dim time


sehun…being sehun at the idol star athletic champtionships ⭐

“You’re not straight”

Dear Past self,
you’re not straight.

You’ll meet a girl with a jewel name
she’ll have beautiful eyes and a gorgeous smile
she’ll remind you of the ghosts of the oceans,
and you’ll want to please her endlessly
you won’t know until years later,
but you’re not straight. 

You’ll meet a girl who’ll make anger sound like love
her accent will make you want to cry with joy
until later the happiness will dim.
in time to come she’ll terrify you,
but you still won’t be straight.

You’ll meet a girl with a voice like music
and a soul you’ll never forget.
she’ll call you endearments
and you’ll wonder if this is what love is
but you won’t be straight

You’ll meet a girl with constellations in her skin
and the sun in her speech.
you’ll want to map her stars onto parchment 
and know them all by name.
You’ll never get close enough,
but you won’t be straight. 

You’ll meet someone with an ever changing rainbow of hair.
you’ll fall head first in love with them
and they’ll make you feel worth something.
they’ll tell you they love you
and you’ll believe them.
you’ll love them but hate their distance
you’ll vow to pretend the romance isn’t there,
and regret it immediately.
you won’t eat properly for days,
but you won’t be straight.
because they’ll make you happy.
never waste it
you won’t be able to hug them for years after you meet
but it’ll be worth it.
because you’re not straight.

- by shipwreckedbirates

Where there is a will
There is a way
To search and discover
A better day

Where a positive heart
Is all you need
To rise beyond
And succeed

Where young minds grow
And respect each other
Based on their deeds
And not their color

When times are dim
Say as I say
“Where there’s a will
There’s a way”

—  Tupac Shakur

All I wanted to do was to make it to next week without lapsing. But I didn’t do what I needed to do. I needed to journal. Didn’t do it. I needed to lean on support and instead I isolated. I stepped on a goddamn scale today even though I knew it would trigger me. I know I can be clever, but fuck, I can be pretty dim at times too.

do you think obi wan lies awake at night in his small dirty hut on tatooine torturing himself by thinking about how he could’ve saved anakin and blaming everything on himself and utterly dedicating himself to saving the last shreds of his legacy, watching the same light dancing in this young boy’s eyes, the light he couldn’t save

or obi wan having PTSD and dealing with all the nightmares by himself, waking up every time he’s killed a droid, how destructive he was, and just curling up in a ball because he is so, so very alone, the last of the jedi, but getting up everyday with bags under his eyes because hope, hope is still on the horizon, but god, is it dimming every time he hears of the atrocities the empire has committed, and how the young boy he loved has committed them

and when he dies, he hopes that the Force will still allow the boy he loved to come back, and the joy of being free from those torturous days will be over, because his friends, his friends are on the other side


