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hey there! since you're into mob psycho now, who do you ship mob with? I personally don't think Reigen x mob is the right choice :D

Hallo! Yes, I am into Mob Pyscho 100! [Still into OPM don’t worry, dears e ue)] And yes, I agree with this, Anon! :OO I mean, Reigen is literally 28 years old compared to Mob who’s only 14. But, I’ve seen a lot of artists ship them both on twitter and Pixiv. So, for me, Older!Mob x Reigen is what I like– //slapped//

But I personally like //coughRitsuMobcough// more than ReigenMob– //kicked// I blame Ao-senpai for making me loving RitsuMob more than usual– damn it, Ao-senpai!

dan howell is gross and here's why:

-wears a gator land jat in public??!
-has the legs of a goddess and wears leggings/jeggings/tights in puBLIC
-has at least 745 shirts, wears 3.5 regularly
-says he has one dimple when he clearly has two
-claims to be soulless and dark, is actually softer than clouds
-is ticklish
-wears his own merch to protect his modesty