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Hayes Grier Imagine

Idk just and idea I got and decided to write. Enjoy! xx

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Pairing: Hayes x Reader

WC: 949

Your favorite part of summer was the fact that it meant Hayes was in town. He lived in North Carolina during the school year with his family so that he could attend school but during the summer he would come out and stay in LA with his brother Nash and Nash’s friend Cameron.

You’d grown up in California with your parents and your older brother who was Cameron’s age. He lived on the east coast for school though so you didn’t get to see him much and your parents worked everyday so you spent a majority of your summer at Cam and Nash’s. You’d met Hayes when he was here two summers ago and you guys kind of clicked and hung out constantly when he was in town.

You snapped out of your thoughts when you heard your phone ringing. You rolled over in bed and grabbed it from your nightstand to see Nash showing up on you caller ID. You swiped your finger to answer the call and held the phone to your ear.


“Hey, Y/N, we’re going to pick Hayes up at the airport, want to come?”

“Sure,” you squealed, throwing the covers off yourself and rushing towards your closet to pick out some clothes.

“Alright we’ll be there in like twenty.”

You agreed and hung up the phone. You pulled out a pair of jean cutoff shorts and a white tank with pink floral decals on it and tossed it on your bed while you hurried into the shower. When you got out you brushed out your hair quickly and put it in a braid before pulling on the clothes you’d picked out. You toss a swimsuit in your purse. You put some light makeup on before grabbing your flip flops, your phone and your purse and waited in your living room for Nash and Cam to arrive.

Your phone buzzed a few minutes later with a text from Nash saying they’re in the driveway. You hurried outside, locking the door behind you and crawl into the backseat of Cam’s car. Although they were older than you, you got along with both boys really well.

“What’s up, Y/N, long time no see.” Nash gave you a goofy grin and holds up his hand for a high five. You roll your eyes and give him one before fist bumping Cam.

The drive to LAX is short and before you know it, you’re standing outside of baggage claim craning your head in attempts to find Hayes’ head in the crowd of people. All of a sudden you saw his familiar face coming towards you. When he made eye contact with you a huge smile breaks out onto his face and he rushed towards you, throwing his arms around you in a tight hug.

“Holy shit I missed you.” Hayes said.

“I missed you too.” you giggled. You two pulled apart so he can greet Cam and Nash. You help Hayes drag his bags to the car and then the two of you climbed into the backseat. You all make idle chatter on the way back, asking Hayes how North Carolina was.

In the middle of him talking, Hayes grabbed your hands and intertwined your fingers. Butterflies surfaced in your stomach. You looked up at him and he gave you a wink.

“Let’s go to the beach.” Hayes begged as soon as you pulled up to Nash and Cam’s house.

“Cam and I have to go do some work but you guys go ahead and we’ll catch up with you later.” Nash said, him and Cam heading into the living room to get their laptops.

Hayes looked at you. “You down for the beach?”

“Yeah totally, let’s go.” you pulled your swimsuit out of your purse and headed towards the bathroom to change. Hayes dragged his suitcase into his bedroom and began to rummage through it to find his swim trunks.

Eventually you both emerged and headed towards the beach. It was only a ten minute walk but by the time you got there beads of sweat had formed on your forehead. It was a hot day and you couldn’t wait to get into the ocean. You two found a spot on the crowded beach to leave your stuff and laid down on your towels.

“So, truthfully, how was North Carolina?” you asked.

Hayes shrugs. “Kinda boring. Sure I have friends there but a lot of the ones I’m close to are out here and it sucks having to be away from them nine months out of the year. Plus Nash is out here and it kinda sucks not having him around.”

“Yeah I miss having you around during the school year.” You said, laying back on your towel and closing your eyes, soaking in the sun.

“Really?” You opened one eye and saw Hayes smirking at you.

“What’s that look for?”

“Did you miss me, or did you miss-miss me?” Hayes asked.

“What’s the difference.”

“Did you miss me,” Hayes bent down and pressed his lips on yours. “Or did you miss-miss me?”

“Definitely miss-missed you.” you replied, propping yourself up on your elbows and pulling his mouth to yours again.

Hayes pulled away from smirking a few minutes later. “Race you to the ocean.” Hayes dashed towards the water leaving you stunned. You bolted after him once your mind registered the challenge.

All of a sudden he stopped just in front of you. He scooped you up bridal style and dumped you in the cold water before you could even object.

“Hayes.” you screeched, your teeth chattering from the shock of the cool water.
He hovered over you, kissing you again. “Whoops, my bad.”

Magcon Preference: Your Nickname For Him


Love Muffin- You use this when you want to cuddle/want his attention.


Mi Amour- You use this when you wanna spend time with him.


Good Looking- You always use this whenever you give him compliments.

Jack Johnson: 

Honey- You say this whenever you need help from me.


Babe- You use this for almost everything, especially when you want his attention.

Jack Gilinsky: 

Hot Stuff- You use this when you give him compliments/whenever you tease him.


Handsome- You use this whenever you give him compliments and whenever you tell him good morning/goodnight.


Hun- You use this when you want something from him and when you want to snuggle.


Lover Boy- You use this when you tease him.


