5H is not what it used to be

I feel like the spark has died in 5H. What I loved about them when they were first formed and the first year after they were signed was their chemistry and the genuine interactions we got between all of them. They were just 5 young girls. Their tweets weren’t calculated, their tumblr posts weren’t cautiously posted, they made stupid vines, their friends weren’t famous and they were happy. Yes, I understand that with their success and aging in the industry, obviously, there will be changes. No one can stay the same through such rapid and immersive change around them. I respect their choices and am extremely happy for their success.

I just wish that the idea of 5H did not become so commercialized to the point where the very foundation of the group has gone to shit. We barely see them hang out as a group together anymore besides work related things- and that’s what scares me. They’ve become a group of friendly co-workers who enjoy time separately outside of their job, instead of truly a group of friends who enjoy their time together. At least how they portray it.

I feel like they’ve lost their relate-ability, their raw-ness, the things that made them ‘normal’ to fans. Yes, we sometimes see glimpses of this, and we as fans for sure do not truly know what happens behind the scenes. But, as the fandom goes, we’ve learned to distrust them, simply because we do not know the girls as well as we did in the first year. We know more about them, yet we don’t. We can no longer decipher if rumors are rumors and why cryptic tweets are there simply by our intuition because we relate to them- we no longer are like them. Not only does this create a larger difference between us and them, but it also causes friction between us and them. We cannot understand them, and that has been the source of obvious conflicts between a few members and us. They no longer trust us in the same way they used to- and that’s normal. That is what makes me sad.

All of this makes me worry.

I cannot explain how important this is.  Fifth Harmony has literally faced every hurdle possible for an artist to reach success.  Firstly, they’re a girlband, which makes it a million times harder than being a boyband because they aren’t liked just for being ‘hot boys’ like many boybands are.  Secondly, just being talented singers apparently isn’t enough if you are a group of girls.  You have to be pretty, fashionable, know how dance well, and even then it is STILL hard to achieve anything in the music industry.  Thirdly, ALL of Fifth Harmony are women of color, unlike the largely white boybands that are popular at the moment.  They have expressed their deep support for the Blacks Lives Matter campaign, even posing in pictures with the catchphrase and tweeting about it numerous times.  For many children, this is first time they can relate to someone in a powerful role.

If this hasn’t convinced you to vote yet, I should add that Fifth Harmony is an avid supporter of the LGBT community, performing for LA pride, constantly proving their support on twitter and tumblr, and even dedicating a video to a transgender girl who happened to be their fan.  On top of this, they are involved in many campaigns to protect animal rights, and they themselves started a #5HGirlsCan campaign in support of girl positivity.  All five members self-identify as feminists, with band member Lauren Jauregui relating in a HuffPost interview that “A huge part of [feminism], I think, is the coming together of women… [It’s] supporting each other and not breaking each other down, and kind of sending out that message and making sure women know that doing this together is going to be so much more effective than trying to tear each other down.“

This isn’t just about Worth It being the song of the summer, it’s about bringing awareness to these amazing five individuals who are going to change to world in a positive way.  Currently, they are losing to boyband 5 Seconds of Summer because of a voting limit set by MTV.  If you care about the future and about any of the issues PLEASE vote for Fifth Harmony by using the #WorthItVMA hashtag on twitter.  You can do up to 12x a day and it would make the world of a difference not only to these 5 girls, but for a whole generation.

waakeme-up (Camila) ssweet-dispositionn (Lauren)

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