Hi guys. I haven’t been posting much to the ol’ art blog because I’ve been… a little distracted. A month or so back I posted that my cat was diagnosed with cancer, and she’s nearing the end. I have a week left with her. I love this sweet girl so much, and it’s been so hard to watch her downward spiral, though she’s been gamely keeping up her affectionate personality. When I started to type this post, she jumped up to share my computer chair and receive scratchies. Oh Dolly…

Today I decided to sketch her while she napped, and she was an excellent model, holding each pose for as long as I needed and keeping me on my toes with odd positions. Dilute calico is a difficult fur pattern to replicate, but I did my best. Her tumor’s gotten pretty pronounced, it’s exaggerating her forehead.

Bonus photo: I set a “Dolly Trap“ a couple weeks back. I opened a New Yorker on the couch, lay down in a feigned nap, and waited for her to sit on it:

She did not disappoint. She never has.

anonymous asked:

What would Thornclaw and Blossomfall's kits look like? I hate the ship but hey it's canon now so…

thornclaw - red classic tabby

blossomfall - dilute calico

Stemkit - orange classic tabby bicolor tom (canon design)

Shellkit - solid blue bicolor tom (description + gender unknown)

Plumkit - calico she-cat (was tortie)

Eaglekit - cream classic tabby bicolor she-cat (was ginger)

anonymous asked:

hi! sorry if you've been asked this before, but in YUTS (which i love btw), did you have any specific breed in mind for mika?

No specific breed, no. I don’t know much about cat breeds. All I do know is that she’s a shorthaired dilute calico and fairly small, either a small breed or the runt of the litter. Color-wise she looks a bit like this

but with a little more orange, paler gray, and no defined stripes.