dinard film festival


[I’m] of this generation that just missed this social media profiling. It wasn’t a part of our social grammar in the same way it is now, so that’s why I didn’t do it to begin with. Then I got to a philosophical place a few years later where, to me, an actor should have a certain bit of anonymity so people don’t know everything about you. Because if they do, how will they engage with you trying to be somebody else? But that’s kind of ebbed away because now everybody does it. That’s not really an argument that stands anymore. So it comes down to time. I don’t have time to live my life naturally. Like, I don’t have time to be fiancé, sister, daughter, godmother, actress, press junket phenomenon; I don’t have enough time for my life as it is already and I’m kind of an overachiever. If I was going to do something, I would have to do it properly. I just feel like, ‘Guys, I’ve got so much going on I don’t have time to be amazing on Instagram.’  — Natalie Dormer during Dinard British Film Festival in 2015.


Women in Film: Abi Morgan, screenwriter

“I am a short, tenacious woman running around trying to fit in a haircut. I don’t look back. I don’t look forward. I am totally now. I think: God, is someone going to pay me this week? That is totally a m a z i n g.”

  • BAFTA TV Award for Best Drama Serial (2004)
  • Dinard British Film Festival Best Screenplay (2007)
  • BAFTA TV Award for Best Single Drama (2008)
  • Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Writing for A Miniseries (2011)
  • Black Reel for Best Screenplay (2011)
  • Le Reflet d’Or for Best International Television Series (2011)
  • Best Woman Storyteller at the Women Film Critics Circle Awards (2011)
  • Banff Rockie Award for Best Mini-Series (2012)