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Drunk ‘n Love - (SW)

Warning(s): sex, cursing, alcohol, Daddy kink
Word Count: 1.531
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Your POV:

“Jack, I’m not really sure about this. You know how I get when I drink way too much,” you warned your childhood friend Jack Johnson. He has been pushing you to go to Nate’s party tonight, claiming that you ‘need to have more fun, and quit being a grandma’. It wasn’t that you didn’t want to go, the problem is that your long time crush Sammy Wilkinson is going to be there. You had met Sam three years ago while the Jack’s were filming the video for ‘Like That’ in 2014. From the very first time you layed eyes on him, you immediately felt a ping in your heart. And here you are, three years, still crushing on the handsome man.

“Oh, Y/N! Just come on. This is about Sam, isn’t it?” Jack said smirking at the way you hid your face, ashamed.

“Okay, it might be— but only a little bit!” you tried to defend yourself as Jack continued to laugh. “You can shut up now, it’s not that funny.”

Jack’s body was sprawled out on your bed as his giggling continued, “I-I’m sorry, dude. It’s j-just so funny!”

“Just hush and help me find something to wear, JJ,” you said swinging your closet door open. Jack slowly began to calm down from his fit of laughter he got up to help.

“Jack, this is just a too bit revealing. Something else?” you asked, the shorts you have on had a large cutout on the sides that were lashed together loosely. The top was a cut bang tee with a plunging neck line, which reveals much more than you’d like. Jack had insisted that this whole outfit was perfectly fine.

“Quit worrying Y/N, you look pretty damn good,” he said handing you a pair of black lace up heels, “now put 'em on, bitch.”

“Uh-un. No way in hell I’m wearing those, my feet will fall off in pain,” you said pushing the heels into his chest.

“Do. It. Dammit.” he said shoving you onto your ass, placing the heels on you feet. “Now lets go!”

— (skip car ride) —

The music pumped loudly as you tried to weave through the large crowd of drunk idiots. You spotted your best friends Nate, Gilinsky, Dillon, Derek, and lastly Sammy standing in the kitchen with red solo cups pressed to their lips. Immediately the boys spotted you, you were handed shots upon shots.

“Hey, boys,” you shout above the loud music after downing the four shots.

“Surprised seeing you here. I thought you said you weren’t coming, Y/N?” Derek chuckled.

“I wasn’t going to, but JJ practically begged me to come,” you said looking at Sammy who was eyeing you up and down, a smirk plastered on his face.

“Damn, Ma. You look good, very very good,” a drunk Sammy said licking his lips seductively.

“Hey, Sammy wanna dance,” you asked shyly, looking at Sammy’s outfit. Holy shit, he looked good. He had on a loose fitting grey tee, which showed off his strong arms and the veins running up them. And a pair of ripped jeans, topped off with a pair of black vans. And his hair is perfectly styled as always.

“Of course, Ma. Ladies first,” he said as you led him to the packed dance floor. Your hips swayed against the beat of the music, his hands placed tightly onto your hips. “You are such an amazing dancer, baby girl,” he slurred into your ear.

“Is that so, baby,” you said grinding against his hardening shaft. He groaned lightly in your ear, the alcohol had definitely taken over your bodies as you guys sexily danced.

“Let’s take this upstairs to my room, baby girl,” he asked, grabbing ahold of you wrist. You followed closely behind him and up the stairway to his large bedroom. You stumbled forwards as your eyes scanned around Sammy’s large bedroom. You were brought out of your trance as strong arms snaked around your exposed waist.

“Y/N, lay down baby girl,” he whispered seductively in your ear, while kissing down your neck. You nodded your head and began to strip of your clothing, you were left in nothing but your panties as you placed your body against the cold white sheets

You were shocked when you felt both of your ankles being gripped and pulled down to the edge of the bed. Supporting yourself on your elbows, you looked at a shirtless Sammy. His body was nicely tanned and toned in a good way, as he was not too muscular and not lanky. “Sammy, please. I want y–” you got cut off by your own moan as Sammy kissed and sucked at the skin of your inner thighs.

