dine locally

NCLEX Pharmacology Medical Suffixes

  • -amil = calcium channel blockers
  • -caine = local anesthetics
  • -dine = anti-ulcer agents (H2 histamine blockers)
  • -done = opioid analgesics
  • -ide = oral hypoglycemics
  • -lam = anti-anxiety agents
  • -oxacin = broad spectrum antibiotics
  • -micin = antibiotics
  • -mide = diuretics
  • -mycin = antibiotics
  • -nuim = neuromuscular blockers
  • -olol = beta blockers
  • -pam = anti-anxiety agents
  • -pine = calcium channel blockers
  • -pril = ace inhibitors
  • -sone = steroids
  • -statin =antihyperlipidemics
  • -vir = anti-virais
  • -zide = diuretics
There is more underneath the glass and steel of Hong Kong

When it comes to Hong Kong as a travel destination, scenes of the hustle and bustle, all kinds of cuisine and hundreds of shopping complexes probably flood your mind in a blink. No we are not going into the obvious beauty of the city. We are here to unravel the mesmerizing gem of the city’s cultural diversity. Let us freshen your vision and mind with some colorful hues!


For those who want to explore the city from an unconventional perspective, check out the HKwalls! For four years in a row, HKwalls has been making efforts to strengthen the link between art and the public space. Last year, HKwalls took place in Sham Shui Po, one of the earliest developed areas in Hong Kong. The mixed land uses and history has given the district a distinct character, making it an ideal area for the annual street arts celebrations. The festival featured 40 art pieces created by artists from 17 countries, 42 workshops, 3 free film screenings and a pop-up print exhibition.

This year HKwalls reignites the partnership with Vans as part of the Hong Kong Arts Month in Wong Chuk Hang. Unlike other events during the month, there are scattered happenings for the public to stumble upon.  Though Wong Chuk Hang may be a little far from the city centre, it is chosen for a reason. While the art and creative community has been blossoming in the industrial district, the mural art pieces and interactive programs would perfectly compliment the growth. Just remember to have your camera ready!

Feeling revitalized now? Let’s dig deeper into the city’s cultural matrix, here is our recommended guide for you.

Old Town Central

Here we go a compact experience in the culturally diverse city!

Old Town Central (OTC) refers to the rectangular shaped neighbourhood in Central bounded by Wyndham Street, Caine Road, Possession Street, Queen’s Road Central and Hollywood Road. A miniature of the big city, it hosts many must-go including heritage sites, landmarks, historic architecture, religious buildings, designer boutiques, local shops, dining and entertainment outlets. It mirrors the transition of Hong Kong from a fishing village to a British colony to a metropolitan city throughout the decades.

Possession Street

The story of modern Hong Kong began at Possession Street in 1841, where the British soldiers landed and the colonial governance commenced.  Fast forward to 176 years later, it is now the Hollywood Road Park, a Chinese-style garden.  Still, you can find a mix of nostalgic and modern shops at Possession Street.


Climb a few staircases to POHO; fill yourself with the artsy air. Surrounded by Po Hing Fong including Tai Ping Shan Street, Po Hing Street, Tung Street, Sai Street, and Upper Station Street, the up-and-coming neighbourhood is analogous to Hong Kong’s hipster village with plenty cafes, quirky boutiques and art galleries.

YMCA Bridges Street Centre & Ladder Street

You will find YMCA Bridges Street Centre and Ladder Street at the east of OTC. Constructed in 1918, the YMCA Bridges Street Centre is an architectural epitome displaying a crossover between Chinese green glazed tiled roofs and Chicago School style. Ladder Street, a Grade 1 historical building, which is made entirely of stone steps, connects Queen’s Road Central all the way uphill to Hollywood Road and Caine Road.

Man Mo Temple

At the corner of Ladder Street, Man Mo Temple is a masterpiece of long-lost traditional Chinese architectural craftsmanship. It would certainly take your breath away the moment you step in. The temple was built for Gods worshipping and as “Kung Sor” where community issues were discussed and resolved.


Go along Hollywood Road and you will arrive at PMQ, the Police Married Quarters. It has been revitalized as a creative hub where over 100 shops, pop-up stores, design studios and restaurants are nested. The mission of PMQ is to nurture local designers, provide a place for organizing exhibits and for visitors to have a taste of creative lifestyle. With this in mind, you cannot miss this place from your to-go list in Hong Kong.

Gough Street and Kau U Fong

Also known as NOHO, there is a great deal of independent boutiques and contemporary art galleries awaiting your discovery; cafes and old-style dai pai dong (cooked food stalls) ready to fill you up. Be sure to spare some time and belly for them!

Pak Tsz Lane Park

Pak Tsz Lane Park, located at a quiet square behind Aberdeen Street, Hollywood Road, Gage Street and Peel Street, is a park featuring a monument in memory of anti-Qing Dynasty activities in the late 19th century by revolutionaries from Furen Wenshe and Xing Zhong Hui. Enlighten yourself with some knowledge on Hong Kong’s role in overthrowing the monarchy in China.

Hollywood Road

One of the oldest built in 1844, Hollywood Road has evolved into a renowned art hub, accommodating numerous contemporary art galleries, antique shops and boutiques. Get your art and shopping fix here and you won’t be disappointed.

Tai Kwun

At the junction of Old Baileys Street and Hollywood Road stands a gorgeous colonial-style establishment – Tai Kwun, or “big station” in Chinese. That was how the Chinese used to colloquially refer to the former law enforcement complex. Initially where the Central Police Station, Central Magistracy and Victoria Prison were, it is now under transformation into the next talk-of-the-town hub of heritage, arts and leisure. Stay tuned!

Pottinger Street

Named after Hong Kong’s first governor, Pottinger Street is made of uneven slabs of cobblestone, and thus given the name “Stone Slab Street”. If you need ideas for your costumes and props to Halloween celebrations or themed parties, look no further, you can find everything here.

Lyndhurst Terrace

Lyndhurst Terrace is another featured spot of the Dr Sun Yat-sen Historical Trail. The old Xing Yan Lou Western Restaurant was one of the secretive bases where Dr. Sun Yat-sen and his comrades meet as well as a refuge for overseas revolutionaries during the First Guangzhou Uprising in 1895. You may be hit by some shiok buttery aroma and it probably comes from Tai Cheong Bakery, renowned for “the best egg tarts in the world” hailed by the last British governor Chris Patten.

