now they’re at one of his ~fancy~ restaurants, where the butter is shaped like a swan and there are gold leaves decorating the ice cream. “What is it Feyre darling?” “Nothing.” “Okay, then try the–” “I just think it’s funny how everything has to be dramatic with you and all I wanted was a taco made out of Doritos, Rhys.”

Helion: The guy who hits on his waiter the entire time and makes very suggestive comments about how he could clear the table…sipping champagne and crossing his legs to show off those Pregnancy Inducing Thighs. Tips generously, mostly because he thinks he’ll have a better chance of getting the waiter’s number that way.

Kallias: Stressing because he ate about 23579429 breadsticks and now there are crumbs everywhere. Whatever he does, he cannot get away from the crumbs. Worse, he’s full, so when his entree arrives, he’s so stuffed on bread he feels like his favorite fox messenger, Caspian, after the little animal has gotten into the stores of fish. Viviane teases him mercilessly by saying “Oh, Kal, you just have to try this!” even though she knows he can’t eat another bite

Thesan: So polite, hands all of his dishes to the wait staff. Definitely wants to hear the specials, but ends up ordering the simplest item on the menu and telling the waiters not to rush it. He has time to spare. But he is definitely the one who got there early to make sure he and his Peregryn lover were seated at the best table in the restaurant (aka, the one that is half-hidden by a large plant, so nobody will notice if they spend half the time making out. But he does it inconspicuously because, you know, politeness)

Tarquin: The one who actually remembers to make reservations; everyone gets there and the host says “That will be a three hour wait” and the whole party glances sheepishly at each other until Responsible Tarquin steps forward and says “I made reservations,” thereby saving their asses. But he spends a lot of time trying to remember which fork to use, because he’s young and he needs some assistance at times. May or may not be brought a kiddie menu despite his level of responsibility, and he may or may not love it because sometimes the mac and cheese pasta is shaped like fish

Beron: Can’t get reservations anywhere. He tips horribly and complains about everything. If he finds anything wrong whatsoever, he will threaten to burn the place to the ground.

Tamlin: Everything gets dropped in his lap. Oops, champagne flutes spilled down his neck. Oh, no! The boiling hot soup landed all down his front! He doesn’t understand how this happens every. single. time. But then, he also doesn’t know that Rhys has paid off every restaurant in the area to make Tam’s dining experience hell. If he goes on a date, they send the most attractive waiter/waitress to distract Tam’s lady friend and blatantly give her their numbers, so when Tam freaks out they get to call security on him.

Day 11

wxrmachiner0ck: hOLY SHIT FUCKING FINALLY TONES!!!!111”
redstarandmetalarm: not bad guys. clint owe me 10 bucks, tx”
purpleisdnewblack: WHY U GUYS CANT WA1T 4 ANOTHER WEEK FFCCKKKKKK also great job guys”
killerballerina: shut up clint.”
greenandalwaysangry: i hope u mean not actual hell, thor. that’s a bit concerning.“
wingsmanfalcon83: honestly glad the pinning stops now. gratz 4 you 2 lovebirds”

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anonymous asked:

Think of this!! Dino, Enma and Tsuna keep on humiliating this clumy maid that works really hard because it reminds them of their old self but after noticing their work eithic and optimism fall in love



  • How this new maid managed to get hired was beyond him. He couldn’t understand how she was able to pass the physical exams required for all of the staff members at the Cavallone HQ
  • She trips. A lot. It’s especially worse when she is handling fine china and cutlery. It drives him nearly insane.
  • If there’s a crash in the distance, he knows that 9 times out of 10 it will be her fault. He knows it, Romario knows it, everyone knows it.
  • So what if he sometimes makes her job harder by leaving behind crazy messes? And yeah, sometimes he’ll intentionally throw his trash on the floor of his office just as she’s finishing cleaning up.
  • He can’t help it. Looking at how clumsy she is makes him feel wrong. Like he’s looking through a time machine and seeing his pre-Reborn days.
  • He hates it.
  • But why the hell is she so forgiving?! “It’s okay, Don Cavallone, I’ll clean that up.”  “No worries, I’m sure you didn’t mean to drop those stuff, Don Cavallone.”
  • Not once has he ever heard of her missing a day at work. He’s always seen her around, working to clean messes made by the inhabitants of the mansion and the messes she makes out of her own clumsiness.
  • Dino knows she works overtime too. He’ll sometimes catch her asleep on the stairwell with cleaning supplies around her late at night, far beyond any staff member besides the skeleton crew stays late.
  • (He later found out she had just finished doing a double shift and had offered to cover for a sick night staff member.)
  • He covered her sleeping form in one of his less nicer jackets he wore, telling himself that while he didn’t like her at all, Reborn would kill him if he found out he had left a lady out on the cold without helping.
  • It took her leaving his jacket on his bed, folded and dry cleaned, with a note saying her thanks for letting her borrow it and for hiring her to realize he was slightly enamored with her.
  • “Shit,” he mumbles under his breath as he sees her walking his way to start her duties. “Since when was she this pretty?”
  • “Did you say something, Don Cavallone?”
  • “I said you look shitty.”