Sweetum- You say this whenever you miss him.


Baby Cakes- You use this whenever you need his help.


Prince- You say this when you need his attention/want to cuddle.


Sweetie- You use this when you need help/ want his attention.

one part of me wants to just straddle his waist & make out with him and just have sex with him & the other part of me just wants to cuddle next to him and fall asleep 😭😍

Sorry, what?


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this is adorable…



Nash, I love you

You Tweet About Spending Time With Them, Preference

Jack J:
“@Y/T/N: Oh lord. Another party. Lol at least I get to spend it with my favorite blonde boy!”
He Responds: “@JackJackJohnson: @Y/T/N stop partying you thot.”
“@Y/T/N: Nash keeps putting sparklers near my hair like he’s gonna fry my hair..”
He Respnds: “@NashGrier: I wouldn’t turn your back right now..”
“@Y/T/N: No Matt. I don’t want a slice of your apple pie. Stop asking.”
He Responds: “@MattEspinosa: then how about a scoop of my ice cream?”
“@Y/T/N: Cameron wants me to be in his reaction to hate comments video… How about no.
His response: ”@CameronDallas: how about yes. Come cuddle now..“
Jack G:
”@Y/T/N: Why is Jack texting me when he’s in the room right next to me.. Like literally.“
His Response: ”@jackgilinsky: fine then I take back my “i miss you” didn’t miss you anyway..“
”@Y/T/N: can’t wait to spend the whole weekend with my Aye-Ron, been so long.“
His Response: ”@AaronCarpenter_: Babe it’s only been a couple days.. Lol but can’t wait to see you either!“
”@Y/T/N: Anyone know what happened to my small town little Canadian boy? He’s acting so older and mature.. Love spending time with him.
His Response: “@ShawnMendes: Lol you sound like my mom… Love spending time with you too.”
“@Y/T/N: I feel like I should be a good girlfriend and aid Sam and his new gash butttt I can’t stop laughing at it..”
His Response: “@Sammywilk: shut up and make me a sandwich woman…. Please..”
“@Y/T/N: 2virgins new song coming out sounds so awesome. Watching them record is my favorite thing to do.”
His Response: “@Ruppism_: I’m your favorite person to watch though right?”
“@Y/T/N: Can’t wait to spend the 4th with my favorite Asian.. Everyone have a safe and fun Independence Day!
His Response: ”@Mr_Carter: you forgot to tell them to turn up.. Geez you and Cameron aren’t turn up givers"
“@Y/T/N: Baes back home to spend time with me. How lucky am I.”
His Response: “@taylorcaniff: you may be lucky but I’m luckier.”
“@Y/T/N: Sparklers, stripes, fireworks, stars and my favorite Tennessee boy. What more could I ask for to have on a wonderful Fourth of July night.”
His Response: “@JacobWhitesides: It’s always a great time with you beautiful.”

Lazy Day- Matthew Espinosa Imagine

I stretch my arm out, searching for the warm and bare body who usually has his arms tight around my waist, but am disappointed by the cold mattress underneath my fingertips.

I groan and sit up, rubbing my fist against my eyes trying to rid them of sleep. I groggily look around the room and my eyes land on the bathroom door cracked open with steam pouring out.

I lift my arms above my head to stretch my limbs out after night of being curled up. I climb out of bed, only to be shocked with goosebumps from Virginias cold, winter air. I lazily pull the white fluffy comforter off the bed and wrapped around my body. I trudge out of Matt’s room and make my way downstairs.

I pass Burnie on the way to the kitchen and scratch his head for a second, earning an appreciative lick on the hand in return. I switch on the stove and fill up a tea kettle with water before setting it on the front burner.

“Did you really bring the comforter with you?” Matt’s soft voice chuckled behind me. I turned around to look at him.

His hair was damp and shaggy against his forehead. His eyes held a gleam that matched the gentle smile gracing his lips. His tan shoulders were speckled with water droplets that the towel missed. His navy sweatpants hung low on his hips. All in all, he looked absolutely perfect.

I simply nodded in response and he let out a soft chuckle and shook his head. I shuffle toward him and he met me halfway, immediately wrapping his strong arms around me. I buried my head in his chest, inhaling his scent that I had grown so used to. We stood there just like that, for what felt like forever.

The tea kettle whistled but I didn’t make a move for it.

“(Y/N)?” Matt whispered.

“I wanna stay right here.” I mumbled into his bare chest.

“Come on.” he laughed under his breath and pressed a kiss to my forehead. His arms left my body and he walked over to the stove. He switched the knob off and filled up a mug with hot water. He dropped in a tea bag and handed it to me. I hummed a thank you and sweetly pecked his lips. He took my hand and led me to the living room.

He cuddled himself into the comforter with me on the couch, never letting go of my hand. I nuzzled my head into his neck and he softly kissed the top of my head as I closed my eyes.

“Matt?” I whispered.

“Yes, baby?” he murmured into my hair.

“I love you.” I pressed a light kiss to his neck, in which he slightly shivered to.

“I love you more, princess.” I could feel his smile against my temple.

And that is how we stayed all day. Entangled in each other, wrapped in his comforter, talking about anything and everything.

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