This content was produced in partnership with Hong Kong Tourism Board.

crazybunny02-blog  asked:

Jealous Hanzo or McCree?

Jealous tropes are MY JAM.  I know it’s supposed to be an unattractive trait but damn, it’s awesome.  I love me some jealousy.


Even before you and Jesse had started dating you knew he was the jealous type.  But his jealousy was as humorous as it was sweet; he didn’t get violent or even vocal about it–he only pouted like a child.  Sometimes handsy as well, but loving.  The first time you noticed he was jealous was when you were at the shooting range and Jack had made a correction in your posture, placing his arm around you to show you a better shooting technique.  Jesse had been watching you from afar after you banished him for turning a serious shooting session into playtime, but you could still see his shoulders stiffen when Jack stepped closer.  He didn’t relax after Jack left, and instead leaned back in his chair, arms crossed, and mouth downturned despite the cigar that hung from it.  

So it was no surprise to you when you were chatting with a new recruit in the records office when you felt two hands come around your waist and pull you close.

“Hello, darlin’,” Jesse said, placing a kiss on your neck.  The recruit you’d been talking to wasn’t perturbed by Jesse’s sudden appearance, and when you pretended as if Jesse wasn’t there they only furrowed their brow.   You shot the recruit a glare, silently telling him to ignore you boyfriend exactly as you were doing.

“Darlin?” Jesse asked when you didn’t respond.  You continued your conversation, discussing local dining options for the recruit to take his boyfriend.  You felt Jesse’s grip tighten around your waist, trying to get your attention.  His chin rested on your shoulder, his rim of his hat brushing against the top of your head.  His fingers drummed along your sides, playing with the hem of your shirt in an attempt to irk you enough to talk to him.

Still, you had far too much fun making him miserable.  He let out a long sigh, his breath making your neck and cheek hot.  With another heavy huff he stuck out his right hand to the recruit and said, “Afternoon, the name’s McCree.”

Before the recruit could accept the handshake you swatted Jesse’s wrist, making him pull back with a hiss.  Even the recruit had to raise their eyebrows at that.  Just as you were about to part ways you felt a thumb and index finger pinch hard on your bum, eliciting a squeak from your throat.  You tried to jump forward but Jesse’s other arm kept you in place, his hand now flat on your ass.

“Jesse!” you shouted.  As you twisted your neck to face him the recruit dashed off, already seeing how red your face had gotten; they probably didn’t want to stay to find out if it was anger or embarrassment.

“Well you weren’t paying me any attention, sugar,” Jesse said.  You struggled to get out of his grip but all you could do was face him, allowing him to keep you flush against his chest.

“Well are you happy now?” you questioned.  “I’m gonna kill you, is that enough attention?”

Leaning close, his nose bumped yours, his lips still in a grin.  He purred, “Do I look like an unhappy man?”


For someone so quiet and reserved, nobody expected Hanzo to be as possessive of you as he was.  It wasn’t obvious to some, but Genji saw the way his brother stared daggers at anyone that came into your vicinity.  It was so subtle, in fact, that you didn’t notice until McCree had placed his hand just a little too low on your back for Hanzo’s liking.  He was lucky it was his robotic arm, because you were certain Hanzo’s grip was crushing as he carefully removed it from your lower back.  

Of course, you’d given him hell for doing it.  In front of McCree no less.  To a certain degree it was sweet that Hanzo was protective of you but he couldn’t go around hurting people when they touched you, especially if it was your friend and a member of the team.  He gave little resistance, and you could see in his eyes that he knew what he was doing was wrong.  After that it didn’t help that McCree would sometimes go out of his way to wrap his arms around you, all the while sending a smirk to the archer.  Once you kneed him in the crotch for getting a little too happy at Hanzo’s discomfort he stopped, and Hanzo gave a rare grin.

One evening though, as you sat on your balcony with small cups of tea, you saw a small twitch in Hanzo’s lips as you told him about a bad pickup line from a cashier.  You questioned, “Why do you get so jealous?”

He must not have been expecting the question because you saw his adam’s apple bob as he gulped.  His face wasn’t as hard to read as most thought, and you saw as he went through the initial panic from your question to worry with a creased brow, to accepting it with a sigh.  “Do you not get jealous?”

You thought a moment, wondering if you did.  Hanzo didn’t exactly get hit on in public, but you saw the looks some would give him as he walked by.  He was an attractive man, you accepted that he turned heads.  You replied, “Don’t change the subject.  I don’t go around trying to break arms if you shake hands with someone.”

A small grunt came from Hanzo’s throat as he sipped his tea.  

You prodded, “Well?”

“I have not broken any bones,” he finally admitted.

“You nearly took McCree’s arm off and started hitting him with it,” you stated with a grin.

Seeing your smile made the tension in Hanzo’s shoulders relax, his teacup clinking as it touched against the glass table.  “That American is too handsy.”

“He only does it to get a rise out of you.”

Another grunt with pursed lips.  His eyes fell on his cup as he twisted it back and forth between his middle finger and thumb.  You waited, a little impatient, for his answer while he thought.  Finally, he told you, “You are important to me, I do not want to lose you.”

Your chair screeched against the stone balcony as you dragged it next to Hanzo.  You pressed the arm right against his chair and linked your elbow with his.  With a sigh you rested your head on his shoulder.  He continued to twirl his cup.

“Why would you lose me?” you asked.  

“I have done many things in my life,” he replied, “things that make me question if I am worthy of you.”

You flinched up, facing him.  He refused to look at you, and kept his eyes on his teacup.  “You don’t think you’re worthy of me?”

His silence was answer enough.

Taking one hand you pressed it against his cheek and forced his gaze to meet yours.  “Hanzo, please don’t put me on a pedestal.  And don’t worry about what you’ve done making me love you any less.  I love you.  You have nothing to fear.”

Stretching your neck up your lips met his, tasting of the honey he’d put into his tea.  With your forehead touching his you said, “And to answer your question, I do get jealous.  I don’t like it when other people look at you sometimes.”

