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Just wanted to say that both your comics and your selfies helped me realize that despite being plus-sized Im not less of a person. I adore your works, and personally can not wait for payday so I can get one of those skirts!

thank you, that is insanely sweet!

i want to make more bodyposi comics at some point but i have some problem solving to do before that. because i was drawing myself, the comments people made about the body – my body – in the comics (both positive and negative) felt too personal and when bad things happened surrounding those comics – namely, getting my work stolen and used for promotion or sale or other uses without my permission – it felt even more personal than it had to. additionally, i received a lot of very sexual comments that made me immensely uncomfortable. 

it all snowballed into me feeling like my ownership over my own body had somehow diminished due to some dumb comics on the internet.

being able to talk about body issues from such a personal perspective was really important to me… but it made everything too personal. and it made me too fragile and i don’t know if i can do that again. i want to do something. i don’t know if that means changing the way i draw myself or creating a character stand in or what. i want to speak from a place of vulnerability and self love but i need to find a way to do it that won’t put my ownership of myself at risk.

Can I tell you a secret? You don’t have to be in a relationship.
I mean it. I know they force it down your throat until you choke on it. Girls aren’t pretty unless they’re wanted. Boys aren’t men unless they’re having sex with someone. People aren’t lovable until they’re dating someone.
But a relationship won’t always make you happy, and as wonderful as romance is, it isn’t the only love that exists. I have seen friendships that are deeper and more pure than couples who swear it’s forever - and yet the friendship is the one people ignore.
I have heard so often “nobody loves me” out of the mouths of people who are single. And it kills me because if you ask them: where are your parents, your teachers, your classmates, your pets - they say, yes, okay, but it doesn’t count. Of course it counts, love doesn’t diminish just because someone doesn’t want to have sex with you. In fact, doesn’t it sort of make that love more real that they want nothing - not even a date - out of you?
It is pretty to be in love. It’s magical, I’m sure. But it’s also wonderful to stop for ice cream in your prom dress with six other girls. It’s also wonderful to go visit the world with nothing but a bunch of buddies who are really excited about learning.
The problem is: we’ve made everything about “the one”. But maybe “the one” is just you, loving yourself, having fun, and being happy. Maybe instead of looking for our other halves, we should be piecing ourselves together.
Maybe I wasn’t born unfinished. Maybe I am the one who makes myself better.

- “ Gran Hotel “

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nah gonna keep calling tony peter's dad because it's obviously not meant in a literal way and definitely is not meant to diminish the monumentally important role of uncle ben and aunt may, just to say that he's someone else who can be a figurative parental figure and mentor in peter's life. also superfamily, but that's strictly an au.

When I met her 30 years after I let her go

She looked so like my mother,

I knew her in my heart from so long ago,

Her familiar smile could be no other.

Everything shifted into focus,

The questions torrential thundered,

This joyous person in the making remembered,

From when I was at my lowest,

Had apparently developed and thrived,

When I decided to go and live my life.

The guilt diminished in light of her radiance,

To be joined with the regret of our days missed.

Enquiries can wait our connection salient.

thewillowbends replied to your post “thewillowbends replied to your quote “While some beings considered…”

I mean, I’m sure it was a great enough honor at one point that giving up your child FELT like a blessing, but the PT novels imply Jedi numbers were dwindling from previous numbers. I kind of wish we’d gotten more background on why that is. (Does creating somebody like Anakin Skywalker “deplete” the Force? Was it a reflection of the growing tension and dissent in the Republic?)

So it’s really easy to infer some not-so-honest behaviors on the part of a religious order that’s under pressure to maintain galactic peace in the desire to get more converts.  Again, a missed opportunity in the PT.

If I had to guess, I’d say the jedi diminishing numbers were result of multiple factors:

1 – the abandonment of the outer rim. We know many children went undiscovered by the Jedi because they worlds were not important enough to get the Jedi and republic’s attention.

2 – The rise in violence. How many children died before being discovery, thanks to slavery, drugs and crime?

3 – Their system was flawed. They never knew Palpatine was force-sensitive until it was WAY too late.

4 – Their rules. If the age rule hadn’t been in place, beings like Anakin and Ventress would’ve been easily accepted by the Order and they would’ve gained to powerful allies instead of two dangerous foes.

5- The Order growing unpopularity lead parents to hide their children or refused to give them up.

These were just a few more ways the Jedi failed themselves. This is, again, their refusal to evolve and their corruption leading them to their destruction.

