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» when the darkness comes (cartoon dreamcasts: b-day collab)

who did what:
MacduffProd [The Little Mermaid; Ariel (Eleanor Tomlinson) x Eric (Colin O'Donoghue)]
me [Beauty and the Beast; Belle (Jenna Coleman) x Adam (Matvey Lykov as human, Vincent Cassel as the Beast)]  - (two parts)
xBrokenCrown [Anastasia; Anastasia (Katie McGrath) x Dimitri (Chris Evans)]
me [Tangled; Flynn (Ben Barnes) x Rapunzel (Ella Purnell)]
irydionlover93 [The Swan Princess; Derek (Garrett Hedlund) x Odette (Freya Mavor) ft. Rothbart (Matthew McNulty)]
MacduffProd [Aladdin; Jafar (Majesh Jadu) x Jasmine (Sibylla Deen) x Aladdin (Peter Gadiot)]
MidnightShadows [Pocahontas; Pocahontas (Lindsey Morgan) x John Smith (Dominic Sherwood)]
barryxedits • [Sleeping Beauty; Aurora (Alicia Vikander) x Phillip (Sebastian Stan)]


Dear, Ryan.

We will never forget you. You were and are a big part of the Jackass family. Your smile means the world to us. I will NEVER leave you out when I will have to call the whole Jackass crew. You will always be in our hearts.

We love you, Ryan. 

@truthisademurelady, you know, I hadn’t really given it much thought before tonight, but now I kind of want to. Really, the only actor I’m set on is Chris as Dimitri. 

Although it did give me thoughts of doing a Wonder Woman Anastasia AU (with a slightly different dynamic of course, but still, I can see it) 

Did anyone come to mind for you? I’m going to have to give this some thought.