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anonymous asked:

Hello, even though its repetitive I am gonna say it again, your works are amazing :) Something's bugging me lately, it's a known fact Naruto & Sasuke were given OP simply, almost elevates them to demigods level. If a normal ninja like Sakura who has grown based on just sheer skill, if Kishi fully harnessed the potential she had wouldn't she rival them in combat abilities as well?

Oops, I’m so sorry. I overlooked your comment, forgive me. You know, I personally think that Sakura was so restricted because her developing would’ve went against the plot. Think about it, Sakura only flaw was her emotions and normal stamina. I remember a scan went Shikamaru deemed her a Kunoichi with no special ability, yet she had perfect chakra control, an intellect that rivaled his own (which she doesn’t get credit for, even though her and Shikamaru seem to have the same feats, he is just hyped), and a power genjutsu affinity. So power that in part 1 her stat was above Sasuke’s own, despite him possesing a Sharingan eye. And he even said himself that Sakura Genjutsu Know-how and analytical ability was above his own in part 1. That being said, Sakura would’ve gotten too powerful too quickly, and kicked Sasuke’s ass when he tried to leave the village. Thus no plot. Which explains why she had Kakashi as a teacher, and the skill the learn jutsu, yet only have basic academy ninjutsu.

But to answer you question 

Sakura is demi-god level now, think about it. She possesses Instant Regeneration, Madara with this ability alone was able to survive a Tail Beast assault, and his version of regeneration is inferior to Sakura’s and Tsunades. And the thing that always get Naruto and Sasuke fanboys mad is that Sakura, despite being normal and having “useless genes,” Her normal and useless chakra damaged Kaguya, when not even Naruto Sage Chakra + Unrivaled Strength Jutsu put a scratch on her. The only thing that damage someone of kaguya’s durability from blunt force alone was the 8th gate, and Sakura did this in base, whilst low on chakra. All she really needs is to use her chakra for speed and she will easily rival them.

Also there is no reason why Sakura shouldn’t be more powerful, like she should have superwoman’s arsenal, Chakra Enhanced Breath, Thunder Claps, Enhanced Senses. I wrote alot about it in my fanfics and drawings lol. 

I wont even mention how Katsuyu can be used. Or how she was canonically powerful enough to create another sentient being from sheer willpower than Ino proved was a separate mind. Orochimaru dimension creation pales in comparison if you ask me, because Sakura didn’t even try. Now if she can do this without trying, He actually trying would be deadly. Maybe Sarada will show her mom’s lost potential.

Ill stop here because I can go on and on with my Fangirling.