dine locally

NCLEX Pharmacology Medical Suffixes

  • -amil = calcium channel blockers
  • -caine = local anesthetics
  • -dine = anti-ulcer agents (H2 histamine blockers)
  • -done = opioid analgesics
  • -ide = oral hypoglycemics
  • -lam = anti-anxiety agents
  • -oxacin = broad spectrum antibiotics
  • -micin = antibiotics
  • -mide = diuretics
  • -mycin = antibiotics
  • -nuim = neuromuscular blockers
  • -olol = beta blockers
  • -pam = anti-anxiety agents
  • -pine = calcium channel blockers
  • -pril = ace inhibitors
  • -sone = steroids
  • -statin =antihyperlipidemics
  • -vir = anti-virais
  • -zide = diuretics

open to: males !! ( fwb / friend / brother’s friend / stepbrother / ?? )

    ❛ never forget — valentine’s day 2017; when bianca missed her chair and fell down onto the floor at harry’s. ❜ a laughter fell from the brunette’s lips as she spoke of herself in third person to remind the other of a part of the craziness that had gone down that evening when they were dining at a local bar. ❛ hey… thanks for taking me out. i didn’t need one more valentine’s day alone, no matter how overrated it actually is, ❜ she kept a smile on her lips but also shook her head gently. ❛ it’s getting late though… i don’t want to keep you up. ❜

Today I learned that my amazing university has a registered nutritionist for FREE use by full-time students! You can go in, tell her about your goals and schedule, and she’ll help find a meal plan for you based on the dining hall and local foods. What an incredible resource! WHY DON’T WE KNOW ABOUT THESE THINGS? I’m making an appointment for this week. I can’t wait to get things a little more plant-based and make sure I’m eating enough considering how much I exercise. Wow. I’m so excited.