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Fact: Bakugou’s also a dragon shifter, he just never shifts cause he’s super fucking tiny and he hates it with a passion

Voltron Season 4

A continuation of this! Because I can’t get these ideas out of my head, but I haven’t actually gotten around to writing any of it yet. 

I wrote my version for season 3, so now I’ma just keep eventually going through all 6 seasons, lol. Which means we’re getting into my personal headcanon territory as well as original ideas, so read at your own risk (people who have read Serendipitous Fate know what we’re in for here).

SO ANYWAY! The team is all back together following season 3 and so we’ve got to change our direction a bit. The characters that got the most focus in season 3 were Hunk, Lance, and Keith, with a bit of Allura and Pidge on the side. So season four is going to revolve more generally around Shiro, Allura, and Pidge, with the other three doing things more subtlety in the background. What does this do? Well, mostly it allows for a way to address the issues between Keith and Lance without making them center stage. Hunk—following his development in season 3 and his want to keep the team together—will act as a kind of middle man as these two get their shit together in the background of the main narrative, as I think Hunk has mainly been only in Lance’s corner previously.  

So, the season will open up following the battle with the Galra. Everyone is finally back together and with the stress of the situation no longer weighing on them, the actions they took last season will begin to trickle in. There will be implications that everyone is basically caught up on what everyone else was doing, so we don’t have to view that summary. Keith and Lance will, at some point early on, address the rift they created at the beginning of season 3 with apologies and the decision to try and listen/understand one another better. It will be kind of a sweet moment, but then be interrupted by Hunk or Pidge and it won’t last. Why? Because Keith and Lance, though they be trying, will still struggle to get along and so we can’t have the moment be too heavy. Lance is aware of his insecurities and that he projects those onto Keith, and Keith is aware that his tendency to go off on his own and make solo decisions tends to grate on the others. They both struggle to control these things however, and so still argue, but are making clear attempts to get along better. Hunk, now feeling more comfortable in his position as the rock and the one bringing others together, is less dependent on Lance for validation and making efforts to get to know Keith as well, which results in him making a good middle man between the two when they fight and a good voice of reason in pointing out the mistakes both are making. This is kind of their status quo throughout the whole season and we see in the background as they make slow steps toward better relations with one another, like gradual building blocks. This also makes a better opening for Keith to connect with them, as Hunk taking a more active role opens doors to Keith that weren’t there previously. It’s also important to note that, as a result of season 3, Keith is now also making better efforts to connect with the other paladins just generally.

So that’s the background story. Up front we have Shiro, Allura, and Pidge. Shiro has been trapped in the astral plane, basically, and as a result, was both kind of helpless as well as able to better recall all of what happened when he was captured. Not in the strictest sense, but more like the effects of the astral plane (which we will learn more about later) have made things more accessible to him. Which means Shiro is going to be suffering more heavily from PTSD with more frequent flashbacks to his time as a prisoner. Which is important because it will not only help us gleam more of his character, but of the Galra as a whole. As well as their technology and the effects if has.

During this beginning time, we’re also going to be getting hints of Allura learning more about her magical abilities and what that means/the connotations that come along with having the ability to use magic (there’s a lot of negative stigma). This was something that was kind of ignored in season 3 because, well, Allura was ignoring it, but because of some battle or rescue, it comes to the forefront and Allura has to confess that she has these abilities and that she basically doesn’t know how to use/manage them.

The driving plot point for the beginning of the season, however, will be Pidge and her father. Her father (his name is Sam I think?) explains that after Matt was injured by Shiro, he was sent to the same work camp and they were reunited. Gradually, rumors of Voltron came in and out with prisoners and Matt was able to, as a result of Shiro’s sacrifice for him, inspire a revolt within the work camp. They managed to escape and basically started a kind of underground resistance movement of their own, where they flew around to prison camps and started freeing others, mostly in attempts to find Shiro on Matt’s end.

Sam and Matt got separated at some point, however, and that was when Keith found Sam and brought him back to the Castle of Lions. The team, probably in episode 1, decides that locating and forming an alliance with this resistance movement, which Sam explains has become quite organized, is a good move to make. So they set their sights on that, which Pidge is grateful for because of her brother, obv. It’s in the following character building/filler eps that we get the Shiro flashbacks and the Allura magic issues, probably while they’re answering distress calls and learning more about the resistance.

Lotor is also causing problems. He’s abandoned his battle, which basically makes him a traitor, and so he can’t return to the Galra. Yet, for how much he hates his father and the Galra, he still wants to be a part of them (it’s his home, after all) and so we get a little bit of Zuko behavior in which Lotor basically harasses team Voltron every once in a while. This is also what leads to Allura’s magic outbreak, as Lotor is also a magic user and it’s him that somehow inspires her own magic (likely during battle) to show itself. In this way, Allura and Lotor become very clear foils for one another (more so than the obvious already makes them). Basically Lotor figures that if he can capture Voltron, he can regain his standing in the Galra empire and the luxuries that come with it.

So all these stories are kind of working together, unlike in my season 3 where everyone’s arc was very clearly divided (symbolism!). So we’re into episode 3 or 4 when they manage to come across some of this organized resistance that Sam spoke of. Matt’s not with them, but they raise some issues of their own in how they’re dealing with the situation. Maybe they’re trying to recuse some prisoners and are a little dramatic about how the sacrifice of a few to save many is worth it and Shiro and Allura have to kind of step in and be like, no, that’s not how this needs to work. Maybe Rolo and Nyma are there and it’s through them, because they’re more willing to listen to team Voltron, that they get through to the resistance that they need to correct how they’re doing things if they want to do things “right.” They end up saving everyone, of course, but both Pidge and Sam are uncomfortable with how the resistance seems to be functioning. Especially since Matt was supposed to be in charge (maybe there’s a nice Shiro comforting Pidge moment).

So we let that plot point lie for a little while and turn our focus back to Shiro. A lot of what inspired Matt to start the resistance was Shiro’s actions, and so The Champion has kind of become a beacon of hope/inspiration/hero to the resistance, thus making Shiro feel guilty for the relative mess it’s kind of become as a result of what is interpreted as his brutal actions. He also feels guilty over the fact that team Voltron fell apart while he was gone, so he’s just generally down on himself. He’s had more and more of his memories as The Champion coming back and he’s more and more displeased with what he’s finding out he did. Turns out he was actually pretty brutal in some respects, even if it was just to survive, and so some of what the resistance thinks of him is justified. Basically this episode will lead to Shiro being more introspective about what happened—as painful as that may be—which leads to considerations about his arm and its mysteries.

