Sometimes I look at Harry and I’m like.. how is this person real.. those piercing green eyes.. good good eyebrows, perf nose.. cheekbones to DIE for, a mouth to drive you insane, those cute ears, that damn sharp jaw, and then he even has… *whines* dimpleeeeees… He’s just the most gorgeous thing. But then, it doesn’t end there.. he also has a long torso.. puffy nipples, and a wonderfully soft yet toned stomach, v-lines, big arms, and the most beautiful and sexy hands, a big dick, a nice perky lil booty, and fucking ridiculous legs that go on for days, deeeelicious thighs.. and cute feet, where the big toe has a tattoo that says “big”. But then.. it doesn’t end there either.. He also sings like an angel, and his speaking voice is the sexiest sounding voice ever and he has the most charming accent. And he’s the most incredible performer and he has such a command of his gift and he’s sooo so so damn talented in so many areas. And he writes tons of songs.. and he likes art, and paints and plays guitar.. and sometimes drives motorcycles and he’s inked UP.. But it doesn’t stop there.. he’s also so complex and has the most amazing personality, full of cheekiness and quirks and contrasts and layers and mystery. He’s a dirty bird but also the SWEETEST bunny, literally the CUTEST. And he is fucking hilarious and goofy and has the biggest heart and idk how his body can contain that much love. He so tirelessly tries to only spread love and positivity. NICEST boy you could find. And he’s so damn charismatic that he could give away 95% of it and he’d still have more than most of us.. and he’s so confident and calm. He’s so smart and aware and INTERESTING. He’s an old soul, a gentleman. So respectful of everyone he meets. But it doesn’t end there either. He’s also got amazing style, and blesses us with everything from floral suits and see-through shirts to the perf cuddly boyfriend style.. and he’s also just the coolest guy, and everyone digs him and says he’s the nicest guy ever.. Idg how one guy can have it all like he does.. And I just love how he’s developed such a unique and characteristic way of performing, dressing, singing, and just BEING. He’s such a damn good person and every ounce of him is superstar material. He’s a go-getter and the sky’s the limit with him, and I’m just so so so proud of him and the person he is and I can’t wait to see it all unfold.