“What do you do then?” he asked.  His knuckles stroked your cheek, his hand going to cradle the back of your neck.

“I remind myself that you and I share a bed,” you replied, “and I make sure to leave a little mark on your neck that you never notice to prove you’re mine.”

Hanzo hummed as he kissed you again.  “Perhaps I should mark you tonight so that McCree does not touch you tomorrow.”

You smiled.  “Now that, I’m very okay with.”


Sooooo I wrote a little more of the mob boss omega Rhys AU with Russian alpha bodyguard Jack so….I hope you all like it c:

Rhys is so new—new in money, new in power, new in body that it makes Jack’s breath short in his throat.

Jack, who has cut his teeth on some many men, old and blubbery and armed only with years of loyalty and manipulation to innervate arthritic muscles usually clenched around pen or pipe rather than gun or knife—Jack who has killed more than his far share of arrogant upstarts as superficially fresh-faced as Rhys—sees something more that he hasn’t seen in a long time in the young omega.

And it’s exhilarating to watch.

It’s been only a few scant months since Rhys’ father, Jack’s former boss, met his end in a busy train station with hundreds of witnesses but somehow, no leads. Rhys could have very easily been swept under the carpet of the ensuing power struggle, or killed, or worse considering his omega status, if not for Jack and his pistol stepping in the path of the bullets fixed on the back of Rhys’ head.

“If you don’t step up, зайчик, they’re going to kill you.” Jack had murmured, his hand heavy on the back of Rhys’ neck one night in the boy’s new office. The carpet is mustard yellow and stained with old spots of blood, the desk cleared of any personal affects, blank and lacquered and shining in the lamplight. Jack had felt the moment that the trembling of the boy in his too big suit and too big chair had stiffened, resolve hard as chips of ice in Rhys’ eyes as the omega looked up at him.

“All right. Let them come.”

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Got7 as University Roommates

• sophomore
• never understands the lessons so he instead comes to you for help
• you both major in different subjects
• he’s friends with nearly everyone on the campus
• social butterfly
• never wears a shirt
• goes to the university parties mainly for the hot girls
• you have to help him into your dorm when he’s drunk at 1am
• clingy & sometimes shares bed with you so people think you both are dating
• forces you to eat organic food and drink organic tea

• senior
• angry old cat man
• cooks for you often which is the best food ever
• rambles on about the stupid freshmen (most likely bambam)
• extremely intelligent
• hits broom at the ceiling when the other neighbors are too loud
• everyone think he’s hot and so do you
• literature student
• oversleeps in which you have to wake him up sometimes
• walked in on him naked too many times

• junior
• quiet emo boy
• is really antisocial but is closer to you
• can only cook ramen noodles
• likes hugging you
• non-existing in class since he never talks
• talks a lot in private
• bumps rap music at 9 pm causing people to come knock on the door
• playboy
• every lady wants a piece of him
• probably gay

• freshman
• gets shoved into the janitors closet by mean seniors (JB)
• burns toast which causes everyone in the entire dorm area to smell it and know it was him
• dabs every second
• flirts with girls who thinks he’s like 12 and cringey
• migos plays at his dorm as he and Yugyeom dab viciously
• “hey baby girl, the party’s over here ;)”
• begs the professor for a curved grade
• doesn’t know why he’s in university
• takes like 10 hours to find one decent outfit…for the morning.

• sophomore
• serious boyfriend material
• has perfect grades in all of his classes
• gets hit on even by his female professors especially Jackson
• reads a book everyday
• dines at a local university cafe and drinks iced coffee with a book in his hand
• mature and sexy
• asks you about your day and tries to see if you need help with anything
• competitor
• is up drinking wine at 1am which irritates you since it brings the light bill up
• you secretly like him
• compares his grades to yours

• freshman
• everyone questions his sexuality
• makes you smile when you’re sad
• always hugging or cuddling with you
• laughs too loud but it could brighten anyone’s mood
• probably dating JB
• asks you for help in his classes
• thinks you’re cute
• forehead kisses
• blushes at compliments
• teachers pet
• sunshine
• makes horrible lasagna but you eat it anyway though it isn’t supposed to be brown

• freshman
• irritating
• tall giant everyone knows
• gets beaten secretly by Jinyoung
• dances entirely too much
• a shy pimp
• hit the class
• gives you piggy bank rides
• major height difference
• you steal his clothes which he thinks is cute
• whines when you don’t cook
• in university because his mom said so

Almost Is Never Enough |Part1|

Word Count: 2.8k

Genre: Angst + Smut + Fluff, Bestfriend AU! Min Yoongi!

Summary: What happen when you fell in love with your best friend and make him confused with your confession? Will he return your love or will he run away?


|Part 2| Final

Originally posted by btsgotsvt

I can still feel it. The sweat that he left behind coating my neck dripping down to my shoulders. His soft wet hair sticking to his forehead as he slouched into my arms. His scent mix with cinnamon, cigarette and the alcohol he still holds in his hand. His frame like a tower collapsing as his chuckles vibrates.

“Yoongi. Are you ok?” My arms reaching forward to hold every inch of him I can.

“I’m fine Y/N! I’ve never been better…” he slurred as his lips pulled upward revealing his gummy smile. The smile that I love so much. The smile that make him look so innocent, the smile that light my world up even on a gloomy day. 

“You’re drunk Yoongi. Come on let me get you some water.” I dragged him in my apartment before he dropped down to my steps. 

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. I came to see you because I missed you so much” He spread his arms wide for me to come in and embrace the place I used to feel safe in. 

“Yoongi. You know you shouldn’t be here… You know how I feel about this. It’s the third time this week” I scoffed as I pulled his shoes off and take the can of beer out of his hand. I walked past him before a hand grabbed my wrist.

“…and you know how I feel about you. YOU KNOW IT Y/N SO WHY ARE YOU DENYING IT?” His head hangs low as he screamed. His voice cracked a little sending shivers down my spine. 

“Because you don’t love me! You don’t. Stop forcing yourself… Stop telling yourself that you love me when you don’t Yoongi! Stop being so selfish!” I yanked my hand away from his grip and walked to the living room. Tears threatening to come out my eyes as I tried my best to be composed. I told myself I wouldn’t cry anymore. It’s been three months. 

