New Years imagines. (Omaha boys.)

Sammy- By being best friends with Emily Wilkinson is one bonus, but being best friends with Emily Wilkinson and the boys is another bonus for all the parties you get invited too, whenever the boys throw a party. So when Emily recently found out that you had a small crush on Sammy she thought that she would drag you to the New Years party, dressing you up for the party and mostly Sammy.

With yourself wearing a glittery green once piece and knee-high boots and Emily in a red dress with both off your makeup all done up, you both arrive at the party an hour late. Within the first two minuets being in party you lose Emily and have to defend for yourself. Walking through the massive crowd in the living room where you get pushed and shoved from where the living room has been turned into a dance floor with DJ Rupp in the corner playing the music, you finally manage to get through the crowd and into kitchen spotting Emily standing with Sammy grinning widely.

The next few hours off the party you spend with Em, Stass, Ana, Madison and the boys laughing, chatting, drinking and dancing until there is only five minuets left off 2016. Emily is the first to stand up along with the others before leaving it to just you and Sammy left alone in the room.

“So” you nervously start off because to be honest it is probably the first time you’ve been in a room, alone with Sammy in like three years. So you can say you’re a little nervous.

“Why are you nervous Ma?”

Fiddling with your fingers you look down and hide the blush arising on your cheeks with you hair, using it as a curtain. “I uh” you start.

The chanting off numbers going down is heard from the open window, snapping you from your nervous state. Next thing you know you are in Sammy’s arms and his lips landing on your own when everyone shouts the number one and then Happy New Year. It takes you a second before you fully respond to the kiss and wound your arms around his neck, playing with the little hairs on the back off his neck.

You can hear the faint sound off cheering, fireworks and music in the background, but right in the room you can hear your heart pounding with a rapid speed inside your chest. Sammy is the first the pull away and lean his head against yours as he stares down at you.

“Happy New Year, baby.” He whisper breathlessly, a smile on his now swollen lips from the kiss. 

Your smile matches his before you speak back. “Happy New Year Sammy.”

Nate- For New Years you never thought you would be spending it being locked in a room with you recently ex-boyfriend Nate Maloley. Your best friend and crazy sister Anastasia Karanikolaou and her friends thought it would be cool to lock in a room at his place in his room while the party still continues downstairs. With it just being the two off you it is the most awkward experience ever, because you and Nate never really got closure you both just really walked away and never talked again.

While you stood near the door against the wall, Nate sits on his bed rolling one before lighting it and smoking. Letting the toxins cloud his brain. You didn’t mind Nathan smoking but sometimes it just bothered you because you know he would rather relay on the drug than talk about what’s wrong.

You sigh to yourself before quietly making your way over to his bed and sitting down on the end off it.

“You know why they locked us in here, right” you ask quietly as you nod your head to the door.

“Yeah” he mumbles before inhales some smoke.

It stays silent for a moment before I speak up again. “I heard Stass talking to Em on how their gonna bring us back together, I never bloody thought they lock us in a room on New Years Eve.”

Nate stays silent as he smokes away, the only noise that is heard is the thumping base off the music from below us. The number ten is shouted, showing us that the count down to the New Year is happening.

“Fuck it” I hear Nate says from beside me, the next thing Nate is right beside me and his hands holding my face as he looks in my eyes before pressing his lips to yours when everyone screams Happy New Year. You pull away first for air to enter your lungs after the long kiss you two just shared, you feel Nate’s eyes follow everything you do. “I love you Ma.” He whsipers. “I always fucking will.”

“Nate" you start off but I get cut off by himself.

"One more shot, that’s all I’m asking for.”

“One shot.”

He grins widely before pulling into his arms and kissing you once more.

I guess this is a good way to start the New Year.

Swazz- Spending the New year with Swazz ands his family is always the best, becuase well one Swazz your boyfriend and best friend off three years when it hits the first day off January and two, his family is practically your second family. The night was a special night when John had taken you away for the night for you two to have some alone time. Yes you wanted to spend the New Years with the family but John insited that the two off you go away for the night, becuase he had a surprise for you.