Heyyyy it’s Yara again and I wrote another smut but this time yoonmin whoooo but I got bored and wrote this when I went to the therapist and it was quick so I didn’t get a chance to proofread but here enjoy anyways as best as you can hahhahah but like I’ll come over with some dim sum this time and we’ll watch YOONMIN sex tapes
Yoongi got up stretching. He shook off the electricity that had currently shocked his body. His face a bright pink, he wiped off the sweat on his forehead. He looked around the small bedroom and listened to the light pitter patter of rain on the rooftop.
“Just a dream.” He murmured to himself, he borrowers his head into his pillow. “But why that one!?!?” His face flushed pink once again in remembrance.
“Hyung, uah daddy” the red head whimpered and Yoongi grunted removing his tounge from the base of the youngers dick and slipping jt into the slit. “Go faster daddy!”
Yoongi burrowed his face deeper in his pillow. He wrapped himself in his comforter and blanket.
“No,” he said stern fully “I can’t wake him up, he’s asleep.” Yoongi tried to force himself back to sleep but he couldn’t. He got up and his feet encountered the soft carpet.
“I’m hungry, let me eat.” He said to himself and walked to the kitchen. To his surprise a faint light was already on and he saw a small figure kicking at the hem of the chair while eating a sand-which gleefully. The boy looked up and smiled.
“Ah hyung, you’re awake?” He asked and Yoongi nodded.
“I got hungry, why are you up?” He asked calmly no hint of desire or anything though his mind spoke other wise. He desperately wanted to scream and burrow himself in a home.
‘Why are you awake! Go to bed! No no no!’ He thought to himself but he would never say it aloud. Jimin smiled again, eyes crinkling into half moons.
“We have a lot in common hyung. I was hungry too!” Jimins smiled faded when he looked at his sandwich. “Though I shouldn’t be eating, I need to stay on a diet.” Jimin dropped the sand which on his plate. He wiped his hands cleaned and smiled a sad smile. Yoongi sighed and walked over to Jimin. He picked up the sand which and hovered it over Jimins face.
“Eat it, you can eat because your already perfect and if you become more perfect I’ll kill you so I don’t have to die because of your perfectness” Yoongi smiled and Jimin smiled. He reached over and gave a quick peck on the elders lips. Yoongis eyes widened and his face flushed a dark pink. Jimin reached over and hugged him.
“Thank you hyung, thank you for existing.” He hugged him inhaling his scent and Yoongi smiled pulling away and placing a kiss on the youngers lips. Jimin was a bit shocked but he gladly gave in and kissed the elder back. Before he knew it a cold line, of the counter was pressed against his back. Jimin let out a unconscious moan and Yoongi smirked. His kiss became around and needy and after a few minutes he pulled away biting Jimins lips. He tugged at the waist band of Jimins pants.
“Off.” He demanded and Jimin nodded hooking his fingers on the hem and pulling down. Jimin stood naked and Yoongi lifted him up on the counter and pushed him back, gently.
“Show me how flexible you are baby.” Yoongi licked his lips. “Spread your legs.” Jimin nodded and bit his lips. He spread his legs and Yoongis mouth hitched onto the youngers dick.
“Hyung wha-” Jimin let out a strangled moan.
“I’ll pleasure you with my mouth Jiminnie.” Yoongi said placing his tounge flat against Jimins base. Jimin nodded and let out a broken 'oh’
“Hyung” Jimin whimpered and Yoongi stopped his movement but he still kept his mouth intact with Jimins dick.
“Daddy.” He oredered and Jimin let out a confused sigh.
“What?” He asked and Yoongi grunted.
“Use daddy. I want to hear it.” Yoongi ordered and Jimin shook his head and moaned when Yoongi ran his fingers down Jimins veins.
“Hyung uah daddy,” Jimin rolled his eyes back. “Daddy go faster.” Jimin said and Yoongi stuck his tounge into Jimins slit. Jimin let out a cry.
“Daddy I’m coming.” Jimin moaned and Yoongi stopped and pulled away. Jimin whined.
“Hyung what the fuck why did you stop?!” He shouted and Yoongi smiled.
“Beg for me baby.” Yoongi said and Jimin raised an eyebrow.
“No.” He said stern fully.
“Okay, fine.” Yoongi was about to get up and Jimin grabbed his wrist.
“Yoongi hyung please, I need it.” Kink begged tears forming on the rim of his eyes. Yoongi just shrugged.
“Daddy please! I need you, use your mouth daddy please daddy please” Jimin pleaded throwing out his dignity and Yoongi smiled. He attached his lips back onto Jimins duck and caught him off guard when he placed a hard kiss onto Jimins pink dick head. Jimin unconsciously thrust his dick into Yoongis mouth and Yoongi gagged but sucked anyways. He ran his tongue over the veins and ran his fingers on whatever he couldn’t take in. Jimin moaned eyes fluttering.
“Daddy go deeper faster daddy.” Jimin tried to form coherent words, but couldn’t form any. Yoongi understood anyways and pushed himself deeper and bobbing his head up and down. He looks up at Jimin who’s face twitched.
“Daddy I’m coming, continue.” Jimin moaned gripping onto the counter. Yoongi continued this time and Jimins dick twitched.
“Realse.” He ordered and Jimin shot his load into Yoongi mouth. Yoongi pulled away sputtering and choking on whatever he couldn’t swallow. He wipes his mouth with the back of his hand and Jimin falls back. After a few minutes, and breathing turns back to normal Jimin got up.
“Daddy!” Jimin giggled hugging Yoongi.
Yoongi rolled his eyes.
“Fun times over kid. Don’t use it” Yoongi groaned and Jimin latched onto Yoongis TSHIRT.
“How about round 2 and this time I’m daddy?” Yoongi gulped and licked his lips and Jimin smiled bringing Yoongi into a kiss.

By the time Kenma wakes, the sky is darkening again, and the clock reads sometime in the late afternoon. 

He turns slightly, and the weight resting around his waist groans before shifting over. Blinking, he sees the familiar sight of messy dark hair, long limbs stretched over half the bed, and a small frown etched on Kuro’s face. For a moment, Kenma doesn’t move, just watches Kuro breathe in his sleep. He doesn’t seem to be having a nightmare. But it’s probably not a dream either, judging from the frowny face. Kenma reaches over, poking the other in the face.

“Stop,” Kuro mumbles, one hand reaching up and halfheartedly swatting at Kenma’s finger. Kenma pokes him again. This time, sleepy eyes open, squinting through the dimness at Kenma. “What time is it?”

