I was just doodling and next thing you know I am drawing an OC from Lawn/Bossies ^_^

This is an OC named Casper that belongs to an artist named Lawn or on Tumblr it is Bossies/Dimmitutto

Well I just love this character and I can’t get him out of my head, so I drew him XD

Her drawings are just so beautiful!!!

Well here is my drawing of Casper…sorry about the colouring…it was done very quickly….

P.S I am LOVING these new brushes!!!!


I Love Bossies/Dimmitutto’s (or on DA she is known as Lawn) artwork, I bought some beautiful prints and artbooks from her at AN and i was pleased as punch when she bought some of mine(she bought allot of my Madoka stuff. But basically when I was drawing this i was getting very inspired by her art it is just so beautiful!!! So this is for her, if she ever sees it, sorry that its not that great…its just a doodle XD

Here is the Tumblr for her Art Blog