Three months of sorrow and sadness. Three months of laying lifeless in my bed and crying myself to sleep. Three months without Yoongi. Without his pale arms wrapped around me comforting me. Without his laughs echoing in my apartment. Without his shoes scatter at the front steps. Without him making noises at the crack of dawn trying to make me breakfast and without his warmth warming me up in the winter morning. 


Yoongi and I met in our freshmen year of college through mutual friends. He never speaks a lot or try to make conversation but he always gave me the comforting vibe. It took me by surprise when he asked if I wanted to hang out. Nothing special, we dine at a local Diner down the street by campus and he didn’t try to impress me or tell me about how cool he was. 

He was quiet but careful, the things I fell in love with. He didn’t try to be funny on purpose, he just was. His dry humor with a hint of straight forward attitude made me laugh harder than I ever did. He told me about his hometown, his hobbies, and his passion for music. 

His gummy smile was show often throughout our conversation and I couldn’t take my eyes off him. He’s beautiful. His jet black hair parted on his right side exposing just enough skin underneath. It looked so soft and fluffy and it was. His eyes squint every time he smile and his ears turn red every time our hands “accidentally” touch. 

Yoongi came into my life like a storm swooping me under my feet. He was like the new drug that I quickly became addicted to. I wanted to spend all my time with him. And I felt like he feels the same way. We hang out a couple more times until we were completely comfortable with each other. He come over to my apartment and sometimes stayed the night. 

We became best friends, we knew everything about each other. We understood each other like we knew one another for decades. He was my other half and with time my heart beats for him. We have moments when we would just stare at each other and no one has ever been so perfect in my eyes. It started with a conversation but now we’re standing still in between the friends and lovers line. I’m scared to step over the line and I’m scared to tell him I wanted more. 

I don’t want to lose him … I don’t want to lose his warmth that he comforts me with in some sleepless nights. I don’t want to risk being turn down and risk whatever this is. I locked all my feelings away in my heart but he is my heart. He always finds a way to pump it back again. It’s frustrating to feel this way for the last two years.

I tried to get over him because I know he doesn’t feel the same way. I tried going out and meet new people but no one attracts me like he does. I tried having boyfriends but it never last, maybe they sense that my feelings were empty. I didn’t want to lose the only person I care about but you can’t always have what you want.



“Tae what am I going to do?” I whine to my friend as I run a hand over my disheveled hair.

“Y/N. How many time am I going to tell you this? TELL HIM LADY!” his eyes bulge out emphasizing his frustration. 

“I’m pretty sure he’s into you as well by the way he always look at you” Taehyung fold his arms in front of his chest as he slouched on the sofa nodding his head.

 “.. and what if..?”

“No what if!” Tae cut off my sentence of doubt before I could finish.“For God sake it’s been like 2 years. If you don’t tell him soon someone will swing by and scoop him up and you’re going to regret not listening to me.” 

“I know but I’m scared… You just don’t understand” I let out a sigh as I feel the anxiety and stress taking over at the thought of Yoongi being with someone else. Someone who’s way prettier and smarter than me. 

Tae rolled his eyes as he grabbed his coffee bringing it to his lips. “It’s impossible to talk to you. I just want to throw a lemon at you!” he scolds as he fixed his hair. “Lemon… lemon. OMG LEMON!” I jumped up out of my seat as I panic to pack all my stuff.

“Y/N calm down. Yes, lemon. I will throw it at you but I’m not doing it now so why are you panicking?” “It’s not that Tae. I promised Yoongi I would come over today to make Lemon pie with him for his mom. She’s visiting!” I quickly explain to the confused boy. 

“Tae I have to go. Thanks for the coffee, love ya bye!” I ran over to the other side of the table to give him a goodbye hug before running off.

I look at the clock and it’s 3:45pm. I’m almost an hour late. I supposed to meet Yoongi at his apartment 45 minutes ago. I can already see the raging smoke coming out of his ears. I quickly enter the elevator and walk to his apartment. With a bag of lemon in one hand and a spare key.

 Yoongi gave me a spare key to his apartment because sometimes I would be worried sick when he’s working on his music and not answer his phone. I open the door with excitement and enter until I heard laughter as I close the door. The laughter was mixed with Yoongi and a girl…

“Yoongi?…” I called out. I walked towards the kitchen clutching tightly on my now wrinkled up lemon bag. 

“Look who’s finally here.” Yoongi scoffed at me and rolled his eyes attacking me with his sass making me laugh a little. He then greeted me with his bright smile. He was covered in baking flour and cream all over his body and on the tip of his nose. 

Besides him is a girl. She’s also covered in flour and cream. She was gorgeous. Long slick hair and a cute small face that was half the size of mines. Totally Yoongi type. I couldn’t help but felt a little insecure. What were they doing before I walked in? They were playing around? Maybe a little too friendly? I stood there awkwardly as the air starts to feel thicker around me.

“You were supposed to be here like 45 minutes ago you dummy.” Yoongi glared at me as he crossed his arms in front of his chest. “What’s your excuse?”

“I know I know. I’m so sorry Yoongi. I was with Tae and we were drinking coffee and then I lost track of time and I’m just so sorry. I know how much you wanted to make a good impression on your mom.” I apologized as I look at him and then her and then back to him.

“Yeah yeah. I was so desperate Lisa offered to help me. She lives 3 floors above and she saw how frustrated I was so she offered to lend me a hand.” Yoongi laugh echoed through his apartment aching my heart a bit. 

I should be the one helping him and that frustrated me. I know it’s my fault and I couldn’t blame anyone but It still hurts. Seeing him so happy and playing around with another girl besides from me reminds me that he doesn’t belong to me. He never did…

“Lisa this is Y/N and Y/N this is Lisa” He introduces us. I gave her a small smile and she did the same. 

“Well…um do you need me to help you with anything?” I asked awkwardly.

“No, we’re almost finish” Lisa answered as she gave me and smile it almost look like it’s telling me to go away. Yoongi just stared at her with loving eyes and I feel like I can’t breathe. This could not be happening. Yoongi should be looking at me like that, not at her. Yoongi should be standing next to me, not her. I should be helping him making pies and not her. I feel pathetic, I couldn’t confess to him and now I can’t stand seeing him with someone else. 