“Shh, baby. Daddy’s got you baby girl,” he said as his he pulled your underwear down your legs with his teeth. He left sloppy kissing as he made his way back up to your soaking core, kissing everywhere but where you needed him most. You were about to complain when his tongue lightly flicked your swollen clit.

Your back instinctively arching up from the bed, “Uh, Sammy,” I moaned. His grip on your hips tightening harshly, “fuck, daddy! Just like that,” you whisper as he continued to suck your bundle of nerves. Suddenly, he thrusts two fingers inside you, causing you to scream out in pleasure. “Uh, fuck. I-I’m going to c-cum,” you moan as Sammy’s movements became faster. You reach down to grip onto his brown locks as your back arched up.

“C'mon, baby girl, cum for Daddy,” he moaned against your heat. Your hand gripped his wrist that was holding down your hips as euphoria took over your entire body. “How was that, Y/N,” he chuckled as he wiped off the juices from his mouth and chin. You couldn’t even form words as your body felt completely drained.

“You certainly do know how to please a woman, that is for sure,” you slurred. Sitting up, you tug down his jeans and underwear, flipping your bodies over so you could straddle his waist.

You ground your heat against his hard dick as he tilts his head back groaning in pleasure. “F-fuck, just like that, baby girl,” he moans, gripping your hips to move faster. Quickly, he rolled you onto your back so he could be on top again.

“Don’t tease, baby. It’ll only make daddy angry,” he said slapping your ass hard. You yelped as he flipped you onto your stomach. “Face down, ass up, Y/N,” he said slapping your ass again. Sitting up on your knees, you shoved your upper body into the pillows as Sammy thrusted into you from behind.

“Oh, god! Fuck!” you shouted as he deeply thrusted at a slow pace, hitting your g-spot. “You like that, Ma?” Sammy smirked as he groaned.

“Mhmm, ah! Right there Daddy,” you moaned as his thrusts became faster. At this moment you were both moaning in pleasure. He grabbed your hair pulling your body up, your back pressing flush against his chest.

“You like being fucked like this don’t you?” He grunted as his pace quickened. A hard slap echoed in the room as he smacked your ass, “Y/N, answer me, baby,” he whispers into your ear.

“Yes! Yes, Sammy! Fuck, I’m going to-” you were cut off by Sammy, “Me too, Y/N, me too,” he moaned as his thrusts became sloppy. You screamed out as the coil in your stomach tightened, your body went limp as you moan Sammy’s name repeatedly. He moaned your name with a few profanities as his own release spills inside you.

His whole body collapsed as he tried to regain his normal breathing pace. He slowly pulled out as he peppered your neck with kisses. “That was a-fucking-mazing, damn,” he said kissing your forehead.

Your breathing came to a steady pace as did Sammy’s. You placed your head on his chest, his fingers traced shapes onto your exposed back.

“Sammy, I think– I, um, I should leave,” you said lifting your body from his, you had completely sobered up. Standing up, you began to look for your discarded clothing.

“W-what? I don’t want you to leave,” he said stopping your movement by grabbing your face with both his hands. “I-I like you, Y/N! Please tell me this was more than a drunk fuck to you,” he asked nervously.

You were so shocked you didn’t even know how to respond. “I, um, I guess not,” Sammy said dropping his hands from your face. You quickly registered what he said, and you pushed yourself flush against him.

“Of course Sammy. I’ve liked you for quite some time actually,” you said placing your arms around his neck.

“Oh thank god,” he mumbled, all upset erasing from his perfect face, “okay, please come back to bed?”

“Gladly, my body is worn out,” you giggled, laying back down your head in his chest again. He pressed quick kisses to your forehead as his hand traced invisible figures onto your back again.Eventually, his movements came to a halt as light snores left his lips. Your body slowly drifted to sleep as you listened to his steady heartbeat.

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Surprise Visit - (d.l.)

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Warning(s): smut, cursing, mention of drugs & prison

your pov


“Derek, calm down! What’s going o–,” you yelled but were cut off by banging on the front door.

