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VIOLET ver. featuring Ainya!

Namjoon's Proposal

Onto our leader Kim Namjoon bless him tbh

  • I’m bringing father!joon (all of the father related posts are here) into this it has to be done
  • Wedding here, husband!Namjoon here, honeymoon here
  • It happens five years in
  • Similarly to Yoongi, I don’t see joon rushing into anything
  • Like he’s just content with where you two are and so are you so he doesn’t see why he should be racing to the altar just yet
  • Plus you two had just had lil princess not too long ago so you were both busy with raising her
  • He’s lowkey always known he wanted to marry you but it was going through the whole process of watching your pregnancy and the birth that made him go oh yep this is it this is the one
  • When you first tell him you’re pregnant, it’s one of the first thoughts in his mind tbh
  • Just imagining you walk down the aisle, either with a baby bump or with lil princess walking ahead of you as a flower girl
  • It soon becomes one of the things he thinks about the most and he actually ends up writing a song about the new realization he’d had
  • He doesn’t release it though
  • He just keeps it saved for when he feels the moment is right
  • He ends up waiting until the pregnancy is over and then you’re both too busy being parents to actually stop and think about marriage or anything other than lil princess
  • He actually ends up forgetting about the song tbh
  • It isn’t until he brings lil princess into the studio for the first time that he finds it again
  • He spends a few minutes taking her around the studio like this is the couch appa sleeps on whenever he’s working, this is the computer he uses, this is the coffee he drinks
  • She was interested at first but then she saw all of the lights on the desk and she zones out to wait for the moment he takes her there
  • He eventually sits in the chair and starts up the computer to show her some tracks or even let her play with the equipment
  • She’s bobbing her lil head to all of the tracks he shows her and then he comes across the song and he’s like what is this why is it titled “save for later”
  • He just kinda smiles to himself and lil princess is kinda ?? bc talking isn’t her thing yet and he’s rapping in the song so it’s like if she thought listening to him talk normally was difficult to understand this is just not happening
  • But she figures it means something to him bc he just gets all :) and that makes her :D so she just jams along
  • Finding the song again gives him an idea and then he’s just back into marriage mode where it becomes all that he can think about
  • You often catch him just gazing at you with a look full of love and you’re just like what are you doing but you don’t know it’s bc he’s imagining you calling him your husband and that thought’s just really nice to him
  • It happens on your birthday
  • He plans this super chill day bc being a parent is a lot of work and you deserve to relax
  • He has Jin watch lil princess since he’s the only one with a child at that point but he secretly tells him to bring her back around six (you think she’s spending the night at Jin’s but joon’s got some plans)
  • The day doesn’t even start until like 10 or 11 bc he lets you sleep in as part one to relaxation
  • He literally does everything for you
  • He makes you breakfast (it’s a very lovely bowl of cereal with just the right amount of milk he’s got this down to a science)
  • You two just cuddle the rest of the morning and the house almost feels too quiet without lil princess’s cooing or joon imitating her coos
  • You two just spend the day together and like he takes you out to your favorite restaurant and you get ice cream and it all reminds you of your first date bc that’s exactly what you two had done for it
  • When you get home, Jin’s just waiting at the doorstep and hands lil princess to joon and you’re kinda ??
  • But lil princess is holding onto an envelope and just holds it out to you just like joon had practiced with her
  • You’re still confused but like it’s hard not to smile when you have lil princess grinning up at you with her lil bby dimples so you just go along with it
  • Inside the envelope is a lil CD (it’s actually the song)
  • Joon is just smiling from ear to ear as you’re listening to it on the couch and he can see your eyes tearing up bc you’re finally connecting the dots with the help of the lyrics
  • He hands lil princess that small box and just sends her over to you
  • The final words of the song are “will you marry me?” and just as you hear them lil princess hands you the box
  • The diamond is kinda right in the middle but it leans more towards the smaller side, it does have a really pretty design though and some diamonds on the band
  • You’re already saying yes before joon can even make a move to speak and he comes over to help you put on the ring and lil princess is kinda confused bc oh no why are you crying why is joon tearing up like whats happening
  • She interrupts your newly engaged kiss to wipe away the tear on your cheek and you two just laugh
  • You two pull her into a hug and it’s just family cuddle time