“Alright. Then I’ll leave it to you guys.” I gave Yoongi a smile as I drop the bag of lemon onto the table.

“Y/N we’re still hanging out tomorrow right?” he spoked in what felt like eternity.

“Yeah of course. I’ll talk to you later” I waved at him then tried to exit as fast as possible. I wanted to get out of there. I wanted to erase the threatening image of them together. I wanted to think that it was nothing and it wouldn’t escalate to anything but I just couldn’t. With a girl like Lisa, Yoongi would be happier. 

*Ring Ring*

“Hellooo” Taehyung cheery voice contrasts with my gloomy one.

“Tae what am I going to do?”

After 45 minutes of me ranting about the incident that made me seemed pathetic he finally spoke up. 

“I told you so” He taunted me through the line of signal. If he was here in person, I’m pretty sure I would smack him.

“Tae this is not the time” I scoffed making him chuckles.

“Out of all seriousness, you should really confess to him. If you don’t you might really lose him for good. From what you’ve said she’s a real beauty”  

What he said was true. If I don’t tell him now I might never have the chance to. I can’t risk losing him.


I walk around in circle biting on my already bitten nails. The nervousness tapping on my back as the anxiety takes over. 

“Deep breath Y/N, deep breath” Talking to myself “What could possibly be the worst outcome? Yoongi call me a creep and never talk to me again and I’ll never step out of this apartment until I’m old and alone” the thought out loud made my knees weak dropping me to the ground. Covering my ears with my palms to deafen out the noisy thoughts and paranoid voices in my head that keeps telling me that this is a bad idea.

*knock knock* he’s here…

I walked to door to greet a cheery go lucky Yoongi. He seems to be in a great mood.

“Hey Y/N” He gravitate towards my body to give it a tight squeeze. “I have big news!” He walked past me towards the counter to drop off the snacks for out little movies night.

“Yeah? What is it?” I said nervously.

“I got myself a date!” Yoongi cheer in triumph. “H-huh?” Was all I could let out.

“With Lisa, the girl you met yesterday.” Yoongi look at me with a wide smile on his face. 

Somehow I can’t seem to mirror his as my smile falter slowly. 

“That’s great” I said as I try my best to force a smile for my best friend, the man that I love. 

“Y/N what’s wrong? I know that face” He closed the distance between us as he grabs onto my forearms with a concern face.

“Nothing Yoongi. I’m just a bit tired” I avoided his eyes contact turning my body toward the snack laying on the counter to unpack them.

“Alright. I wasn’t going to say it but you’ve been acting really weird lately…” He let go of my arms and I can feel him staring intensely at me.

“You Think so?” I continue unpacking the snack.

“I know so. What’s wrong with you? You haven’t talk to me that much. You barely call or text and now you don’t even tell me what’s going on in your life.” He raised his voice in frustration.

“Yoongi it’s really nothing.” I assured him as my voice shake a bit but it didn’t go unnoticed.

“Y/N look at me” 

I kept my body facing the other way holding in my tears as much as possible. I don’t want him to know. 

“Y/N LOOK AT ME!” He’s now screaming grabbing onto my wrist and forcing my body to turn.

“YOONGI LET GO!” I struggled trying to escape his grip.

“NOT UNTIL YOU TELL WHAT YOU’VE BEEN HIDING!” He held onto my wrist tighter than before.

“Please let go… please I can’t tell you” My vision blurred as tears weld up in my eyes threatening to escapes.

“I’M TIRED OF YOUR BULLSHIT Y/N. WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE SO SELFISH?” His eyebrows furrowed as his chest heave up and down.

“Fine! You want to know? I’ll tell you! You’re the one that’s being selfish because you just wouldn’t leave me be. I’m not trying to mess your whole life up or this friendship up because Yoongi…” Tears felled down as I look in his eyes sincerely. 

“I love you. I’ve love you for a long time. I’ve love you beyond our friendships. I wanted to be with you. Every second, every moment of my day. You make me so happy and I’m scared. I’m afraid that this day may come too soon and you don’t feel the same way and you’ll leave me…”

He looked at me with his eyes widen and I knew it’s over. This friendship. Me and him. 

I looked away as I’m scared to how he’s going to react and what he’s going to say.

“Y/n I don’t know what to say…” He let go of my arms and take a step back.

“Nothing. You don’t have to say anything.” My head hangs low facing the wooden floor of my apartment.

“I-I I don’t know… You know I-I have a date with Lisa and I’ve never… I can’t think straight right now. I need time. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry Y/N” He backed away slowly before turning towards the door. 

A moment later I heard the door closed and I just snapped. I dropped to the floor and curled myself into a ball and cry. I just let it all out. I let all my tears streamed down my face damping my shirt in seconds. I needed this. I needed to let out all the frustrations, the emotions, the love I have for him out. I covered my face as I cried and shake uncontrollably. 

I knew it would end like this but I still told him. I still let myself fall deeper. I still let myself love him and care for him. I still let myself get tangle in a ball of emotions and get hurt. I have no one to blame but myself. Even so, I still can’t let go of the love I have for Yoongi. I could and I probably should but I chose not to.

To be Continue…

Title: Flour Blossom
Fandom: Riverdale
Characters: Cheryl Blossom x Reader
Word Count: 1,930
Warnings: None
Notes: Get it… Flour Blossom… instead of Flower Blossom…. I’m hilarious, y’all. // Based on an anon request, although I changed it a bit: “I have a fic idea. You are new to riverdale and instantly connect with the gang. Few weeks later cheryl suddenly starts haging out with you and the others(ronnie know she has a crush on you so she helps her). Cheryl hears you say “the way to a woman’s heart it’s through her stomach” and after that she fins out what is your favorite food and keeps inviting you to dinner. One day she decides to make you dinner instead of going out and conffesses her feelings and ask you to be her gf. Well ty :)” 

[gif by @dagobas]

Anyone who has ever transferred to a new school is aware of the anxiety that entails. What should you wear? Will everyone hate you? Where will you sit for lunch? Will you be able to make new friends? Thankfully, however, your experience transferring to Riverdale High was far less painless than you had ever imagined.

