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May 23

Normani placed 3rd in the 24th season of Dancing With the Stars.

Ally, Dinah, and Lauren were in the audience cheering Normani on today!

Ally, Lauren, Dinah with Jordin Sparks! (feat. Grandma Babs and Mama Drea)

The girls were all very supportive! (check out Ally, Dinah and Lauren being extra on the social media videos today)


Laurinah! (ft. Mama Drea)

Team Valmani performed a repeat of their Salsa performance tonight:

and they had their final dance, a fusion of the Argentine Tango and Foxtrot, to There’s Nothing Holding Me Back by Shawn Mendes:

A perfect 40/40 to finish their season!

Though the results may not have gone Normani’s way, everyone was definitely proud of her!

Same, Lauren.

Dinah going all out!

(we all know who won)

Lauren had a belated support tweet before the show:

Speaking of pre-show things, she posted this selfie:

Normani and Simone!

Ally and Dinah hanging out with Leona Lewis and Jordin Sparks:

Val posted a lot of touching messages for Normani:

Team Valmani’s last post-show interview:

A fellow 5H fan perished in the Manchester attack. Our hearts are with her and her family.

Lauren posted about her thoughts on the Manchester attack:

She’s /still/ obsessed over Leo:

In other news, Ally has teamed up with Billboard this week to give us a playlist.

Happy happy birthday to Gordon, Dinah’s dad!

And moving on to 5H3, Normani is excited about the new music they’ve been working on!

Even Dinah is looking forward to what’s next already. Get ready!