Chapter Twenty *Make Cameron Jealous*

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*Nash’s PoV*

We just got back to the hotel after the tour of Instagram HQ. They loved Addi. They set up a meeting with her in the LA HQ in a few weeks and she was so excited, but really shocked.

“So what are we all gonna do?” I ask sitting down on Addis bed, as we all ended up in her room.

“I don’t know about you, but I’m tired as hell. I gonna go pass out for a few hours.” Sam says, walking towards the door. “I’m seconding his statement.” Gilinsky says also heading towards the door waving by to all of us still in the room.

“A nap doesn’t sound bad.” Cameron says also leaving the room. Within a few minutes all the guys had left and it was just Addi and myself in her room, laying on her bed.

“So what are we gonna do?” I ask.

“I don’t know but I’m not tired. So I would prefer to not take a nap.” she says, resting her chin in her hands with her elbows on the bed.

“Is there anything you want to do?” I ask facing her laying on my stomach also.

“Not that I can think of… hmmmm…” she says moving her head left to right in her hands. I smile at her and I shake my head slightly.  We both lay there, thinking of something to do. But it seemed that neither of us could think of a single thing to do. We were in New York, how could we not think of anything to do.

“We could go get ice cream at a ice cream shop since I’m sure there’s one around here. I mean we are in NYC after all.” she says, her blue eyes lighting up with like a small child on Christmas morning. I smile and nod my head.

“Sounds good to me. I’m always up for ice cream.” I say, dropping my hands and rolling onto my back. Addi laughs and then follows me.

“Is this our date? Or are we still gonna go see a movie?” I ask. “This can be our date for tonight. But we should still go see a movie.” she says, I nod my head.

“Just let me change quick. I’m not feeling this outfit anymore.” she says walking over to her bag. I sit back down on her bed and let her figure out what she was going to wear. She turns around with a hair of shorts and a red tshirt in hand. ’“I’ll be right back.” she says walking into the bathroom with the clothes in hand. I nod my head and start to play around on my phone.

There was some stuff that I wanted to talk to her about. But I wasn’t sure when the time would be right. I wanted to ask her about that night. And about Chad, but I knew the time wasn’t right to ask about Chad. Maybe I would just ask Cameron about him, and not make her talk about it and remember it anymore then she already does. I would probably just do that. But I couldn’t ask Cameron about that night, he wouldn’t know. I had to talk to her. What she really thought, did she really think it was wrong and she didn’t want it or did she just say that because I said it was wrong?

“Ready?” she asks rounding the corner from the bathroom. “Yeah.” I say, standing up from the bed. She grabs her phone from the corner of the bed, and her purse from the table and we head out of the room.

We get to the lobby level of the hotel and we get into the car and we start driving around. I was driving and she was in the passenger seat, playing with the radio, trying to find a good station to listen to.

“That place looks good. Look at the line.” she says, pointing to her left, towards me at a ice cream shop. “Sure.” I say. I keep driving and I see a parking ramp near by and we go in and find a parking spot on the top level of it. I park the car and we both get out and start walking towards the stairs.

“Why are the other guys all so tired?” she asks. “I don’t know. Maybe they were up late doing something that we weren’t.” I say. “Could be.” she says, nodding her head ever so slightly.

We walk down the streets and get stopped a few times to take some pictures with some fans. They were asking both Addi and I for pictures, not just me.

We get to the ice cream shop in about 15 minutes of walking and we get inside and the line was practically gone.

We get to the front of the line and it’s our turn to order. “I’ll have a strawberry shake.” Addi says, smiling at the obviously nervous girl working the counter. I wondered if it was her first day on the job or something.  "And for you?“ she asks, in a soft voice. I smile at her, trying to make her less nervous. "I’ll have a vanilla shake.” I say. She nods her head.

“That’ll be $7.50.” she says. Addi and I both take out money. “I’ll get it.” I say, pushing her hands down. “No, it’s fine.” she says, insisting that she pays. “This is our date. I’ll pay.” I say. She smiles and puts her wallet back in her purse and I smile and give the young girl with deep red hair my card. She swipes it and then hands it back. “Thanks. And can I have a name for this?” she asks.

“Nash.” I say. She nods her head and types it into the computer. “That should be up shortly.” she says, sounding more sure of herself then when we first got to her. We both head away from the counter and go to sit down at a table near the windows, so we could see outside onto the road.

“So this is a date now?” she asks sitting down across from me. “Yeah, you already said it was. I had to make it official and pay.” I say. “I could have paid for myself.” she says. “Yeah, I know you can. But as my date I paid for you.” I say, putting my hand closer to her. She smiles, her eyes sparkle in the light of the shop.

“Nash!” a guy yells. I get up and grab the shakes and then head back to our table. I put Addi’s down in front of her on the table. “Thanks.” she says, pulling it closer to her, putting the straw between her teeth before closing her lips all the way around the straw.

“Can we post a picture?” she asks. I nod my head and get up and sit next to her, as I move my chair to be there. She post it and has the caption be ‘You snooze you lose guys.’ *All the guys were tagged in it*

“Cute.” I say, going on my own phone and liking the picture. There was a short silence between us, both of us just enjoying the ice cream, and being in each others presence. She was one of the best friends I ever had. There was no pressure when I was around her.

“So Addi.” I speak up. Her eyes flicker up to meet my own and she smiles a small smile. “Yeah?” she asks, moving her mouth from the straw.

