dimensions of a dialogue


Open Space by Morgane Tschiember

The pieces continue to explore the artist’s fixation with the transition between dimensions and how they relate and create dialogues with each other.

My rambling thoughts on DSoD

I’m putting the rest behind a spoiler cut, but I don’t think it’s a spoiler to say that the animation is beyond amazing.  Dark Side of Dimensions is one of those rare movies where you could erase the dialogue (more on that one behind the spoiler cut) and I’d sit in the dark watching the images – and still feel like I’d seen a complete movie.

My completely Kaiba-centric thoughts are below the cut. 

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Summary: In which it’s just a photo, but it’s also more than that. 

Word Count: 1.3K

Genre: Fluff, Hurt/Comfort

A/N: This is mostly just dialogue?? and technically might class as more of a drabble than a oneshot. I tried.

I am sorry this has been so long, theimpy, I had a lot of difficulty with this prompt, but here you go ! (I’m also sorry it may be lacking a little bit in the fluffiness department)

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Yugo: je ne me ferai plus avoir par tes ruses et mensonges ,et je comprends aujourd'hui pourquoi jet t’ai mis ici.

Qilby: non, pas ça, ne me refais pas ça , Yugo!

Yugo: je n’ai pas le choix, Qilby, tu es beaucoup trop dangereux.

Qilby: Non, je deviens fou ici! Seul…

Yugo: Tu es déjà fou et seul, Qilby!

Qilby: Non!  pitié!

I really hate it that Ten will always be remembered for the things he did in Moffat’s episode (for the most part).

Like in LEGO Dimensions, each Doctor has three lines of dialogue when they are removed from the portal thing, and Ten’s dialogue choices are “I don’t want to go” (because each Doctor has a quote from their regeneration),  “Regeneration is a lottery” (which Ten only said in the 50th as part of the boner joke, I believe), and the wibbly wobbly quote from Blink. And he has the 50th hair.

And the fandom quotes that quote from Blink all the time, and also love Girl in the Fireplace, and the 50th.

Moffat’s Ten and Ten are different people entirely, so it’s sad that Ten will always be remembered as Moffat’s Ten.


Fringe Rewatch: 56/∞

↳ 2.01 A New Day in the Old Town