The Galra technology is something that takes the life force of other living things and turns it into fuel (sounds like FF7), so it’s logical to assume that Shiro’s arm, to a certain extent, is infused with this life force to function. As it turns out, it’s his arm that acts as the key to the astral plane and is what allows him to access it (what Hagger meant when she said he could have been the most powerful weapon she’d ever made). He probably finds this out during some kind of tense situation in which he disappears by accident and then reappears again.

Which leads to Allura and Coran explaining what, exactly, the astral plane is (probably in a following episode). Turns out it’s kind of like another dimension where quintessence shifts in and out with the death and creation of planets/life/etc. It’s also where magic is said to come from, as those who use magic have a link to the astral plane (which is kind of why it’s frowned upon). However, magic users can’t access the astral plane directly as Shiro can, which is why he’s so vital. It’s one thing for one’s “essence”—as Shiro and Zarkon had done in the past—to shift between realms, and quite another to be able to physically go there, as Shiro can do.

Allura determines that Shiro’s ability must have been a rare breakthrough for Haggar and is why he’s considered so dangerous. Someone with direct access to the astral plane could, logically, have unimaginable power. Good thing Shiro doesn’t want unimaginable power, unlike certain villains who are probably recovered following season 2’s finale.

In this way, however, Allura and Shiro’s stories begin to overlap a bit, though that fact won’t become totally clear till later seasons. Lotor comes back into the picture, probably, and ends up taking on Allura one on one or something. We learn some about their past together—how they probably grew up together or something and how Lotor turned evil alongside his father. He likely taunts Allura for her weakness, as they’re battling using magic and she’s at a clear disadvantage due to lack of training. And while I’m all for Allura being able to take care of herself, I do want Shiro to step in here and redirect Lotor’s power to the astral plane with his arm. Which likely shocks Lotor and sends him fleeing, again (until next time, hu hu hu, team rocket style).

Maybe we’ll get a heart to heart between Shiro and Allura at the end, where Allura expresses her sorrow at her abilities as well as her weakness in using them properly, and Shiro tells her something about how it’s not the power itself that is evil, but what she chooses to do with it, just as he’s turned his curse of an arm into something useful, or how Keith uses being Galra to their advantage. Which helps her put a more positive spin on her situation and shows that, as a result of using his arm for good, Shiro is dealing with his own issues.  

Next episode (we’re probably into the later side of the season by this point), we’re back on focus with Pidge and Sam. But the Blade of Marmora is back as well and they’re pissed because the resistance isn’t tactful at all and they think they’re making things worse all around. Which puts some tension on Voltron as they do have alliances with both factions. It quickly begins to escalate, as Sam—despite having grievances with how the resistance is functioning—is willing to defend it, and so there’s some arguing to be had between him and Kolivan. The Castle of Lions is already headed to the resistance’s home base (it moves all the time, which is why Sam didn’t know where it was), and so they calm Kolivan a bit by promising to talk to the resistance leader about what’s happening. They think the leader is Matt.

Well, they’re wrong. When they get to the resistance’s base, they aren’t greeted warmly. They’re actually attacked and asked to leave. When hailed to speak with the group on the ship, it’s made clear by some alien dude (who’s apparently in charge) that they’re just fine without Voltron and could care less about the alliance made previously with the other chunk of resistance members. They’re convinced they can deal with Zarkon on their own. Sam makes it quite clear that a lot of members of the resistance don’t agree with this stance and that leadership appears to have been taken over by a group of extremists set on destroying as much of the Galra as possible without much consideration for how many lives they actually save. He probably knows the leader alian dude due to previous problems caused within the resistance or something.

So, obviously, this is not good. The resistance doesn’t want anything to do with Voltron and so it’s become dangerous to approach. But the base will be moving soon and Pidge doesn’t want to lose it, not so long as there’s a chance that her brother is aboard. Thus, we get Pidge sneaking out in order to then sneak aboard the base and search for her brother. She gets caught, however, by Keith, who quickly learns of her plan. It’s at this point that he makes it clear he’s going with her, so we get some Keith and Pidge bonding time. He probably explains that he understands why she has to do what she is—he did the same for Shiro in season 3—but that he learned from experience that going off alone isn’t the best option. Pidge agrees and they set out together in the green lion (because invisibility). They probably also share in some discourse about why Keith isn’t angry she’s more focused on her family than the big picture, and Keith admits that maybe they’re not as different as he initially claimed. Shiro is like a brother to him, like Matt is Pidge’s brother, and so he’s more sympathetic to her situation now that he’s basically done the same thing she’s aiming to do. He just doesn’t want her to make the same mistakes he did. It’s all very touching, blah, blah.

Anyway, they sneak into the base, there’s some tip-toeing around, and they eventually find Matt. He’s not exactly a prisoner, but he certainly doesn’t have the freedom he did when he was leading the resistance. He was basically booted from being leader because the extremists said he wasn’t acting decisively enough, as “The Champion” would have done. And while Matt admits that he wants to find Shiro, he’s not quite in line with what the new leadership has in mind for getting rid of the Galra and finding Shiro, who they basically want to be their leader once they find him. Pidge explains that Shiro is with them—that he’s a paladin of Voltron with her—and that he wouldn’t agree with what the resistance was doing either (which Matt obviously knows). Keith soon interrupts the reunion, explaining that if they’re going to get Matt aboard the Castle of Lions, they’d better leave soon.

Matt objects, however. He can’t leave because all his work and research is aboard the resistance base. He explains that he’s working on a project that will make it possible to intercept satellite waves all over the universe and broadcast messages, giving him a way to communicate with potential allies as well as warn ignorant planets (like Earth) about the threat of the Galra. He’s also planned to use it to find Shiro. And seeing as this is a pretty important project, Keith and Pidge ultimately end up leaving without him, much to Pidge’s distress. She’s afraid that if her brother stays, he’ll eventually be put in danger by the extremists. And so she and Keith sneak into a control room where she downloads all the resistance intel before they escape back onto the Green lion.

