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UEFA Champions League Prize Money Gap

UEFA Women’s Champions League Winners:  Olympique Lyonnais

325,000 Euros

UEFA Men’s Champions League Winners:  Real Madrid

54,200,000 Euros

UEFA Europa League Semi-Finalist:  Olympique Lyonnais

20,550,000 Euros (Lyon placed 3rd in their group during CL, that earned them a spot in EL.  They were paid for all games played)

UEFA Europa League Champions:  Manchester United

14,690,000 Euros

Club Brugge lost all 6 of their Champions League games and went home.

12,700,000 Euros

Dinamo Zagreb also lost all 6 of their Champions League games and went home.

15,020,000 Euros (They started in the 2nd round and were paid for all games played)

There has been some improvement.  When I looked all this stuff up after the finals this year, there was NO money given to any of the women’s teams before the quarter finals.  Not in qualifying or anything.  Now it looks like those teams will get at least 20,000 Euros to help with the cost of travel and expenses.

I’m not saying the women’s champion should get the same as the men’s champion (for now).  The men’s games have more television revenue and greater attendance than the women currently do.  I do think the owners of the women’s clubs should start pushing for larger prize money though.  It would help smaller clubs, not affiliated with a men’s professional team, tremendously.  If the UWCL is strong enough to now accept bids for hosting the final and not be tied to the men’s location,  I think they need to start pushing the prize money up.  

When you have teams like Club Brugge and Dinamo Zagreb who lose all 6 of their Champions League games, but still make way more than the women’s champion, it makes the women’s tournament look like a charity case instead of the serious, competitive and exciting competition that it is.

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*Note* As far as I can tell Youth League does not have prize money.