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I like dimple SG yet everyone's like "it's just a way to make dimple look nicer in art! >:((" uh yea...... that's the point..... he's still good af tho

well hhhOnestly i like any dimple just cuz im like that but….plz u guys cant deny the Allure of the security guard. theres a charm to him. and also the big red spots on his face n the grins r so endearing too. i mean……………i just like the security guard tbh i think of him and Dimple (Ghost Form) as two seperate entities anyways


inktober 10 !! happy birthday sweatman we love u stay healthy!!!! i love sappy soft stuff ok

bonus, theres no escape from bday hugs, dimple!!!:

  • Lovelace: He looks so...
  • Minkowski: Happy?
  • Lovelace: Yeah. I don't think I've ever seen him like that
  • Minkowski: Yeah, I didn't even know that Eiffel had--
  • Me: Dimples????
  • Wolf 359 fandom: (Something he's tragically lost or something you'd never imagine from goofy Doug Eiffel, bringing depth to his character)
  • Me (quietly): Oh yeah or those things.
Cute? - Taehyung Smut

Words: 976

Warning: Smutty

@ariesm12 requested: Hello I would love if you made a story about Kim taehyung being bi polar and doing some kinky stuff feel free to add what you want please and thank you.

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  He was there, on your bed, you both smiling and playing some cards. His smile was driving you insane. He was doing so much aegyo that you were almost throwing up a rainbow.

 “Damn, you are so baby that I’ve no idea how someone can fuck you” you said. He smirked, touching his non-existents dimples.

 “That cute face makes everyone want to fuck me” he said and you laughed at him. You kept playing that game of teasing but then, you crossed the line, not even knowing you did.

 “Come on Tae, you don’t have to lie to me. You are such a baby, what can you do, huh?” you teased “Fuck someone with this baby-dick? You couldn’t be rougher even if you wanted to” you finished and his smile fell from his face. O-oh.

 “Excuse me?” he asked his voice too serious for your liking.  He started to get closer to you and you gave a step back onto the bed.

“I- I mean, you are so cute that I can’t even imagine you being rough” you whispered shyly. Why were you shy?

 “So you think I can’t be rough? That’s what you think?” he asked. You didn’t say anything before he leaned in and crashed his lips on yours. At first you couldn’t answer, you were in shock.  What should I do? This will ruin our relationship! Should I stop? You asked yourself as he licked your bottom lip. You opened your mouth to him unconsciously. He pushed you softly against the mattress, pulling away from the kiss and spreading your legs apart. You tried to close them, because you were wearing a skirt.

 “I’ll show you that I’m not just a cute face” he said and attacked your neck. Fuck. He gave you licks and bites, making you moan a little. His hands found the edge of your shirt, pulling it up slowly, his fingertips touching your skin as it was getting exposed. You shivered against his touch. He took off your shirt completely and lifted you long enough to take his.

 “No bra? You’re so nasty” he teased and you rolled your eyes. He took one of your nipples on his mouth and the other in his hands, massaging it. You moaned and felt his smile against you.

 “That’s it. Moan for me, baby girl” he groaned. Fucking hell, were you really doing that? And worst: did you like?

 He let his teeth brush against your nipple, making you scream and lift your back from the bed, but he forced you down. He traveled down to your stomach, living wet kisses till he found your skirt.

 “Hmm… Should I take it off?” he teased.

 “Fuck yes” you groaned and he chuckled.

“Yes what?” he asked.

You didnt know what to say. Did he want you to call him daddy? Sir? What?

“Please, sir” you said shyly.

 “So horny” he said and took off your skirt and panties, leaving you completely exposed. You shivered at the contact with the cold air. You watched as his head disappeared between your legs, kissing you inner thighs teasingly. You gasped when his delicious tongue found your pussy. Fuck.  His tongue was licking up and down your slit, occasionally entering your entrance agonizingly slow.

“Tae please…” you whimpered. You needed more.