They were so afraid of the dark side they did everything they could to ensure they trained “proper Jedi”. I wonder how many enemies they made when decided to stop training everyone and instead decided to take infants. Before it become “honorable” to give your kid to the Jedi, how did they convinced the parents? And how did it become “honorable”? How long and how much propaganda was necessary?

Ciri is Yennefer’s daughter.

I’ve seen some posts about how Ciri and Yennefer are nothing alike and takes after other people. That’s completey wrong. They even say that Yennefer only wants to use Ciri and doesn’t care for her. What the game portrays is called bad writing. Why doesn’t Ciri interact with Yennefer her adoptive mother? Why is Ciri so trustful of Avallac’h after he basically kidnapped and blackmailed her–it’s the fault of the game writers.

The posts also try to distance Yennefer and Ciri based off their apperances? CIri has freckles so she must take after someone else other than Yennefer? Ciri isn’t Yennefer’s biological daughter—trying to diminish a character’s relationship due to apperance is a nonsenical and naive notion.

Yennefer always wanted the best for Ciri and whoever denies that is delusional.

Read the two exerpts if it’s such a hard concept to grasp. 

“Thank you, Lady Philippa,” Ciri said after a few moments, squeezing the head of the sphinxes in her hands. “I also feel honoured with the proposal to take the surname de Tancarville. However, it seems to me that my new last name is the only thing that I can choose for myself, I thank the two mistresses. But I want to be called Cirilla of Vengerberg, daughter of Yennefer.”

Before you do something that could be fatal,” Triss said suddenly, “leave something behind for us…”

  “A will?”

  “Something that allows us to… continue. To find Ciri. Because we are primarily concerned for her health! For her life! Yennefer, Dijkstra has found some traces of… some traces of certain activities have been found. If Vilgefortz does have Ciri, then the girl faces a horrible death.”

  “Be quiet, Triss,” Philippa Eilhart hissed sharply. “We are not trading or bargaining.”

  “I will leave you the information,” Yennefer said slowly. “I’ll leave you the information on what I’ve found and what I plan. I’ll leave a trail you can follow to her. But not in vain. If you will not facilitate my exoneration in the eyes of the world, then to hell with you and with the world. But at least grant me exoneration in the eyes of the witcher.”

  “No,” Philippa denied the request almost instantly. “That is also not in the interest of the Lodge. You will also remain a traitor and a mercenary sorceress to your witcher. It is not in the interest of the Lodge for him to furiously attempt to avenge you. If he despises you, he will not attempt to take revenge. By the way, he’s probably already dead or will die any day now.”

  “The information,” Yennefer said dully, “for his life. Save him, Philippa.”

  “No, Yennefer.”

  “Because it’s not in the interest of the Lodge.” A purple fire kindled in the sorceress’ eyes. “Did you hear that Triss? There, you have your Lodge. You see their true colors, their true interests. And what do you think of them? You were a mentor to the girl, almost – as you put it – a big sister. And Geralt…”

  “Do not attack Triss’ relationships, Yennefer.” Philippa retaliated with her own fire in her eyes. “We will find and rescue the girl without your help. And if you succeed, that’s fine, a thousand thanks, because you will have saved us the trouble. You tear the girl out of the hands of Vilgefortz and we will be happy. And Geralt? Who cares about Geralt?”

  “Did you hear that, Triss?”

  “Forgive me,” said Triss Merigold dully. “Forgive me, Yennefer.”

  “Oh, no, Triss. Never.”

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It's seems pretty harmful that you are calling yourselves a lesbian advice blog when in reality you are giving out very transphobic advice. As a lesbian myself I can recognize that trans women are women and that me being attracted to them does not at all diminish my label as a lesbian. The label of 'woman' does not automatically mean 'personal with a vagina'. Also, Lesbophobia is a real thing but you cannot just use it as a way to justify your TERF ideologies

We don’t just “call ourselves” a lesbian advice blog. We are a lesbian advice blog. We give advice to lesbians. Pretty damn straight forward, or at least you’d think it would be. But lesbians who refuse to center penis in their lives are all labeled “TERFs” and shut down. The only so-called crime we are guilty of is starting a lesbian exclusive advice blog in an ocean of male-centered so-called “sapphic” blogs. If this was a blog about food, would all of you people demand we talk about boats to be more inclusive of boat-lovers? I fucking doubt it, but that’s basically what you all are nagging about all the time. Leave us the fuck alone.

