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Lately, we’re loving oils (yes, even in the dead of summer!)—and we’ve always loved Kate Somerville. So the news of a face oil from the Los Angeles-based brand caused excitement here at Sephora HQ. The Sephora Glossy caught up with Somerville to hear the whole story.

Finally! A Kate Somerville oil!
“I’ve always been a fan of oils, but I knew that I needed to offer a treatment with clinical science behind it. I’ve experienced oils that don’t absorb, or just sit on the upper layer of your skin, leaving you feeling greasy,” says Somerville. “I knew that they had the potential to offer more, and I wanted a formulation that would go above and beyond offering antiaging technology as well as hydration. I just needed to find the right ingredients.”

What ingredients are those?
“Dilo oil is the star ingredient, and it’s blended with others, including coconut and macadamia oil, to ensure optimal results. I included omegas 3, 6, and 9 to promote healthier-looking skin while replenishing and restoring elasticity. Lupin seed and marine extracts help maintain firmness, suppleness, and smoothness, and antioxidant-rich rice bran and rosemary leaf extracts help protect against free radical damage. Pumpkin seed extract conditions and provides nutritive benefits, helping this product deliver the deep hydration you expect from an oil.”

Dilo oil is a buzzy new ingredient. Where did you find it?
“While in Wakaya Island in Fiji in search of another ingredient, I noticed the beautiful skin of the island natives. They were out in the sun all day—Wakaya is so close to the equator—which made me wonder how their skin stayed so beautiful and healthy looking. So I had to ask! It was then that I first heard about dilo oil, a secret exclusive to the Wakaya Island and its natives that’s been passed down for generations. The dilo tree has adapted to the extreme environmental conditions by retaining moisture and defending itself from the sun and wind with its natural antioxidant properties. Of course, I tried it and was immediately captivated!” 

Is it difficult to source?
“I traveled with a local to the windward side of the island, where the dilo tree grows, to discover the process of producing this rare oil. The trees produce dilo nuts only twice a year and so the harvest period is very limited. In fact, each tree produces only five kilos of oil annually. After naturally drying in the Fijian sun for months, the nuts are collected and cold pressed to produce the oil.”

Why did you finally decide to use it in a product?
“After bringing home as much dilo oil as I could carry, I started looking at the scientific results of the oil. We saw incredible results! After testing it on clients at my Skin Health Clinic, I was overwhelmed by how much they loved the oil and the results. Immediately I knew that I had to launch this product.”

What’s your favorite way to use it?
“Dilo oil can be used all over your body—it’s even great for split ends and soothing cuticles. I primarily use Dilo Oil Restorative Treatment on my face on top of moisturizer when I need an extra boost of hydration and firmness. It can also be used under a moisturizer or in lieu of a moisturizer. Alternatively, you can mix a few drops into your moisturizer every day and night for an added boost. A little trick that I have found is to mix a few drops of Dilo Oil Restorative Treatment into your foundation before application to achieve a soft, dewy, glowing complexion!”


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Kate Somerville / Dilo Oil Restorative Treatment

anonymous asked:

What's your daily morning routine?

Crawl out of bed
Cleanse with Josie Maran Cleansing Oil & Clarisonic
Brush my teeth!!
Contemplate going back to bed
Then get ready for the day with SK-ll Essence, Dr. Dennis Gross Moisturizer, Fresh Rose Eye Gel, and Kate Somerville Dilo Oil.

Thats basically it, unless you wanted something different then just let a sista know!!

I’m at work, and sometimes at work I like to test product on my face.

I f’d up tho. it smells like a cat peepeed on my face tho.

Like of course I would just put a skin care product straight on my face, MY WHOLE FACE, with out testing a patch or something.

This is how I ended up with no eyebrows in 6th grade,

And how my head was shaved in 8th grade,

And living in Texas for a year,

And why my hair is blonde rn.

I just dive right in to whatever I make my mind up on.

Sometimes I regret it, sometimes i don’t.

This time I regret it. I can’t stand this. srsly.



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