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Derek luh imagine- cheating

Me and Derek have been dating for 2 years now, it’s been good so far but lately he’s too busy working and forgets to spend time with me. I spend a lot of time with Nate lately and Derek didn’t seem to like it. I just like Nate as a friend so he has nothing to worry about, but he thinks it’s different. “Hey D, how was your day in the studio?” I asked Derek, “it was fine” he said kinda irritated. “What’s wrong? Did I do something wrong?” I said “now that we’re talking about it, yes you fucking did, I know you fucked my best friend” “what” I said shocked at what he said “Oh don’t play dumb you’ve been fucking Nate and you know it, I’ve seen how close you are don’t tryna hide it” right after he said that Nate walked in “what’s going on here” he said “Derek thinks we fucked” “I don’t think it I know it” he said making me mad bc I have literally no idea where this is coming from “What?! Derek I wouldn’t do that I mean Y/N is hot and all but nah I would never” Nate said “I would never cheat on you Derek” I added. Derek looked and us and said “You two really didn’t do anything?” “No” “No” me and Nate both said “k I’m sorry for thinking you guys would do that but you guys are just so close and I couldn’t help but thinking there was something going on” “I would never cheat on you Derek and I mean it, I really mean it” I walked up to him and kissed him “I’m sorry” he said"No I’m sorry for letting you get the idea I was cheating on you" //So… I haven’t made a imagine in a long time but I came up with this idea and just wrote it, home you guys like it xx\

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Derek Luh
Dillon Rupp
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Summary: Stew throws you a surprise bday party


Writer: Tristyn

The Better Maloley😏👅💦: so babe, what do you want for you 18th birthday😄

I roll my eyes playfully at my boyfriend. Today was my 18th birthday and I just wanted to be lowkey about being finally legal. I didn’t even want a gift. It’s not that I didn’t like attention, I just didn’t want anyone going through the trouble just for a “milestone birthday”.

Me: ☺️nothing my king. Just you and few movies…. and maybe our bed😏

The Better Maloley😏👅💦: babeeeeeeee its ur 18th for fucks sake. We gotta do sumthing. Why don’t you want anything??? Like A PARTY???

Me: I don’t want y'all going through that much effort for lil old me🤷‍♀️

The Better Maloley😏👅💦: fine😒 be a fucking angel 🙄just come home quick….I miss you❤

Me: omw rn 😘❤

I pull out of the mall parking lot and head for me and Stews house. We bought it for when we finish senior year so we don’t have to live with his mom and dad.

As I pull up I see a bunch of cars in our driveway. I decide to make myself semi presentable since Stew seems to have thrown me a party.

I walk up my front door and take a breath before slowly pushing it open. Everyone was standing there with drinks in their hands.

“HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY Y/N” everyone shouts. I smile and laugh at all these people.

“You guys, I said you didn’t need to do anything for me.” I say locking eyes with stew.

“We wanted to babe. Now go upstairs and put on something extremely sexy” Stew says in my ear before smacking my ass and sending me off.

I walk upstairs and put on a new red dress I bought. The straps were extremely thin and the neck line was a deep V. It was really tight and super short. I decide to leave my hair wavy and put on some red lipstick and touch up my makeup. I put on some black heels and head backdown stairs.

Everyone whistles and takes pictures and videos of me coming down the stairs. I pose a little at every step and see Stew in the front row. I blow a kiss and wink at him.

He grabs my hand and helps me down the last couple stairs and pulls me into him.

“I’m so fucking lucky to call you mine. Happy birthday princess.” He whispers in my ear moving his hands down to my ass.

“Well Stewart, you could’ve had all of me right now but, you choose to throw a party…guess I’ll model my new bras for someone else” I say in his ear before kissing his cheek and walking away.

I hear him groan but I block it out as I thank everyone I see, stopping to take pictures occasionally.

A couple hours into the party everyone was having a lot of fun. All my friends were here and even the jacks, Sam, Nate and Swazz showed up a little late. We were all partying and drinking from champagne bottles Nate picked me up and placed me on a throne right in front of the DJ stand Rupp was out.

I was above everyone and could see every one with their phones out. I grab mine and and go on snapchat.

When I look up I see Stew walking towards me with a birthday cake with sparklers like Madison had just had at her party. Everyone starts singing Happy Birthday but it was a remix thanks to Rupp.

They set the cake on the table and let me make a speech.

“Thank you to everyone who came here tonight. It’s been a crazy 18 years and I’m so blessed that I get to be here with all of you. I’ve learned so many things from my amazing friends and they’ve prepared me to be the adult i need to be. I learned from Johnson to stay hydrated, humble and kind. I learned from Gilinsky that if you love it, keep it. Skate taught me to stay focused and that dating your friends little brother isn’t thattt bad. Swazz taught me to be hella supportive cause all you got is your family and friends. Madison taught me to dream big. Rupp taught me to party hard. And finally my boyfriend Stewart Maloley taught me that love is real and so are soulmates. He taught me to love myself because there’s always something worth loving. Thank you all so so much and I hope you don’t think this party is over. TO BEING A LEGAL ADULT AND FUCKING SHIT UP” I put up a champagne glass and we al cheer and cut the cake.

The party is still going hardcore and I think only like 4 people have left. I was on the dance floor dancing with everyone when I saw stew watching me. I winked at him and walked over.

“Stalker vibes are strong babe” I say kissing his cheek.

“Good cause you’re all mine.” He says wrapping my arms around him and pulling me closer.

“You know I love you so much y/n?” He says from the top of my head.

“Yea. I love you too stew.” I smile before pulling my head back to look at the beautiful creature I had managed to get lucky with. I slowly lean in the kiss stew as his hands move down to my ass.

I groan into the kiss as he chuckles. We’re in a fairly empty kitchen but stew looks up and continues watching the party while moving his hand up the dress and into my underwear. His other hand his on the small of my back pulling me to him. I look up and he’s smirking while acting like he’s not fingering me. I get closer to my release and put my head on his chest panting heavily.

Stews fingers pump in and out of me quickly chasing my orgasm. I moan quietly before coming on Stews fingers.

He told everyone we were tired and let them know to leave whenever they wanted before he dragged me up the steps and into our room.

these are the moments when I know he’s still that 15 year old boy serenading cameron dallas


*heavy breathing*

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