A lost boy (OQ One-shot)

Summary: What, if after the king’s death Regina finds out that she’s pregnant? And what happens when she gives her baby away but then starts regretting it? Outlaw Queen! Regal Believer! Dimples Queen! A little bit of Swan Queen friendship! 

She’s staring at her reflection in the huge mirror and although it’s obviously visible, she still doesn’t believe it. She turns to the other side and stares at herself again but the mirror still shows the same – she has a bump, not huge but visible.

How hasn’t she seen it before?

Well, perhaps she’s seen it, but she chose to ignore it?

Regina shakes her head to herself. It can’t be happening. Not after everything is going just the way she wanted – the King  is dead, Snow White is out of the castle in the woods, where catching her isn’t a hard thing to do. She is finally getting closer to her happiness but now this.

She walks back and forth in her bedchambers, breathing heavily, trying to stop the anxiety. Maleficent should be wrong (she was the one who pointed out that Regina is pregnant), perhaps it’s just dress, or maybe she’s just got fat, but she definitely can’t be pregnant.

Suddenly she collapses on the floor as tears fill her eyes – of course she can be pregnant and of course the child is King’s. That’s the worst part.

She thinks about all options of this situations: she could drink a potion and it would be over but even though she’s pure evil now, she couldn’t kill a child, no matter what happens she would never do that; also she could keep the baby but it would always remind her of the King, at the same time, it would be her weakness, her enemies – Mother for example – would definitely find a way how to use it against her.

She realizes that she doesn’t have another choice just to give the baby away once it’s born, no matter how much it may hurt her.

For a moment, she stays like that: vulnerable and broken, letting herself realize that her life is messed up a lot, too much perhaps, but then something inside her clicks and the Evil Queen is back.

She stands up and wipes away tears from her cheeks. Her eyes, which just a few moments ago showed how broken she really is, now are dark and giving nothing away. She’s emotionless.

That’s what she’s learned over her not-so-long life – if you want to achieve something, you have to be emotionless and do everything it takes. And no one could deny that she’s the best when it comes to ignoring the feelings.


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“Our father, who art in hell. Unhallowed be thy name. Cursed be the sons and daughters, of thine nemesis whom are to blame.
Thy kingdom come. nemA.”
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