dimensions tomorrow

Also can we talk about how Ryo cried while trying to tell Aigami it wasn’t him who killed Shadi, it was the ring and Aigami (obv) didn’t believe him bc who would in that situation, witnessing all of that

Because let me tell you, I legitimately cried so bad


Something terrible is going to happen.
  - Okay, what is it?


Mr. Mxyzptlk:  The big problem with being immortal is filling your time.  For example, I spent the first two thousand years of my existence doing absolutely nothing.  I didn’t move…I didn’t breath.  Eventually, simple inertia became tiresome, so I spent the next two thousand years being saintly and benign, doing only good deeds.  When that novelty began to fade, I decided to try being mischievous.  Now, two thousand years later, I’m bored again.  I need a change.  Starting with your death, I shall spend the next two millennia being evil!  After that, who knows?  Perhaps I’ll try being guilty for a while.  

Louis Lane: Superman…H-He’s changing!

Mxyzptlk: Did you honestly believe a fifth-dimensional sorcerer would resemble a funny little man in a derby hate?  Would you like to see how I really look?”

-Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow: Part 2 by Alan Moore

“ I wonder why is it that kaiba’s pain and mourning and obvious care for Atem is mischaracterization. is it really that hard to believe that he really is in pain after losing an important person to him? its surprising to me, this is lash out when it comes to pain, atem IS important to him but people rather say it is mischaracterization instead of seen it as a person whos pretty much human and is mourning even if its in a pretty extreme way “


I love you.

I love you so much.

(There’s a lot of persons who still think that Kaiba doesn’t care for Atem. I find it rather hard to believe even in the original series, but the care in this movie is undeniable. It’s understandable that people don’t like it because of that, even if I don’t understand why they think that way. Of course, Prideshipping isn’t canon, but they are obviously great friends in their own screwed up ways.)

  • someone: tomorrow's gonna be hard, but try to be kind to yourself! practice self care!!
  • me, knowing I'm gonna drink 3 bottles of wine and disassociate entirely from reality: sure

Green Orbs are magical green stones consisting of the crystallized fluids of demons. In each game, they will revitalize some of the player’s vitality as soon as they are picked up, and also count towards their Red Orbs if their health is already full. They can be found by defeating enemies and breaking objects, but are uncommon.