"Princess." You heard Matt’s voice coming from down the stairs, the door shutting behind him as he started to climb the stairs to your room. "My room, babe." you croaked out, your throat hurting worse when you tried to talk.

"Aw, babe. You look awful." you managed to roll over, flipping Matt the bird as you settled back in, watching Supernatural on TV. "Oh come on babe, you know I didn’t mean that." 

Matt’s body wrapped into yours. his hand rubbing your hair as he whispered sweet nothings in your ear. “I love you, y/n.” You pushed Matt backwards onto his back, “I wish I could make you feel better, babe.”

"I know what would make me feel better." your words came out mumbled as you stuffed your face into Matt’s neck taking in his scent, "What’s that babe?" A tiny grunt escaping from Matt’s mouth, "Soup." 

"Such a fucking tease." Matt’s words hot on your neck as he started to suck against your neck. "You know what I don’t like?" Matt’s lips moving to your collar bone, the dark purple marks already starting to show against your pale skin.

"What, babe?" your back arched against Matt’s touch, "teases." Matt’s long fingers hooking into the waist band of your panties, "No pants, princess?" Matt’s words muffled as he continued his assault with his lips down your stomach.

"Matttt." your hand’s tangled in his hair as his hands moved your panties down your legs. "What do you want, baby girl?" Matt’s breath hot on your clit as he hovered over your heat waiting for your answer.

"Your tongue, Matt. I want your tongue." Your hips rolled up, aching to feel his touch as his breath continued to hit your heat. "As you wish, Princess." Matt tongue licked a small stripe up your slit.

A loud gasp escaped from your mouth at the sudden contact of Matt’s cool tongue, your hands tangled into his messy locks trying to get more contact from him. 

His tongue swirled around your clit, as he plunged two fingers deep inside of your, feeling as they curled up against your gspot, your hips lurching forward at the sudden feeling overwhelming you.

"Fuck. Matt." You groaned, your hips rolling against Matt’s tongue, "Are you going to cum for me, Princess?" Matt words causing a hum against your clit bringing you closer to your edge.

"Cum for me, Princess." Matt speaking against causing your hips to buck forward, the knot in your stomach starting to come undone, "I’m going to cum, Matt." 

Your vision started to blur as your high took over your body, Matt’s tongue still continuing to swirl around your clit, your walls clenching around Matt’s fingers as they continued to curl on your gspot. 

"MATTTT" Your legs shook around Matt’s body as your high started to fade, the strings of profanities falling from your lips as Matt finished lapping up your high. 

"Feel any better, Princess?" A smirk plastered on Matt’s face as he came up to face you, "I’d feel better if I had some soup."

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Jack Gilinsky - You're Mine

Requested: Yes

Request: can i request a gilinsky smut? where he like gets jealous at a party bc he sees you dancing with sammy or something and then he takes you to his car, and pleasures you to make sure you know how good only he can make you feel and shit. does that make any sense? hahah , ilysm i’m glad you’re feeling better :)

"Wanna Dance?" You looked up half expecting to see some random guy that you had never even met before standing in front of you, but your eyes met with Sammy’s.

"You think that’s smart?" You knew your boyfriend Jack was already here somewhere, although you hadn’t seen him in a couple hours, you knew he didn’t just leave.

"It’s just a dance, y/n." the words echoing through your head, "Sure, Sammy. Why not?" You finished your drink, tossing the empty cup into the trash can on the way to the dance floor.

Sammy’s hands gripped your hips, turning your back wards his chest, your hips swinging to the music that was blasting through the club. Sam’s hands moving your hips in a pace that he liked.

"What the fuck is this?" Jack’s voice filling your ears, causing you to jerk your head toward’s the sound, "Were just dancing, Jack." Sammy backed away, his hands in the air.

"It was just a dance, Jack." Sammy tried to reason with Jack but by the way Jack’s jaw was clenched, you could tell it wasn’t working well for him. "Were leaving." Jack’s hand wrapped around your wrist puling you towards the door, as you stumbled trying to stay upright in your heels.