Shiro is not pleased once he finds out what they’ve done, but the intel does prove valuable. Not only does it further illuminate just how much the extremists worship Shiro (much to his discomfort), but it also reveals a plan within which the resistance plans to rally their forces and take their base directly to Zarkon in a move that is both deadly and direct, just as “The Champion would do.” Clearly, team Voltron knows this is a suicide mission—the resistance has no idea what they’re up against and aren’t nearly big enough to take on Zarkon alone. Many lives that could otherwise be useful will be lost to a leader that is too disillusioned by power to know what he’s doing.

Which means it’s time to Voltron to step in, which the Blade of Marmora is more than happy about. Upon Voltron approaching the resistance base, however, they’re attacked (as expected). They have the aid of the Blade of Marmora, however, who agreed to sneak into the base and capture the leader while Voltron provided a distraction. Naturally, however, things don’t go as planned and Voltron, the Castle of Lions, and the Blade of Marmora end up in an all-out firefight with the Resistance.

And things only go from bad to worse when, lo and behold, Lotor shows up too. There’s a reason he knew where they were, I just haven’t thought about it yet. Anyway, he shows up and sets his sights on getting to Allura, who he views as Voltron’s biggest weakness—put her in danger and Voltron comes running. It’s important to note that he and his magic have been bothering the team for the past two seasons, so he’s a pretty dangerous/annoying threat.

So everyone’s focus is scattered, things look shitty, Lotor is being a dick. Maybe this is a three episode finale or something, or maybe only two. Either way, this ep ends with everything in disarray, Lotor probably aboard the Castle of Lions, and at the very last minute, a giant Galra force shows up (probably Lotor gave them a clue or something). Things only go from bad to worse.

Final episode. Voltron has been separated. Keith is with Pidge aboard the resistance’s ship looking for Matt. Lance and Hunk are on the battlefield. And because it’s the season finale and everyone deserves their moment, we get to really see why Hunk and Lance work so well together. Lance uses what he learned in season three to inspire the resistance—maybe against their leader’s orders—to side with Voltron and the Blade of Marmora against the Galra (who are attacking by now), while Hunk—being an awesome lieutenant—keeps it all together and organized. They’re the ones that kind of deal with the battle.

Shiro has gone back to the Castle of Lions upon learning from Coran that Lotor is aboard. We’ve seen by now that Lotor and Allura are facing off again, but know that Allura can’t really compete. Shiro knows this as well and also knows he’s the only one that can stop Lotor. Which is why he’s going back. There might be a bit of time where he notes that Lance is doing well at being in charge while he’s gone, or maybe it was at Lance’s encouragement that he go back to help Allura in the first place. But it’s a very small piece of development.

Meanwhile, Pidge and Keith are still aboard the resistance’s ship. They meet up with the Blade members who were there and make a plan. Basically Pidge goes alone to find Matt while Keith goes with the other Blade members to find the leader. Pidge finds Matt, but he still refuses to leave, even at the threat of the ship being potentially destroyed. Which infuriates Pidge and they get into an argument in which Matt accuses her of not seeing the big picture. The argument escalates, Pidge makes it clear to Matt just how much she does understand/how much she’s grown. He’s surprised and we get a more blatant reference to all the development Pidge has had. Matt agrees to go with her, despite how unfortunate it is that he has to leave his research, and they make an epic escape in which Pidge does some awesome, smart, impressive things.

Keith, meanwhile, is fighting through the ship with the few blade members to the leader. They get there, but it proves challenging. The leader alien is no one to take lightly and Keith eventually ends up in a desperate situation (after a sick display of his combat prowess, of course). Which when, out of nowhere, a kind of wormhole/portal opens up and out comes the Galra Keith saved inside the weblum in season 2. It’s also the same teacher type that Lance met during season 3, but only the viewers know this, not the characters. The mentor didn’t come with Lance to save the Castle of Lions in season 3, because reasons, and so no one but Lance knows them, which is why this miscommunication works.

They basically come in and disarm (kill? Or is that too much?) the leader, saving Keith. There’s an important moment where Keith loudly questions the person, wanting to know who they are, but they’re still masked and refuse to answer. Instead, they both get distracted with what’s going on outside the ship’s windshield. Namely, with Lance, Hunk, and the Castle of Lions.

Hunk and Lance are still out fighting, leading the charge against the Galra, but something happens and both Hunk and Lance know that the castle—which is too busy with Lotor to be focused on the battle—is in danger. So they head in to protect it.

Aboard the Castle of Lions, Shiro has reached Allura and Lotor, probably in the control room. Coran has probably been injured/disabled. Sam too maybe. Allura and Lotor are struggling against one another’s magic. There’s lighting, it’s intense. Shiro tries to step in the same way he had before, but Lotor is ready for him this time and manages to keep him at bay/blast him back/injure him before he can intercept the magic and divert it to the astral plane.

Allura is on her own and, while she’s doing a good job of staying on her feet and fighting back, it’s clearly inevitable that she’ll go down. There’s probably some words shared between her and Lotor that make her look like a boss going down, as she should. Shiro, meanwhile, is struggling to crawl back toward the fray. He can’t really get to Lotor, but he gets to Allura. Just as she’s about to go down, he touches her—maybe he gets to his feet and manages to place his robot arm on her shoulder or arm.

Which is when things get interesting. Together—with Allura’s power and Shiro’s ability to access the astral plane—they become a sort of unstoppable force of power. There’s a very impressive display of Allura’s power, maybe some glowiness, and Lotor basically doesn’t stand a chance against her with Shiro’s support. In fact, Lotor tries to escape, but Allura’s power overwhelms him and keeps him prisoner. All the magic is sucked right out of him and he ends up passing out right there in the castle.

Both Shiro and Allura are weakened by the exchange as well, but they don’t have time to be thinking about it, as things outside the castle have gotten worse. Maybe the castle jolts to the side or something and they look out to see that the yellow lion has just pushed them out of the way of a tractor beam (after all, the black lion was seen going into the Castle of Lions, so why not take the whole thing?). Lance is trying to distract the main ship, while the Blade of Marmora and the resistance beat back the Galra forces.

Keith is still watching from the resistance ship, as the timeline makes it so it’s only been moments since the leader was disarmed.

Pidge and Matt are in the green lion, headed in to help, but they’re too far away to do much.

