The Main Cast having Tumblr Blogs

Mob: His blog would be very aesthetic and animal based. His theme would be very simple and pastel (though the writing would still be legible, unlike a lot of pastel themes). Teru would have been the one who set up the blog since Mob didn’t know how to he should make it look.

Ritsu: Depression. Depression everywhere. A few spoons too. All his posts would be depression memes, rants, the rare edgy Twilight fanfic, and any and every picture of a spoon. His theme would be very edgy; it is all black with dark red writing. It’s complex and there are spoons floating in the background.

Shou: Memes. TOO MANY MEMES. STOP WITH THE MEMES- His whole blog is memes and shitposts. Most of the memes would be considered dead, but he still reblogs them whenever he sees them. Also creates very bad photoshop shitposts because he thinks they’re funny. His theme is the most ridiculous and illegible thing to ever exist.

Teru: Runs a fashion blog. Follows all the new trends and posts about them all of the time. He gives out suggestions for clothing and is always willing to help with people’s styles. Also posts selfies, and even more pictures with him and Mob. He has a lot of followers, and his ask box is usually bloated. His theme is very nice to look at and pastel. His profile picture is of him wearing a photoshopped flower crown.

Reigen: Has next to zero followers and always sends himself anons that compliment him and say that his business is great. His blog is mainly about his “great” psychic skills and his “great” business. There are also many dog posts on his blog- most of them were reblogged from Mob. He would have been one of the poor fools who bought one of those $60 themes. It would be coloured gray with the occasional splash of light pink.

Serizawa: Only owns a blog because Reigen made him one (Reigen claimed that he needed to get more “out there” and popular). Doesn’t really post at all (he doesn’t even respond to his anons, which were all sent to him by Reigen to try and boost his confidence), he just followed everybody else so he could feel like he was doing something with the blog Reigen so kindly made for him. His theme is a default one and he has never changed the colours to it.

Dimple: Sends hate to everyone- he doesn’t even go onto anon. Reigen is the biggest victim of this next to Ritsu. He often gets involved into discourse with others about the simplest things. His blog, though, is mainly focused on how he will become a god one day and how there are no other gods. His theme looks like a cult made it… which is arguably true. Has the largest amount of followers out of everybody… for some reason.

I, for one, think it’s hilarious that Reigen, a relatively normal guy who breaks some minor laws every day, has a friend group that consists of 3 psychic middle schoolers, an occasionally evil spirit, and an awkward but nice guy he met who worked for an evil cult trying to take over the world. Said guy attacked them with an umbrella. Reigen just rolls with all of this and is somehow in charge most of the time bc hes usually the most mature one in the room. He will protect all of them (except dimple when he’s being a jerk) even if most of his attacks consist of “distract the enemy with fake powers, then run away, throw salt in their eyes, or punch them in the face” his most effective attack strategy apparently is to yell at the bad guys until they feel so bad about themselves that they give up. How has his life become like this. His mom wants him to get a real job.