"What the fuck was that?" Jack’s words cutting like a knife in the cool night air, "A dance, Jack. Nothing more." You pulled your wrist from Jack’s tight grip, stumbling to open your door to the car.

You slid into the seat, your legs pulling on the leather seat, “Nope, baby girl. Backseat.” Jack’s eyes clouded over with lust, your pulled your body over the center console, kicking your heels off into the floor board, laying your back against the cool leather seats.

Jack’s body hovering over you, “I’m going to show you just whos girl you are.” Jack’s hands roamed your body before cupping your heat, a gasp coming out of your mouth. Jack’s mouth attached to your collar bone, quickly finding your sweet spot.

Your hips rolling into Jack’s touch as he yanked your panties down, his hands moving to the hem of your dress, yanking it up around your waist. His thumb rubbing tight figure eights around your clit. Profanities falling from your lips as his pace quickened.

"Who makes you feel this good princess."  You tried to form words, the sentence not able to fall out of your mouth, Jack suddenly slamming two fingers inside of you, curling in all the right spots.

"JAACK." Your hands gripping tightly to the seats as your high neared, "Jack i’m going to cum." Your words were shaky as Jack removed his fingers, "I"m going to show you who makes you feel this good."

Your eyes met Jack’s as he slid his pants down his legs, letting his erection free from the confines of his pants as he lined up with your entrance, “No one can make you feel like I can.”

Jack buried himself deep inside of you, not giving your a moment to adjust before slinging one leg over his shoulder continuing his fast pounding. “JACKK.” Your screamed echoing in the car, “Who makes you feel this good, baby girl?” Jack’s teeth gritted as you rolled your hips against his trusts.

"YOU DO JACK!" you walls were starting to clench around him, "does Sammy make you feel this good?" Jack’s hand moved to your clit, rubbing small figure eights on it. "No, Jack. Only you." 

Your walls clenched around him, your high taking over your body as your shook under Jack. You nails digging down his back as he continued to thrust into you. The profanities spilling from both of your mouths as Jack met his own high.

The warm liquid filling your core, Jack pulling his bottom lip between his teeth. His body collapsing on you, “I love you, Jack.” your words were muffled as you tried to regain your composer. “I love you, too, y/n.”

Chapter 1 | The Greet

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/Jahnelle’s P.O.V.\
I woke up with my phone buzzing on my nightstand next to my bed. I sighed and sat up, grabbing my phone as I answered the call, unaware of the time.
“Hello?” I said groggily.
“Hey!” I heard a cheerful voice on the other end, “You’re still coming over tonight… Right?” The voice said. I looked at my clock ‘10:56’ wow. Did I really sleep in this late? I got lost in thought before being snapped out by the voice, “Hello? Jahnelle, you there?”
“What? Oh! Yeah, sorry about that.” I heard her giggle.
“You daydreaming?” I laughed at the thought.
“Not really.” I admitted. I heard her scoff.
“Well… I’ll let you continue you’re daydream, Jahnelle. Don’t forget be at my house by 6! My brother won’t be home! He’s been home all week and hasn’t left his room, I think he’s in there playing Fifa with Gilinsky, Nash, and Sammy right now actually…” I heard her drift off.
“Uh huh, and you’re telling me I was the one daydreaming!” I laughed out. I could just see her rolling her eyes.
“Okay, okay. But seriously, tonight is going to be fun!” This time, I rolled my eyes.
“Okay! I’ll be there.”
“Good! I didn’t go in my brothers room for no reason to get him out of the house for no reason then.” She laughed. I replayed her words, processing them.
“Okay, 6 tonight! I’ll remember, I promise Michaela!”
“Okay, I’ll see you later! Bye!” And she hung up.
I put my phone beside me and turned my body sideways so my legs were dangling off of the side of my bed. I looked down at the floor and pushed myself upwards. I walked towards my bathroom like a zombie, I swear to god… I took a nice long, hot shower before getting out and wrapped my towel around myself. I walked out of my bathroom and the cold air touched my skin, leaving goosebumps behind and sending a shiver down my body. I walked towards my closet and grabbed my all time favorite lazy outfit, this included, my black sweatpants that said “DOPE” in big white lettering down my left leg, my blue t-shirt that said “Or Nah” in red, and since I was just going to Michaela’s I decided contacts weren’t necessary and my glasses seemed more suitable. Off topic but now that I think about it, Michaela never mentioned her brother’s name. She complained about him a lot though, I have yet to meet and yet to even see this mysterious boy myself. Michaela and I have been friends since Elementary and now we’re Juniors in High School. This is my second time over at her house and to be honest, I’m nervous. I have no idea who her brother is, and I’m just now meeting him?

