anon gave me a challenge; asked for a bit of Carl Barks with nice-guy-Gladstone but then I remember this part of A Christmas for Shacktown (W OS 367-02), which is a sweet holiday classic where the ducks are trying to raise twenty-five dollars to get the kids in the poor part of town a toy train!

dear future dime piece wife/husband/spouse,

i wonder if you’re sleeping right now.
i wonder if you’re laying awake like me.
i wonder if you’re wondering about me.

i wonder if you have an inkling of how loved and warm and comfortable you’re going to be someday.

someday, you’re gonna fall asleep cuddled up with me.
someday, we’re gonna lie awake talking until the sun comes up.
someday, you won’t have to wonder.

stay strong and stay alive. ill be there soon.

Rude customer always pays in handfuls of change. Not anymore!

I work overnights in a gas station in a particularly bad part of town. So from 11pm-6am I use a pass through drawer to make transactions so I don’t get shot or robbed. This one asshole shows up a couple times a week and gets at least 20 dollars in gas, and maybe 10-15 bucks in other stuff.

How does he pay? By just dumping a handful of change into the drawer, making me pick it all up. Even if I have my hand out, he’ll go under my hand and throw it in the drawer.

That pissed me off like you wouldn’t believe, so I started being rude back to him. I don’t give him his stuff until I pick up each coin piece by piece and then count it all out and put it in the drawer. I’m talking like $30 in quarters and dimes and nickels so it takes a good five minutes.

One time I was doing it, he says “Come the fuck on man, I’m in a hurry!” I just said “Yeah?” and kept going while he huffed and puffed and swore and paced back and forth.

After 5 or 6 times of this, he started paying only in bills. I win :)

Casting Wolverine...

*Logan is a 5′2″ Canadian ball of rage*

Marvel: Hey let’s cast this affable 6′2″ Aussie to play this small angry dude

*Affable Aussie can turn on a dime from being friendly and super nice to literally shoving claws into someone’s face with a snarl that would make you run for the fucking hills*

Marvel: nailed it

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beauty and the beast reminds us all that even tho ur beautiful af like gaston u can still get curved by females and take an L… but at the same time u can look like a hideous beast and get u a dime piece like emma watson if u have a good heart and can read books what a beautiful life we live in

TalesFromRetail: On A Roll (Of Pennies)

LTL;FTP and all that jazz. I apologize for formatting, I don’t post often!

I used to work at a fairly large chain of gas station/convenience stores. A friend had gotten a few people in our group jobs at different locations, fairly close to each other. We would always tell each other our stories of weird customers, thieves, etc. While hanging out one night, somebody mentioned that a couple guys had come into their store and tried exchanging rolls of dimes for cash, except the rolls were actually full of pennies. Armed with this new information I go into work the next and tell my coworkers to watch out because they might try it on us. A few hours into my shift, it’s getting dark and it’s pretty slow when a guy, we’ll call him Rolls, walks in and comes up to my register.

Me: Hello, what can I help you with tonight?

Rolls: Hey, can I get a can of Copenhagen Long Cut? And would it be possible to change a couple rolls of dimes for bills?

Me: (Really? Already?!) Sure thing!

So I grab his can of dip, ring up the total and take his rolls of dimes. As I’m about to break open the rolls of dimes I tell him that I just have to make sure that the rolls all add up to $5 each. A look of terror dawns on his face.

Rolls: Oh…so…uh, you have to check those rolls, huh?

Me: Yes sir, some people don’t fill the rolls all the way or they try to use other coins. Just last night somebody tried to exchange rolls full of pennies at the store down the road.

Rolls: Oh, yeah, totally understand.

At this point, I take the three rolls of coins and smack them on the edge of the counter to crack them open and out pours a flurry of pennies. Rolls is now stuttering and mumbling, has no idea how this possibly could have happened blah blah blah. He grabs what pennies he can, leaves his can of Copenhagen and bolts for the door.

Me: Have a great night, sir!