For it to actually be a surpirse Swazz wanted you to wear a blindfold until you got to the secert destination and I quote him saying. “The blindfold is to help everyting be more exciting, so be a good little girl baby and wear it, please.” So you did, you put the blindfold on and let Swazz be in charge. It takes about an hour in a car to get to where your going. John helps you out off the car and leads you to wherever he is taking you before he stops completely.

“Take the blindfold off” you hear him ask and that what you do, as soon as the cloth covering your eyes is off you gasp at the sight off your boyfriend on one knee in front off you, holding in his hand a velvet box with a shiny dimonad ring sitting inside off it. Surrounding John is snow with rose petals and candles lit.

“John” you slowly say his name. Tears spring to your eyes as you look down to the boy you love.

“I love you Y/N, with all my life. Make me the happiest guy out off the group and marry me, please” he whispers. You stay silent for a moment before a sob falls from your lips as you get out a choked yes.

Fireworks explode  all around you showing the New Year has already started.
In a year time you was going to become Mrs Y/N John Swift. Aka Mrs Y/N Swazz.

Jack J- What could you say, you was in love with your best friend Jack Johnson and everyone knew but he hadnt have a clue. You thought you kept it hidden so well but you obviously didnt when everyone bloody knew.

Jack had no clue about the feelings you had for him not a bit at all, even if the boys teased him about you liking him he pushed it away as a joke. Or when the boys or even the girls give hints about it, he thought they were messing with him.

So when New Years Eve came around Jack invited you to come to a family dinner at his house back in Omaha and so off course you went and spent it with him and his family. You ate a lot off party food and drank a lot off wine and well any drink you could get you hands on. By the end of the night you were well smashed and Jack was sober. While everyone still partied Jack lead you to his room where you could lay down and try and sober up.

“Jack” you slurred.

“Yeah Y/N” he mumbled.

“I love you, like a lot, a lot” you slur out very loudly not caring about anything in the world.

“Love you too mami.” Is his reply.

“Nooo Jack I love you, I love, love youuu. Sooo much” Jack just listens to you slur before he tucks in his bed. “I want to be more than friends” you mumble and Jack just barley hears it.

You sit up in the bed leting all the blankets fall to the floor as you get to your knees and crawl over the end of the bed where Jack stands. Before you know it your hands grab Jack’s shirt and pull him down to kiss you. You feel him kiss back.

Just too say that night ended with you two in bed and boyfriend and girlfriend the next morning.

Jack Gilinsky- You and Jack were bed buddies, aka fuck buddies. You both had an agrement that no feelings or attachments should ever develop. So when Jack Gilinsky the sex God started having these little feelings towards you then slowly grew stronger he knew he was fucked.

Jack thought to himself that you would never like him and same for yourself, you alwasy thought that Jack would never like a girl like you. A plus size girl, even know you didnt care that you was plus size, you loved being the size actually but you always thought Jack’s only attraction to you is when you sleep together.

So when New Years Eve came around Jack had invited you to a little get together with the boys and girls. You got along with all the boys and even Emily but you never really got along with Madison, Ana and Stass for some reason they didnt like you. Was it becuase you were plus size, or was it becuase you always had Jack’s attention. Who knows but you didnt want to find out.

You and Jack were cuddled in the conrer as Jack talked to Nate who was standing in front off you with Dillon and talking about some party they went to a few weeks ago and how someone jumped from the roof and into a pool. You snuggle closer to Jack and rest your head on his shoulder. Nate and Dilon soon left the two off you on your own snuggled together.

“Jack” I mumble quietly.


“Normally a guy is supposed to ask, but will you be my New Years kiss?” You ask him quietly, a bright red blush staining your cheeks.

Jack stays silent for a little, which makes you get very worried, next thing you know is Jack lifts your chin up and smiles at you.

“I better kiss you then” is all he says before planting his lips to yours just as everyone cheers in the background that the New Year has started.