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Can the clones in dimension jumping obi wan deal with this strange Jedi that knows about them, and stuff they don't yet know like names and likes along with interactions?

The first time it happens, no one really notices except Rex.

The new General places a cup of coffee by his hand, perfectly blended with a splash of milk and a small stirring of honey in it. Just how Rex prefers his coffee without telling anyone but Cody who had fetched his coffee more then once.

But this General, Kenobi, delivers a cup at his side without even asking and its perfect. Piping hot and steaming, with blue milk and honey.

Rex archives it in the back of his mind even as he slowly drinks his cup and continues with his report.

The second part is more noticeable because he gives Waxer a datapad full of aurebesh before a battle and by the end of it Waxer has a small Twi'lek child clinging to him. He and Boil are busily examining it when they return to the ship, reading through, trying to teach themselves.

Waxer even thanks the General the next time he sees him, the energetic man smiling gratefully at him though he jumps a bit in surprise when the copper haired man only smiles and offers him a small jar of green paint in the same shade as the child they left behind on the planet.

Cody sometimes catches General Kenobi in the armory, taking a tally of the weapons and supplies, muttering to himself before doing some short switches, ordering more and nodding in satisfaction. When he does, they come back with more survivors then casualties.

The clones agree with each other after the General casually thanks a rookie clone, not with a number, but a name that sounds natural as it falls from his lips, that this man knows them to well and seems to be doing everything he can to save them and help them survive just another day.

Perhaps that’s why they consent so readily to the medical examination the General asks them softly if they would submit to at the Jedi temple itself. Perhaps that’s why they agree that, however strange it is that he knows them so well, he is worth protecting.

They were made for the Jedi. But the Jedi are now theirs.

They will be the Jedi’s first and last line of defense, come what may.

And perhaps that’s why every clone steps forward when information of the bio-chips in their brains are found, to have them removed. Because they know, there’s more to this then just a way to control their tempers.

And they feel it in their bones afterward even without the Force.

Something has changed for the better.



Rika advising me is kind of heartbreaking tbh

Like you expect her to be this evil villain but she’s actually a really complex antagonist. It kind of saddens me that most people are going to remember her as a bitch without really looking at the consequences that made her this way. She should have gotten help a long, long time ago. It’s too late for her now. Saeyoung’s right. She’s beyond repair. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible but like, none of this would’ve happened if there were people who legitimately cared about her from her childhood.

She feels remorse but she also understands that none of the members will forgive her and that V has obviously moved on. Some people think that Rika is lazily written especially after the secret endings and in some respects, they would’ve been right if Cheritz didn’t come out with this route. But they did and expanded on her character quite nicely.

Alright people, listen up! Some toughts about the Flash

why do i go into the darkest places of tumblr like the tags of anything from the flash? all i can see that the westallens are hating on caitlin. like, c’mon guys she just wanted to get rid of the thing that terrifies her and could cause the deaths of a lot of innocent people.

people are saying that “she such a selfish bitch”, but have you ever considered that she wants to get rid of her powers so she can’t hurt anyone. you know since nobody is helping her with learning how to control it.

i mean, “yeah, train a speedster army to stop the dark lord of speedsters, yaaaaay we’re so smart”, but they say in every season that the cold is the biggest enemy of a speedster. so why don’t you just train the person who could have the biggest chance of stopping the fucking speedster?!?!?!

you know caitlin snow aka killer frost who could freeze savitar’s ass into another dimenson, since savitar only ran away from caitlin after she freezed him in 3x07 because he knew that she can hurt him. that’s why he wants her to be on his side. that’s why he wants her to be evil so she won’t fight him

caitlin is all alone in this since no one gives a fuck about her (except maybe julian). but still she has to do things all alone.

that’s why she kept that piece of the stone because SHE’S FUCKING AFFRAID OF HERSELF. there is no one to give her the pep talk in every single scene, they tell her to not use her powers, but in the second barry or iris is about to die, barry or iris or anyone else tells her to use her powers to save the other

and since caitlin actually cares about them a lot she does it. she uses them and risks it to become the biggest fear of her life

so here i am telling to the people blaming caitlin that why don’t you just think about the things from other sides besides barry or iris. you keep saying that if iris would have done something like this she would get a shitstorm, but everyone knows that people would actually go into an army to defend her at any cost while the same people are giving the actual shitstorm to caitlin

and i don’t need the comments of that “you are just racist”, because it’s not about that and you know this too

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Dimension jumping obi wan interacting with clones?

What could he say.

Obi-Wan adored the clones.

Had done so from the moment he found them and fought with them. Had shed blood with them and almost died with them on so many different planets. They had become dear to his heart and perhaps he had become somewhat attached to them, especially now that he had a chance again to make a life with friends he had thought would be far gone.

Especially after they had all stepped forward as one, having the discovered bio-chips removed from their brains in the Jedi temple by the Jedi healers.

Perhaps that explained his actions when they came under danger. His own emotions when a squad of fresh shiny’s came under fire.

Power tingled in the back of his head, he could feel the directed fire towards the shiny’s of the troop, completely new from Kamino. Something inside of Obi-Wan snapped, he knew these men, men who had died in his universe, men who were going to die again.