“I never got the full story on Cameron and you. How did you meet or get as close as you are?” I ask. She smiles.

“Well the short story is that we meet in kindergarten and we were fast friends. We went to the same school all through school. He was there for me through everything. Everything with my dad. He was with me. We had the same friends. And there were two years in high school when we weren’t as close. We still talked sure, but not as much. And then he dated this girl, my ex-best friend and we got closer through that. And since then really we’ve been so close.” she says, a smile on her face, from just talking about Cameron. I smile. I nod my head. It was nice to know these things.

“So like a movie really.” I say. She nods her head. “Pretty much.” she says, playing with the straw in the clear glass cup.

“Do you know when this party is?” she asks. “I think it’s tomorrow.” I say.

“I have to get something to wear.” she says. “We can go tonight if you want.” I suggest. She nods her head quickly and smiles, while closing her eyes. “You like that idea?”

“Yeah, I always love the idea of shopping.” she says, making me laugh a bit.

I fell her fingers trailing the skin on my hand as it rested on the table in the middle. I look at her to see if she even noticed it and it appeared that she didn’t. Her eyes were outside. She apparently had found something that caught her attention. I go back to drinking my shake. Just happy with how everything was right now for me.

We finish our shakes and head out of the shop and we get back to the car.

“Where should we go?” I ask.

“I don’t know. Just somewhere I can get a dress.” she says. I nod my head and start heading down the parking ramp to reach the main level to get back to the road.

We find a store shortly after and we go inside and she goes running back to the wall of the store. “This is what I want.” she says, grabbing the dress in her size. She grabs my hand and brings me back to dressing room with me. I wait outside the black doored room that she entered. I lean against the white shinny wall, covered in black patterns. My tshirt riding up my back as it was stuck to my back and I was slightly sliding down the wall. The door opens and Addi stands there in a little black dress. “It’s perfect.” she exclaims, happiness written across her face. The dress was all black, it had straps and it tied in the back and it was tight to her body. It looked really good honestly. It would fore sure get Cameron to notice her, as well as other guys at the party. Which might be just what Cameron needs to fully notice Addi and all she has.

“What do you think?” she asks, her blue eyes wide, waiting for my response. “It looks really good. Cameron will notice you in this.” I say, knowing that’s what she wanted to hear, but it was also true I wasn’t just saying it. Her smile gets wider across her face and she does a little happy dance in the doorway of the small room she was in. She bounces about her curls bouncing around her shoulders and face. I smile at her. “I’ll be right back.” she says closing the door again. I shake my head at how excited she was. A few minutes later she opens the door with the dress in her hands.

“Ready?” I ask. She nods her head and we both head up to the counter. She buys the dress and we head back to the hotel for the night. It had been a few hours. “Wanna order pizza? No use in waking the guys up.” I suggest. “Sure.” say says, hanging up her new dress in the closet in the room. “Cheese?” I ask. She nods her head. I grab my phone and I call the front desk and I order a large cheese pizza charged to the room.

“It will be up soon.” I say, leaning back against the headboard of her bed.

“Wanna watch netflix?” she asks. I nod my head and she goes to netflix on the TV, I didn’t know these TV’s did that.

She picked the show Friends and then sat down next to me, plugging her phone into the charger. We watched one episode before the pizza got to the room.

We sat on her bed and ate pizza and watched Friends. It was getting late, and I noticed Addi getting tired.

“I’ll head back to my room so you can sleep.” I say, about to get up from the bed. “You don’t have to leave. It will wake Cameron up. You can stay in here.” she says. “Are you sure?” I ask, not wanting her to think she had to let me sleep in here.

“No, it’s fine. You can even sleep in this bed with me, so you don’t have to sleep in that one since I know you don’t like being by the windows.” she says. I smile. “Sure.” I say, I pull off my shirt as she gets up from the bed and grabs other clothes to change into.

She walks back into the room wearing a pair of gray shorts and a white tshirt that said naptime in black lettering on the front across the chest. She had taken off most of her makeup, her hair was a littel flatter since laying down for a while.

“Why haven’t you taken off your jeans?” she asks, looking at me with funny look.

“Because I don’t have any shorts to put on…” I say.

“Nash. I don’t care. You can sleep in your boxers with me in the same bed. I know you’re not gonna try anything. Don’t act like you think I’ve never sleep with a guy only wearing boxers before. I know you don’t think that.” she says laughing getting into her bed. I laugh as I get up and pull off my jeans and kick them to the floor near my shirt which I discarded on the floor also.

I lay down on the floor and put my phone on the table next to me, hoping it wouldn’t die tonight.

“I packed an extra charger if you need one.” Addi says from next to me. I get up and she tells me where it was and I grab it, bringing it back over to the bed. I plug my phone into it and lay down on the bed and get comfortable.

“Can I?” she asks refering to laying on me again. I smile and move my arm. She rests her head on my chest, and I put my arm around her shoulders. Her hands resting near my the waist band of my boxers, not that she was trying to do that, that’s just where her hand fell on the blankets. She lets out a sigh. “You okay?” I ask, moving my head to see her better. “Yeah, just thinking about Cameron.” she says. “It’ll be okay.” I say, rubbing her back lightly. I see her smile, before she closes her eyes. Shortly after I turn everything off while trying to not move to wake her up. I see her hair in her face, I move it out of her face with a few fingers before scooting down lower on the bed and closing my eyes. Falling asleep quickly and soundly.

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