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Como aprendiste ingles? Fue muy difícil? Yo lo estoy intentando pero solo me se con suerte algunas palabras dime tu secreto ʕ•ﻌ•ʔ

Siempre estuve familiarizada desde pequeña con el inglés en varios aspectos: Una de mis tías vive en Texas, libros para niños en inglés, videojuegos (Más que todo videojuegos) y un diccionario a la mano XD.
Siempre me gustó aprender un idioma así que en la escuela me fue muy bien con el inglés. Y actualmente puedo decir que con undertale y su fandom he aprendido más inglés, modismos, gramática…aunque la gramática me sigue matando, pero para que te digan que aún así tienes un buen inglés motiva jajaja.
Creo que la mejor forma de aprender inglés es escuchando y cantando música en inglés para soltar la lengua y pronunciar bien, leer mucho en inglés, ya sea cómics o libros y tratar de hablar con otras personas, es decir, vivir el inglés. Hay mucha gente que comprende que uno está aprendiendo y te ayudan. :3

Dime lo que me tengas que decir pero dilo como realmente es: sin miedo, sin mentiras, sin segundas versiones. Como si fuera un cuchillo que encajas hasta el fondo. Mejor sufrir con la verdad que toda una vida engañado. La verdad alivia lentamente.
—  La herida no es de muerte, Joseph Kapone
Don’t Defy Me, Doll pt. 12

ten million years later… sorry, guys. zero time and zero sleep means i’ve had next to no motivation to write this. But, i’ve been having some fun with the darker side of Joker. i think soon i’ll start playing with the jester side of him. 


It didn’t matter how abusive he was and it didn’t matter how selfish he could be, you were starting to realize that maybe you didn’t want to be away from him. You’re a strong woman, you can take a little neglect and a little beating here and there… as long as it meant you could have Joker by your side. Your mind was throwing crazy thoughts back and forth while you walked back to your bedroom to get dressed like he’d asked. He acts out in wake of being emotionally stressed, so really, he must care. Inciting violence at the drop of a dime is him being careful, surely.

You made it back to your room and locked the door behind you, just in case anyone followed. You felt safe and in danger at the same time. Joker would keep you alive, but that wouldn’t stop him from keeping you submissive. Is this the life you were choosing to lead; being content with being afraid of every turn? Was Joker’s crazy rubbing off on you? Or was he striping you of your sanity, one test at a time? As desperate as you were becoming for him, you didn’t like this game. It was time to turn it in your favor. All this time you’ve been timid of him, and any time you did try to stand tall you would cower beneath him when he got serious. Not tonight. Not in front of his “important company.” Tonight you’d show him just how well you could match his “looney.”

You took in a deep breath and headed to the closet, now determined to change your image. Inside the closet was one single hanger, and on the hanger was a navy blue dress. The dress was beautiful, it had diamonds all around the bust-line and had a slit that went down the left leg. This was the epitome of a dream-come-true evening gown. The fabric felt like silk and it fit perfectly, hugging your curves just right. You had no idea how Mister J was so good at shopping for you, but somehow he always got it right. He’d even left shoes in the closet for you as well. They were black pumps, with diamonds on the straps to match the dress. The colors he chose were perfect, because you’d just remembered you had some black ribbon in your purse that would work perfectly as a make-shift garter belt to match, in case you were able to find a weapon on your way back to the foyer.

You checked yourself in the mirror one more time to get yourself organized and take a few deep breaths. It’s now or never. You tossed your hair behind your shoulder and walked tall down the hallway. When house maids and butlers weren’t around you checked the drawers of tables and chests on the way, in hopes of finding something dangerous. Before you turned the corner to get to the grand staircase, you desperately opened the last drawer you’d get the chance to rummage through. This was a small mahogany table, the half circle top was a pleasing accent to the geometric hall. Finally, someone or something above was gracing you with a  stroke of luck: a revolver was laying perfectly centered in the drawer. You quickly took it and wrapped it in the ribbon around your leg, not thinking to check to see if it was loaded, or if there were extra bullets left behind.

People were talking loudly from the dining room and were easily heard from the second story of the mansion. Joker is distracted. Good. He’s not going to expect your newfound outgoing persona. You made your way into the room along with everyone else. Every new room in this house is more beautiful than the last. Black and gold granite floors sparkled beneath a dark wooden table and matching chairs. This was the longest table you’d ever seen in your life, it could easily sit 30 people. Tall windows lined the room on the left, and giant watercolor paintings lined the room on the right. Everyone was seated at the table, with Joker sitting at the end. He sat with his face resting on his gloved fist, unamused by his company. J’s black suit matched the floors, and his white shirt beneath matched his flawless skin. His eyes darted up when he saw you enter the room and he practically jumped out of his seat to greet you. Since when was he so eager to see you?

“Ladies and goons… let me interrupt to introduce to you… my muse.” He walked around the table with his hands reaching for you, an open smile fighting it’s way between words. The small crowd fell quiet, unsure of who you were or why you were here. Joker continued, “She caught me doing something bad, so now I gotta keep tabs on this pretty face.” He lifted his hand to touch your nose and you quickly snapped your teeth at him. He pulled his hand away and scowled at you. “Feisty.” He mumbled and growled and went back to his seat. He sat straight in his chair and straightened out his suit jacket before stabbing you with the harshest glare you’d seen from him yet. Everyone was still so quiet, his voice sounded almost too loud against the echoing walls, “Sit down, doll. You’re starting to look a little crazy.” His comment broke the tension for a few people and they started laughing to themselves.