Lance, in his efforts to distract the main ship, gets caught in the tractor beam intended for the Castle of Lions. Hunk, who’s the closest lion, tries to get to him, but he’s too slow. In Lance’s attempts to protect the Castle of Lions, he’s kidnapped by the Galra, who know they’re losing. Basically, the commander has settled for one lion and manages to escape as soon as Lance is on board.

We’re left floating in the silence of space, all the members of Voltron shocked and horrified to realize what’s happened. Especially Shiro, who gets the last scene. He knows what’s in store for those captured by the Galra, after all, and his fear and horror is the last thing seen before credits role.  

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Lello Bookstore

The bookstore imagined when Karen Marie Moning designed Barrons Books and Baubles. 

BARRONS BOOKS & BAUBLES: Located on the outskirts of Temple Bar in Dublin, Barrons Books & Baubles is an Old World bookstore previously owned by Jericho Barrons, now owned by MacKayla Lane. It shares design characteristics with the Lello Bookstore in Portugal, but is somewhat more elegant and refined. Due to the location of a large Sifting Silver in the study on the first floor, the bookstore’s dimensions can shift from as few as four stories to as many as seven, and rooms on the upper levels often reposition themselves. It is where MacKayla Lane calls home.

We are already in every dimension so there is no shifting dimensions, just shifting perspectives. All possible futures already exist. Which one will YOU choose is the question. Life is co-creation. Being consciously “present”, aware of our energy, is the best thing we can do for ourself and the planet. It’s not our job to “fix” everything, or others, it’s our job to be our authentic selves in each moment doing what we truly feel. This is how we attune the ego and higher self –Jeff Andrews

There was so much potential with Alpha in the Ben 10 universe. Imagine Alpha taking over Malware. Ben already struggles when it comes with Malware, so having Alpha take him over would be disastrous not only for him, but the universe.

Even with Rook, Gwen, and Kevin’s help he would still be struggling. So they use the dimension shifting Mr. Smoothy to find Rex’s world to get him to help.

But Rex isn’t used to Ben’s world, nor to any of the threats there.

It would have made for a killer crossover.

I’m pretty sure New Jersey itself is a liminal space. where nothing really makes sense and the laws of physics and logic are subtly different and skewed and if you look at things from the correct odd angle and cross your eyes just right, things sorta start to make sense for a second before the dimensions shift again.

End Of Loop

I came to strapped to a chair. Another chair sat in front of me and their was a hole in the ground equidistant between them. A glance at my arm revealed my Quantum Permuter was active but in a weird stasis mode. I had spent uncountable years in ridiculous situations with this thing and I had never seen the code on the screen. A glance revealed my surrounding outside the structure were strangely familiar. I wasn’t sure (especially considering the amount of traveling I had been doing) but I felt like I should recognize them.

Then He walked into my field of Vision.


We had never spoken, but since our first encounter he had been chasing me along the timelines. Interrupting my missions. Not allowing me to fix the past.

I hated him.

I had never felt such powerful enmity for a being I had so little meaningful contact with. With his containment suit I didn’t even know what he was. I was pretty certain he was one of Them.

A Kyrati.

The Kyrati were humanoid, and required the same basic conditions humans did for life. It’s ironic, towards the late 20th and early 21st century many stories compared Humanity to viruses. Our wanton destruction of our habitat, overworking of our natural systems, and rapid reproduction rates, irregardless of the reflexive effects, made this comparison troublingly on the nose. If that was a true comparison then the Kyrati were a Virulent Cancer, multiplying and destroying far more than our worse civilizations could ever have conceive of.

They arrived in 2035 after Dylam Enterprises had secured inter-dimensional trading rights with the phase they called 1xb12. Using the Banneker theorems they had successfully created a method of contacting, viewing, and traveling to alternate realities. 1xb12 seemed to have the best compatibility with what we needed, and could supply. So after years of negotiations the terms were set and the Quantum Permuter was utilized to open a doorway.

The greatest fears of the naysayers were almost immediately realized when it was revealed that the entirety of the presented data was falsified. 1xb12 was a seed world for the Kyrati Empire. It had been colonized Years ago and stripped of 90% of its life sustaining properties. What we had been looking at was a preserve and projections of the world before it had been stripped. The planet was currently much closer to Mars than earth.

As soon as the portal was open the Kyrati installed Phase Locks and their legions poured through. Our population was reduced by 70% inside of six months. That was 5.6 billion lives in half a year. Dylam Enterprises to those that still remembered it was an instant Pariah.

So the back up plan was enacted. Thing about the Quantum Permuter, it didn’t just allow for shifting between dimensions, but further investigation and modification could allow for movement along the time stream.

I was chosen to travel back in time and eliminate the conditions that allowed Dylam enterprises to obtain the technology and bring about the Catastrophe.

I had been traveling for untold years. I had committed acts of corporate espionage. I had committed acts of sabotage. I had committed acts of terrorism. I have killed. The things I had done were beyond rationalizing. I had become a monster to stop the monsters from coming. But above all the things I’d done… The thing I had become. I had failed. And this creature was the cause of it.

It walked in front of me and paused. It’s head cocked as it studied me. I sat their shaking with rage looking at the architect of my failures. It reached up to its neck and grabbed it’s helmet. A hissing sound was followed by a rush of steam and when it cleared what I saw was impossible. I looked into the eyes of Dr. Benjamin Banneker, creator of the Quantum Permuter. My mission parameters included potentially tracking and eliminating him but I was unable to find even a trace in my travels. I couldn’t rationalize what I saw. Why. How, could he be Slate.

“Why?” I whispered

He looked at me shook his head and let out a rueful chuckle.

“You really have no idea do you?”

He stared at me for a while. Then his expression hardened.

“I always knew the Permuter could potentially time slip, but I also knew the danger. Time is a stream, interrupting or altering the flow is always temporary. If you go back and change something to avoid an outcome you lock that outcome into place. The event becomes a constant because it Has to happen in order for the consequent event that is time travel to take place.”

“But there are alternate realities…”

“Yes, ones you will never fully experience because you have violated the time stream and Locked yourself Out of time into a loop. Had you Purmuted into a reality where the events that caused you to time shift never happened you could have theoretically stayed. The only way to even conceivably experience a permanent time alteration would be for you to double back on your first loop fix the problem, and convince the first you that he had to continue. You have shifted up and down the timeline so much that said outcome is now impossible.”

