dillon wilson


One of the things I love more about surfing is the concept of “exploring”. Discovering new spots, waves never before surfed and beyond, excites me. These photos come straight from Morocco, in which surfing is becoming a thing. Their long, perfect left hand waves attract surfers from all over the world.

Here’s pro surfer Dillon Perillo enjoying having an entire line-up to him self with perfect nuggets.

All photos by Corey Wilson


B-roll from Outdated.
Adrian Vega, Dave Willis, Kevin Tierney, Brian Clarke, Billy Mcfeely, Brian Kelly, Brendan Grandstrand, Jersey Dave, Yaje Popson, David Perry, Dylan James, Jamal Smith, Josh Wilson, Richard Quintero, Sean Colello, Shaun Webber, Robbie Sunshine, Taji Ameen, Matt Daniels, Dillon Constantine, Jason Carroll, and Nick Riccardi.