“All of you don’t even understand how much you depend on me, do you? All the hacking, the fake IDs, the financial searches, the sub-rosa profiling. Weeks of work every time, and none of you appreciate it.”
“Hardison, we do. We just, you know, we don’t understand some of it. Well, most of it. But we’re very – we’re very grateful.”

Fairy Tail Chapter 488 Spoilers

My first reaction : OMG ! NO WAY !!! T.T. It is no true !!! Gajeel can’t gonna die !!!! Noooo !!! —————————— Now. I have mixed feelings about the death Gajeel. I hope that in the next chapters of manga ,everything will well runs out. Meybe… Gajeel find a way to return… just as ? IS GAJEEL REALLY DIED ? MAYBE HE WENT TO ANOTHER DIMENSON ??? I don’ t know …. but I have HOPE that Gajeel COME BACK.! Without Gajeel - Fairy Tail will not be like once… What do Levy and Lily , without Gajeel ? What ? … FANS GALE MUST WAIT AND HAVE HOPE…

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