“Y/N, don’t open that door,” Derek said panting from running so fast.

“Derek, why? What’s goi–,” you were cut off again by your front door being pushed open.

“Derek Luh, put your hands up! You’re under the arrest for the illegal distribution of Marijuana and Methamphetamine,” a police officer yelled, others behind him with guns pointed at your husband.

“Excuse me, what the fuck is going on here, Sir?” you questioned, starting to get really upset.

“Y/N, baby I’m so sorry. Take care of everything,” Derek said talking about the company you guys owned, he was being cuffed by two large police officers.

“No, no, no. Please no! Let him stay!” you screamed, trying to reach Derek’s body, but a policeman held you back. “Please! For fucks sake! Derek I’m gonna get you out! Until then I’ll have everything under control,” you hollered, racing out to see him being put into the cop car, “I promise, baby,” you whispered, tears streaming down your face.

That was nine months ago and he still won’t be out for another three months. You visited him regularly, usually about four times a week, and he called you whenever they’d let him. You were also taking care of the company you and Derek owned together, which was dealing drugs for one of the largest drug cartels in America.

You were currently getting ready to see him today for a conjugal visit because of his good behavior. Finally you finished your makeup, which was just a bit of eyeshadow and mascara topped off with your signature lipstick. After spraying perfume and getting into the new lingerie set you bought for Derek, you put on your outfit.

You walked in front of the mirror inspecting your attire. Deciding you looked decent enough, you slid on Derek’s white oval shaped sunglasses, grabbing your car keys and headed out the door. Turning on your car, Jungle by Drake blared from your speakers. You sped your way to the prison, the anticipation of seeing him and doing much more with him getting to you. Finally, you pulled into the prison parking lot and found a parking space. Looking into your mirror one last time, making sure your lipstick hadn’t smudged.

You opened your door and walked up to the entrance, taking a breath you stepped into the lobby. “Hi, Mrs. Luh! It’s great to see you again,” Officer Gilinsky said eyeing you up and down.

“Eyes up here, sweet cheeks,” you said as he stared at your exposed midsection.

“S-sorry, just you look–,” he stopped to think for a second, “amazing.”

“Watch it, Officer. Wouldn’t want my husband to know you’re flirting now would you,” you said cheekily at the blushing officer.

“No ma'am, we wouldn’t,” he said, cheeks turning a crimson shade. “Alright, lets take you to see your, um, husband,” he said grabbing your arm. Before entering the room to meet Derek, you had to go through all the security procedures. Which meant that Gilinsky would have to pat you down, and he did, way longer than he should have. “Okay, all done Mrs., now, as you already know: keep up good behavior and there will be a search every four hours. Enjoy your time with Mr. Luh,” he said opening the door to the private room.

“Thanks, sweet cheeks,” you said pecking his cheek, causing him to blush again.

“Let me take you on a da–,” he started.

“Ah, ah, ah. Don’t push it honey, I’m still married. Remember?” you said pointing at the large rock on your ring finger.

“Y-yes, ma'am,” he replied, “Mr. Luh will be here shortly,” he said stepping out of the room. You sat and waited for what felt like an eternity, but had only been a mere fifteen minutes. Oh my goodness, just hurry up! you said to yourself. As if someone was reading your mind, the door opened, an in walked your handsome spouse.

“Oh, Derek!” you said, running into his arms.

“Baby, I missed you so fucking much,” he said, showering kisses all over your face, “you look beautiful as ever, ma.”

“Thanks baby, you should see what’s under it,” you whispered into his ear. “Oh, Mrs. Luh, I plan on it,” he said placing his lips onto your exposed neck.

“God, I fucking love you,” he said kissing you fiercely. Derek pulled away slightly out of breath, looking into your y/e/c eyes intently. You could see the love in his chocolate brown ones as they darkened. Before you could reply ‘I love you’, he grabs your hand pulling you over to the small bed in the corner. Derek sits onto the bed and pulls you in between his legs, you still standing. “I. Love. You. So. Fucking. Much.” he growls kissing you between each word.