“No.” He whispered, that something urging him, prodding him, making him move from Boil’s side in one leap of Force enhanced speed.

Obi-Wan let the Force carry him until he’s in front of the shiny’s, a dismayed cry ringing through his head as Qui-Gon finally noticed where the redhead was. But the man didn’t pay attention to that as he lifted his hands and brought the Force to bear, sinking himself into it not unlike submerging himself into a pool with his eyes closed.

For a moment he can feel everything, the clones around him, the local population, the Jedi’s on the battlefield, the animals and the flora. He can feel death and life. He can feel pain, fear, elation, resignation and horror.

And then he becomes the center of the maelstrom, the very eye of the storm as he distances himself, the back of his heels digging into the muddy ground under him as he was pushed back, the smell of blistering skin and the taste of iron in his mouth. His heart thundering away in his chest.


Something whispers in his mind.


It buildt under his skin, like a coil pulled to tight.


It yells and Obi-Wan’s eyes snaps open to the volley of blaster shots hovering in the air in front of him, he slides a foot forward through the muddy muck and pushes, as if he has a boulder at his hands, his shoulders jerking forward.

The volley of shots moves as one, returning with more force then it left the blasters they orignated from, ripping through metal and circuits, leaving behind only destruction. Obi-Wan hands shake as he stares at the destruction he caused, something wet and warm dripping past his nose and down his lips.

‘The shiny’s…I…oh Force…’ He sways on his feet and feels someone grab him, drag his arm up and over a hard shoulder but Obi-Wan can barely focus, blinking his watering eyes as he looks at the white armor of the one who has him.

Its a shiny.

Alive and breathing and terrified fear echoing through the Force from him as he pulls Obi-Wan along back. Obi-Wan wants to ask if everyone is alright but his legs can barely support him, there’s no way his brain can function to actually form words even with shadows encroaching in his vision.

And then Qui-Gon is there, talking sharply even as he reaches for Obi-Wan, taking him from the clone and lifting him up in a princess lift and vaguely Obi-Wan realizes he’s going to have the mother of all headache. Obi-Wan lets his head drop against the mans shoulder, passing out with a small groan.

By the time he wakes, his body aches with every pulse of his heart and his brain feels like it has explode. He recognizes he’s laying on his side in a soft bed, wearing soft clean clothes with his hands resting close to his face.

There’s a distinct smell of bacta and a careful pressure against his hands that tells him they are bandaged.

Opening his eyes is a slow process and it hurts, the light much to bright. But he bares it as he blinks into the medbay of Qui-Gon’s star destroyer. Or perhaps its Anakin’s?

He can’t quite tell, there’s no obvious sign and Obi-Wan’s sense of the Force is muted at best. This has to be the worst case of physic burnout he has ever had but the other medbeds are empty, that is a good sign.

Or perhaps a bad sign?

There’s a second of panic, the heart monitor picking up on his beat rising and raising a small alarm.

Suddenly both Kix and Helix are there, both medics looking relieved and worried as they get to his side. “General Kenobi, can you respond?” Kix voice can’t be louder then a whisper but it makes Obi-Wan wince and close his eyes, though Helix mercifully dims the light.

“Mmmn…” He gets a dry croak out and then gives up, just laying there helplessly while staring at the two through lidded eyes.

“Alright, that’s better then General Yoda was expecting.” Helix breathed out and Obi-Wan blinked in confusion.

“We had to com the high generals, for advice. General Jinn wasn’t sure how to…he was very worried.” Kix added, carefully taking Obi-Wan’s bandaged hands, pulling them of the bed to unwrap them. Even the small and gentle movement makes the copper haired man hiss in pain.

“Sorry sir, we were going to do this regardless if you were awake. You burned the flesh to the bone doing…well what you did, we’ve been applying bacta every few hours.” Kix apologized even as he set to work.

Helix meanwhile was checking on the IV drip. “You’ve been out for close to two days sir. General Jinn will be relieved to know you’re awake. I’ll get you some water sir.” He moved to a cooler a bit away and Obi-Wan had the feeling that Qui-Gon would be showing up soon.

He focused on Kix, wondering why the medic was on Qui-Gon’s ship and not Anakin’s. That could wait though, he had to know…


“Sir?” Kix paused, looking at him and Obi-Wan closed his eyes in frustration.

“Shi…shiny?” He croaked out.

Kix blinked then a slow, steady smile crossed his face. “Are all alright sir, thanks to you, but sir…for the future…please never do that again.”

Obi-Wan just closed his eyes, smiling a bit too as his hands were carefully settled back down, fresh bacta applied and bandages.

The next time he wakes its to a different bed, his bed back in the temple in the same position though he can no longer feel the pressure of bandages on his hands. There’s a soft, long pillow behind his back, supporting him that’s steadily pulsing with warmth against his still aching body and when he opens his eyes its to look right into the amber eyes of Commander Cody.

