“Dragon hunter”
Early Jurassic, 201-199 million years ago

This early Jurassic predator was a relative of Dilophosaurus and may have had a similar crest, but fossil evidence is sparse. It was found near Drakensburg, South Africa (“Dragon’s Mountain” in Dutch), and was given the name “dragon hunter” because it subsisted primarily on dragons. It is thought to have died out, as its main food source was imaginary.

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"Hm..oh. Hey there Harry." Jess murmured looking at up from her book at the Dilophosaur with a smile. "You usually don't show up this close."

The nimble dilophosaurus flexed her long neck forward with a burbled coo, sniffing curiously at the odd object in the human’s hands. It smelled slightly of dried dead leaves and old ink.

Curious, Harry tilted her head an inch closer and touched the object with her snout. Her neck puffed and she warbled a series of short hoots. What is this? Can I have some? Is it food? With infinite caution, Harry let her smiley tongue slide out of her mouth to lick the object’s smooth surface. It tastes strange. I want to eat it. She held her mouth open over the object but did not bite down, giving the human a questioning glance. May I eat it?

Watching the Nostalgia Critic’s review of Jurassic Park III also indicated a low point I had never considered:

It was easily the least feminist-friendly film.

The only definitely-female characters in the film are the mom and Dr. Sattler–who is now a mom who is working at home and raising the kids and doing all that “domestic stuff” (which could be what she wanted, I dunno, I won’t judge, but…there may be implications), and the panicking wife-mom who goes to the island and screams all the time.

We don’t even know if the spinosaurus is a female. 

Compare that to the other movies, where you have: 

–Dr. “Discuss Sexism In Survival Situations Later” Sattler

–Alexis the Unix System Hacker

–The Alpha Female

–Her Army of Skinks



Then in the second

–Sarah Harding the World’s Worst Predator Researcher

–Kelly the daughter who kicks a raptor through a window (lame but…she has common sense)

–The Very Angry Mommy

And now

–Scientific Working Businesswoman Claire

–Enthusiastic guests and workers

–Indominus Rex

–Blue, Charlie, Delta, Echo


–Miss Mosasaur the Shy

–All the cute and cuddly dinosaurs

I mean…one of these things is not like the others.


6 Dohelp i can’t stop collecting dinosaurs

ARK play 100% triggered by Jurassic World

so far: 

6 Triceratops

Moya, Normandy, Sovereign, Binko, Gertrude, Bertha

7 Raptors

Macci, Belphegor, Amon, Amarth, Mephisto, Raziel, Belial

2 Stegosaurus

Lempo, Asura

2 Pteranodons

Sitri, Surgat

2 Tyrannosaurs

Lilith, Samael

2 Carnotaurs

Ragnarök, Armageddon

1 Spinosaurus


1 Scorpion


1 Carbonemys (Turtle :D)

Big Poppa

1 Sarcosuchus (Crocodile)


1 Ankylosaurus


5 Dilophosaurs

Hades, Persephone, Hera, Artemis, Juno

2 Phiomia

The grandest of pigs, Brent

2 Parasaur

Talyn, Serenity

I hate when people complain about dinosaurs in Jurassic Park not having feathers (or just being inaccurate overall) because:

  • It’s already been covered
  • The dinosaurs in the series are not “true dinosaurs” as their DNA is not entirely intact, and had to be “repaired” using fragments of the genomes of existing animals. This altered some of the dinosaurs’ traits, including size, reproductive capabilities (that’s where everything went wrong in the first book), and presumably feathery-ness.
  • The book was written 20 years ago. We had no evidence by that point to suggest that dinosaurs had feathers. Suddenly slapping some plumage on the dinosaurs in Jurassic World would provide some awkward continuity errors, to say the least.
  • The point of the entire series was to showcase how little we know about anything despite all of our scientific advances, which is why in the books carnotaurs could camouflage, dilophosaurs could spit acid, tyrannosaurs had 6-foot extendable tongues (and COULD see stationary prey); velociraptors were migratory, maiasauras were impeccably good parents, pachycephalosaurs were herd animals, and compies were scavengers. All of those traits were made up by the author for creative purposes, and yet you probably still believe one or two of those hypotheses despite the utter lack of scientific proof.
Jurassic World Gallery: All We've Seen So Far

Recognise this sign from ‘Jurassic Park’? It’s the one that Dennis Nedry knocked down in a hurry in the first film, before he was dispatched by spitting dilophosaurs.

