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marimo-stuff  asked:

Your art style is super adorable! :) And I was wondering if you're still doing those expression doodles? :O If you are Id like to request Dimple/Mob in A2! But if not that's fine, your art is still fantastic! :D

Awww, thank you! It makes me very happy to hear you like my style! I like drawing Ekubo!Mob, the expressions are always fun :D

Team Floriana Lima

I find very funny how a post about not being interested in the ethnicity of someone suddenly makes you … a racist? When in fact, it means the opposite, I thought it was obvious. Apparently are some people who don’t know us, hate us just because we only care about Floriana’s performance as Maggie and because we don’t hate her. Friends, there are some mentally unstable people out there, I can tell.

For those whose believe in that absurd thought (the one of racism), I don’t know if you just ignore what ethnicity means or you’re just stupid, and tbh, the racists here are you, because you’re discriminating against a “white” actress playing a latin role, yes racism works that way too… Btw, Floriana Lima is actually a Latin woman, so, think about another reason to hate her, probably it’ll be as ridiculous as this one.