/Michaela’s P.O.V.\
I got off the phone with Jahnelle and ran to my closet excited for today and tonight. I looked around in my closet before pulling out a pair of black high waisted leggings, my red flowy tank top crop top and my custom made beanie that Gilinsky made me for my birthday. It’s black, but in white lettering it says ‘2 Fab 4 U’… I say this a lot okay? I looked myself over in my body mirror and rushed into my bathroom, applying my everyday make up. Then I walked from my room to my brothers.
“Hey Matt!”
“What the- No! Michaela get out!” He threw a pillow at me.
“Ow…” I said sarcastically.
“Oh my god, get out!” Matt shouted.
“Why? Am I ruining your game of Fifa?” I asked walking into his room and sitting on his bed.
“No!- Hold on guys.” Matt said through the mic to who I assume was Gilinsky, Nash, and Sammy, the only people who he ever hung out and talked with, “Do you mind?” Matt asked taking off his head seat and pausing the game.
“Well someone’s in a great mood today.” I said with much sarcasm. He sighed, trying not to lose his temper.
“Matt, you need to get off anyways! You have to go meet Dad at Olive Garden today remember?” Matt’s eyes widened.
“Shit. That’s not today is it?” He asked worried. I nodded my head, “But what am I going to wear at OLIVE GARDEN?” I laughed at how nervous he was.
“Matt… It’s Olive Garden okay? I went in there with sweats on one time remember? I mean it’s not like you’re getting ready to meet the president.” I was beginning to go through his clothes in his closet when I saw a pair of heels. “Hey Matt…”
“What?” He snapped all of a sudden.
“Who’s heels are these?” I asked looking up at him.
“Oh… Uh, th-those are…” He stuttered, I looked at him with big eyes, encouraging him on.
“I’m not going to tell Dad,” I laughed “I got your back!”
“Well… There’s this girl named Madison and… She kind of came over, and uhm she must have left them here…” He drifted off. I stared at him blankly then burst out laughing. I pat his shoulder as I walked past him, still laughing and soon I found myself in the kitchen. I heard the home phone ring so I ran to the phone, answering it.
“Hello?” I questioned into the phone.
“Oh thank goodness you answered! I’ve been trying to get ahold of you for at least a half an hour now!” I laughed.
“Whoops, sorry I was in Matt’s room talking to him, and my phone is still in my room. Do you want to talk to him?” I asked getting ready to yell at Matt to say someone was on the phone for him when the voice cut me off.
“No actually, I was wondering if I can come over hang with you.” My eyes widened and I looked up out the kitchen window, stunned. I cleared my throat.
“I-I can’t today, Maybe next weekend?” I offered. There was a pause.
“But… I can’t next weekend.” I sighed, “I have a to be at the studio on Saturday, then I promised Johnson I’d go over to his house on Sunday.”
“Okay, well I have a friend coming over tonight. Let me call her, I’ll call you back.” I said and hung up. I rushed upstairs past Matt’s room and towards mine. I jumped on my bed trying to make it look epic but failed miserably. I grabbed my phone and called Jahnelle, walking back downstairs.
“Hello?” I heard Jahnelle question through the phone.
“Hey, guess who just called and asked if the could hang out?” I said trying not to scream.
“Uhm… Gilinsky?” She hesitated, not wanting to get it wrong, I nodded my head even though I knew she couldn’t see me then squealed, “No way! Are you serious?”
“Yes!” I half yelled into the phone.
“You said yes right?” I asked beginning to bite my nails.