Source: Yahoo Magazines PYC

Director Colin Trevorrow paid tribute to Sir Richard Attenborough with this snap of a John Hammond statue on Twitter.

Source: Yahoo Magazines PYC

Chris Pratt, who’s currently riding high with his starring role in 'Guardians of the Galaxy’, plays Owen a “rugged ex-military dude”.

Source: Yahoo Magazines PYC

Bryce Dallas Howard (daughter of director Ron Howard) plays Beth, presumed to be a corporate face for the fully functioning Jurassic World resort.

Source: Yahoo Magazines PYC

Nick Robinson and Ty Simpkins play the two youngsters put under threat when the dino-poop hits the fan.

Source: Yahoo Magazines PYC

Director Colin Trevorrow shared this snap of his lead on Twitter with the caption “See you next summer, Star-Lord. #GOTG”.

Source: Yahoo Magazines PYC

Entertainment Weekly shared this pic of the director’s chair overlooking the beautiful Hawaiian landscape where much of the film was shot.

Source: Yahoo Magazines PYC

Entertainment Weekly showed us this battered truck from the set.

Source: Yahoo Magazines PYC

Howard appears to be stood inside the 'Jurassic World’ visitor centre. The resort is full operational at the start of the film, but things will inevitably go wrong.

Source: Yahoo Magazines PYC

The director shared this Isla Nublar Veterinary Services badge on his personal Twitter.

Source: Yahoo Magazines PYC

This menacing and atmospheric photo was shared by the director with the simple caption “Nights”.

Source: Yahoo Magazines PYC

It looks as though the fourth film in the series will be just as gruesome as the last three.

Source: Yahoo Magazines PYC

The photo of a muzzled velociraptor was shared by Legacy Effects, the team building the dinos for 'Jurassic World’. It has since been deleted, but it lives on thanks to the internet.

Source: Yahoo Magazines PYC

This poster was created specially for San Diego Comic-Con 2014 by artist Mark Englert. The raptor is stood atop a truck from the first 'Jurassic Park’.

Source: Yahoo Magazines PYC

Englert shared this alternate night-time version of his Comic-Con poster.

Source: Yahoo Magazines PYC

The film was retitled from 'Jurassic Park 4’ late 2013.

Source: Yahoo Magazines PYC

This was the first hint that 'Jurassic World’ would return to the same island as the first film. Trevorrow shared this on his Twitter way back in May 2013.

Source: Yahoo Magazines PYC

It’s a good job Colin Trevorrow has been sharing these photos… we’re not sure we can wait until 2015!

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Harry could smell the antiseptic before the veterinarians entered her paddock. Instantly she knew that they had returned again to inspect her teeth. Vividly she recalled her last encounter with them – the pull of the restraints, the sting of the needle, the lucid drowsiness, the tangle of latex hands as they forcefully dug the rotten tooth out of her inflamed jaw.

Right away the dilophosaur shrank back into the fronds of a nearby bush and rattled her frill with a horrified growl.


The dilophosaurus seen in Jurassic Park was a juvenile. A baby. A full grown Dilophosaur stood as tall as ten feet and was as long as twenty feet. They could weigh up to ten tons. More scent based than sight based, dilophosaur’s hunted by searching out prey with their nostrils. They could reach speeds up to 30 mph.

Dilo-whats || Pietro&Cat || Closed RP


And there she was- standing before an enclosure holding Dilophosaurs, her red hair blowing around her as a light breeze ghosted past. A long sigh of frustration slipped from her, just as she started forward to seek out this “Pietro” fella that she was supposed to be working with. 

   Had she any other option, it would not be working at Jurassic World. TO be entirely honest, she would much rather be kicked back at the beach, or simply laying around playing Xbox, however her parents had other ideas for her and had shipped her away to the god-forsaken Isla Nublar to work under management of her sister. 

   “I’m looking for Pietro- “ she glanced at the card in her hands with the scrawling of the males name upon it, uncertain if she said it right or not. “Where can I find him?” Her words were directed at the nearest care keeper to her. If Claire expected her to go strolling into dinosaur enclosures and shovel Jurassic shit, she had another thing coming. She would definitely prefer the streets to any job involving that.