“Just after five,” Kenma whispers. He turns to face Kuro fully. Slowly, his finger traces the proud bridge of Kuro’s nose, down to his chapped lips, to his chin, to his strong jawline, trailing back up to his cheekbones, his eyebrows, trying to smooth the little crease in his foreheads. Kuro closes his eyes again, allowing his soft touch.

“Are you feeling better?” Kenma whispers again, his hand pausing at Kuro’s collarbone. 

“Mm. A little.” Kuro takes a breath, before reaching out and tugging Kenma closer. He buries his face in Kenma’s hair. Kenma hugs him back, trying to give him as much comfort as he can, the way that Kuro has always done for him all those times past. 

Finally, Kuro slides back far enough to catch Kenma’s gaze again. A small smile graces his lips, the spark returning to those dark eyes. “Let’s order takeout today, yeah?”

Kenma nods. “Anything you want.”

People always say that the look on Kirsch’s face is cuz he just realized that he could have been prom king, but I think he’s just realizing that something is very wrong.

Carmilla isn’t making snarky comments to him.

‘Laura’ is acting weird. 

I think he realized that, even though it’s Laura’s body and lips talking, it’s not Laura. He realized that Will really is a bad guy, he already know’s that Will is a vampire, but believed him to be a good guy. 

I think when Will is dragging Kirsch away, it’s an act, he know’s that Will is a bad guy, he know’s that something is very wrong with Laura, he probably know’s he’s going to some awful fate.

But he doesn’t play up that he know’s this, he does it anyway, because even though he can be a bit dim at time, he cares about his friends, and if sacrificing himself will save Laura, then he’ll do it. 

He’s already seen one person he cares about die, he’s not about to let it happen again. 

I dunno, just a theory of mine, I don’t think Kirsch is so, not vane but I can’t think of the word, to only be thinking about himself, I think he really does understand that something wrong is going on, and he wants to protect his friends.

At the end of the day, Kirsch is a really good guy. thedesmondfactor

stressed out

been thinking too much about an alternate universe;

that if i shut the door and windows, 

switched off the lights, a golden glow on the bed’s either sides,

the walls cut off and the room drops twenty levels. 

the night will stretch and the city lights will dim, 

time will stop and people will stop watching. 

by taikyo

Brown dwarfs hiding in plain sight in our solar neighborhood

Cool brown dwarfs are a hot topic in astronomy right now. Smaller than stars and bigger than giant planets, they hold promise for helping us understand both stellar evolution and planet formation. New work from a team including Carnegie’s Jonathan Gagné has discovered several ultracool brown dwarfs in our own solar neighborhood. Their findings are published in The Astrophysical Journal.

Brown dwarfs are sometimes called failed stars. They are too small to sustain the hydrogen fusion process that powers stars, so after forming they slowly cool, contract, and dim over time. Their temperatures can range from nearly as hot as a star to as cool as a planet and their masses also range between star-like and giant-planet-like.

They’re fascinating to astronomers for a variety of reasons, mostly because they can serve as a bridge between stars and planets and how the former influences the latter, particular when it comes to composition and atmospheric properties. But much about them remains unknown.

“Everyone will benefit from the study of brown dwarfs, because they can often be found in isolation, which means that we can more easily gather precise data on their properties without a bright star blinding our instruments,” Gagné said, who is also a collaborator of the Institute for Research on Exoplanets (iREx) at Université de Montréal.

Discovering new brown dwarfs will help scientists to better quantify the frequency at which they occur both in our solar neighborhood and beyond. Knowing the abundance and distribution of brown dwarfs provides key information on the distribution of mass in the universe, and on the mechanism of brown dwarf formation, for example, whether they form in isolation or instead are ejected from larger planetary systems.

To that end, the team, led by Jasmin Robert of Université de Montréal, believed that although hundreds of ultracool brown dwarfs have already been discovered, the techniques used to identify them were overlooking those with more-unusual compositions, which would not show up in the color-based surveys generally used.

So they surveyed 28 percent of the sky and discovered 165 ultracool brown dwarfs, about a third of which have unusual compositions or other peculiarities. When talking about brown dwarfs, ultracool means temperatures under about 3,500 Fahrenheit or 2,200 kelvin
“The search for ultracool brown dwarfs in the neighborhood of our own Solar System is far from over,” said Gagné. “Our findings indicate that many more are hiding in existing surveys.”

IMAGE…..An illustration showing the relative sizes of brown dwarfs as compared to starts and gas giant planets, courtesy of Carnegie Institution for Science. Credit Carnegie Institution for Science.