“Why, how… You could have told me this we could have..”

“By the time I locked onto your tachyon signature the greater damage was already irreparable. Haven’t you noticed that every time you shift the world you return to is Worse?”

“In some ways but I…”

“Have No clue what your actions have caused!”

He stared at me and in his eyes I saw a deeper pit of pain and rage than I though conceivable. Why couldn’t he understand? What could have happened that he looked with such vehemence towards me?

“It was pretty early on for you mission wise. You were not fully aware enough of the ramifications of your actions to realize, nor so far along in your path that you ceased to care. It was before you began searching for me. I assume your mission included potentially locating and sanctioning me?”

“But I didn’t, I never found a trace of you I couldn’t…”

“That’s because I blocked it. I thwarted your efforts before you even began them, you had already taken Everything from me before it even occurred to you to look for me. I wish you had found me before… I wish…”

He began pacing, galvanized by his emotions, containing himself from an outburst I could see would lead to my end.

“It was a normal day, as normal as days got after the occupation. I was moving my family to a new safe house. They were aware that my work was the foundation of their invasion and wanted me in custody to see what expansions they could coax out of me. I had my modified Permuter, it detected the vibrational differences of Them and their technology which also allowed me a heads up on potential encounters. You were in the area on one of your fools errands. Your tachyon signature and Permuter emissions interfered with my equipment. We never saw them coming.”

He stopped, locked in a memory I had no desire to share. With effort, he gathered himself and continued.

“They played nice at first, they provided for our basic needs in a shelter I knew to be far more comfortable than what was offered to most. At first they thought they had sold me on their propaganda. I smiled and played along with their claims of Manifest Destiny and Conquerers Preeminence. Till the day they realized I was stalling the process. Imagine if you will, what a race that was capable of wiping out 70% of a population without pause is capable of doing… To the child of a man that knowingly slowed their expansion.”

He stopped at this point, tears streaming down his face, still wracked by whatever horrors he had witnessed.

We sat in silence for some time. My imagination, that of a man who could not even remember the horrors I myself had perpetrated, travelled down uncanny valleys and left me paralyzed. I could not conceive of what this man had been through because of me and even more frightening what he had planned for me. Finally he turned.

“They didn’t give me much time before demanding I get back to work. Though I had been stalling on their goals. I had been aggressively pursuing my own. I was able to figure out your specific Permuters modifications, I could see the points of interference in my time stream and I could lock onto your tachyon stream. If I could stop you I could potentially reverse the causality that led to our capture. But first I had to escape my captors.

They were aware of your manipulations but their scientists had yet to replicate the equations that allowed travel along the stream. My Permuter had sophisticated quantum encryption layers. They had never even realized I had time stream alteration equations on my drive. For them I worked on expanding the Quantum Scryers vibrational wave margins. Based off my work they were marshaling for aggressive magnification of their empire. I built a null-time workshop and put it in a quasi permeable vibrational bubble, a pocket dimension if you will. I explained to them that the glitches in my workspace recordings were a result of my vibrational research. They took another of my children to insure I was being truthful. What they did…”

He paused again but briefly this time. Whatever their offenses, they had the exact opposite intended effect. His eyes met mine.

“I built this suit to reduce my agitation of the time stream. As it locked my physical form in temporal stasis , this is the first time I have removed it since I sealed it.”

He reached into a deceptively small opening on his backpack and pulled out a oblong cylinder with a point on one end and some type of tech box at the other end. He walked over to the seat opposite me and slid the cylinder into the hole. He sat down across from me. And though I saw no indication of how my restraints receded. He simply sat across from me looking at me. Waiting. The enormity of what I had just learned began to settle and I was at a loss.

“Do you recognize where we are? When we are?”

I looked around and with dawning horror realized why this place was so familiar. Across the street was the final operating lab of Dylam Ent. If my calculations were correct it was about to be destroyed in the explosion set off by my initial time jump. But why? Why here why now if he could not alter what I had done, what could his purpose be?

“This is an entropy spike. It took me many years and no small effort to create. Once I set it off the vibrational interference will cause your initial time jump to fail, the fallout waves will undo all the alterations we have created in the time stream… Well that is if my calculations are correct. My previous efforts at temporal repair all failed. Only the power generate by the initial causal rupture has a chance to effect a wave wide repair. And only with the presence of the original temporally displaced body. So, here we are. At the start of it all. And we can stop it. None of what we’ve done, what we felt we had to do to get here, will be.”

He paused and looked at me for a long beat.

“You can’t stop it this way. I doubt you even know how long you have been traveling or remember all that you have done. We activate this and the experiment fails. All the damage to the time line will be healed. We will never meet. My family, well I don’t know what will come, but I’m willing to face that over this.”

I looked at him, I looked across the street. I thought about the many times we had faced each other, his actions, our enmity.

“Why even tell me? I’m here you set the spike off and things go back to your normal, why bother to explain it.”

He stared at me with a combination of deep hatred and pity. Offering me no clue but his checked wrath.

“You need me to do something, you need me willing don’t you?”

He remained stoically silent.

“After all we have done, all of our encounters you expect me to believe you? To help you?”

I moved to stand but his hand quickly moved towards his wrist and I controlled my self.

“How do I even know this is real, that you, you are real? That you are who you say you are?”

He still gave me nothing, I studied him. I thought about everything. I shook my head.

“No, you are the reason I keep failing. You are the reason things are getting worse. I stop you here and I can still fix this, I can save everyone your family included. How can you not see this?”

He twitched, his face darkened as he realized my insolubility.

“I bear my soul to you, the cause of all my pain and you spit in my face?” He growled.

“You thing you are the only one who suffered loss?” I spit back. “You know what I have done, what I have become. I would sacrifice a million possible lives to save 5.6 billion actual ones. I am all that humanity has left!”

He stared at me. I saw the stillness come over him. The surrender.

“Then come stop me.”

He reached for the Spike, I lunged forward faster than humanly possible. All the shifting I had done had changed my relationship with time. I had my hand over the control panel of the spike before he could reach it. My other hand was around the handle of the knife I had rammed into his chest. His hand finally settled on mine and his body rocked back from the force of the attack.