While you were alone the majority of the first day of school, that didn’t last for long. Halfway through lunch, the most beautiful woman you’d ever seen walked right up to you and started a conversation. Her hair was a vibrant red, as were her lips, and she carried herself with a confidence you could never imagine having. She introduced herself as Cheryl Blossom, and she spoke to you about your old school, your hobbies and interests, and ultimately, asked you to sit with her at lunch from now on. You felt as if you were dreaming – but if you were, you never wanted to wake up.

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Ahhhhhh I love your writing so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Could you write something of Hanzo badly flirting with his s/o? Like he tries so hard but it's just like cheesy pick up lines and failed attempts at posing?

Ahh, thank you so much for the nice compliment! ;u; I’m really glad you like my writing so far! Hope you enjoy this as well~ Will do these as HC’s if that’s okay.

- He has had his eyes on you for a while, not sure how to create a good approach. In the beginning, he was in a constant state of denial and helpessness, before he finally gave in and began thinking of a way to get your attention. Being the proud man that he is, he figured that maybe you would come to him first, as he had many admirers in his day as an heir to his family’s empire and thought you might have had noticed him already. 

- However, he failed to realise that without his status, he was not more important than others and could not catch the eyes of them as easily as he could in the past. Not that he ever acted on the gifts he always received though, not being much of a romantic type. Still convinced of his old ways of wooing someone, he proceeded to apply said methods when he took a first step into approaching you. He would start by coincidentally appearing before or near you, sometimes posing a bit too dramatically. You honestly had no idea what he was trying to do and were often even a little bit worried he might had gotten a stroke from the heat.

- He’d make himself look bigger in your presence by expanding his chest, looking as intimidating as possible, thinking it would impress you. Other times, when you would be walking by the training grounds for example, he would straighten his form while in the middle of shooting an arrow, making sure all of the muscles in his upper body were perfectly visible for your vision. If he would be having your attention and you managed to stand close enough, he’d even mutter out a “An inspired performance.” while smoothly running a hand through his hair, a slight smirk on his face. Totally unaware of his attempt to impress you, you just waved him off and told him he did a good job, but nothing too overly exciting. Hanzo was greatly confused at that, as he was sure you would be swooning at his display.

- Hanzo might not be as much as a casanova as his brother, but he sure knows how to impress someone and maybe even rub it in a little while bragging about his skill. So, he couldn’t understand why you were brushing him off with a simple compliment like that. However, he refused to give up that easily, as he can become quite competitive as well and wants you to be able to see the best side of him possible. Perhaps, his attempts up till now were just a little too subtle. He decided it was time for some improvement and he was certain that his next approach would be more successful.

- The next day it was early when he found you making breakfast in the local dining hall. He noticed that you were wearing something new and refreshing and had to admit that you looked quite divine in your new attire. The only problem was, was that he had no idea as to how to bring his thoughts into words for you. Impressing you with his combat skills and well defined muscles was no challenge to him, but complimenting you in a proper way? The man had no idea. At least, in a way you could understand what he actually meant. He opted for watching you for a while before making any move, silently looking on as you baked your eggs in the frying pan before you.

- You were not really aware of the fact that the archer was currently having a discussion within himself as to how he could approach you about your new outfit, until you saw him gripping the sink with nervous hands in the corner of your eye. You felt a bit sorry for him as he really seemed to be struggling with something, but was afraid to ask him about anything personal as you had heard about the elder Shimada’s complicated past. Instead, you tried to lighten the mood and asked if he wanted any baked eggs. You did notice that he was acting a little strange lately, especially with the dramatic poses and flexing of the muscles he seemed to do whenever you passed by. You were honestly feeling a little guilty about it and hoped you weren’t the cause of it all. Perhaps some baked eggs could make him feel a bit better.

- Sensing your worry through the offer you gave him, Hanzo quickly recollected himself and nodded at you with a slight blush on his face, stuttering out a ‘thank you’ afterwards. He did not want to cause you any discomfort and hurriedly went on with carrying out his next move. You looked up from your sizzling eggs when you heard Hanzo let out an awkward cough throughout the room, he was pointing at your outfit as he spoke. “Such clothing.. Hm..” He started while having a rather pained look on his face, his eyes shut and eyebrows scrunched together. You tilted your head at him, not sure if you heard him all that well. “Excuse me? Were you saying something?” you replied.

- Hanzo almost felt like disappearing out of the room then and there, seeing that his plan had failed once again, but the way you looked at him with expectant eyes which were silently encouraging him to keep talking, kept him in place. Coughing for the second time, he tried covering up his embarrassment by absentmindedly stroking the underside of his beard. Once he started talking again though, the poor man went downhill for the second time as well (please, you have to save this man from himself). “The symmetry used in the pattern of your blouse is a pleasing sight for the eye and in no way an hindrance to the mind.” Hanzo couldn’t help but feel proud of himself, he was sure to use the most correct and expensive words for your ears and was positive you were able to read his intentions more clearly now.

- However, he was only met with your utterly confused expression, as you had no clue at what he was trying to say. Did he want to buy the shirt for himself as well? Or was it truly a way too formal attempt at flirting with you? You went with the inbetween and decided to just straight up ask him, as he might not even be sure what he was trying to say himself. Innocently, you responded to his poorly attempt of complimenting you. “I am.. not sure what you are trying to say.. but do you perhaps like my shirt?” The archer blinked twice and averted his eyes from you while grumbling slightly. You were still not really getting it, but at least he was getting closer. “That is correct.” He replied dryly earning a small chuckle from you. He got a little embarrassed once again, as he thought you were mocking him, but you quickly waved your hand in front of him while telling him he could have just said so and that you found it an unique way of complimenting someone.

- Hanzo smiled slightly at you when you thanked him, at least his plan had worked out a little and he tried to take another step towards you as you were both enjoying your baked eggs at the breakfast table. He tried asking you out for dinner this time, of course in the same formal context, but it was significantly less awkward than the compliment from earlier. Knowing the man wasn’t big on his verbal communication, you knew what he was trying to say as you payed close attention to his gestures and body language, accepting his offer wholeheartedly. Perhaps next time, he would try to pick up some tips from the cowboy in making his ways of flirting with you more effective.


