I look around.
I see mouths moving.
But my gaze is pulled,
Right back to you.

I can’t help but watch you.
Watch the way your dimple,
Becomes more prominent when you laugh.
Or the way your eyes twinkle,
When you smile.

I try to engrave,
Every single detail,
Of you into my mind.
Because I don’t ever,
Want to forget.

dan howell is gross and here's why:

-wears a gator land jat in public??!
-has the legs of a goddess and wears leggings/jeggings/tights in puBLIC
-has at least 745 shirts, wears 3.5 regularly
-says he has one dimple when he clearly has two
-claims to be soulless and dark, is actually softer than clouds
-is ticklish
-wears his own merch to protect his modesty