Hypothetically Meets Kate McKinnon
  • Me @ myself:okay say something cool. Or cute. Keep it simple. God she's stunning. Look at those dimples... Focus! Maybe if she thinks you're adorable she'll like you. And you guys will be friends. Best friends. And then a casual romance will bud and she'll fall in love with you and--
  • Kate McKinnon:Hello!
  • Brain:asdfjklshdksjdnb
  • Me:*shouting* Did you know that dimples are a genetic defect and it's because you have short muscles in your face?!
dan howell is gross and here's why:

-wears a gator land jat in public??!
-has the legs of a goddess and wears leggings/jeggings/tights in puBLIC
-has at least 745 shirts, wears 3.5 regularly
-says he has one dimple when he clearly has two
-claims to be soulless and dark, is actually softer than clouds
-is ticklish
-wears his own merch to protect his modesty