Dining with the thieving locals #sydney #parrot
#birds #lorikeet #rainbowlorikeet #bird #australia (at Art Gallery of New South Wales)

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Fereldan and Freemarcher “Andale” Pie

Throughout Ferelden and The Free Marches, you are likely to come across an odd name on Tavern menus: “Andale Pie.” Those from outside of this region of Thedas may be quite bemused as to what this actually is.

Andale pie, as it has come to be called, is much more of a category of food than an actual dish. Pronounced “ann-dale,” it is actually a phonetic pronunciation of the two words “and ale.” 

Ale is a very big deal through Ferelden and The Free Marches, and the vast majority of people drink it instead of water. The vast majority of Ales in this region are served “young,” that is they are served after only fermenting for a few days - a week at most. They are much weaker than Ales that we are used to in the real world. 

Additionally, each Tavern and Inn usually brews their own ales and beers, thus ensuring that each tavern will have their own unique flavor to their spirits. And thus, this has ensured that ale pies have become a staple food through this region of Thedas, especially for those who regularly dine at the local inns and taverns.

There are so many different kinds of ale pies through Ferelden and The Free Marches, that they have become condensed into one major type of dish: Andale Pie.

Throughout Ferelden and the Free Marches, you will encounter 4 major types of Andale pies, depending on the region, the season, and the available ingredients. 

These four types are: meat, fish, poultry, and vegetable. These various types are then divided into more categories depending upon the local regions, and what meats, fish, poultry, vegetables, etc are available. For example, they prefer lamb for meat and ale pies down in Dragon’s Peak, and they prefer roach and pike when making fish pies further west throughout the Hinterlands and the Arling of Redcliffe. Down in Gwaren, however, they very much prefer fish and ale pie - usually made with cod and salmon. Further up in the Free Marches, especially in Starkhaven, lamprey, eel and herring are much more popular in fish and ale pies.

What spices and ancillary ingredients are used very depend on the region. For example, in the north of the Free Marches, Antivan spices are often used - such as Sage, Rosemary, paprika, basil and Saffron. In the West of the Free Marches, Orlesian and Tevinter spices are often used, such as nutmeg, mace, rosemary, ginger, pepper and cumin. This is in addition to the normal Free Marcher spices, which include bay leaves, mint, borage, chives, caraway, parsley, marjoram, and juniper berries. In should be noted that usually only the higher end taverns include these spices, as they can be quite expensive because of their demand. Most taverns will only use one or two, and thus many taverns and inns become famous for their “house spices” (which is usually just one or two spices blended together).

Traditionally, these pies were made by braising meat in ale, and then adding a bit of the stew from the night before. Sometimes, whatever the stew was the night before would be added to the filling in the pie, thus adding extra flavor. For example, if they had made fish stew - they would make fish pie. If you wish to try this, simply replace 1 cup of the ale with your stock or broth of choice (make sure it’s unsalted, otherwise the pie will be over-seasoned)

The pastry for these pies was quite different from what we used to today. Firstly, they didn’t include sugar (that was far too expensive). Secondly, they usually used a peasant’s flour (a flour usually made out of a mix of rye, barley and oats). Lastly, they would often use ale instead of water, given that water could carry so many different kinds of diseases. A last note: salt was usually not used in peasant’s houses given its price. The exception would be people who knew how to gain their own salt (such as from hickory, minerals, or sea water).

Basic Fereldan Pastry Dough

  • 1 half mug of flour (about 200 grams or 1 cup)
  • Generous pinch of Salt (about 1 tsp)
  • One quarter mug of butter, suet, or lard (about 100 grams, or ½ cup)
  • 1 egg
  • Fresh, young ale
  1. Sift salt and flour together
  2. Chop fat into pieces.
  3. With your fingers, mix fat into the flour until it is mostly combined, and you have a very crumbly dough.
  4. Make a well in the center of the dough and add your egg.
  5. Once egg in combined, mix dough and add just enough ale to bring together a lumpy, firm dough.
  6. Mold dough into a ball and let rest for 20 minutes (in a cold place, preferably) before using.

Basic Andale Pie

  • 1 large onion
  • 1 large spoonful butter or suet
  • Enough meat, fish, poultry, or vegetables for 1 serving (roughly ½ pound)
  • 1 mug fresh ale or beer (2 cups)
  • Enough pastry for 1 pie, rolled out into 2 pieces (roughly 100 grams, or ¼ of the above recipe)
  • 1 small spoonful flour (1 tsp of corn starch flour will work nicely)
  • Any regional, local, or seasonal spices, ingredients, etc.
  • Salt (to taste)
  1. Chop your onions finely
  2. In a pot, melt your butter or fat. Once melted, add your onions.
  3. Cook your onions until they begin to turn clear. Add your meat, vegetable, fish or poultry.
  4. Cook your filling until nicely browned, then add your ale. Boil for 5 minutes or until ale has reduced by about ½ cup. Add any additional herbs, spices, or other ingredients.
  5. Cover, and allow to simmer, very low, for 1 hour, or until mixture has reduced by at least half. Season to taste.
  6. Remove a small bit of liquid from the pot. In a separate bowl, combine it with the flour until you have a smooth paste. Reincorporate this back into your pot.
  7. Once your filling has reached your desired consistency, remove from heat and allow to cool. 
  8. Line a greased single-serving pie dish on the bottom with one half of your pastry dough. Reserve the other half for the topping.
  9. Pour in your filling and top with the pastry, making sure to pinch both pastries together to seal. Cut four small slits along the top of the pastry to allow for the escape of air.
  10. Bake in a hot oven (about 400F) for about 25 minutes, or until pastry is golden brown.
  11. Serve immediately.
This year marks my 10th year as a waitress

Over the years I have developed my own internal Server’s Code

  • be exceptionally polite when dining at restaurants other than your own (and especially at your own jfc)
  • pre-bus and stack your own plates
  • ask a server for things when you know it’ll be easier on them to get it for you
  • swap stories/make pleasant convo if they aren’t busy, leave them the fuck alone if they are
  • leave positive comments if there’s a space/form to do so, write encouraging words on receipts
  • never get shitty or mad at a server if you have to send food back or it’s not tasty
  • minimum tip is always 20%, if there’s a tip jar you always leave at least a dollar, no matter how brief the interaction
  • extreme kindness to all bussers, hosts, waiter’s assistants, bartenders, baristas, cooks/line cooks/literally anyone who crosses your path
  • wink/nod/bittersweet look at the other long timers/lifers
  • always stick together, defend fellow servers at all costs
  • food service workers are literal angels
  • fast food, deli counter, fine dining, neighborhood cafe, local, franchise, corporate, global, whatever
  • literal angels on this earth
Fake Husband

Pairing: Rivamika
: AU Modern/Urban
: Action/Drama/[paranormal?]