“I love you too, Derek,” you say, lacing your fingers into his brown locks, “more than you know, my dear.”

“Strip for me, mami,” he commands, using your favorite pet name. His voice makes your body shutter in excitement. You quickly slip your white skirt off and look back at him as he stares at your ass in the white thong you were wearing. “So, so beautiful,” he whispers, gripping your ass. He helps take off the pink top you had on, kissing the tops of your exposed breasts of your bra. Derek removes his clothes and pulls you on top of his body onto the bed. “Sit,” his fingertips dig into your hips. In one swift movement of your hips, he enters you slowly.

You let out a sound that’s a combination of a moan and a gasp, “fuck, it’s been too long,” he groans. Derek grips onto your hips, surely leaving bruises, he starts to lift your hips up and down as he pounds into you, giving you little time to adjust to his size. Derek’s abdomen tightens every time you slide back down. Your moans echo off the walls as you claw at his chest, your nails digging into the soft, tanned flesh. He groans at the pain your inflicting on him, enjoying every second of it. “Fuck, daddy! Just like that, oh–ugh, oh my fuck,” you shout gripping onto his hair, tightly.

“That’s right mami, moan Daddy’s name. Let this whole prison know who’s making you feel this good,” he grunts out as he flips you onto your back and pounds into you harder, your breasts bouncing from the power of his harsh thrusts.

“Mmph, right there, Derek! Oh, I-I’m gonna c-cum,” you moan, raking your nails along his back.

“Oh yeah, you like that don’t you?” he smirks at your loud moans. “After this, I’m gonna eat that tight little pussy,” he groans, thrusting his hips faster, his lips sucking hickeys onto your jaw. “C'mon baby, scream my name,“ he taunts, his thrusts becoming sloppier as he senses that your extremely close.

"Ugh! Fuck, Derek– I’m cumming!” you shout, not being able to hold it back any longer you come undone on him, screaming his name.

“On your hand and knees, doll,” he demands. You look at him with lust in your eyes. You hadn’t expected him to stop until he came too. You quickly do as your told, he moans at the sight of your juices running down your thighs. Derek gets behind you, his hands on your lower back. He slowly enters you, groaning at the feeling of you clenching around him. You cry out as he begins to pick up speed, the sound of skin slapping against skin echoes throughout the room. Derek pulls onto your hair roughly, making your back meet his chest. “I’ve missed this so much, baby. It’s been hard without you,“ groans out. With one hand gripping your hair and the other rubbing your clit, Derek begins thrust deeper into your, hitting your g spot that makes you scream from how sensitive you are. He grins as he continues to hit your g spot harshly.

"Fuck! I love you so much! Derek, Derek!” you scream out his name. “That’s it Y/N. Scream my name. Who makes you feel this good?” Derek says into your ear.

“You, Derek! You, you, you!” You loudly moan, the pleasure taking over your entire body. His movements become to a complete halt causing you to whine out from the loss of contact. “Don’t whine, Y/N,” he scolds, sliding in too painfully slow for your liking.

“I’m sorry, Daddy. Faster, go faster,“ you moan out. “What? I didn’t hear you Mrs. Luh. Repeat that, if you don’t mind, doll?” Derek’s pace begins to slow again. “Please go faster, God dammit! Please, daddy!” you cry out. He laughs liking the sound of you begging him to fuck you. He quickly obliges and continues his deep thrusts. Your eyes close tightly at the pleasure you are receiving, your hands gripping onto the pillows. Your legs begin to shake and your arms give out as you feel your second orgasm taking over your body. “Derek, I-I’m gonna–” you cry out as you cum for the second time.

"Shit, shit, shit! Oh– and I’m cumming,” Derek says to you shooting out onto the bedsheets. Once you both come down from your highs, Derek flips you onto your back, gripping your ankles and pulling you to the edge of the bed. Your eyes widen as Derek head disappears in between your thighs.

