Got Lost Dimenson earlier, and I’ve played it a bit. I’m getting the hang of it, and I like a few of the characters already(like Himeno and Nagi). Knowing my luck, one of them will be this playthrough’s traitor. DX

And I doubt there’s a path where The End was lying about there being a traitor.

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I am a male and I hate Hinata. I don't have any expectations for any Naruto females, I can only think of two-three who were useful to series, other than that they all suck. I find her design utterly disgusting and hideous, her boobs are just barely bigger than the others. Kishimoto is not good at drawing/writing females. Anyways, just wanted to let you know not all men like Hinata.

I agree. Kishimoto is mediocre at character design, the male characters get the better design. The females look so flabby :/ XD

Hinata just isn’t appealing to me at all. Never was. She’s boring, one-dimensonal, annoying, and her character irks me. IMO, her storyline wasn’t even all that important, she’s a side character. I know a lot of people liked her during Part 1, I didn’t. She was easy to forget about. She annoyed me.

Where I disliked her at first, I grew to hate her during shippuden, especially because of her utterly ridiculous fanbase. It’s the same issue I have with Sakura. Both fanbases are utterly ridiculous. All they care about is pairing their self-inserts with whomever.

She’s so overrated and shoved in your face, it’s fucking irritating to see her. She’s as interesting as a doormat. And yes, her design is ugly. Her eyes make her look even more hideous, and her body makes her look flabby and like a whale. XD Yes, I don’t see what’s so attractive about her at all.

She’s just irrelevant to the plot. I know a lot of people argue how both Sakura and Hinata could’ve been better characters, but I still would have disliked them. I find them both annoying and just uninteresting. They’re both very bland and just needless to the plot :/

The only useful females I could think of are Tsunade and Kushina XD Maybe Konan…

But Kishi’s writing is trashy anyways, it’s no wonder why people hate on him and his characters.

If he doesn’t respect or like his characters, why should we?

The experience of French and Russian symbolism broke the referential-denotative link between the word and the world. At the same time, symbolist poets enhanced the connotational potency of language to the point of explosion and hyperinclusion. Words became polysemous evocations for other words, and thus became epiphanic. This magic of postreferential lagnuage anticipated the general process of derferentialization that occurred when the economy became a semio-economy.

The finanicalization of the capitalist economy implies a growing abstraction of work from its useful function, and of communication from its bodily dimenson. As symbolism experimented with the separation of the lingusitic signifier from its denotational and referential function, so financial capitalism, after internalizing linguistic potencies, has separated the monetary signifier from its function of denotation and reference to physical goods.
—  Berardi Franco, ‘The Uprising: Poetry and Finance’ Introduction

These are the new characters which I added to the Clothing Challenge (you can send your suggestions!).

Eva is an average girl without any kind of special ability. She hates you. She hates me. She hates everything because she’s such a grumpy…

Mindy Moonymoon is a magical super-heroine princess from another dimenson planet! She can fly and has super-strenght.

Which is your fave?

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I'm sorry for all the anon hate you get. These dumbasses can't realize that no one gives a fuck about their self-inserts. Hinaflab and Failkura just drag what could've been a good storyine down.

Thanks :)

Exactly, that’s one of the reasons why I hate both. They ruined Naruto for me, it’s just filled with nothing but bullshit, self-insert shippers. I’ve been saying this for the longest, neither of them add nothing to the story. They’re selfish, annoying, obsessive, one-dimensonal fangirls who only care about getting the boy they want. How is anything about them “admirable”?

And in reality, the Sakura/Hinata fanbases really ruined Naruto. Especially the Hinata fanbase. Her fanbase is utterly ridiculous, but Idk if I can say that her’s is worse cuz Sakura’s is just as bad.

i hold my arms outstretched and tell you,
“i love you this much”,
and in that moment my arms reach accross galaxies, and my hands touch other universes, and my fingertips graze the edges of other dimensons.

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