“…Don’t EVER do that again…sir.” The commander reaches out and takes the Jedi’s hand carefully. “Or I’ll sit on you myself to ensure you never go into battle again.” There’s a little squeeze and then Cody reaches for a glass with a straw in it, putting the straw to Obi-Wan’s lips.

Obi-Wan just sucks gratefully, feeling water fill his mouth and go down his throat until the glass was empty.

“Not…sorry.” He whispered out, gratified to find his voice stronger then in the Maverick’s medbay.

“I know you aren’t, stubborn Jedi, sir.” Cody set the glass aside. “General Jinn and General Skywalker are with the high generals, giving their reports. They didn’t want to leave you alone and I volunteered to stay with you.”

From the mans tone of voice, Cody might have had to pull rank to be the one to stay with Obi-Wan.

“Tha-nk…you.” He sighed softly.

How The Paladins React to You Betraying Them {Headcanon}{Request}

Request: Hi! Could you write a hc where the s/o is begin chased by the paladins? The s/o has taken a object and the paladins are gonna get it back. The s/o isnt necessary a bad person but she need the object to return home (she is from another dimenson) and the objects only works one time. While the paladins need the object to defet zarkon. To complicate matter is that the paladin has feelings for the s/o. What would each paladin do to the s/o? What do they think of the s/o? What would happend if the s/o got away from the paladins?    

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Nine Realms Nomenclature (Loki Ficlet)

“Okay, so…I’ve just had a thought,” I said and turned my head to look at Loki who was lounging, because that was all it could be called, on the sofa with a book in his hands. Waiting for a response that didn’t come, until I got a brief glance my way, before carrying on.

“So. Asgard, the place. Has Asgardians the people, who call themselves the Aesir right?”

Loki blinked, the put a finger in the book before looking my way properly and nodded. “That would be correct.”

With a nod, I carried on. “Awesome. Alright, so for us lot…alright my lot. It’s Earth, and we’re Earthlings but we call ourselves Humans”

Loki blinked before his face crinkled up before laughing at me. Frowning I returned his laughter with a frown and the glare I’d learned from my mother.

“You expect the rest of the Nine Realms to call you Earthlings?”

I winced. “Mostly in pop culture and talking about aliens, rather than inter-dimensonal beings who think themselves Gods” I snipped back. “What do your lot call us?”

After calming from his laughter he waved one of his long fingered hands in the air. “This realm is Midgard, so your people are Midgardians”

I rolled my eyes. “Alright alright. So Midgard, Midgardians and we call ourselves humans.”

Loki gave a small nod of his head. “Your point, or question?”

“Well… what of the other realms? So there’s Jotunheim, and the people are the Jotuns….what do they call themselves? I mean I’m pretty sure no race ever in the whole of forever and everywhere is going to call themselves ‘Frost Giants'”

Loki’s face scrunched up in distaste. “I have no idea, and no desire to know. Was that the entirety of your question?”

I paused a moment then shrugged. “I guess that question applies to the rest of the realms. I mean, dark elves? Sounds kinda….corny.”

Hello you fellow rpers out there! This is Taco coming at you live.  Could you please LIKE or REBLOG this ( ya know so others can see it ) if you wouldn’t mind rping with a Rick and Morty OC. I will check out everyone who spreads this and with how the series works with dimensonal cross overs and space travel that leaves open cross overs && AUs.

Here are my rules && her bio for you guys to check out :D

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Can we learn more about the clone protection squad for dimension-jumping Obi-Wan?

The trooper practically materialized beside him the moment they stepped of the gunship, almost giving Obi-Wan a minor heart attack as he had not noticed the man approach. “Trapper? Wha-is everything alright?”

“Yes sir. Commander Cody requested me to accompany you should something happen as you are not wearing your comlink sir.” The trooper cocked his head, pleasure leaking of him at the recognition of his name.

“I’m not?” Obi-Wan blinked, reaching for his belt to find that no, his com was indeed gone.

“How…” He looked to where the gunship was taking of and frowned heavily. “Did it fall of my belt in the ship, I know I equipped it before we left the Maverick…”

“Can’t tell sir, but as Commander Cody said, it would make us feel better to have someone accompany you since your com link is gone.” Trapper shifted a bit and Obi-Wan slowly looked at him, raising a eyebrow.

“…Trapper…does this have anything to do with why Gearshift insisted on going over my armor last week? And why Waxer and Boil keep asking me for language lessons? And why for some reason Longshot had my boots the week before that again?” The copper haired man crossed his arms over his chest.

To be honest, he was more amused then agitated at this point.


“Trapper, is there a clone conspiracy to keep at least one of you around me at all time?”


“Commander Cody and Captain Rex set this up, didn’t they. And when I join the 501st, which is next week, I will be followed around by some of them?”

“…I will tell no lie sir.” Trapper went for silence after that.

Obi-Wan couldn’t help it.

He started laughing.

And that’s how Sans got Papyrus to stop drinking.

All and all, it was a great outcome besides more mental scarring for Papyrus to deal with.

I have quite a dark sense of humour (andthereisonlyonemonthtohalloween), that and fluffy bunny is a demonic, pyshcopathic monster from a pocket dimenson from the storybook that enjoys Papyrus’s suffering.