/Jahnelle’s P.O.V.\

I was in the middle of a bite of my >Enter food here< when I once again got a call from Michaela.
“Hello?” I said swallowing my mouthful of food.
“Hey, guess who just called and asked if they could hang out?” I could tell Michaela was happy, her voice was louder than usual.
“Sammy?” I guessed, I knew he kind if liked her that’s why I suggested him first.
“Close.” Was the response I got. I smiled.
“Uhm… Gilinsky?” I winced. She squealed loudly into the phone, that’s when I knew I was right, “No way! Are you serious?”
“Yes!” She yelled.
“You said yes right?” I bit my nails, I knew she’s liked him for a long ass time so I was nervous for her.
“Well… I never really gave him a direct answer. I kinda got nervous and said I’ll call him back later.” She was hesitant.
“Say yes before he makes other plans!” She giggled and agreed.
“Okay! I think I’ll have my brother stay home stay home so Gilinsky isn’t weirded out by being around just girls! Oh, and so you can finally meet my brother!” She squealed once again.
“Yeah, this is going to be fun.” I exclaimed.
“Sure is! I’ll see you later!” And she hung up again. I looked at the clock in the living room ‘12:06’ what am I supposed to do for 6 hours? I sighed and decided to take a walk to the gas station down the road from my house and bought a Dr. Pepper and a bag of Lays. When I get home I decided I wanted to listen to some music, and since I had the house to myself for about 3 months I plugged in my auxiliary cord to my phone and started playing G.O.M.D. by J. Cole, I turned up the volume and skipped to my kitchen putting the chips in the cabinet and opening up my drink. I looked at the clock ‘12:53’ I groaned and lied back on the couch.
When it was 5 I decided to get ready for Michaela’s house. I wobbled upstairs and to my room, packing my bag. I went to my bathroom and looked myself over in the mirror. I smiled and walked out of my room, I swung the backpack around my shoulders. When I got downstairs I grabbed the keys and wasted no time getting out of that house. I got in my car, started it and started driving. When I was driving I looked to my left and saw a Sonic, no Jahnelle you don’t need it. But soon I found myself ordering my usual Cherry Limeade. Then I was back on the road jamming out to some K-Pop. What? Don’t judge.
When I got to Michaela’s I saw a car that isn’t usually there. Must be Gilinsky’s. I grabbed my bag and my Cherry Limeade then walked to the front door. This boy that I’ve never seen before answered, must be her brother!
“You’re Jahnelle right?” I heard him ask.
“Yes, yes that me.” He chuckled.
“Come in.” I gave him a nod and walked past him. I heard giggles from upstairs, must’ve been Michaela, “I’m Matthew but you can call me Matt.” I heard him say again. I gave him a smile. He was attractive I must say. Hazel eyes like Michaela, he was tall the opposite of Michaela, he had dirty blonde hair but Michaela didn’t have that either.
“Michaela’s upstairs with Gilinsky. They were watching Netflix but I’ve been hearing them laugh so he probably started tickling her like he always does.” Matt gave me a shy smile.
“Thanks.” I said embarrassed. Really? Just… Thanks. I nodded my head and knocked on Michaela’s door.
“Yeah come i- NO!” She started laughing, “JACK!” I walked through the door and laughed, “JAHNELLE THIS ISN’T-” She gasped for breath. I started laughing harder. Jack was hovering over her, pinning her arms above her head and using his free hand to tickle her, he was also laughing, but then I knew how much she hated being tickled. I walked over by her bed, set my bag down and walked out, then I over heard Jack laughing harder.
“Awhh… Your brother nor your friend will save you!” Matt must’ve heard too because he started laughing his ass off.

Magcon Life Goals

-Party with Sammy and the Jacks
-Rap on a track with Taylor and Dillon
-Have a pillow fight with Cam and Nash
-Form a trio and make a cover with Shawn and Jacob
-Jam out in the car with Carter and Matt
-Create a comic on Instagram with Aaron
-Attend one of Hayes’ football games
-DJ a big event with Mahogany
-Film a vine with Mama Reynolds
-Get advice from Coach Grier
-Say “thanks Bart” to Bart and actually mean it
-Be at the first ever Magcon reunion