I marked down the time and left a note for my manager, the next day pictures of Rolls and his car were up in every store in our district.


EXO reaction to you being sad and them trying to cheer you up

note: here’s your reaction, i hope you enjoy it :3 and the gifs in this reaction post are not mine, credit to their original owners ^^

Suho: *spent every dime he had on you to make you feel better* *confused and horrified expression when you didn’t budge* i think i’ve failed as a boyfriend… what am i supposed to do now???

Kyungsoo: *would constantly pester you with kisses on the cheek, hugs, or making little hearts with his hands until he saw you smile* there’s that beautiful smile i’ve been wanting to see, do you feel better now, jagi?

Chanyeol: *plays a song on his guitar to try to get you to soften up* *eventually would start humming to the melody he created* *would look up at you and smile when he saw he’d succeeded in making you feel better*

Baekhyun: *would be extremely sweet and cuddle with you in bed to make you feel better, in return for some sexy time* oh, jagi~ I know something that would make you feel even better~ starting with a kiss, perhaps…?

Chen: *knowing him, he’d probably be really sympathetic and understanding, and would pretend to be sad so you wouldn’t feel alone* jagi~ i’m hurting too… maybe a hug will make us both feel better?

Lay: *knowing this little ball of sunshine, he’d take you somewhere nice and playful like the beach to take your mind off of being sad* baobei, are you feeling okay now? if so, maybe we can go for a little swim…

Kai: *he would try his very best to make you feel better, even if it meant embarrassing the hell out of himself by doing aegyo* jagiya~ stop hiding that pretty little smile of yours, please~

Tao: *he’d take you somewhere special, like the chinese restaurant where he met you for the first time* *would order your favorite foods and start a conversation about random things, hoping it’d take your mind off of your sadness* *occasionally would throw a compliment your way* you always look so stunning, baobei…

Sehun: *would try teasing you about being so sad but would probably end up getting playfully punched by you for being so mean* *he would probably be a drama queen and pretend to cry so you’d be the one to comfort him instead of it being the other way around* ow, jagi, that hurt really badly… i was just trying to comfort you, and this is what i get in return???

Kris: *this dork would do anything to make you laugh, anything ranging from lame, unoriginal jokes to showing you all of his wonderful drawings* *but he’d be offended when you laughed at his drawings* really? i could be the next picasso or something…

Luhan: *he’d be lying on the bed beside you after putting you to sleep, watching you drift in and out of your dreams, wondering what you were dreaming about* *would kiss your forehead gently when you finally decided to wake up* baobei, do you need anything? i’ll do anything for you, just name it…

Xiumin: *would be the type of boyfriend to cheer you up with breakfast in bed* *he’d stare directly into your eyes, smiling brightly* *then unexpectedly, he’d do a bit of aegyo* jagiya, i made your favorite, i hope you like it… because if you don’t, i’ll have to bite you~

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Dime, dime que tu aburrimiento te consume tanto como a mi? No puedo ser la única :(

Mi vida esta basada en el aburrimiento, lloro aburrimiento, respiro aburrimiento y como aburrimiento, básicamente en aburrimiento es mi vida, lo cual es aburrido, tiene que haber algo más que esto ¿no? :’(

god, i can’t get over how great of a protagonist shigeo is. characters who strive to help out and become an emotional support for their enemies are a dime a dozen in shounen manga, but MP is like, one of few series where that trope is presented in a way that actually feels genuine. 

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Hola .. hola .. dime. Tauro y Capricornio ? Ademas Tauro y sagitario? Veo que tengo mas quimica con capricornio

Tauro y Capricornio, perfect. Es porque ambos son signos de tierra, muy parecidos.

Tauro con Sagitario mucho no se llevan, pero quién dice, hay mucha diferencia excepciones. En general, es porque son un signo de tierra y de fuego, por lo cual chocan mucho, ya que sus personalidades completambe opuestas. Tauro es fijo, material, sólido, coqueto, trabajador, responsable y Sagitario es básicamente lo opuesto.