dimple police

timballisto  asked:

waverly finds out nicole used to do rodeo and some probably super dangerous bull riding and she wonders if she has a type (props if she sees Nicole wearing the bull rider get-up, chaps and hat and all)

“Waves, come on.” Wynonna snags Peacemaker as she hurries for the door and somehow manages to sling the gun belt on without smacking either herself or the gun into the doorway. “Dolls called.”

Waverly shuts her laptop and stands–this isn’t the first time some wacky emergency has torn her away from important research, and she doubts it will be the last. As long as there are revenants around, her ability to do any task for consecutive hours is severely crippled. She doesn’t want to complain, however; she just convinced the Black Badge officers that she’s good back up to have around. She can’t screw that up, and she bets that Dolls would take her resistance as proof that letting her tag along is a mistake.

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