We believe the real harm to lesbians are males infiltrating spaces which are meant for women, especially meant for us lesbians. We believe the real harm to lesbians are all those so called “sapphic” blogs run by transwomen (males) in their late 20s and older who give advice to young lesbians on their bodies and sex life. 

Lesbians do not experience any attraction to males, and that is the only distinction between a lesbian and a bisexual woman.

We’re getting tired of defining these basic terms again and again for you people, but we believe the only way to have a comprehensible argument is to understand each other.

So here’s the thing: we speak English as described on the Oxford dictionary, the Merriam-Webster dictionary, idk, any fucking real-life dictionary. We speak the English of the masses, the coherent English, the universal language. All four of us mods are ESL speakers, from four different non-English speaking countries, and yet we have a better grasp at English than many of you USA-minded transactivists.

Here’s a list of definitions, our vocabulary if you will, here’s what we are talking about, here is what we will keep saying, no matter how many times you call us “TERFs”, or tell us to pee your pants, or wish us dead.


Either of the two major forms (male or female) of individuals that occur in many species and that are distinguished respectively as female or male especially on the basis of their reproductive organs and structures; the sum of the structural, functional, and behavioral characteristics of organisms that are involved in reproduction marked by the union of gametes and that distinguish males and females; (sexually motivated phenomena or behavior, sexual intercourse); genitalia




Refers to “the sex that produces small, typically motile gametes, especially spermatozoa, with which a female may be fertilized or inseminated to produce offspring.”


Refers to the sex that can bear offspring or produce eggs, distinguished biologically by the production of gametes (ova) that can be fertilized by male gametes.


An adult human male. 


An adult human female.


A set of chracterists, roles and expectations linked to either of the two sexes.


Refers to gender, associated with and expected from males. Qualities or appearance traditionally associated with men.


Refers to gender, associated with and expected from females. Qualities or appearance traditionally associated with women. 


Transwomen are males who identify with femininity.


Transmen are females who identify with masculinity.


A homosexual woman, aka a homosexual female, aka a female exclusevely attracted to other females.*

(*There is no going around this definition, therefore transwomen (males) will never be lesbians but transmen (females) can be lesbians if they wish to reclaim that descriptor. Also, lesbians are never attracted to transwomen (males).)


A male or female person who is attracted to both male and female people. 

I don’t care how many times you repeat your lying mantras, a transwoman is a male who identifies with feminine presentation. So unless you’re speaking a different language than I am, a woman is always an adult human female, therefore a transwoman will always be a transwoman, but never a woman. Unless the transwoman in question detransitions back into a man, they will always just be a transwoman. Always male, never female. 

This kind of argument that a trans male aka a transwoman could ever be a female is just based on thin air and lies you’ve been feeding yourself. 

The reality of human sexuality is that it just is. It is a constant. It’s not fluid like yall have been telling yourselves all this time. A female homosexual is born that way, will die that way, unless she was wrong about being homosexual from the start. A female homosexual will always be attracted exclusevly to females. The reason so many lesbians have narratives of having been with men before is not because they were ever actually attracted to those males, it is only because they experience compulsory heterosexuality.

Bisexuality is the only sexuality which actually involves fluctiation of attraction between the two sexes. 

If you’re telling me you actually truly experience attraction to transwomen and women, you’re just telling me you experience attraction to males and females. That is bisexuality in a nutshell.

Referring to “The label of ‘woman’ does not automatically mean ‘personal with a vagina’.“

Do you understand what a label is? A label classifies, it is “a descriptive or identifying word or phrase”. What does the label woman classify? Look in any decent dictionary. Woman is an adult human female. 

Female is sex, and sex is stagnate. No matter how many surgeries, hormones, or whatever any person goes through, their sex will never change from the moment they are born to the moment they die. The only people sometimes assigned a sex at birth are intersex people, but I suggest you leave them alone, because they have nothing to do with this bullshit, as the assignment surgeries they go through are usually invasive and non consensual.

Regarding “Lesbophobia is a real thing but you cannot just use it as a way to justify your TERF ideologies”

You’re damn right lesbophobia is a real thing, and you wanna know who’s perpetrating it with their genderist ideologies? That’s right, transactivists. “TERF” is a word that has been thrown around to silence lesbians such as ourselves, to remove our credibility in regards to our own sexuality and our own lesbian-specific spaces.

