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While filming Channel 4’s “New Look Style The Nation”, I was lucky enough to meet Dina Torkia.

Dina feels that young Muslim women needn’t feel repressed when it comes to fashion, as there are many ways of dressing modestly in a fun, stylish and colourful way, and she is a living, breathing example of that.

You can check out Dina on facebook - click here! And catch up with Style The Nation on 4oD (Episode 2).

Dina Torkia... Our Woman In Focus

Dina Torkia… Our Woman In Focus

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Dina Torkia (known as Dina Tokio) has inspired so many Muslim women all over the world. She proves you can be stay stylish and modest at the same time. She made her first appearance on Youtube, as a personal style blogger, now turned designer, she has inspired many, with her new modest clothing line Dina Torkia. Her collections include bold and daring scarfs and garments that are easy to style…

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Dina Tokio takes no prisoners with her style.

Dina Torkia,  more commonly known as Dina Tokio, is a fashion designer, stylist, personal blogger, and YouTuber who resides in the UK. With 503 thousand followers on Instagram and over 200 thousand likes on Facebook, she reaches out to a large audience from all around the world. Dina has also started her own fashion line, Dina Torkia. I have no doubt that Dina can pull off absolutely any outfit effortlessly.Here are 29 of my favorite looks.


A photo posted by D I N A T O K I O (@dinatokio) on Jun 17, 2015 at 11:21am PDT


A photo posted by D I N A T O K I O (@dinatokio) on Jun 15, 2015 at 1:48am PDT

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Here are my June favourites!! There are make-up/beauty products, hair products, and some perfume!! Hope you enjoy!!

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