“Are you already begging?” he teased. He introduced one finger inside you, then another, then another. They were sliding inside you easily, the sounds of your wet pussy filling the room.  He felt your walls clenching around his fingers and pulled away. You whimpered.

 He took off his pants and underwear, letting his erection breaks free. Fucking hell, that was big as fuck. He noticed your gaze and chuckled.

“You didn’t expect the cute boy to have a big dick, did you?” he teased. You licked your licks, wondering how would be his taste. He crawled over you and positioned his tip on your entrance. He teased, running it up and down but not entering.

 “I should not do it. I’m just too cute” he mimicked your voice. Asshole.

 “Just push in” you almost screamed.

“Beg for it”

Was he serious? Ah! You wanted him so badly, you just needed to fuck. Fine.

 “Please Tae, fuck me. Show me how rough you can be” you said and before you could finish your sentence he pushed in roughly, his skin slapping yours. You both groaned at the feeling. He started moving in and out in a fast and hard pace. He leaned in to suck your nipples, his thrusts hitting your g-spot so fucking well.

“I’m gonna fuck you like the little slut you are” he groaned.


  “Fuck, Tae!” you screamed, your walls clenching around his dick.

 “You like it, huh?” he groaned, “do you like to feel my dick in your tight little pussy?” Your skins were slapping against each other roughly, the sound turning you on even more. “I wanna make you scream my name” he said and pulled away, only to spin you around and fuck you from behind. He pushed in again, grabbing your hair and forcing your head back. He approached to your ear.

 “You’re such a dirty girl? Don’t you?” he groaned, his thrusts getting deeper and deeper.

 “Fucking hell, tae” you mewled. His hand traveled down and played with your clit, adding pressure. You wouldn’t take it for too long, you felt your climax approaching.

 “Taehyung!” You screamed, your walls clenching again.

His teeth found your neck, sucking your skin harshly. Cute? That wasnt cute. That was rough and you liked it.

 “Cum for me, baby girl” he commanded.

After you were done, you got dressed, both panting. You looked at him as he grabbed your waist and pulled you closer.

 “So, do you still think I’m cute or I still have to prove you the opposite?” he asked.

i see everyone humanizing dimple as the security guard, even official illustrators from the actual anime for promotional material, and while i get why this happens, i’m just… no… the guy has been through enough already… he’s his own person… he doesn’t even know who dimple is… let him rest…

I was rewatching episode 1x08 of Wynonna Earp the other day and something struck me as sort of odd about this scene:

It just seems sort of strange to me that Nedley knows about Nicole’s cat? Like ok, he’s her boss, but she’s fairly new in town and there’s a difference between knowing that someone is married, has kids, etc and knowing that they have a pet.

So my headcanon is that because Nicole has been half in love with Waverly since the moment she set eyes on her and because she can’t exactly talk about her crush at work (among other things, it seems like she isn’t out yet at the station), whenever she wants to talk about Waverly, she talks about her cat instead.

This results in two things: 1) Her crush is kept secret and 2) Everyone in the sheriff’s department now knows WAY TOO MUCH about Nicole’s cat because Nicole wants to talk about Waverly all the freaking time. What the cat looks like, how Nicole switched her to a different type of cat food two weeks ago, how she dragged in a mouse the other day, how she almost jumped out of the second story window in order to pounce on a bird this morning…

Sometimes it gets annoying, but mostly it just sort of becomes an inside joke at the police station, to the point where now instead of saying “Goodbye” or “Goodnight” when Nicole finishes her shift, most of the deputies will call after her, “Don’t forget to give the cat my love!” And they get the cat a present on Nicole’s birthday (they get Nicole a cake too though, she’s won them over and got them all in her pocket at that point).

So when Nedley says he’ll make sure the cat gets fed, it’s him being considerate, sure, but it’s also his attempt at a little bit of humor in what is fast becoming a fairly dire situation.