“I don’t t-think I can h-handle much m-more,” you groan. He smirks looking up at you from in between your legs. Derek spreads your legs apart as his tongue flattens against your clit. Your hands intertwine into his brown locks and pull on it, causing Derek to groan, sending vibrations onto your centre. Your body convulses as you come undone all over his face. “Derek, oh god!” you yell out as your thighs tighten around Derek’s head. He climbs up your body and places a gentle kiss to your lips.

“You’re beautiful, mami,” he says beaming down at you.

“That. Was. The. Best. Sex. Ever,” you say panting between each word. “You, my love, are a sex god.”

“Why thank you, Mrs. Luh,” he says cheekily.

“You’re welcome, Mr. Luh,” you reply mocking him. You guys were cut short from your moment when Officer Gilinsky saunters into the room.

“I’m here to tell you that Mr. Luh is free to go. Warden’s orders, you’re out early for good behavior. Stay out of trouble Derek.” “Oh my god! We’re going home baby!” you scream hugging him close.

“I love you, Y/N,” he says kissing your lips.

“And I love you,” you reply. You quickly two get dressed and collect your things and get ready to head out of the building. But, before you leave you stop by to tell Officer Gilinsky goodbye.

“Derek, he’s been trying to get with me since the first day I walked in here. Can I just kiss him once, make his dreams come true?” you ask.

“One little kiss, that’s it. Anything more, I slit his throat,” Derek says seriously.

“Hey, Officer! Gilinsky!” you shout getting his attention.

“Yes ma'am,” he says walking towards you. You don’t say anything but kiss his pink lips quickly.

“Don’t miss me too much,” you say kissing his cheek and walk away leaving him stunned. “That did the trick, I think,” you giggled grabbing ahold of Derek’s hand, intertwining your fingers.

“Yeah, I bet. Now, we’re going home and I’m going to punish you for that,” he said.

“But you said it was oka–,” you start.

“Yeah, but I changed my mind,” he smirked pulling you towards his Maserati you’ve been driving.

Derek luh imagine- cheating

Me and Derek have been dating for 2 years now, it’s been good so far but lately he’s too busy working and forgets to spend time with me. I spend a lot of time with Nate lately and Derek didn’t seem to like it. I just like Nate as a friend so he has nothing to worry about, but he thinks it’s different. “Hey D, how was your day in the studio?” I asked Derek, “it was fine” he said kinda irritated. “What’s wrong? Did I do something wrong?” I said “now that we’re talking about it, yes you fucking did, I know you fucked my best friend” “what” I said shocked at what he said “Oh don’t play dumb you’ve been fucking Nate and you know it, I’ve seen how close you are don’t tryna hide it” right after he said that Nate walked in “what’s going on here” he said “Derek thinks we fucked” “I don’t think it I know it” he said making me mad bc I have literally no idea where this is coming from “What?! Derek I wouldn’t do that I mean Y/N is hot and all but nah I would never” Nate said “I would never cheat on you Derek” I added. Derek looked and us and said “You two really didn’t do anything?” “No” “No” me and Nate both said “k I’m sorry for thinking you guys would do that but you guys are just so close and I couldn’t help but thinking there was something going on” “I would never cheat on you Derek and I mean it, I really mean it” I walked up to him and kissed him “I’m sorry” he said"No I’m sorry for letting you get the idea I was cheating on you" //So… I haven’t made a imagine in a long time but I came up with this idea and just wrote it, home you guys like it xx\

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Mr. Wilkinson- (s.w.) [pt. 1]

Warning(s): mentions of sex, cursing, fighting, guns, drugs, booze, blood

This is the first chapter of the mini-series I’m writing about Sammy. Let me know if you guys like it, if so, I’ll continue it!

(My edit, feel free to use, just give creds)

Your POV:

“Where is it Nate?” you asked, screaming at the man in front of you. He was supposed to pick up the shipment of 100 kilos of Benzoylmethylecgonine, which is pure Cocaine. It was valued at $4 million USD, but here Nate was in your office empty handed.

“Y/N, I looked everywhere. I tried to find Gilinsky, but he didn’t have the package,” Nate said running his hands through his messy hair. You slammed your fists onto the desk, Nate following in suit.

“Wilkinson,” you both shouted simultaneously.

