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Asia Kate Dillon Talks Discovering The Word Non-Binary: 'I Cried'
Feeling ambiguous about my gender identity has been a life long feeling.

Huff Post presents  Asia Kate Dillon, leading actor in the TV series Billions.

Asia Kate Dillon says: 

‘When I looked up the word non-binary, it said, “An umbrella term for any number of gender identities falling outside the boxes of man and woman.” Then it also said, “Some people may refer to this as gender fluid or genderqueer.”

I’d done research into the term genderqueer and I’m still in the processes of trying to figure out if that word is okay to use or not, actually. I’ve read one side that says, “Yeah, genderqueer just means you’re queer with your gender and it’s not a big deal.” I’ve also read that it’s a derogatory term that the younger generation doesn’t want to use any more.’

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