dina torkia

a snippet of dina tokios video, It’s true, it seems as though no one will criticise a Muslim who hasn’t yet worn the hijab, not saying that they should be criticised just the fact that they are less likely to be, if anything they are supported for living the way they choose but If a female wearing hijab was to live a similar lifestyle it would be judged and looked down upon simply because she wears the hijab??? like what?? why is it that a non hijab wearing female can have friends who are guys for example but if it were to be a hijab wearing female it is instantly shamed. I know of course the ruling behind wearing of hijab is different but at the end of the day we are all Muslim. One ummah. So to allow a non hijab wearing Muslim a right to freedom to what ever she wills and deny a hijab wearing Muslim the same right is damn straight out of order!! It’s actually so pathetic how a hijab wearing female will instantly be judged but a non Hijab wearer will get off lightly. people need to learn to fix their mentality. Either treat both then same and judge both or better yet, DONT. just leave them to live how they wish as at the end of the day it is their own grave so let them do as they please in the way that suits them. Not your battle to be fought.



These are a few face claims who could be used to play a character that wears the hijab. They all either wear a hijab in their everyday lives or have portrayed a character that does.

  • HALIMA ADEN (19, Model)
  • SOMA BHATIA (19, Actress)
  • IMAN MESKINI (20, Actress)
  • RUKKA NAHAR (21, Actress)
  • RUBA ZAI (23, Youtuber)
  • SAIMA CHOWDHURY (23, Youtuber)
  • DINA TORKIA (27, Youtuber and Designer)
  • SHILA AMZAH (26, Singer-Songwriter)
  • GOLSHIFTEH FARAHANI (33, Actress and Singer)
  • SUNITA MANI (??, Actress and Comedian)
  • NAZANIN BONIADI (37, Actress)
  • YASMINE AL MASSRI (38, Actress)