Synopsis: The Ackerman clan since ancient times been a family of protectors that save guarded a secret so secret, that Levi, an Ackerman himself, has no knowledge of what it is. Rumor  has it that discovering it would give the recipient the powers of a god. Is Mikasa truly the key to discovering this secret? Well, but before all that Levi needs to fake a marriage with her before someone else kidnaps her in order to find out themselves!  

A/N: Please don’t judge my writing based on this plot. I came up with it solely so I can have an excuse to fulfill the “fake dating/marriage” trope. Also I’m shoving some Hanji in your face because it’s her/their birthday recently, So yeah. Everything is Hanji themed, I’m sorry I don’t make the rules. Please enjoy anon and thank you for submitting this request!

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This is Lander Hall as seen from the street! (The reason it looks like it has fewer than eight floors is because everywhere in Seattle is a hill.) Maple Hall - the building specifically for engineering and pre-med students - is the one farther down the road. I think Lander Hall is for social science and undeclared students. Each of the buildings around here has a certain student demographic and a certain feature; for example, Lander has the local dining hall and the mail desk, and Alder, the building for art and literature students, has the café and the grocery store. It’s really starting to look like fall here…

Inkaterra La Casona - Cusco, Peru

Inkaterra La Casona is a colonial era manor house, that has been transformed into a luxury hotel. It is thought to be the first Spanish construction in Cusco, and is located just near the city center. The rooms of the hotel surround a beautiful courtyard, where guests can relax and dine, after visiting the local villages and valleys. 

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Opinions on Jack being awkward af at normal dancing but being radical af at ballroom dancing?

this is really cute!! i was thinkin abt this all day at work and it kinda became a mini-fic? but it still counts as opinions i guess!

Jacques Laurent Zimmerman. Five years old with the balance of a nine month old. When on the ice he’s impossible to stop, never stumbling or tripping, standing rooted to the ice when pushed. But on dry land it’s another story. By his fourth birthday there was a permanent scar on his forehead from the amount of times he’d tripped and slammed his head against the corner of tables or ran face first into the glass sliding door leading out to the back yard.

Bad Bob was nothing short of delighted, boasting to his teammates about how his boy was born for the ice, his little ‘ours polaire’. Alicia, not so much. She was in the habit of reading too many parenting books, which ended up doing more harm than good when Jack wasn’t hitting his ‘milestones’. After a hurried talk with her mother and a flick through the phone directory, there was only one thing for it: ballroom lessons.

Tiny little Jack in a shirt and tie, blushing hot when he must hold the hand of the girl with the long blonde hair, stuttering out soft little squeaks of ‘pardon’ every time he steps on her toes.

Two years later, he’s a pro. Twirling around the dining room of a local hotel with his best friend Maisie, they won every award in their age category. He loved dancing, he loved being able to hear a song and move perfectly in time, to take his mothers hands after she’d had a bad day and dance around the kitchen with her, scolding her gently when she mis-steps.

When he was ten years old he had to make a choice. Hockey practice was beginning to interfere with his dance lessons and visa versa. He cried when he had to tell his teacher he wasn’t coming back, but at least he wouldn’t get bullied for sport.

Fast forward to the Q. Kenny laughed at him as Jack attempted to shake his now awkward, jerky hips along to a Shakira. The alcohol coursing through his veins made it okay though, he played up his terrible dancing just so Kenny would laugh more, falling back flat on his back when he lost his balance half way through a slut drop.

He often tried out his moves at a kegster, no matter how many times Shitty warned him against his, one could always find Jack Zimmerman in some corner learning how to nae-nae or twerk, and disgracing the world of dance as he did. Limp wristed and stiff hipped, he was guaranteed to elbow some poor volleyball player in the face as he threw his arm out.

It wasn’t until the wedding that he finally got to showcase his talent. Moo-Maw dragged him out to the middle of the dance floor for a waltz, and before she knew it, she’d been dipped and twirled and lifted in various ways a woman of her age shouldn’t be. Bitty cried, he’d finally just managed to become fluent in French, and now he’d have to learn to dance.

In hindsight though, it was probably for the best that an ass like that couldn’t twerk, bittys oven couldn’t withstand many more lust fueled stress pies as it was.

Untitled Crimson Peak Fic

AN: Untitled for now, if you have any suggestions, they will be gratefully received.

I really don’t have time to write this but the trailer, inwhich Thomas Sharpe doesn’t appear to be the primary antagonist (if at all), neatly dovetailed with this idea I’d been playing with, and once I got home last night, I couldn’t stop writing this. I literally stayed up until 5am.

I’m setting this in the 1890s because from what I know of the Victorian era (which to be honest, is a fair bit) everything, from the dresses, suits and nightdresses, to the plumbing and the lift/elevator, seem to fit that decade best.

Synopsis: Crimson Peak had been restored and is opening as a holiday destination. Katherine (Kate) Blunt is a travel writer who is reviewing the place, but she’s plagued by bad dreams and ghostly apparitions.

As things progress, it seems that she has been singled out for something, but what? And is the ghost, who seemingly follows her every move, there to harm her, or help her? Is she losing her mind, or is Crimson Peak really home to evils Kate has never dreamed of?

Chapter One

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Five handpicked restaurants to try on the Great Southern Touring Route

Sometimes a good holiday is about time well spent between dining experiences. From local produce to, seasonal sought culinary delights -  when driving the great southern touring route -  there’s plenty of options to stop and enjoy the cuisine.

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