“That son of a bitch! He’s got the Coke, again. I don’t get it, he’s always one step ahead of us, Maloley,” you said, slamming down into your chair. Running your hands through your hair, you let out a frustrated sigh slouching over.

“Lil mama, look at me. We’ve got this under control, we’ll find him and get the coke and the money. Okay?” Nate said rubbing my back. You didn’t say anything, just hugged your body close to Nate’s. You guys have been friends since diapers, he was the big you never had. He started this business back in Omaha, and soon things got better, money came fast. So, when he had finally enough money to buy the house he wanted, he asked you to move to LA with him to continue his business. And here you are 4 years later, some the richest people in the country.

“Hello,” you said pulling away from Nate, and answering your phone. “What? Really? We’re on our way Swazz,” you said, standing up pacing back and forth, “Okay, see you there,” you hung up, smiling at Nate.

“Well, what is it?” he said the anticipation getting to him.

“Get dressed, we’re going to the club. Swazz and Derek just saw Sammy there, he’s gotta have the stuff,” you smiled and ran to your room to find an outfit. You decided on a skirt and a tube top with your favorite black heels. You finished off with a bit of make up and decided to leave your hair with it’s natural curls. (outfit, makeup, & hair)

Stepping out of your car, you handed the keys over to valet. Immediately walking into the club, you were met with the familiar smell of sweat, booze, and weed. Gyalchester by Drake was blaring out from the speakers as bodies scattered the dance floor. You scanned your eyes around the room, until they landed on the boy with brown hair and tattoos covering his arms with some blonde sitting on his lap. You made your way over to the bar smiling at the charming bartender, “Hey, handsome. Three Coronas, please,” you asked beaming at the man.

“Here ya go, Miss. Anything else?” he asked.

“No thanks, see you around, handsome,” you replied, winking at him before turning around.

“I’ll be taking that,” Nate laughed taking a beer from your hands and disappearing into the crowd with a gorgeous brunette.

Taking one last look around you spotted Sammy in the VIP section with the same chick from earlier. As you were walking up to the guards you checked to make sure your gun was in place on your thigh underneath the skirt you have on. “Excuse me Miss, but you can’t come in,” a body guard says, his hands blocking the entryway.

“It’s me Y/N Y/L/N,” you said showing him your ID.

“Sorry for the inconvenience Miss. Y/L/N. Enjoy your time tonight,” he spoke, moving out of the way to let you in.

You made your way over to the couch Sammy and the blonde were sitting on, “Hey doll, out now,” you spoke tapping the girls’ shoulder.

“Excuse me, bu-,”

“I will not say it again, doll,” you cut her off, “this is business, the kind you have no interest in,” you said snapping as guards came in pulling her out of the room. “Now, Wilkinson. We have some important business to discuss,” you said handing him a Corona.

“Ah, and what would that be, ma,” he said mocking your tone of voice.

“Let’s see, hmm? Oh, that’s it! You have 100 kilos of Coke that I’m afraid to say, belongs to me,” you said sarcastically.

“Is that so?” Sammy chuckles, his eyes raking down your semi covered body,

“Don’t play stupid with me, Wilkinson,’ you roll your eyes annoyed with him. “Hand it over and there’s no problems.”

“Now why would I do that, Y/L/N?” he questions, “you want it back you’ll have to earn it.”

“I said, hand. It. The fuck. Over.” your gun, pointing at Sammy’s head, him doing the same with his.

“Earn it,” he simply replied.

“Enough with the games, Wilkinson,” you yelled, a bunch of your guys coming into the room. They lifted their guns to shoot, but Sammy’s team had already beat them to it. You noticed the same blonde girl and more of her friends in ski masks, I mean who could forget that greasy matted blonde mess. “Give it, I’ll give you the four mil, if you just hand over the coke.”

“I don’t want the money, Y/N. I just want you,” he chuckled.

Your face twisted in confusion, not understanding what he meant.

“End it, ladies. I got Y/N,” Sammy said.