You found your seat at the opposite end of the table from Joker, the opposite head, the perfect place to be. Not easily ignored and not easily reached. You knew you had no place being here, and so you didn’t try talking to anyone. You were beginning to wonder if there was even a reason to this meeting, when an unusually tall woman stood from her seat after being ushered to by Joker. She tapped on her glass with a silver spoon. CLINK CLINK.

“Hello, all. We’ve come here to discuss the pest issue scurrying through Gotham. I don’t think I need to verify who we’re talking about.” This was the perfect opportunity to piss him off. You slouched and knocked on the table, “I think you do, I have no idea what you’re talking about, lady.” you fought so hard to act casual, and not run away in embarrassment. You never spoke out of line, much less to deliberately anger a crime lord. The Towering Woman looked at Joker confused, waiting for him to act. Instead he crossed his hands on the table and stared you down, you could see from the other end of the room that he was clenching his teeth. It’s working. The woman started again, “Uhm… anyway… We’ve all come to separate conclusions that we need to exterminate a common enemy: The Batman.”

You piped back up again, and raised your hand to get her attention. “So, I’m confused, are we talking about animals here or a person? What are you weirdos trying to kill, and why does it take so many of you to not get it done?” Joker’s eye’s were furious, he pushed his chair back angrily and it fell to the floor. He was at your side pulling your hand to drag you out of the room before you could react. Yanking you out of the room, you waved to everyone as the doors closed behind you.

Turning around you were met with a hard slap across the face. “I have told you before, and I will tell you once again, do not defy me, doll. I will not hesitate to punish you.” You licked your lips playfully, trying not to cry, “Oh, Mister J, is that a promise?” Growling through his teeth, he grabbed your shoulders and hissed, “ What the fuck has gotten into you? Why are you acting like such a goddamn problem?” His fingers were digging into your skin through his gloves, the pain showing on your face. “You’ve been downright horrible to me, J. You can’t expect me to just take it.”  Gritting his teeth, he kept a tight grip on your shoulders. “Listen to me good, girl. I will be as horrible as I want. I will be as mean and abusive and despicable as I fucking want. Don’t cross me again. I am warning you. You think you’ve seen horrible? Baby, you haven’t seen anything.” His eyes looked hard into yours. He dropped his hands from your shoulders and smoothed his hair. You could feel blood starting to come from your nose, and your shoulders felt like they were on fire from being crushed in his hands.

“I need to finish my meeting. You’re going to come back into that room with me, and you’re going to stand next to my chair. And you’re going to be silent, not a single word from you. Do you understand?” You shook your head in agreement, and followed him to the door. He sighed sharply before opening them and lead you to his spot at the table. This felt like the longest walk of shame you’d ever done. He picked his chair up off the floor and placed it back at the table before sitting down. He grabbed your hand and kissed it lightly, his dark red lips leaving a warm spot on your hand. “Red is a good color for you, sweetness.” he said as he handed you a napkin to wipe the blood from your face.

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Haha welcome, all post-84 followers! You’re about to witness PeachyMESS 2.0. If you wanna know what you’re in for, look at my 82-84 posting period. For all you old timers, my deepest apologies. I love you all a lot and I hope you wanna stick with me through this as well. We can curl up together and hug and cry from day to day. ^^

But just so we’re clear: I live on HOPE. That’s how I cope. If any of you cope by accepting death, my posts will likely hurt you; I may despair from time to dime due to the pain of the worry, but I will continue to talk about how there is a chance, a hope.

So yeah… That’s what coming up. As for the giveaway, it closes today, but I will not start the lottery until I have my computer back in about a week. I’ll announced winners shortly after!

not to sound like a bratty teenager or anything, but when I told my parents I was going to grad school, I expected a positive reaction. Instead, my mom is disappointed the school isn’t more “prestigious” and my dad can only see things in monetary value, so all he sees are bills and a degree that is seemingly useless.

and it’s so hypocritical of my mom because she has made it known that she’s not paying for a single dime of school, and prestige is expensive. I don’t get it. she’s also unsure of this whole masters degree thing, which is total bullshit because I grew up hearing “you’re not allowed to get married until you have a masters degree.” and she was completely serious. but more than that, she always told me my whole life that I needed to get a masters and now that I finally am, she isn’t happy. I don’t know what to do anymore.


Violet Chachki’s dollar store outfit - made entirely out of jump rope, plastic bags, and duct tape - for her Season 7 RuPaul’s Drag Race audition tape! (x)

voxxyvoo replied to your post: “tbh as shitty as i feel saying it, all the racist bullshit that phil…”:

why do u feel shitty abt pantera’s racism?

idk i guess even though im over most of the shit that i clung to when i was A Metalhead, evidently the dime worship is still burned into me enough that i feel kinda bad for shit talking him when hes dead like i dont know anything about the guy but i mean he played in a band that had plenty of racist ass beliefs plainly visible in their lyrics and played a confederate flag guitar so Prrrrrrrobably didnt have the greatest ideology in the world