The pact of a pack (1)

Bts ot7 x reader

Werewolf au, tw: blood, asshole friends, frat boys, needles, injuries, bear traps(?)

2.5k (first fic guys whoo!!)

You’ve never regretted anything more than every decision you’ve made in the past twenty-four hours. You never hated frat boys or your best friend Haeun like you did right now.

You were never the most social person, but you were fiercely loyal to your closest (read: only) friend. So when she developed a massive crush on some guy from one of the many frats on campus you tried to be supportive. Which is exactly how you ended up where you are now. Completely and utterly lost in unfamiliar woods with a dead flashlight and no cellphone.

This guy, Jihun; had asked Haeun to come on a camping trip over the long weekend. She’d agreed, and dragged you along to play wingman. Things were ok for a few hours, the guys drinking, Jihun and Haeun flirting, and you sat by the small campfire flipping through a novel. As the sun went down the group seemed to get rowdier and you took that as your cue to retreat to your tent.

“C’mon y/n, let’s play a game! It’s not even that late yet!” Frat bro number 2 had whined and when Haeun gave you a pleading look you sighed “alright, I’ll bite. What’re we playing?” Jihun grinned picking up a large floodlight style flashlight and pressed it into your hands then put a hand on your shoulder blade urging you forward. “Flashlight tag, it’s like a hybrid of tag and hide n seek.” He explained leading your little group further and further from the campsite. He eventually stopped in a clearing and guided you to sit on a log.

“Ok y/n, count to 100 and then turn the flashlight on. Make sure you don’t turn it on until after you count so we have time to spread out.” You nod uncomfortably, but play along for your friend’s sake. You doubted anything would go wrong, the woods were well travelled as long as you stuck to the paths. “Ok, start counting! We’ll see you soon!” Jihun said grabbing his friends and Haeun and disappearing into the darkened tree line.

You sat quietly, counting in your head, and flicking on the flashlight. (This is where everything went wrong). It’s dead. Nothing comes from the bulky plastic light. You smack the side of it with the heel of your hand. Nothing. You shake it and wait a second. There’s no rattling sound from the batteries. Curious, you unscrew the top of the light. It’s empty, no batteries whatsoever. You turn it upside down and shake just to be sure. Instead of batteries, a rolled up piece of paper falls out. “Good luck y/n, I hope you don’t mind the dark!”

They set you up. You curse and crumple the note in your fist. “Fuck them, I can find my way back. I just gotta find the path.”

Easier said than done.

The “clearing” is an optical illusion and much larger than it looks. The terrain is rocky and covered in gnarled tree roots. You fall several times scraping your hands and knees, even your face gets caught and scratched against the brambles.

Soon you’re completely turned around, which leads you to where you are now. Freezing, lost, scared, and incredibly pissed.

You continue to stumble through rocks and roots trying to at least find a clearing where you can wait out the night. God knows you won’t be sleeping.

You lean against a tree exhausted and check yourself over. Your hands are scraped to hell and filthy, your jeans are ripped in the left knee while the right has gradually become wet and damp with your blood, and you’re fairly certain the last branch you got caught in pulled out some of your hair.

“I’m never going to forgive her for this” you mumble shaking your head as you resume your trekking. You stumble a little while longer and find yourself in a small field. It’s well illuminated by moonlight and you could cry in relief.

You drag your aching feet across soft grass and damp leaves intending to sit on one of several large flat topped boulders scattered around the ground.

You kick through another pile of leaves almost at your target when a metallic clang and a white hot pain in your right leg stops you short. You scream and fall to your knees as scorching tears run down your face, salt stinging your scratched cheeks. In a panic push the leaves away trying desperately to find the source of the pain when your hand brushes something ice cold covered by a thin layer of rust and frost.

It’s a bear trap. Your ankle is caught in a bear trap.

You stare at the contraption in horror. It looks like something out of a saw movie, and you’re playing the game.

“Okay y/n, be smart, get free” you mumble looking upwards at the rising clouds of your breath as you attempt to steady yourself. You push yourself backwards off your knees and onto your ass with your legs splayed out in front of you. It’s too dark to find the release mechanism, and your hands are shaking so badly you risk getting your fingers cut off in the springs.

