Little Things (Cover)
  • Little Things (Cover)
  • Dilshi(:

Heeeeyyyyy guys I know its been AGES since my last cover and i’m sooooo sorry about that:/ but its cause I got a guitar and i’ve been practicing my ass off! Hopefully the next cover will be a video of me doing little things with my guitar:D

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Hey guys! This is my first recording off of my new mic! Took me so long to get it working, but eventually I did! This is a song I wrote, its dedicated to everyone out there that feels left out and unwanted. Always remember that you are special to loads of people (including me).


All the blood in that sink, all the cuts of your hand, all the blades that you’ve used, all the scars on your hands.
The way that you feel like your not worth it, the way that you feel like there’s no one left for you. You just want to be free and let go.

(Chorus) But remember there’s someone out there for you, and their not gonna let go like everybody else around you. And i’ll be there with you through it all. So don’t let go, don’t let go just yet.

The things that they say to you, the way they make you feel. But they don’t know what it feels like to be all alone in the world with no one to hold onto when it gets rough and you fall apart.


It’ll be okay in the end and if its not okay it just means that its not the end, so stay strong and hang in there. This feeling will pass and you’ll be okay. So darling please hold on, and don’t let go.

Cause there’s always going to be someone out there for you, and their not gonna let go like everybody else around you. And i’ll be there with you through it, through every step you take. So don’t let go, don’t let go just yet. Just yet-et. Don’t let go, don’t let go just yet.

  • One Thing- 1D (acoustic)
  • Dilshi :)

Here’s my 3rd cover!!  Its One Direction’s One Thing (the acoustic version) as soon as this gets 50 notes i’ll be posting my 4th cover (an Ed song) Thank you so much for the 100+ notes on my other covers <3

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All of Me - John Legend (cover)

I wanna dedicate this song to a friend of mine who’s going through a tough time right now she knows who she is so if you’re reading this, this ones for you. …

Hey guys! So this is my latest cover! I’m really sorry the quality sucks:( Im gonna be getting a camcorder real soon so please bare with me:P Haha anyway thank-you so much for all the love and support and if you ever want to ask me anything or request any message me:)

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Hey guys! So this is my cover of ‘The A Team’ it would mean so much if you watched it liked (and maybe a share) ahha but I just really hope you enjoy it!:D

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White Horse - Taylor Swift (Cover)

Hey guys so I finally did it! Finally posted my FIRST EVER cover on YouTube, I was really really really nervous, i’m sorry about that:/ And im soooo sorry for not doing the whole song, I want to know if you guys like it or not, and if you do like it i’ll make a cover of the whole song (I promise) You can tell me what you think of it, if you like it or not or whatever:P by messaging me on tumblr or leaving a comment (i’d love some feedback)

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Ed Sheeran - Little Bird (cover)

Heyyyy guys! So yea this is my cover of ‘Little Bird’ by Ed. I hope you guys like it, the lighting gets messed up halfway through the cover cause my torch di…

Here it is guys!:) I’d love some feedback<3 thanks

Hey everyone! This is song I wrote called ‘Dont Let Me Go’, its a song inspired by something that happened to one of my friends. But yeah, I really hope you like it! Don’t forget to leave some feedback<3<br /> If you want to check out the video for 'Dont Let Me Go’ here’s the link:) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xG3RMnOAL_s&list=UUWUq0TDOrBaUCacp2n_UJbQ