  • He was so fucking sure that Adelheid would fire this clumsy idiot of a girl the moment she drops the extremely expensive fine china all over the dining hall
  • So why the hell did his Glacier guardian instead ask another staff member to help the maid clean up the mess? Did he enter the damned Twilight Zone or something?
  • The Don Shimon has never seen this maid not covered in bruises and bandages. It’s either from tripping down the stairs, burning herself in the kitchen, cutting herself on shards of china she dropped - the number of injuries were endless.
  • Looking at her makes him feel like a teenager again, all bumps and bruises and band aids. Pathetic, weak, helpless.
  • He hates her jokes and puns. Enma is positive she has made it her mission to say at least one pun around him whenever she works.
  • Enma privately refers to her as his No-Good Maid, despite knowing Tsuna would tan his ass for bringing that nickname back up. He only says it out loud when he’s alone in his office.
  • He gives a great loud laugh whenever she messes up in front of him. His laugh is harsh and mocking, causing her to flush in embarrassment.
  • It’s adorable how she always apologizes and spazzes out as she tries to clean up her mess. She’s always smiling through it all.
  • The maid is a hard worker, he’ll giver her that. She hasn’t used any sick days nor asked for any vacation time. He hears praises from the other staff members about how ready she is to help her coworkers.
  • “Don Shimon, is something the matter? Did I do something wrong?”
  • She’s looking at him now, a worried look on her face. Shit, was he staring that much at her?
  • The hand on his forehead is cool to the touch and causes him to blush lightly. He fights it off the best he can but loses when she sends him a smile. “No fever, shall I get you something to snack on?”
  • The fact that he was in love with this maid hit him like a ton of bricks. He knew, then and there, that he fucked up.


  • He absolutely hates the new maid with a fiery passion. She’s reminds him of his No-Good days, and he hates being reminded of those times. He’s better now, a lot better.
  • Everything he did back then, she’s just as bad, sometimes worse. She trips (will it kill her to tie her shoes?) and slips (for fuck’s sake, watch where you’re going) and drops everything she touches (a portion of that is going to be docked from her paycheck).
  • Why the head butler keeps her around is beyond his imagination. He cannot stand seeing her in the Vongola mansion, he wishes she would just disappear.
  • Tsuna intentionally has women he chases come home with him the nights before it’s her shift to attend to him. He feels a thrill, seeing her blush in the morning at his and his partner’s nakedness.
  • He keeps the woman of the night around longer during these times, using the new maid as a form of entertainment to laugh at with his partner. Tsuna is ruthless in pointing out her faults to the woman in his arm.
  • What angers him the most is how the maid not only takes it all, but even decided to crack jokes at her expense. It’s then that she smiles at their laughter at her, despite knowing full well they are not laughing with her.
  • The man later realizes that she’s a hard worker, a jack-of-all-trades around the Vongola mansion. She covers for any staff member that is absent - the cook, the maid, the gardener, and so on.
  • It’s impressive, really. It’s even admirable, he admits to no one.
  • Despite her desire to help, accidents also follow her wherever she goes. A minor kitchen fire, the plates are dropped, the weed killer is mistaken for pesticide, and the list goes on.
  • For every positive action, there is a negative reaction. An almost cycle of good and bad surrounds her work. If he didn’t require the most extensive and ridiculous background check on his staff members, Tsuna would think she was an enemy spy sent in to passively attack him from within.
  • But she smiles and smiles and laughs and laughs though it all. The maid just bounces back from these accidents. She cleans and helps repair the kitchen, she cleans up the plates and goes out to fetch new ones, she plants new flowers in the garden.
  • It’s when she becomes sick from working herself too hard and fiels for sick leave does Tsuna realize that he’s grown used to her antics. Through this time, he’s anxious and nervous and antsy, making sure to keep in all inside.
  • When she returns to work with her smiles and jokes and accidents, Tsuna feels a huge relief wash over him. For the first time since she was hired, he smiles back at her, surprising both of them.
  • “Shit, I’m in love.”