Family|| Derek Luh Imagine


Winter break was something I have been looking forward to for a while. being out in LA for college can take a toll of family life. I haven’t seen them in what felt like forever but in reality its only been a year and a half. during that time period a lot has changed. I started dating Derek Luh, who is a rapper. basically every girl here in LA is in love with him and he chose me. ive told my sister, Tiana, who is 17, about him and my mom and dad. my dad knows a lot less then my mom and sister though because he doesn’t really want his daughter to grow even though he has Tiana and my baby sister, who is 3, Macey. Anyway, when I found out when my break would be I talked to my parents and planned on going out to New York, which is home, and see them for the break. my mom wants me to bring Derek but I’m afraid to ask him. I mean we have been dating for a year and 2 months but I mean Derek still has his career to work on and hes been in the studio a lot to finish his current album that will be coming out soon. but now it is getting closer to my break and I still haven’t asked Derek so I need to ask him.

I arrived at Derek’s place and he invited me in with a warm hug. 

“whats up mami” he kisses me. 

“nothing much” I say going into the kitchen and grabbing an apple and sitting on the counter. I sat on the counter zoning out. what if my parents don’t even like him? I mean he does have a past but what if they aren’t as understanding as I was about it?

“whats on your mind mami” derek says, hands on my thighs, him standing in between my legs. 

“I probably should have brought this up to you about a week or two ago…” I start. Derek froze in his place. I instantly knew what he was thinking.

“no I’m not pregnant, least I don’t think I am” I say. he faces draws relief.

“so whats up then?” he asks.

“so my break is in about a week…for winter…anyway I’m planning on going to New York to visit my family because its been awhile and I want to spend a Christmas with them…anyway….my family really wants to meet you…I was wondering if you wanted to come with me to New York to meet my family, I mean if your busy that’s fine, or if you don’t want to meet them that’s fine, its just weve been together for 14 months, and my family is a big part of my life, and your in my life…and oh my god I’m babbling.’ I say. I quickly bite into the apple to stop myself from talking. Derek just kind a chuckles. I look at him with confusion.

“of course I want to meet your family babe, I mean you met mine, and I’m a family man too, and we are together and one day we are gonna have our own family its only right that I meet them if I plan on marrying you one day.” he says. 

“you plan on marrying me?” I smile.

“of course…but I’m not telling you when that’s a surprise” he smiles and kisses my forehead. I roll my eyes playfully.


we had booked a flight for New York on a Friday night, a few hours after my last class for the winter break. me being the semi procrastinator I am I had to go home and pack 2 hours before our flight to new York. 

“you should’ve packed last night” derek says laughing watching me struggle to pack in time. 

“shut up” I say rushing. I scrambled around our shared room for clothes. we had moved in together about 4 months ago, it helps me save money, because dorming gets expensive. I feel his hands snake around my waist.

“chill mami, take a deep breath” he says in the crook of my neck. I take a deep breath. he kisses my neck.

“better?” he asks. I felt calmer and I nodded. 

“now go finish packing” he says. I nod. the rest of my packing went smoothly and soon we left to the airport and we were off to new York. 

After arriving in New York that’s when my nerves started to really kick in. what if my family doesn’t like him. we sit in the cab and Derek holds my hand. 

“you okay babe?” he asks. I just hum a yes while looking out the window.

“whats on your mind?” he asks. I turn to look at him.

“I’m scared my parents wont like you” I say.

“don’t be” he says.

“I know but still. your important to me and what if they aren’t as supportive or what if they aren’t as understanding of past as I was?” I ask.

“you cant worry about that y/n, it will be fine” he says. I nod and put my head on his shoulder.


from mom- are you almost here?

to mom- yup be there soon


once we arrived at my parents house I took a deep breath. me and derek got out of the car.

“ill get the bags go see your parents” derek says.

“are you sure?” I ask.

“ya it will give me a second to breathe” he says. I nod and give him a peck on the lips. I walk up to the front door to where my family is standing. 

“MY BABY” my mom yells. she runs up to me and hugs me tight. 

