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Put your music player on shuffle and list the first twenty songs, no skipping, and tag twenty others.

Alright, let’s do this!!

Tried to link as many of the songs as possible, but Nana Mizuki and some other stuff is hard to find on Youtube, so I had to improvise in parts. 

…Wow. I’m kinda amazed that out of my gigantic collection of Persona Music, only a single track made it on the list. Welp, I guess you get a good look at my other musical interests here tho. There’s a severe lack of School Food Punishment and sakuzyo here; my favorite music artists. Hmpf… Oh well.

ANYWAY! I tag:

dancingpurge, dimensionslip, blizzardtributon, missoyashirou, katersgonnak8, talesofalibrarytech, mewmewimakitty, eliaspsuedo, chipsncookies, mediumofthestars

…And everyone who wants!!

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And this is my (incredibly late, I’m SO SORRY) Talesmas gift for dimensionslip!

One of the prompts was “Child!Jade being a kid for a change”, and though I can’t imagine young Jade being childish as such, I can imagine him trying to be all mature and it not entirely working out. In this case he wanted to stay up to be with Nebilim to do some research, but ended up falling asleep ヽ(。・ω・。)ノ

Hope you like it and again I’m sorry it’s so late! (」゜ロ゜)」

Let them Know - Let it go
  • Let them Know - Let it go

I decided to give this a go. 

Caution. Do not listen with headphones in. Terrible singing may lead to deafness. I hate high notes -_- I hate low notes too. I generally hate notes.

Lyrics by dimensionslip:

The snow glows white on Mt. Roneal tonight,
No single life to be seen.
An empire of lamentation,
The way it has always been.

The war is moving like this swirling storm outside,
Couldn’t keep helping, heaven knows I tried.

A fon slot seal, a fon machine,
Be the colonel you always have to be.
Conceal, don’t feel, don’t let them know,
Well, now they know.

Let them know, let them know,
I’m Dr. Jade Balfour.
Let them know, let them know,
I caused this whole mess, I’m sure.

There’s a plot,
Because I went astray.
Let the blame rage on,
Fomicry never bothered me anyway.

It’s funny how someone’s change,
Makes my past sin seem small.
And the guilt that once controlled me,
Can’t get to me at all.

It’s time to see what I can do,
For those replicas with no clue.
No right, no wrong, no rules for me,
I’m free.

Let them know, let them know,
He’ll die no matter what I try.
Let them know, let them know,
My smile was all a lie.

Here I stand,
And here I’ll say,
“Let the blame rage on.”

My power sends enemies falling to the ground.
My soul powers an Indignation all year ‘round.
And one thought can give way to an Energy Blast.
I’m never going back,
The past is in the past.

Let them know, let them know,
I’ll take back my sin from here on.
Let them know, let them know,
That bastard Van is gone.

Here I stand,
Smiling anyway.
Let this hope rage on,
Fomicry never bothered me anyway.

dimensionslip said: Wait, did you ever type some Persona people? I must see this! I’m very much fascinated with MBTI, and I’d like to read on the opinions of a reliable source!

Well, I did do the MBTI for all the Investigation Team and Labrys once! Wait, lemme dig it out!

Yosuke: ENFP
Chie: ESFJ
Yukiko: ISFJ
Teddie: ESFP
Kanji: ISTP
Rise: ESTP
Naoto: INTJ

Labrys: ESTJ

The bolded ones are the ones I am 100% sure on, the others I am a bit less secure about, but generally, I feel fairly confident about these. Maybe I will write a detailed explanation for everyone if I have time some day. Oh, I also put Aigis as another ISFJ, when I started trying to type SEES. As for Yu, I went mostly with a combination of his Anime and P4U selves. 

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!


Duration: 8/31 (Mon) 22:00 - 9/7 (Mon) 15:59

Chance to get 5☆ Sophie (Gothic Lolita), 5☆ Tear (Monster Collector), 5☆ Kanonno, and 4☆ Lailah (Mint Costume) from the special gacha.

※ The first spin for the event period will also only cost 3 Asteria Stones instead of 5. This is applicable in any of the special gacha pools available.


Uwaaaa. *cries as I munch on konpeitos* ;;u;; (omg they are not as sweet as I imagined aaah)
Lil sis, sethhilde is addicted to sheeps specially pink ones and is now kidnapping the pink sheep! Nuuu! >u>
And the tanuki pluggie! Adfghjk I always wanted a pluggie—! Aaah the bondkinesis is strooong! ;7;
*very happy sounds* Ueeee, nii-san, thank yoooou!!! ;m; Mune-chan, toooo! Happy meeting dimensionslip too!!! Uwaaa!

Now, have paperchilds having fun with konpeitos~! \(;U;)/

It’s not often I post pictures of myself, and I’m not sure if Minako and Minato are going to kill me for posting this, BUT I REGRET NOTHING.

From left to right: Minako-mun (crimsonxheadphones), Minato-mun (apathystation), Aki-mun (goldenboysanada).

My other picture of Minato and Minako ended up corrupted. :c I’m really sad, as I was planning to caption that photo properly. DAMN IT CAMERA! /tableflip


Title:  odaxelagnia。

Fandom: Persona 3

Rating: R to NC-17ish?  Definitely NSFW, I’ll just…leave it at that, I think.

Pairings:  Mitsuru/Akihiko

Summary:  He forgets, really, where it all began or how he’s sure it’ll end - but for the moment, Akihiko is content to bear the fruits of her restless pursuit for perfection. 

Originally a drabble request gone rogue for the lovely dimensionslip, but I promised I’d post it in a form she could reblog it as well, so here you go, Kat \o/

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I feel like I missed something when I reblogged that “Minty fandom” thing LOL

I saw Minty and thought of girl scout cookies and it made me smile, and it was a Minato blog, so I thought of Minato and it made me smile (because I love MInato, and I thought about Minky-kouhei when I saw it so LOL???) so I reblogged it and now JadeKat-Kouhei is yelling at me LOL