From the very beginning of this blog we have been critized for being a lesbian-only blog. By lesbian only, we mean females exclusevly attracted to females. Apparently having spaces where women can be safe and talk about their experiences as women who exclusevly love other women is too much to ask. Silly women, we don’t get a platform to speak up, what kind of crazy utopian wish is that? 

Males have been colonizing our spaces for too long. We refuse to stay silent and take it. I refuse to see another young lesbian being told to re-evaluate her sexuality because she doesn’t want to have sex with someone with a penis, aka because she’s a lesbian. This does not only disgusts me, but also makes me really sad. It’s homophobia 101.

I grew up in Brazil, a third world country where religion rules over politics, and I never had a lesbian role model. All our amazing lesbian artists were made fun off, called “velcro stickers” and “big shoes”, the Portuguese equivalent of carpet munching dykes. I grew up hating my own lesbian sisters, and identified as bisexual for six precious years of my life, when I could have been free. But lesbian is still a dirty world. Feminist is still a dirty world. 

And you know what, tumblr was my solace from all that fucking bullshit, and I refuse to stand down when we have the opportunity to offer young lesbians the kind of platform I wish I had access to when I was questioning my sexuality. We refuse to let males into this space, and we refuse to lie for transwomen’s sake.

Women have been lying for men for too long. We have been scooting over, making space. We refuse. This blog is for lesbians by lesbians and it will remain this way.

We will not police our language, we will not let you win.

We are not questioning trans ideology to justify our ideology, we are questioning trans ideology because it is lesbophobic and misogynistic. It just happens we are also feminists on top of being women, so our ideology helps us back up our arguments with fact and scientific research. 

Anyway, moral of the story, TL;DR if you will.. Lesbians do not like dick, and we will not lie and say we do for the sake of butt hurt males in skirts. 

Have a good day.

/Mod A


“There will always be a door to the light!

How is it possible
That a single human being
Could fuck you up so much
And make you feel as if your self worth has diminished
up to the point where you don’t even have confidence
Or believe you can find someone to make you happy

I wonder if you know,
how exactly you have broken me
How I look in the mirror and think,
I am not good enough.
I stare at myself and truly believe
no one will ever love me
at least not as much as I love them,
because I give too much and that is just exhausting.

I get anxiety all the time,
at the thought of you
At the thought of ever loving someone
The way I loved you.
Of getting attached
because I fear they will all become you,
constantly disappointing me.

I don’t have confidence anymore,
I can’t even talk to someone else
because I don’t think anything I say will be good enough
But I am fucking good enough
You just made me feel that I could never be.

I’m afraid of the world because of you,
Of people like you
That act so selfishly and call it,
“Making myself better”
When in reality
You’re a shitty indecisive person
That cannot let go of the one person
Who gave you everything
And you realize a little too late,
they are all you’ve ever wanted.

But guess what,
I’ve know that for a long time.
I’ve known you were all I ever wanted,
the sad part is
You changed.

You are not the person I fell in love with.
And I’m not the person you feel in love with

I am the person you destroyed
but I will also be the person
that will find happiness,
without you.

—  basically word vomit
W.D. Gaster Masterpost

(undertale spoilers)

Doctor W.D. Gaster is an enigma shrouded in mystery, with very little known about him. Despite the scarce amount of information, this character is a popular topic for many fans who are desperate to know who he is. After the January 2016 patch, more “fun” events became available in regular gameplay, driving more people to look for answers as to who Gaster is.

The following is a breakdown of facts, circumstantial evidence, and unconfirmed theories on Gaster. All technical information mentioned below is based on v1.001 of the game.


Before Gaster is discussed, three important characters should be considered – the followers.

Facts about the followers:

  • There are three followers.
  • Their sprite names are spr_g_follower_1, spr_g_follower_2, and spr_g_follower_3.
  • Their object names in the code are obj_gaster_follower_b,  obj_gaster_follower_a, and obj_gaster_follower_c.
  • Each follower has a very low chance of appearing.
    • Follower_1: fun value 62 and 50% chance = 0.5% chance
    • Follower_2: fun value 61 and 20% chance = 0.2% chance
    • Follower_3: fun value 63 and 50% chance = 0.5% chance
  • These are the only monsters that ever mention Gaster by name.
  • They share a monochrome gray color theme.
  • Two of them use the words “they say” in reference to what they know.
  • Frisk’s phone does not turn on in their presence.
  • Follower_2 disappears after speaking.

