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Okay so a rp blog I follow has gotten me deep into Host x Wilford and I just I want some hcs because holy shit my sons

sure, i’ll see what i can come up with! what would their ship name be hmmm…. hostache? 💛

  • wilford always makes sure that host has a chance to speak his mind, or narrations, during meetings. he usually hits his hand on the table or covers other egos’ mouths so they’ll be quiet and listen to host.
  • wilford’s a very bubbly personality, but at the end of the day, he likes to mellow out and lay with his head on host’s lap and listen as host tells some story.
  • wilford likes to add in his own two cents in story time like, “once upon a time there was a valiant knight-”  “is he handsome???”  “yes wilford, he was handsome.”  “but he wasn’t as handsome as me, right????”  “of course not, wilford.”
  • host hates changing his bandages in front of anyone, even though wilford says that he won’t judge. but wilford respects him and he does make sure that they’re snug on host’s face so they don’t accidentally unravel before they go out in public.
  • host enjoys classical music, so wilford makes sure to have some on in the background. it’s the one thing host can enjoy without having to narrate over it. 
  • that being said, they dine with classical music on in the background and afterward, wilford takes host’s hand and attempts at slow dancing with him but it ends up with host narrating their steps so wilford can follow along. the two end up giggling like dorks.
  • although host can state how wilford looks like, he does enjoy using his hands/touch to explore wilford’s face. he immediately picks out wilford’s mustache and strokes that for a few moments. wilford loves it.
  • sometimes nights are rough for host and he gets nightmares that cause him to wake up screaming. he immediately covers his eyes so wilford won’t see, but blood stains his hands. it doesn’t phase wilford, and he quickly hands over bandages before taking host into his lap to comfort him.
Dinner Party {Reader Insert}

Imagine: What happens when three vampires and a hybrid take a liking to the new kid in town?

Summary: Two pairs of brothers host a dinner party to celebrate the arrival of Mystic Falls’ new resident. Little do they know, the new girl isn’t all that she seems.

Request?: No, just a random thought that was inspired by this scene. Bit of a ramble if I’m honest.

Word Count: 2932.

Taglist: Do let me know if you would like to be tagged in any of my writings.

Disclaimer: The gif used is not mine, credits to the user that made it. I do not own any of the characters written about in this piece, credits to the writers and producers of TVD.

A/N: First piece of writing up! I’m not too sure if I’m all that happy with this. The idea sounded better in my head than it does on paper. But still, enjoy, my little bookworms 🖤

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Leng Leng Icecream by Jon Siegel

Guitar Lessons

Tom Holland x Reader

Summary: Tom returns from filming to find out that one of his brothers has taken up guitar. 

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Tom lugged his luggage through the house with a tired sigh escaping him, all he wanted was to face plant his pillow and sleep for a solid week. His family greeted him happily, but could tell that he was tired so let him be as he takes his luggage up to him room, not bothering to unpack just yet. Bed looked so good at the moment, so with a tired, heavy sigh he flopped on his bed, closing his eyes.


Tom groaned and opened his eyes the sound of guitars playing rather loudly filled his ears, he groaned sitting up and meandering down to the source of the noise. 

When he got there however he was surprised to see Sam with an electric guitar strumming it lightly, opposite his brother was a girl with h/c h/l dressed in short skirt, cat stockings, and a sweater with the sleeves rolled up. She was teaching Sam guitar.

“Since when did you play guitar?” Tom says, causing the two to look at Tom.

“A few months.’’ Sam replies, “this is Y/N.’’ Sam gestures to the girl, her eyes were a bright sparkling e/c colour she gave a sweet genuine smile not a surprised, flirtatious smile that he often got when he met girls.

“You must be Tom.’’ Y/n says setting her guitar down to introduce herself properly, “it’s nice to meet you.’’

“You too.’’ Tom says with a smile of his own,

“Was there something you needed Tom?” Sam asks quirking an eyebrow at his older brother,

“Uh yeah could you two keep it down, please? I’m trying to sleep.’’

“Sure thing, your mum said you were sleeping. I got a little carried away my bad.’’ Y/n says in a apologetic ramble.

“It’s ok. I don’t I’ll be able to get back to sleep now anyway.’’ Tom says,

“I’m sorry.’’ Y/n says as she takes her place back opposite Sam picking up her guitar again, it was then that Tom noticed how she was left handed.

“Do you mind if I join you then?” Tom asks taking a seat on a chair before either could answer his question.

“I guess.’’ Sam answers knowing that Tom would just distract them if he were to say no. Sam followed Y/n’s instructions as she demonstrated the chords that they were working on, she moved her fingers delicately along the neck. Tom watched the girl carefully Sam had never mentioned that he had taken up guitar he guessed that his teacher was the reason why, she was pretty.


“Y/n you must stay for dinner.’’ Nikki says wandering into the room casually,

“Oh no, it’s fine.’’ Y/n says,

“It’s late enough as it is. You’re staying for dinner.’’ Nikki says with a motherly tone in her voice,

“I’m fine really, you don’t have to go to any trouble.’’ The girl says a light pink covering her cheeks.