I stared into his eyes. “All this time chasing me and you thought you could tell your little sob story and get me to give up on humanity?” I leaned in and grunted between gritted teeth. “Never.”

He coughed up blood, looked back at me and smiled. “I know.”

A automated feminine voice chimed out.

“Activation parameters accepted.”

And beneath our hands the Spike began to hum and glow.

As reality began to unravel he spoke his last words.

“I didn’t need you willing, I didn’t need you passive, I tried it myself and just created a feedback loop that reset back to the damaged timeline. I needed to balance my intentions towards the experiment on a quantum level, I needed you, and I needed you to fight.”

As I took in his words and his smile I could feel eternity pulling apart my existence and everything faded to nothing.

Your thoughts do not define who you are. Thoughts are generated by what we see, hear, do and by subconscious messages from our Higher Self that help aid us in self growth. Thoughts are like clouds on a sky. They are always forming, moving on. Be like the sky and don’t hold attachment to any one thought. And if you do, and it hurts, cry and release your tears like rain. And like the rain does for the ground, your tears will help you heal and grow.

Having “bad” thoughts, I.e thoughts that make you judge yourself, is normal. It does not mean you are a bad person because you think of things that you or anyone else would judge you for.

Please, place your hand over your heart and take a few deep breaths. Smile. Then smile deeper, it’s ok. Feel a sense of Joy wash over you. It takes time. Practice. This will help you stop judging yourself. First, stop affirming to yourself things about you that you dislike. Retrain your mind. Every time you shame yourself, judge yourself or say/think anything not nice about you or another I want you to stop. Say “cancel that.” Then take what you said and say the opposite. Take that judgment, that doubt, that fear, that anger, that shame out and replace it with kind words. Our minds fall into patterns or habits and with diligent work can be “retrained”, for lack of a better word. Do not affirm negative things about you or another. Take those words instead and make them compassionate. Start first with yourself and then give that compassion to others. Breathe. There is nothing wrong with you. You are simply learning, experiencing how to be You. You already Know who You Are, it’s about Remembering.

Inside us there are two voices, the loud painful one that if we allow ourselves to, we can get trapped listening to. And the quiet one in the back of our minds, that knows what’s right for us and that we might ignore sometimes because the loud one hurts to not listen to. Well let me tell you this. It fucking sucks to not listen to your Ego mind. But each time you don’t listen, it grows quieter. Each time you trust your Intuition, it grows louder. Your intuition is YOU. It’s who YOU ARE. You are not your body or your mind, you are Inside your Heart. You exist outside this All, Infinitely. You are literally One with All & the All. Get it? You’re so much bigger than all of this. So take it, take that You that’s bigger than this and Live through it. Bring it down here to your Now, to every moment you are in and BE You. Being You means slowly stripping away all that you put on yourself, all that you accepted when others and the world placed labels and definitions on you, all the labels and dogmas, and just Be who you are underneath it. Bring the Soul into full Consciousness inside your Body. Live as a Harmonious HUEman. Don’t be afraid of your Feelings. Yes, some are scary. Some hurt A LOT. I don’t go out of my way anymore to read things or see things that make me sad. My purpose here isn’t as an activist or warrior. I’m here more as an Anchor for Love. I am not Loves warriors, Bless them All so dearly. I Am Loves Anchor. I simply hold a frequency for Higher Light Frequrncies, everything in the Universe is a series of frequencies and geometric patterns. And so so much more than our human Self can grasp currently. But I still do get sad and upset and anxious. I just use it differently now. I have stopped hating myself for how I feel, or for being me or making mistakes and have instead begun taking care of myself and being kind to myself when I am struggling. We don’t struggle for no reason. It’s all a part of us growing, always growing in Love & Compassion. So when I feel sad or lonely or anxious or bad or scared, I send Love to myself and to everyone else. I just send the feeling of Love, out to me and everything. I no longer let myself entertain thoughts I know aren’t true. I don’t double guess them anymore and think, “what if?” I did that for years and I suffered so much. I realized that it’s the thoughts that make me feel good that define me, that are part of my Truth. It’s the ones that feel good that I’m meant to follow. So, while painful or scary or sad thoughts still enter my mind, I observe them now. Do they hold a purpose for my growth? If so, I figure it out and release it with Love and I heal and grow. If not, I release it with Love and I grow. It isn’t about stopping the thoughts, it’s about Observing them without attaching who you Are and how you Feel into the ones you do not like.

We all play our role in this Earth game we call Life. This life is but a sinducation reality, a virtual reality game your Soul and many other Souls play to grow. You truly are bigger than you know. You have and are Living so many different Lives, some you can barely imagine. And you have set the stage for it. Prior to being born you created your Avatar, you and your Soul Family decided who would play what role in your Earth Life. You chose certain experiences to have and experiences you needed to Expand. In short, Life on Earth is like Sims to your Soul. It’s so funny, it’s always As Above, So Below.

You are Love, experiencing itself as the Universe. You are the Universe experiencing itself as You. And You and everyone else are all Love, you are all Source, simply experiencing itSelf in a myriad of ways. So we are truly One. Yet we are still Is and Unique. We are a Consciousness Collective. As we each dive within to heal and Love ourselves, we expand in Light Consciousness. As we each heal, we expand in Light. We Become who we Are Meant to Be. Who we Truly Are.

You have a purpose in this Life that transcends this Life alone and is part of who You Are. Focus on Renembering You. Focus on healing You. On being Love. Be Love.

I Am Love. The most powerful affirmation.

I Am Love.

I Am Light.

I am Divine Light

I Am That I Am.

It begins inside. Turn within. Allow your Higher Self to begin guiding you on your Journey. You are all So Love.

I love you.

We Love You.

You are more than you have chosen to accept yourself as. Choose to Feel, to Be, to Live Higher. Dive forward into Yourself, and Take charge of Your Life. Be Everything You want to Be.

And if you don’t know where to start, simply begin asking yourself. Talk to your intuition, to your Angels, your Guides, your Higher Self, Your Soul, your Subconscious, Source (God). Whichever. Start asking the questions and watch for the answers. If you Look closely, you will See.


The Source of Great Disaster

Anti Rose fandom is one of the strongest in KR Elsword, and she’s one of the many problems of KR Elsword according to many people. Their reason is that she adds nothing to the story and so her existence is meaningless. Today I will uncover her meaning.