Since the followers are the only characters that mention Gaster by name, what is known as canon about Gaster is derived from their dialogue. However, because the followers speak in such a hearsay manner (e.g. “They say he created the Core.”), it’s hard to be sure how accurate this information is. With little else to go on, this information will be taken at face value. 

Facts and hearsays about Gaster:

  • He was the previous Royal Scientist, before Alphys.
  • His brilliance was “irreplaceable”, which is why Asgore took so long to replace him.
  • He created the CORE.
  • His life was cut short.
  • He fell into his creation.
  • His experiments went wrong. (Yes, experiments is plural here).
  • He vanished without a trace.
  • He shattered across time and space.
  • A piece of him exists with Follower_2.
  • He is still listening.

Outside of what the followers share, there are a few more things known by special events in the game and by examining the code and assets.

From the game’s code, assets, etc:

  • Entering Gaster’s name in the character name screen causes the game to restart – and it only happens with Gaster’s name.
  • The Sound Test Room in Snowdin has a 50% chance of being accessible at fun value 65 (after defeating Papyrus and before defeating Asriel in the pacifist route), and Gaster’s Theme can be played in this room. Once the song starts playing, the music cannot be changed. Eventually, the song ends and then Frisk is automatically returned to the room with the fishing rod.
  • Despite not having a battle, Gaster’s monster type identifier in the code is 666, and his stats are composed using only 6. (ex. HP of 666666)
  • Sans’ attacks, which bear resemblance to animal skulls, use six sprites called spr_gasterblaster.
  • An unused NPC field sprite called spr_gb_npc looks like the spr_gasterblaster sprites, but without a face.
  • The gasterblasters are used in the code’s obj_gasterblaster, which is used in the code’s obj_gasterbl_gen.
  • By editing the game’s save files, ENTRY NUMBER SEVENTEEN can be found in an unused room. The code for this room is called obj_gaster_room, confirming that the entry belongs to Gaster. The identifier for the text type is 666, and the game quits after the last line of the entry.

Circumstantial Evidence

The following is a list of reasonable deductions based on clues provided in the game. Unlike the facts listed above, these theories are not confirmed directly. However, they have enough circumstantial evidence to make a strong case.

Gaster is the original creator of the DT Extraction Machine.

  • Alphys specifically mentioned “using the blueprints” in her lab entry 5.
  • Since Alphys used these rather than created them, it’s presumed to be from the previous Royal Scientist.

W.D. Gaster refers to Wingdings and Aster (two fonts). 

  • Wingdings shares Gaster’s initials, W.D.
  • Because the room with ENTRY NUMBER SEVENTEEN is coded as obj_gaster_room, Gaster has a connection to Wingdings.
  • If the W.D. refers to Wingdings, the name Gaster may refer to Aster. However, there is no Aster in the game.

Gaster is a skeleton.

  • Because Sans and Papyrus are named after fonts and are skeletons, Gaster is assumed to be a skeleton.

The Core was built before New Home.

  • Considering New Home is built above the CORE, it’s reasonable to assume Gaster built the CORE before the Royal Family moved to New Home.

Gaster may have a connection to the monster that appears in a room behind a gray door in Waterfall – Mystery Man.

  • The sprites are called spr_mysteryman.
  • The object name in the code is obj_mysteryman.
  • At fun value 66, there is a 10% chance of this door appearing. That means there is a mere 0.1% chance of finding this door without hacking or cheating.
  • Frisk cannot collide with Mystery Man; they walk right through.
  • When interacted with, Mystery Man disappears, and the sound effect snd_mysterygo plays. It is the same one that plays for the disappearing Follower_2, who claims to be holding a piece of Gaster.
  • Unlike with the followers, the phone can be used, but there is no response.

Gaster may have a connection to the monster in an inaccessible room in Waterfall – Redacted A.

  • Its sprite is called spr_redacted_a_0.
  • Its object name in the code is obj_redacted_a.
  • The room can be accessed by editing the game’s save files, but only after disabling dogcheck.
  • The monster is solid and cannot be walked through. 
  • It disappears if Frisk moves away from it, and reappears if Frisk moves towards it.
  • This is the only monster that speaks in Wingdings, specifically all lowercase. Its only dialogue is “* [redacted]”.
  • The text sound used for Redacted A’s dialogue is the same one used for ENTRY NUMBER SEVENTEEN.