“ive missed you” she cries into my ear. I feel my eyes tear up. ive missed my family. my dad makes his way over and he has a few tears in his eyes as well.

“oh dad” I say hugging him tight.

“I love you” he says, cracking in is voice. then my sister Tiana comes over and hugs me.

“hey sis” she smiles. I smile at her. I look back at the cab and Derek walks over with our stuff. my dad walks over. I start to panic a little.

“let me help you” he says. he grabs some stuff from Derek and they walk in the house. we all walk in the house and my dad helps bring my stuff to my old room. 

“we’ll let you two settle, food should be here soon” my moms smiles and closes my door. I plop down on my bed and derek lays next to me laying me on him a little bit. 

“I hope they like you” I say.

“me too” he mumbles. 


we all sat at the table with our food which was pizza and wings, I may have told my mom that Derek and I really love wings. 

“so tell us, what are your plans for the future?” my mom asks derek.

“well…I plan to make a success in my music and change the world for the better. your daughter has gotten me into doing some volunteer work with younger children, so I plan to help them as much as possible as well. And then I eventually plan on having kids of my own and being married”

“if you can have kids, goodluck, that would hurt coming out of your guy parts” my sister laughs. 

“Tiana” I laugh. Derek looks at me.

“shes joking, she has a weird sense of humor kind of like me” I say. he smiles and laughs. 

“do you see yourself married to my daughter?” my dad asks.

“dad…” I warn

“actually yes I do sir. Your daughter makes me very happy. she has been very understanding of me and my past and everything that I have been through. If I’m being honest, meeting you both has me a little nervous. I want to be enough for your daughter, because she is enough for me” Derek says taking a sip of his drink. I give his hand a quick squeeze.

“we are very understanding people Derek. Everyone has a past, mine wasn’t so great when I grew up and y/n’s father was very understanding. its okay to have gone through things. we all do. “ my mom smiles at Derek. 

“and if my daughter is very understanding, like me, then I will be too. people do change” my dad says. 

“well, your daughter has certainly changed me, but I wouldn’t change meeting her for the world. I feel happier when I’m with her sir.” Derek says. 

“actually can I talk to you in private sir?” Derek asks my dad. my dad nods.

“be right back babe” derek kisses my forehead. they both walk away.

“I like him hes hot” my sister says. I laugh.

“I like him to. he seems very invested in you.” my mom says.

“he makes me very happy.” she smiles. then derek and my dad come back. my dad looks fine so I’m hoping everything was okay. 


the next day we had decorated the Christmas tree. I helped my baby sister macey put some ornaments on the tree. my dad finished hanging some lights with some help from derek. once everything was finished my mom turned off the lights so only the Christmas lights hanging and on the tree were glowing. it was so beautiful. Derek walks over to me. he grabs macey from me and puts her down. I look at him questionably. Derek looks over at my parents and nod. I was so confused. Derek gets down on one knee. my breath hitches. what is he doing. 

“y/f/m/l/n I have never been so in love with someone so much, except maybe the chicken wing creators…not my point. but you make me so happy. you have changed me for the better and I would never take back meeting you ever. you understand me and what I want in life. but I also want you in my life, forever. Will you do me the honors of becoming my wife?” he asks. he pulls out a small black box and opens it. their stood the most beautiful ring I had ever seen. I had tears pouring from my eyes. I look at what I had standing in front of me and around me. Derek was the best thing to come into my life. my family had raised me to be a great person and do great things. I couldn’t be happier then in this moment. Derek had been more then enough for me. I try to speak but my crying over comes me. I take a deep breath. Derek looked worried. 

“y-yes” I finally get the words out. his face lights up with happiness. he stand up and pulls me into a hug and kisses me all over my face. 

“I love you” he says kissing me. I kiss him back.

“I love you too” I say. he puts the ring on my finger. I look over at my parents and they are smiling and have a few tears in their eyes. 

“did you guys know about this?” I ask.

“yes, Derek asked me if he could have your hand in marriage” my dad says. I look back at Derek and he smiles. slick little shit. 


sorry its kinda long. but I like this one I really do, its different but in a good way. I love you all.