When Rose was first announced:

주요 스토리 ‘엘리시온’ 이야기의 중요한 역할을 하게 된 ’로제
(source: kog’s naver blog

Rose’ will take an important role in the story of ‘Elysion’, a major plot. 

Rose’s Introduction Trailer:

“I have a mission for thy.
I’ve been told the source of great disaster that threatens the Heaven has been located.
It is a place they call `Elrios’.
Find the source of great disaster and eradicate it.

“Your humble servant will serve Your Highness’s will.”

and so Rose’s journey begins… she stalks Elgang and catches them up at the end of Elysion. She joins(? does she?) Elsword and his friends against Solace in Solace’s Fortress, and watches Elsword walking into Solace’s Past Memory.

These are the 10-7 Dungeon Clear lines of characters:


어딘지 언제인지 아무것도 알 수 없는 공간… 뭐라고? 솔레스가 겪은 과거의 공간? 대체 무슨 꿍꿍이를 꾸미는 거야?!

I don’t know where or when this place is… What? This is Solace’s past? What is he plotting?!


제멋대로에 고집불통 꼬맹이지만, 누구보다 용감하고 모두의 중심이 되어 여기가지 오게 한 건 사실이니까. 멍청아, 힘내라구!

He’s a selfish stubborn brat, but it’s true that he led us this far as the leader of us by being more brave than anyone. Idiot, keep it up!


확실히.. 좋은 점만 있는 아이는 절대 아니지만 특별하달까. 항상 챙겨주고 있다고 생각했지만 나도 모르게 의지하고 있는 나를 발견하게 돼.

He definitely… isn’t someone with only pros, but he’s somewhat, special? I always thought I’m taking care of him but without even being aware of it, I find myself relying on him.


잠재력은 엄청나지만 힘을 제대로 사용할 줄 모르는 대책없는 꼬마녀석(이)라고 생각했지. 하지만 전장에서 어느샌가 내 등을 맡기고 있었다.

I used to think he has an amazing potential but just a clueless kid who doesn’t understand how to use it properly. But from certain point on, I was letting him cover my back.


친구… 라고요? 어떤 의미인지는 알고 있지만 당신과 내가 친구인지는 의구심이 드는군요…. 하지만, 내게 있어 꽤 의미가 있는 인간이긴 합니다..

My… friend? I know what that means but I have to question if I am his friend… but… to me, he is a meaningful human being.


항상 긍정적이고 판단이 빠르고, 전장에서는 누구보다 용맹한 멋진 사람이에요! 언제나 응원하고 이으니 자신을 믿도록 해요, 엘소드!

He’s an awesome person who is always positive, quick to make decisions, and the most bravest in battlefields! I’m always rooting for you so believe in yourself, Elsword!


덜렁거리고 고집불통인 면이 없지않아 있지만… 강하고 의지가 되는 분이에요. 전 엘소드님을 믿어요!

He’s clumsy and stubborn somewhat but… He is strong and reliable. I believe in Elsword!


마냥 어리게만 보았던 동생이 이렇게나 성장했을 줄은 몰랐어. 엘소드, 누나는 언제나 네편이니까 네가 맞다고 생각하는 길을 선택하길 바래.

I didn’t know he would’ve grown up this much when it felt like he’ll be a little kid forever. Elsword, your older sister is always on your side, so I hope you choose the path you believe in.


전투밖에 모르는 멍청이, 무슨 생각으로 사는 지 도통 알 수 없는 근육바보. 그러다가도 가끔 대단해 보이기도 하는 신기한 녀석이야.

He’s an idiot who doesn’t know anything but battle: an incomprehensible muscle-brain. But he’s a mysterious kid who sometimes looks pretty amazing.


예의라곤 모르는 천둥벌거숭이지만 그것은 이 붉은 머리 꼬마 녀석의 매력이 아니겠느냐. 안 어울리게 망설이지 말고 자신이 믿는 바를 실천하거라.

He’s a rude kid who knows nothing of decorum, but isn’t that the red haired kid’s charm? Don’t be ambivalent unlike yourself and do what you believe in.


흥미로운 녀석임에는 틀림없어. 지금의 역경이 크나큰 시련으로 다가오겠지만 미래에 돌아보며 웃을 날이 있을거야. 그땐 내가 쿠키를 대접하지.

He definitely is an interesting kid. The adversity he faces now will come back as a great trial, but there will be a day in the future when he can look back and smile. I’ll serve him some cookies then.

Everyone is praising Elsword, and then there’s Rose who says this line, and we can only but assume shes talking about Elsword like the rest of the characters:


재앙의 근원에 가장 가까운 사람이라고 생각해 그 흔적을 따라 가고 있어. 직접 만나지 못했지만 그 흔적만으로도 정말 재앙이라는 느낌이야…!!

I’ve been following him thinking that he’s the closest one to the source of disaster. I haven’t met him personally but just seeing the chaos in his wake I really do feel like he’s a disaster…!!

Rose has been watching Elsword and his journey and have concluded that he is the closest one to the source of the great disaster. What was Elsword trying to do all this time? Restoring El to its former glory.

Solace gives two options to Elsword:

  • Sacrifice your sister and restore the El
  • or help me fix the broken system so we can live without it

Even when Solace urges Elsword to rethink his resolution to restore the El:

  1. Your sister will be sacrificed like Harnier
  2. It involves too many unnecessary sacrifices
  3. There is a way to live without one absolute El

Til the very end where Elsword has to make his final decision, he screams for the restoration of El because they’ve sacrificed too much to get this far.

We don’t know what he chose. 
But at the end of 10-7, Solace says this:

“I see.. So this is your decision.”

He looks disappointed in Elsword’s decision.

and now we have Rose suggesting that Elsword is the source of this great disaster she was ordered to eradicate…? Can you connect all the dots?

Here is my theory:

El is the source of great disaster. 
And Elsword WILL try to restore it.
Rose is going to stop Elsword from restoring it.

Think about it: all this time, Rose never interfered or even helped Elgang leading all the way up to Elysion, and only watching. And after watching his struggle to restore El, she’s concluded that he is the source of great disaster she was ordered to eradicate? What disaster did Elsword leave in his wake other than helping people?