“Ok, I guess I have to hulk out” you mumble sniffling softly as you brace your palms on either side of the spiked panels imbedded in your skin and push hard.

You scream out again as fresh rivulets of deep red blood bubble up and flow over soaking the ground beneath you. You cover your mouth with your hand feeling your stomach flip and churn. The teeth must be barbed, as you pull they only seem to dig in in the opposite direction further imbedding themselves in your skin tearing through muscles and tendons.

You squint at the sides of the thing trying to decipher the tiny printed instructions for the unlocking mechanism in near complete darkness. Your tears blur the words further as the adrenaline begins to wear off and the pain hits you full force.

A low sound on the far side of the clearing draws your attention and you freeze. A rumbling growl reverberates through your chest and your eyes widen as they settle on the source.

It’s a fucking wolf.

The thing is absolutely massive, at least four times the size of a regular wolf. It’s chocolate brown with large green eyes that seem to glow in the moonlight. You stare at it for several beats in silence, positively awestruck. Then reality sets in and you panic.

“Oh god, no” you squeak to yourself as it approaches and you frantically try to free your trapped leg. The thing gets even closer and you back away dragging the heavy metal torture device with you for several feet before the anchoring chain stops you hard.

The thing is at your feet now and your chest seizes in absolute terror. You contemplate kicking the thing in the face or throwing the useless flashlight at it, but it’s so huge that pulling something like that would only piss it off. Instead of lunging at you like you expect it cautiously sniffs at you. When it gets to your injured leg it surprises the hell out of you and whines.

It almost sounds sympathetic or possibly concerned and when it looks into your face its expressive eyes seem almost human. It howls long and low then climbs on top of you, covering your smaller form with its bulk.

“H-hey buddy, what’re you doing?” You ask shakily and it whines again nuzzling against your teary face. It changes its position choosing to curl around your back (almost protectively?) and rests its massive head in your lap. The thing yips nudging your hand with its cold nose.

“You want me to pet you?” You ask incredulous and it yips again licking your bloodied palm in encouragement. Shakily you run a hand over its thick fur gently scratching behind its ears.

It makes a content sound and you choke on a half hysterical cross between a laugh and a sob. A shaky smile spreading across your dirtied face before it quickly dissolved into muffled cries. The wolf whimpers and nuzzles at your face again clearly trying to calm you. It licks the tears from your cheeks and you sniffle “thanks buddy”.

You say shakily forcing a tiny smile on your face when the thing looks into your eyes and whines again. It tilts its head back and howls again, this time louder and higher pitched. It’s almost urgent sounding and carries on the wind.

You shudder as the last of the adrenaline burst wears off and you’re fully aware of your current situation. You’re sitting in a puddle of your own blood, the scarlet liquid soaking your jeans and the back of sweatshirt from when you backed away from the wolf. Your injured leg is swollen and slowly trickling more blood down your ankle where its beginning to pool in your shoe.

It’s freezing now and there’s even a few snowflakes swirling in the air. Your wet clothes are starting to stiffen, freezing against your skin. The wolf (dubbed “buddy” for lack of a better name) seems to grow more and more concerned as the minutes tick by. Your eyes begin to droop, whether from exhaustion or blood loss you’re not sure and he(?) whines nudging your face with his nose.

“I’m sorry buddy, I’m tired” you mumble petting his head sluggishly when loud footsteps alert you to another presence. You perk up as much as you can and buddy seems to sigh in relief as three somehow even larger wolves appear.

The largest is pure white with eyes so bright they seem to glow. The next is only a slight bit smaller, its coloring somewhere between auburn red and strawberry blonde with bright green eyes. The last is the smallest, pure black with dark brown eyes that seem to stare right through you.

Buddy yips and nudges your back until your sitting up feeling dazed (you don’t remember laying down in the first place). The other three approach with caution sniffing at you with laser like intensity. The white one tilts its head and does what can only be described as a nod and suddenly the wolves are straightening up onto two legs and shrinking until four boys only a little older than you are in their place.

