dim sum at home

Friendly Healing


Aquene loved shopping here. Sure, city life was redundant at times, but at least there was fun and new things to be found in open air markets such as these. She already had at least a month’s supply of tea in her satchel as well as some bean buns and dim sum. Those would be devoured once she got home. 

Though when she started to head toward where the vendor that carried the incense and oils she enjoyed to use she saw a familiar face. “Kira?” the pigtailed woman called. “Kira, is that you?” It couldn’t be. The Kira she knew had gorgeous wings and this person did not. Yet the face was unmistakeable.

sacred geometry: part vi - a cosima niehaus fanmix // songs to appreciate the universe to



weekend – mac miller ft. miguel // hymn for the weekend (seeb remix) – coldplay // miasma sky – baths // i took a pill in ibiza (seeb remix) – mike posner // glitches – flint eastwood // tennessee - kiiara // kissing – lum // hunger – sam sure // sk1n – huntar // stay young, get stoned – white sea // never forget you – zara Larsson, MNEK // ignition/do you… – phoebe ryan // chills – lastlings // too deep – ritual, delilah // desire – years and years, tove lo // what does your soul look like part 1 – dj shadow // high love – dim sum // heading home – griffin, josef salvat // pacing – tep no // my head is a jungle – wankelmut, emma louise // enigma – slumberjack, grrrl pal // all my friends – snakehips, tinashe, chance the rapper // nothing left – kygo, will heard // entropy – grimes, bleachers

What is a typical night out in LA like for you? I love food–I would like to think; I cook at home. However the truth is I love dim sum, Japanese BBQ, Middle Eastern food, and vegan and raw food. So it’s safe to say I’m quite the themed eater. I also am a huge Jeopardy fan. So dinner and a show on it’s head.