dimov's advice article

OOC: Basics on how to make a good RP/courier character

There are good characters and bad characters. Canon characters (House, Yes Man, etc.) are exempt from these guidelines, as they are the way the are supposed to be.


  • NO Supernatural abilities (invincibility, super strength, flying, etc.)
  • Good background story. No NCR/Legion super mega general badasses.
  • Unique personality. No heartless, soulless, badass John/Jane Doe people.

Having a character with supernatural abilities, such as not being able to get hurt, make it generally not fun to RP with. A good background story tells exactly WHO your character is. A detailed story makes your character more fun to use to RP, too. I don’t think I need to explain the third one.

An example of a good character is: Jack Anderson, NCR trooper. He is medium built with brown hair and eyes. Jack was born and raised in Shady Sands with a drunk, abusive father. He enlisted in the NCR military to escape the hell that was his life.

Summarized background story, average job, nothing too special about him. This is good.

A bad example: Dr. Major General Sgt. Captain Invincible 10 foot tall guy with laser eyes! Who is also a vampire!

Please try to make characters you would see in the real world.

Half assed report by Dimov.