Sans has a connection to Gaster

  • Sans uses gasterblasters in his battle.
  • Sans has blueprints with unreadable symbols in his secret lab. The narration remarks that it may be just the handwriting that makes it illegible, perhaps implying it belongs to Alphys who’s handwriting is described as illegible chicken-scratch. However, unreadable symbols could also mean Wingdings.
  • During his battle, when Sans sleeps, he snores in an unidentified serif font. This font was originally thought to be Aster, but further examination has proven this is not the case.

Popular but Unconfirmed Theories

With how little information there is and how hard it is to find, it’s easy for “fanon” to become so popular that it is misrepresented as canon. The list below is made of popular theories that are commonly misquoted as fact. This was not written to diminish the theories in any way; in fact, the reason these ideas are so popular is that they make a lot of sense and are not directly contradicted by evidence in the game. However, it’s important to know fact from fun.

“Mystery Man is Gaster.”

  • Because the followers, the Sound Room, and Gaster’s stats all share a pattern of 6′s, Mystery Man has an association with Gaster.
  • However, Gaster was said to have shattered. If this is the case, it doesn’t seem right for him to still be intact as the Mystery Man.
  • It is more plausible that Mystery Man is a “piece” of Gaster.
  • Redacted A is the only monster in the game to speak in Wingdings, which makes it another candidate to being a piece of Gaster.
  • Dogbomber’s interpretation of Gaster was removed from the official tarot card merchandise, keeping his true identity a secret.

“Goner Kid is a follower of Gaster’s.” 

  • Goner Kid is the gray monster kid that can be found in Waterfall.
  • Their sprites are called spr_mkid_goner – it does not include the word “follower.”
  • Their object name in the code is obj_mkid_goner.
  • They have a gray color scheme like the followers.
  • However, Goner Kid appears if the fun value is above 90 – not in the 60′s. This means there is a 10% chance of running into them.
  • Unlike the followers, the phone can be used in the room with Goner Kid to call Papyrus.
  • Goner Kid never mentions Gaster.

“Gaster was forgotten by everyone.”

  • Based on the idea that Gaster shattered across space and time somehow causes his existence to be forgotten. There is no mention of this, however.
  • There is also speculation that Gaster is talking through Goner Kid about how the world can be the same “except you don’t exist.” However, Goner Kid has no confirmed association with Gaster.
  • The word “forgotten” is never used to describe Gaster.
  • His followers remember him.
  • Nothing indicates that Asgore forgot him, especially considering he took so long looking for a replacement since Gaster’s genius was “irreplaceable.”

“Gaster wrote the true lab entries.”

  • Other than the ENTRY NUMBER SEVENTEEN that is written in Wingdings, there is no evidence that Gaster wrote any of the entries found in the true lab.
  • Alphys explains to Frisk the experiment she carried out on the fallen monsters, which the true lab entries document.
  • Based on supporting evidence in the game, Alphys wrote all the true lab entries.

“The followers are Gaster’s assistants.”

  • Nothing indicates they ever worked with Gaster.
  • They mention information about Gaster, but in a hearsay manner.
  • The “follower” name makes them seem more like fans or cult members.
  • Sans has a photo album filled with photos of people Frisk does not recognize, which people believe is Gaster and the followers. However, Frisk can meet any one of them, even if the chances are extremely slim.

“Sans was Gaster’s assistant.”

  • Sans says “you’ll never see them again” in the Lost Souls battle as if speaking from experience.
  • ENTRY NUMBER SEVENTEEN addresses two people at the end, but nothing confirms who these people are.
  • Sans speaks about “our reports” and has a scientific background, but evidence supports that Sans may have worked with Alphys instead of Gaster.

“Gaster is Sans’ and Papyrus’ father.”

  • Gaster is speculated to be a skeleton, so it’s commonly assumed he would be their father. However, Sans and Papyrus make no mention of family outside of each other.
  • A poorly drawn picture of three people smiling can be found in Sans’ photo album under the right circumstances, but there is nothing to say who these three people are.


Shrouded in mystery and darkness, Gaster’s identity and story continue to elude the community. Filling the gaps with speculation is part of what makes Gaster theories so much fun. Hopefully, this comprehensive master post will aid with the guidance, testing, and formulation of fan theories. While conjecture and assumptions breed compelling speculation, it is always important to distinguish fanon from canon.

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How about Cross and Nightmare just sitting on the beach watching the sunset or looking into space in Outertale :3 I honestly love both ideas X3 they're both so beautiful