The white wolf has turned into a tall, broad boy with bleach blonde hair and honeyed skin. He smiles softly at you as you rub your eyes furiously. “I’m dead” you mumble blankly “I’m either dead or hallucinating from the shock because there’s no way that just happened”

Blondie sighs “We’ll explain later sweetheart, right now we need to get you back to our place so we can fix you up ok?”

You nod numbly and blondie crouches next you gently rubbing your back “What’s your name?, mine’s Namjoon” it takes you a moment to process the question but you eventually blink a few times and respond. “Y/n”

He smiles again showing off deep dimples “That’s a pretty name” he says then turns away and nods at the boy who had previously been the black wolf. He’s shorter, with triangular eyes and wavy black hair. “Now?” He asks his voice soft and almost secretive in a way.

Namjoon looks at your wide, barely glazed eyes and shakes his head. “Hobi c’mere, this is gonna hurt a lot and Tae doesn’t have the stomach to hold her down”. The boy who’d been the reddish wolf nods and carefully steps towards you.

He smiles and you try not stare at the way his mouth forms a heart. “Hi” he says lamely crouching in front of you in a way that blocks your line of sight. He wraps his arms around you in an awkward hug, pressing your face against his neck. Before you can raise any questions Namjoon sits behind you wrapping long limbs around both of you.

“Wha-“ you start to ask only to be cut off by Namjoon’s shout of “Now Yoongi!” And a spike of pain that makes your head spin and your eyes roll back as a blood curdling scream rings out.

Yoongi, who you can only assume is the black haired boy yanked the trap open so you could be removed from it.

Hot tears roll down your cheeks again and Hobi tries his best to comfort you.

“Hey it’s ok, you’re ok, you did so good y/n. You’re gonna be just fine” he murmurs stroking your hair and rocking slightly. Your eyes start to droop once again and Namjoon shakes you a little “Hey, I know you’re tired and you’re really hurting but you gotta stay awake ok?”

You nod weakly as he scoops you up off the cold ground in a bridal carry, jostling you a little roughly as the slick blood covering your lower half causes his grip to slip.

A new voice cuts through the quiet as Namjoon carries you being incredibly careful and gentle. “Is she ok?” The new voice is deep and smooth but still somehow young and anxious.

“She’s gonna be ok soon Tae, you did so good staying there with her” Hobi assures as your head lolls against Namjoon’s chest squeezing your eyes shut and blinking hard forcing yourself awake.

The walk isn’t long (or maybe it is? It’s hard to tell) and you arrive at a cabin. Yoongi opens the door and Hobi immediately screeches “Jin!” At the top of his lungs. A tall, incredibly attractive man comes stumbling down the hallway obviously startled out of a deep sleep.

“What’s wrong? Who died?” He asks rubbing his face hard trying to become more alert.

“No one…yet”

“not helping Yoongi!” Namjoon groans setting you down on the couch. “Tae found her caught in a hunter’s trap. No phone, dead flashlight she wouldn’t have survived if we left her there.”

Jin seems to snap awake much quicker when he sees the state of your leg “poor thing, oh god. Ok, I need the first aid kit and someone to keep her still. This is gonna hurt a lot.” He says clearing the table as Hobi retrieves a large white box and sets it down opening it up.

Namjoon gently sits you up until he can sit and lays your upper body in his lap as Jin threads a needle and starts cutting away at you shredded jeans where they cover your wound.

You his as cold antiseptic burns and fizzes within the deep laceration and Jin mumbles an apology rubbing circles into your knee.

The needle makes the first puncture and you gasp jerking slightly. Namjoon shushes you softly wrapping his arms around your waist squeezing slightly. “I know, I know it’s awful but we have to close that up so it stops bleeding. You can try and sleep now, it’s probably better if you aren’t awake for this.”

You nod weakly and screw your eyes shut focusing on anything and everything but the present situation.

Despite all odds the stress of the past few hours hits you like a freight train and Namjoon sighs in relief when you go lax in his hold.

“Ok” he says after a beat of silence “how the fuck do we explain this tomorrow morning?!”