“It’s no trouble at all.’’ Nikki adds,

“Ummm ok then.’’ she says shyly, placing the guitar in it’s case clipping the lid down. Due to Tom joining in on the lesson it had gone a little over, not that Sam minded really Y/n did a little she always felt like she was imposing when it got close to dinner. The petite girl places the guitar case near the door, she pulls her phone out of her skirt pocket.

“Hey Y/n?” The young girl looks up from her phone to see Tom his hair slightly wet from the shower he just took.


“I thought you were staying for dinner?” He questions,

“I am, I’m just letting my house mate know what’s going on. So he doesn’t freak out.’’ She answers,

“Oh ok. How long have you been teaching my brother?” Tom asks wanting to know more the cute girl with a vintage, quirky style.

“A month or so, he’s very good.’’ She replies, Tom opens his mouth but they’re both called for dinner. Y/n heads off to the rest of the family leaving Tom to follow her, and sneak a few glances at her ass as she walked.

Y/n looks at the dining table with a classic family roast set out and an extra seat at the table. Suddenly the girl felt rather awkward and out of place, staring at the table.

“Don’t just stand there love, it’ll get cold.’’ Nikki says pulling the girl out of her thoughts, she takes the extra seat at the table between Sam and Tom, feeling a little smaller than usual.


Dinner actually was going rather well, conversation flowed freely and with such ease, Tom mostly asked questions to Y/n about herself, which the family listened to. They were eager to hear more about the young girl.

“How long have you been playing guitar for?”

“Since I was… seven.’’ Y/n replies,

“And how old are you now?” Paddy asks,

“I’ll be twenty in June.’’

“Really? You look so young.’’ Dominic says, the young girl turning a lovely fire engine red,

“Yeah, I get that a lot.’’ Y/n replies looking down at her plate. As her phone starts playing the ‘Black Sails theme’, “I need to take that.’’ she says before running off into another room to answer her phone.

When the quirky girl returns she looks a little tired running her fingers through her hair.

“Everything alright love?” Nikki asks in her concerned motherly tone,

“Yeah, I’ll get there.’’ Y/n answers however her voice seemed distant, “I’m really sorry but I have to get going. But thanks for dinner.’’

“I’ll walk you out.’’ Tom says before anyone else could, she nods heading to the door where she picks up her gear before turning to Tom.

“I’m really sorry about this.’’ She says as they make their way to the car that’s parked across from the house.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure it’s important.’’ Tom replies,

“Sort of, there’s a crisis and I need to fix it apparently.’’ Y/n says as she gets into her little lemon yellow Beetle, she waves goodbye and heads off into the dark streets.


A week past since Tom met Sam’s guitar teacher, since then he had been asking questions to find out more about her.

“Why are you asking so many questions about Y/n?” Harry asks,

“I’m curious, she’s a stranger to me.’’ Tom replies with a half-assed excuse not that he really cared,

“Tom has the hots for Y/n.’’ Paddy calls with a laugh.


The went by and when Thursday rolled round, Sam set his guitar up as he saw the distinctive yellow beetle pull up opposite the house. The girl pulled her guitar bag, Tom caught a glimpse of her through the windows. She’s wearing patterned tights, black leather skirt, burgundy lace top and denim jacket. She looked absolutely beautiful, yet slightly dishevelled as she knocked on the door. Tom opened the door, she gave him a sweet smile.

“Hey, I’m so sorry I’m late.’’ Y/n says running her fingers through her hair,

“Not at all, Y/n.’’ Tom says moving aside so she could walk through, he caught a whiff of her perfume she smelled of raspberries, vanilla and strawberries it made Tom’s head go fuzzy. He was pulled out of his thoughts when he heard his brother greet Y/n, from there the pair set up in the living room and were left to their lesson. Tom couldn’t help but watch from the corner of the room, yes he felt like a creep in his own home but at the same time he just wanted to admire her. She was so sweet and gentle and patient with his brother when he had difficulty with a chord. She was quirky but in a cute innocent way, with her bright smile and bad jokes, Tom was fully aware of this growing attraction to her.


As the lesson came to a end for another week, the pair packed up as Y/n gave Harry some advice to help him along with encouragement. Sam thanked her but she brushed it off, with ‘nah you’re talented, I’m just lucky enough to teach you.’

“I’ll see you next week.’’ 

As she clips her case shut Tom approaches her feeling nervous a little.

“Hey Y/n.’’ Tom says as not to scare her,

“Hey Tom, what’s up?”

“I was just wondering if maybe, you would like to go on a date sometime?” He asks trying to keep the confidence up.

“I’d like that.’’ She replies with a smile that’s brighter than the sun. Tom walks her to the door after they exchange numbers, so they can organise it further. Once she had gone Tom jumped in the air a excited shout escaping him.

“Tom why are you yelling?” Sam asks,

“He asked Y/n out.’’ Paddy shouts with a cheeky grin, causing Tom to run after his brother.