Things they forgot to teach me in nursing school

1. Diarrhea rivers exist.

2. Beware when a patient doesn’t know how to say “dilaudid” but demands it every 2 hours. “DILUDID”…”DILADID”…”THAT MEDICINE THAT STARTS WITH D”…”DAWDID”…

3. You’re not only the nurse, you’re the chef, housekeeper, therapist, waitress, …

4. NEVER underestimate the strength of little old ladies!

5. How to differentiate between over 50 different beeps (bed alarms, tele monitors, wound vacs, IV pumps, tube systems, …).

6. How important it is to work together with the techs.

7. Nurses are hoarders. I know nurses who have two lockers to fit all the supplies they’re storing.

8. It’s ok to eat standing up- if you have a chance to eat, take it. Standing up or sitting down!

9. Some patients just need to be reminded their arms aren’t broken.

10. Spilled insulin STINKS.

What else??