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Sheith - BOM!Keith introducing Shiro to the Dads of Marmora (Thace/Kolivan/Ulaz) for the prompt?

This got sadder and weirder than I wanted it too and i kinda forgot the prompt halfway through, but it’s done! Forgive me, anon.


Shiro had been missing for a total of nine Earth months. Keith was restless. It felt like it did when Shiro had been captured by the Galra. The boy was kind of lost. They couldn’t form Voltron, despite Keith having taken over Black, Lance having taken Red, and Allura having taken Blue, so trying to stop Prince Lotor was pointless. They wouldn’t win even if they wanted to.

The Black Lion didn’t respond to him. They were bonded in the sense that they both loved Shiro, and the fact he was gone made them both anxious, but other than that they had nothing in common. He knew Lance and Allura were having problems with their own Lions as well, because even just flying in formation had become nearly impossible. They needed Shiro.

Keith had tried to busy himself with other things. One of these things, was working more with Kolivan, and the other Blade’s. It took his mind off of the fact he had no idea where his partner was, and it gave him something to do. The others had stopped protesting at this point, but Keith knew they were still uneasy about letting him go on those long missions, given to him by Kolivan himself.

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i wonder how yamamura handled the first time seeing the twins summon their snother
did he lose his faith in humanity then and there

  • APH Denmark: Today we dine in hell!!!
  • APH Norway: ...
  • APH Sweden: ...
  • APH Finland: I know I don't cook like France but at least I try!!!
  • APH Finland: *starts crying and walks away*
  • APH Sweden: Thanks a lot.
  • APH Sweden: *leaves the table and goes to confort Finland*
  • APH Norway: You can't behave like a decent human being, don't you, Dan?

Millennial: did you see that clap back the church of satanism did on twitter today

Millennial 2: yes it was cool, tonight we dine at Hell

important college AUs for your consideration
  • i’m sorry i bump into you on my way to the dining hall also how the hell did you shove an entire pizza into you to-go box??
  • i reserved this time slot to table for my club so how dare you sit at my table during my time to advocate against bacon in our diet.
  • i’m too busy checking you out at the gym that i fall off the treadmill and you laugh so hard you drop a dumbbell on your feet so hey uhm do you wanna escort each other to the health center??
  • you’re drunk at a party and you keep telling people how playing beer pong with a used ball is unsanitary while eating cheetos off the kitchen floor.
  • i thought i was the only one in the laundry room so now you catch me making out with my hoodie fresh out of the dryer i should be embarrassed but i’m not.
  • we’re the only ones left on campus during spring break and somehow you still take my favorite spot in the library do u wanna fight punk?
  • i come to get my laundry in the basement at like 3 a.m. and WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU WEARING ALL WHITE TO PRACTICE YOUR VIOLIN IN THAT DARK CORNER??
  • don’t you pretend I didn’t see you shove a cheat sheet down your boobs you sneaky bastard.
  • we’re both feeling awkward a party but then we see a dog, and I call dibs on petting him first I will fight you on it.
  • It’s finals week and you’re standing in line to buy a triple espresso in your boxers. Do you need a hug buddy?
  • i’m in my pjs making mac n cheese and you’re over there prepping a bomb-ass ratatouille. Don’t give me that look I already know i fail at life.
  • i don’t care if it’s for a dare. As a concerned fellow human being I want you to get off that frozen pond before i have to drag your stupid ass out of the water with a hockey stick at midnight
My ToG Playlist (With Lyrics)

I know I have weird taste in music (and a low-key obsession with Galavant and Breaking Benjamin). I included lyrics… Under the cut! 

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