And that’s how Sans got Papyrus to stop drinking.

All and all, it was a great outcome besides more mental scarring for Papyrus to deal with.

I have quite a dark sense of humour (andthereisonlyonemonthtohalloween), that and fluffy bunny is a demonic, pyshcopathic monster from a pocket dimenson from the storybook that enjoys Papyrus’s suffering.

Fairy Tail Chapter 488 Spoilers

My first reaction : OMG ! NO WAY !!! T.T. It is no true !!! Gajeel can’t gonna die !!!! Noooo !!! —————————— Now. I have mixed feelings about the death Gajeel. I hope that in the next chapters of manga ,everything will well runs out. Meybe… Gajeel find a way to return… just as ? IS GAJEEL REALLY DIED ? MAYBE HE WENT TO ANOTHER DIMENSON ??? I don’ t know …. but I have HOPE that Gajeel COME BACK.! Without Gajeel - Fairy Tail will not be like once… What do Levy and Lily , without Gajeel ? What ? … FANS GALE MUST WAIT AND HAVE HOPE…

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