Rose is sent to Elrios to eradicate the disaster threatening the Heaven

Guess who else is from Heaven. Ain!
Guess who he works for. Ishmael!

Pay a closer attention to the nature of El and it all adds up.

Ishamel bestows the first original El to Elrios and lives flourish in the land. But it’s not all rainbows and unicorns because this El caused one of the greatest war in Elrios history and that is the Nasod War. 

This war is not just Man vs. Machine battle. This war has brought the entire continent of Elrios to the point of extinction because humans abused the power of El and the El went unstable, rampant, and caused oceans to swallow up lands and earth to split.

What does Ishmael do? Oh she “sends help” and by help I mean she literally takes OVER a body of one girl and the girl sacrifices herself to save the El. They praise her sacrifice for the good of all mankind but think about it. She took control over a girl’s body without consent, without giving her any sort of option, and nearly forced her to die to save the El. 

The restored El, however, is not complete. It’s not whole. It’s still unstable. This is why Harmony Festival and more Ladies of El are needed. A periodical ritual that requires sacrificial lamb for the survival of El that everyone depends on.

So what do people do after the death of the girl? They praise her… for her sacrifice… calls her “Lady of El” who died to save them all. Do you really think they praised and bowed down after Ladies of El? 

When we know how they are treated?

Here is Harnier being “escorted” to become the next Lady of El:

The guard is grabbing her by the arm. Is that how they treat this supposedly important person that they all revere and look up to? If someone showed me this picture without any context and told me the white haired girl is being ARRESTED I WOULD BELIEVE IT. 

It looks like she’s being taken away to be slaughtered. 

Master of the Moon has already so kindly told us what happens to all Ladies of El in the past and future: Illuminos phenomenon where they slowly lose themselves and become a part of El. The Giant El is literaly taking human sacrifices to keep itself going.

Here’s how I see it:

People of Elrios looked at sacrifices of Ladies of El as necessary evil, to keep El going. And they masked the ugly truth behind it. Only few select members within the El protecting squad (Lady of El, Masters, Priests, Priestesses) were even aware of the Illuminos phenomenon. Do you still remember Solace’s shock when he found out the truth? Can you sympathize with his cause now?

I think of it like sage’s stone from FullMetal Alchemist universe. Is it great? Yeah. Does it have unanswerable source of power? Sure. Does it require a fucked up sacrifice? Hell yeah.

I want to focus more on the fact that the Imperial Princess whom Rose serves is from “Heaven”. But we don’t know for sure if it’s the same Heaven Ain and Ishmael is from. 

My theory is that and this could sound a little far-fetched, but: under the ancient God Elias… whom Ishmael herself follows… there are multiple Gods/Goddesses… and Ishmael is doing something that goes against the order of the Heaven. The Gods/Goddesses could be ruling in their own dimension, and the Imperial Princess is just part of another dimension… and that dimension is… DFO?????? This shifts the focus away from Elrios and lets us gaze into the world of the Gods. This also could explain the role of Henir and his zealots in the coming story.

So what does Rose do?

She steps out of her hiding spot after all this time and stops Elsword just when he’s about to restore El maybe?

Remember, this is the kid who screamed “WE SACRIFICED SO MUCH TO GET THIS FAR. WE HAVE TO RESTORE EL” even when Solace was like “DUDE  you’re going to sacrifice your own sister for it?!?

Watch the trailer again. Who do you think Rose is stopping?

Why this is plausible:

  1. If this theory is true, a lot of things about Elsword won’t just crumble into nothingness. He would’ve tried his best to restore the El, and won’t end up being a backboneless kid who goes, “Oh what? I have to give up my sister for it? Nevermind, then. Okay guys, it was fun hanging out, I think I’m going to go back home now.” He would be the awesome hero (but a terrible, worst brother ever) who followed his words and believed in his conviction. He can always be taught the truth later.
  2. It means Elesis won’t have to be Lady of El.
  3. It also means our Ain won’t have to disappear…?
  4. It gives reason to why Rose was just watching and why her existence is so important.


El could be the source of disaster and Rose could be the one who stop it from being restored. Elsword could learn the truth and end up helping Solace to build a world without one absolute El. Our Ain could stay because um maybe he can’t go back because he failed his mission…? >_>;

and also that Ishmael is shady as HELL. SHE IS SO SHADY 


Wow you got this far in this long ass post.

You did this. You made me become the Elsword theorist that I am today. This is your fault.

Thank you for reading this far. You and I both have no life. Also sorry not sorry for flooding your dashboard. This only took me like 4 hours to write.

Also, more proof that El is the source of the great disaster: Rose’s tutorial

a semi-comprehensive list of favorite Sailor Moon episodes

Last week, purinsesu-sereniti asked what my favorite episode was. Overwhelmed by the enormity of the question, I had defaulted to sarcasm. I am here to remedy that. Here is a conglomeration of what happens to be exactly twenty episodes from all five seasons, from the overtly silly ones and the heartcrushingly serious ones. There’s probably many I’m forgetting, so I’d love to know which episodes are your personal favorites!

#12: Ami and Rei go on a couples’ cruise and even without a ticket Usagi somehow manages to third wheel

#13: Ami, Rei and Usagi kill Jadeite with feminism and an airplane

#27: Usagi gives the victim of the week a picture of Ami eating a hamburger

#44: Everyone dies in the past

#45-#46: Everyone dies in the present

#50: Usagi’s family and a couple of aliens go to a virtual reality game center

#66: Chibiusa makes curry with her parents, the Ayakashi Sisters are the worst salespeople, and everyone cares a little too much about the local supermarket

#78: Minako is somehow graced with a good immune system and serves as nurse to her friends

#82: Sailor Pluto exists

#91: Mamoru takes Usagi to an abandoned house full of cats and the power of their love creates a Legendary Rod

#108: Everyone tries to speak English and Usagi is so very drunk

#110-#111: Lesbian hell

#118: All the Senshi enter a randomly shifting dimension to save Hotaru while Professor Tomoe sits on the porch eating a bag of chips

#124-#125: Hotaru, Mistress 9, and Saturn all duke it out while technically inhabiting the same body

#136: Usagi is a ninja that’s all you need to know

#172: Baby Nehelenia and the prettiest redemption death ever

#184: The time that Sailor Moon unapologetically became a sitcom