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a math session or a picnic on my math work? nobody knows!

my frustration with probability only keeps growing and i have no idea what to do! everything makes sense when my teacher explains the theory but the problems are like from another dimension?? thank god tomorrow is the last day before christmas break because i seriously need it

Family Gathering Pt. 2

Request: OH MY GOD I JUST HAD THE MOST AMAZING IDEA EVER! Can I request a one-shot or whatever ur comfortable with where the batfamily from another alternative universe without batmom shows up one day in the universe w/ batmom?!? IM BEGGING

A/N: Part two is finally here! Sorry for the wait, babes!

Pt. One

From witnessing most of your children coming back from the dead to meeting aliens from planets that have yet to be discovered by astronomers, you’ve practically seen it all. Or so you thought.

After a long day of work, all you wanted to do was to come home and see your boys - er, men - arguing over what movie to watch and what to eat for dinner. Well, actually you had expected to see one set of your crazy family, not two. Definitely not two.

As soon as you entered the batcave, you froze in shock, your eyes widened, and your jaw dropped. 

“Hey, mama.” One of the Jasons greeted you, waving cheekily. “Did you get that gun cleaning kit I wanted?” 

You blinked and nodded your head slowly, “I placed it on your bed.” You said, still dumbfounded by the fact that there was one pair of your husband and sons in front of you. 

Bruce - your Bruce, you’re guessing - sighed and made his way towards you to place a loving kiss on your temple. “I’ll explain at dinner.” 

“You don’t have to,” You disagreed, smiling a small smile, “I can guess what happened just by them being here.” 

“We’ll be back in our dimension by tomorrow.” The other Bruce assured you. He had this look of fascination and unsureness all over his face. 

“So I guess you’ll be here for Thanksgiving dinner tonight.” You spoke, grinning at everyone in the room. “Well, luckily we have two Alfreds now. What do you say, Alfred and Alfred, you up for the challenge of feeding all of us?”

Your Alfred, whom you remembered had worn a black tie this morning, nodded determinedly, “Of course, Miss Y/N! It’s preposterous for you to think that we can’t.” 

Alternate Alfred merely stared at you like you were an angel sent to him by God, which in a way you were. How many people in the world could deal with Bruce Wayne and his abnormal children?

You beamed, “That’s great! Do we need another turkey? I can head to the store before it closes to get more.“ You suggested, helpfully. 

“Mom,” Your Tim(?) injected, “You know Alfred bought like five extra just in case the League decided to stop by.” 

“I think you mean just in case Wally and Uncle Barry decided to flash over and eat with us.” Dick corrected, laughing. The two speedsters loved coming to the manor for holidays. Especially when it involved a large family dinner. 

“That is true,” mused Tim, “speaking of the Flashes, we should tell them they can’t come this year seeing as we already have enough guests as it is.”

You averted your eyes to your husband and raised an eyebrow at him, signally that he would have to be the one to make that phone call. 

Bruce grumbled but nodded, pulling his phone out from his back pocket and separated from the large group for some privacy. 

There was a brief moment of awkward silence. You bit your lip and looked at your four sons, motioning for them to say something. 

It wasn’t your fault that your professors didn’t teach you the art of interacting with the other dimension in college!

“So it may seem that you are the matriarch of this family.” A slightly haughty and pompous voice spoke up. This must be the other Damain Wayne. You wondered why he sounded like he’d never seen you in his life before. Surely there had to be another you in their universe, or maybe you just didn’t understand how alternate universes worked.  

You caught the warning glares everyone, even your Damian, was giving him. “Yes,” You nodded, politely, “And you must be Damian.” 

Alternate Damian sniffled and stuck his nose up in the air, “Who else could I be?” He said, unamused.

“Damian,” the other Tim hissed.

Damian rolled his eyes and scowled, “Save your breath, Drake. If father was to pick someone other than my mother to be his beloved, I was hoping she’d be at least intelligent.” 


❆ lyon vastia ❆ 413 days ❆
for imxeracus c:


Mr. Mxyzptlk:  The big problem with being immortal is filling your time.  For example, I spent the first two thousand years of my existence doing absolutely nothing.  I didn’t move…I didn’t breath.  Eventually, simple inertia became tiresome, so I spent the next two thousand years being saintly and benign, doing only good deeds.  When that novelty began to fade, I decided to try being mischievous.  Now, two thousand years later, I’m bored again.  I need a change.  Starting with your death, I shall spend the next two millennia being evil!  After that, who knows?  Perhaps I’ll try being guilty for a while.  

Louis Lane: Superman…H-He’s changing!

Mxyzptlk: Did you honestly believe a fifth-dimensional sorcerer would resemble a funny little man in a derby hate?  Would you like to see how I really look?”

-Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow: Part 2 by Alan Moore

Green Orbs are magical green stones consisting of the crystallized fluids of demons. In each game, they will revitalize some of the player’s vitality as soon as they are picked up, and also count towards their Red Orbs if their health is already full. They can be found by defeating enemies and breaking objects, but are uncommon.

The Rift to the Dimension of Sinister Intent Opens Up And Offers A Challenge!

Heya adventurers! I have exciting news for you all and it’s something that you’ve all been waiting for since the release of the Magic Wardrobe. You probably have a bit of an idea now but I’ll just go ahead and say it: The Magic Wardrobe’s most awaited function is finally here! You now have the ability to add your Ice Burner sets inside the Magic Wardrobe! It’s totally ok to do some low-key spazzing today and then just go all out tomorrow when it comes out. Plus, we also have a few surprise accessory additions in the Magic Wardrobe so don’t forget to check that out as well!

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“ I wonder why is it that kaiba’s pain and mourning and obvious care for Atem is mischaracterization. is it really that hard to believe that he really is in pain after losing an important person to him? its surprising to me, this is lash out when it comes to pain, atem IS important to him but people rather say it is mischaracterization instead of seen it as a person whos pretty much human and is mourning even if its in a pretty extreme way “


I love you.

I love you so much.

(There’s a lot of persons who still think that Kaiba doesn’t care for Atem. I find it rather hard to believe even in the original series, but the care in this movie is undeniable. It’s understandable that people don’t like it because of that, even if I don’t understand why they think that way. Of course, Prideshipping isn’t canon, but they are obviously great friends in their own screwed up ways.)